Givenchy Antigona celebrates ten years

it bags fall 2017

pictured: my favorite workhorse bag of all time, the Givenchy Antigona in black /

It’s been ten years! Let’s see, ten years ago I started my blog, and ten years ago Givenchy launched their iconic Antigona handbag; which has become a classic IT bag everyone must-have in their closet. I love this bag so much, after owning the black one for a few months, I purchased another one in baby blue! Yup, I’m addicted!

My Givenchy Antigona has gone to almost every New York Fashion Week with me. It has also traveled on vacation with me, as well as been reached for on a regular basis for day-to-day life. This bag is strong, and has just the right amount of room inside for everything I need to carry with me. You can see my original review here. My two Antigona’s are size small. I feel like this is the perfect size for the structured version of this bag. Of course, now that Givenchy has launched a soft version to celebrate ten years. . .my size preference could change!

OK, you read that right. In case you haven’t heard, Givenchy launched a soft version of their iconic Antigona bag in order to freshen up the style, as well as celebrate ten years of being fabulous. I am hooked! The soft version is equally fabulous, and I definitely need to purchase one for my collection. The question is, which size?

The Givenchy Antigona Soft comes in three sizes right now; small, medium, and large. While I am normally drawn to smaller versions of a handbag style, the medium appears a little bit more floppy; and floppy is catching my eye. I feel like the small version would be ideal for what I normally carry around with me. That being said, the medium has the perfect silhouette out of the three sizes. I’m not sure how I would fill up the medium, but I feel like it is the size I need. I mean, more interior capacity can’t hurt, right?

If you don’t already own a Givenchy Antigona, what are you waiting for? It’s an IT bag classic. Also, what do you think of the new soft version? It is starting to emerge as one of fall 2020’s new IT bags!

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5 bags from last year you can wear this year

Staud Moreau Bag

staud moreau bucket bag

How cute is this little flower pot in a basket bag! It jumped onto the scene last year as a hot IT bag, and it has reappeared this year as a must-have bag for resort, spring, and summer. While the red color is no longer available, neutral hues such as brown and white are available. This year, you can also find a mini version, and a new oblong tote version. The Staud Moreau can be found in the perfect size to fit your lifestyle this year, why not jump on the bandwagon? This is a comfortable bag to carry, and it has a really roomy interior. I love the natural fibers against the structured leather; it’s a nice juxtaposition, don’t you agree? You can snap snap one up here.

Staud Shirley Bag; any size

staud clear plastic tote bag

The clear tote with corresponding pouch inside has become a huge trend, and the Staud Shirley started it all over a year ago. This clear tote doubles as a stadium bag during football season with the removal of the interior pouch. I also find this bag handy on rainy days since it is made from PVC. The Staud Shirley is all over the streets, and so many brands have copied it’s look. You can find it everywhere! If you want to have the IT bag that started the trend, it is surprisingly affordable. You can find all sizes priced under $500. The little one I own is priced under $300, love that! You can find the Staud Shirley online here.

Cult Gaia Ark Bag

cult gaia handbag

The Cult Gaia Ark bag is the bag that keeps coming back! Despite introducing new wooden bag styles last summer and this summer, the Ark bag is the purse everyone keeps buying. You can update yours with a scarf inside, or tired to the handle. This is your resort bag, your hot weather, and your fun bag. What’s even more fun about it? The natural color, pictured here, is priced under $200! Love that! You can snap one up here if you haven’t already.

Two new classics to add to the investment bag list

OK guys, sometimes an IT bag moves from trendy status, to classic status. We have watched everything from Mansur Gavriel move into this category, and now there are two new movers and shakers who are on the classic list. So make room next to your Chanel 2.55’s, your Hermes collection, and your Judith Leiber clutches, there are two new must-have investment bags in town; and you might already own them!

Gucci Marmont Lady Bag or Shoulder Bag

gucci marmont lady bag spring

Did you jump on the Gucci Marmont movement during the logo trend? If so, you made a good decision. The Gucci Marmont collection has moved into classic territory. It is no longer a fleeting trend. The Marmont collection can now enjoy a space on the shelf with your Chanel 2.55 and your Chanel Re-Issue. The lady bags and shoulder bags are classic, iconic, and slightly more affordable than Chanel’s collection. Why not invest in one if you haven’t already! Pull out last year’s Marmont! It is now your investment bag.

Givenchy Antigona Bag

it bags fall 2017

I am pretty sure I have already told you about the Givenchy Antigona turning into a classic bag. If not, I want to tell you again. The Givenchy Antigona is now a classic! It’s an understated investment bag that speaks to those of us who want a quality workhorse in our handbag arsenal. This fabulous bag is strong, roomy, practical, and chic. No-one can put theirs away. Everyone who owns one continues to wear it over, and over again. This is a fabulous work bag, workhorse bag, and more. I own it in two colors and I have been wearing it non-stop for four years. This bag is my everything, and it is for so many other bag fans too. The Givenchy Antigona was once an IT bag, now it is a classic IT bag which holds strong re-sale value and street cred. I spotted it all over the streets at New York Fashion Week in February, and it continues to grace the sidewalks everywhere I go. If you don’t already own one, snap one up! While seasonal colors are fun, classic black or brown will carry you through the years. This is hands-down my favorite bag. You can find yours online here.

Shop five bags from last year you can wear this year online:

There you have it! Five bags you might already own, which are still hot this year. If you already own one of these bags, you are set for the year! If not, I recommend snapping up the one that speaks to you. Which one is your favorite?

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Givenchy Lunar New Year collection review

lunar new year beauty collection givenchy

pictured: Givenchy Lunar New Year collection c/o Givenchy. / Givenchy Prisme Libre in Mousseline Pastel #1  / Givenchy Le Rouge in Rouge Fetiche #325 /

How fabulous and luxurious is this Lunar New Year makeup collection by Givenchy? I’m in love! The Givenchy Lunar New Year collection features Prisme Libre, which is a finishing powder in color Mousseline Pastel #1, and also Le Rouge lipstick in a warm, red hue, named Rouge Fetiche #325. The collection is limited edition, and the casing is beautiful!

These colors are perfect for evening looks and dressy occasions; such as celebrating Lunar New Year! The red lipstick is a classic, warm red with yellow undertones. The pastel powder adds dimension to your makeup look without adding actual pastel hues. Don’t worry, your face won’t end up blue and green. The colors blend together to add vibrancy to your skin; not a pastel rainbow. Love!

Givenchy Prisme Libre Mousseline Pastel review

givenchy lunar new year beauty collection givenchy lunar new year collection

The finishing powder adds vibrancy to dull skin, which is great at night when the lights could be working against you. It also brightens up your skin when you are tired or completely tan-less; which I am right now! haha

It’s a lightweight powder which will help set your makeup and soak up shine. Love that!

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick Rouge Fetiche review

givenchy lunar new year lipstick review givenchy lunar new year lipstick review swatch

pictured: black faux fur coat / pearl earrings (sold out, similar here)

So I tend to prefer blue undertones in my lipstick, but undertones aside, this is a beautiful, warm red lipstick. It’s a classic hue which can be worn for evening affairs, or anytime you want a classic red lip. Love it!

Givenchy’s limited edition Lunar New Year makeup collection is classic and chic; perfect for a night out on the town! You can find it online here.

Shop the Givenchy Lunar New Year makeup collection and my look:

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*Thank you to Givenchy for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own.