Urban faux fur in the suburbs

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wearing: blue tiered earrings c/o BaubleBar / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Plum” / blue, white, black faux fur coat (under $60!!) / long sleeve black tee / distressed boyfriend jeans / small Givenchy Antigona in light blue sugar leather / Chanel fall nail polish / black and rose gold watch / blue velvet booties (so comfy!!)

Every time I attend fashion week in New York in February, I fall more in love with eye-catching faux fur. Insanely crazy looking real fur, and faux fur jackets, coats, and vests are a must-have when attending fashion week in the winter. I love how many fun colors and prints there are in faux fur outerwear. It’s full fledged eye candy! It really goes to show, no-one actually needs real fur. You can have more fun with faux; and it is just as warm and cozy!

When I am in New York, everyone wears faux fur over fabulous trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, and designer denim. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a bit more understated, and casual. I love the idea of a “New York street style” worthy faux fur coat translated into California Casual style.

The first time I spotted this coat, I instantly thought it would be perfect to bring to New York in February for fashion week. Not only is it warm and cozy, it has an eye-catching look which plays well with the fashion week crowd. I hate buying something and only wearing it once, so I decided to go ahead and buy it, but style it to wear here at home.

I love how this faux fur coat looks with casual jeans, and my go-to velvet booties. By pairing it with an understated, basic black tee, the outfit shows off the coat without being too loud. This is turning out to be a great elevated casual outfit I can wear often here in the Bay Area; and this coat will most likely make it into my suitcase this February for fashion week. In New York, I will use it to top off an outfit, not be the outfit.

My friend Dawn, from Fashion Should be Fun, took these photos last week when we met at Santana Row for brunch. It was fun to hang out with her, and enjoy a yummy brunch at The Village California Bistro. This coat was perfect for the cool, rainy weather we had that day!

Are you loving eye-catching faux fur this fall/winter season?

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Photo Credit: Dawn/Fashion Should Be Fun

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Givenchy Base Mascara Perfecto review

givenchy base mascara perfecto

base mascara c/o Givenchy / Givenchy Base Mascara Perfecto

Have you ever tried using a base mascara? This is the first time I have tried using a base mascara. My problem is, I am allergic to most of the mascara’s on the market. This has caused me to only use two mascara’s on the market which don’t burn my eyes to oblivion. Givenchy happens to be one of the two.

Since the mascaras I choose to use don’t flake, it had not occurred to me that I needed a base mascara; until now. Givenchy was kind enough to send me a sample of their fabulous Base Mascara Perfecto to test out, and review for you. It took me awhile to test it because I assumed I didn’t really need a base for my mascara; boy was I wrong!

The Givenchy Base Mascara Perfecto is so amazing! It eliminated clumping, and thickness; leaving finished eyelashes looking natural and perfect. My eye lashes look long, natural, and well, perfecto! The brush separates lashes so that they get an even amount of base, followed by mascara. This helps to give them volume without clumping, or making the lashes look artificially thick. They look amazing!

Givenchy’s Base Mascara Perfecto not only preps lashes for mascara, it coats them. The coating is natural wax which helps revitalize, and safeguard lashes with natural polymers that form a protective film on their surface. This is a game changer!

I’m so glad this is now a part of my daily beauty routine. Have you tried using a base mascara before? What did you think?

You can find the Givenchy Case Mascara Perfecto online here.

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Perfect winter coat for any occasion

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wearing: antiqued silver statement earrings / lipstick c/o Bobbi Brown “Plum” / light blue scarf / houndstooth coat c/o Sosken Studios / black v-neck tee / boyfriend jeans / Givenchy bag / nail polish c/o Londontown “Black Thorn” / bold antique silver ring / silver booties

The cooler weather is finally starting to arrive! This means we all need a fabulous winter coat! When I shop for my winter coat, I always look for something which is both fabulous and classic. My coat needs to integrate seamlessly into my wardrobe without clashing. Nothing is more frustrating then reaching for a coat on a cold winter day, and it looks horrible with your outfit!

This is what I love about Sosken Studios coats, they are all fabulous, and timeless. Their silhouettes work well with both casual, and dressier ensembles. This is a coat I can reach for anytime I am cold without being concerned as to whether or not it will work with my outfit. It will definitely work with my outfit! Love that!

Sosken Studios makes the most luxurious, fashionable, and comfortable coats I have ever experienced. This coat is soft, easy to move in, and lightweight. It adds so much warmth, without adding any bulk. I don’t have to worry about looking like a balloon while bundled up in this coat. It can be layered without adding thirty pounds to my 5’4″ frame. Love!

This will definitely be my go-to coat this fall/winter season. I can’t wait to bring it to New York with me when I attend fashion week in February. It will be the perfect coat!

Sosken Studios has so many beautiful coats for fall and winter. I am eyeing this faux fur number, this quilted down jacket, and this tailored topcoat. Aren’t they fabulous!

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