Givenchy Antigona celebrates ten years

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pictured: my favorite workhorse bag of all time, the Givenchy Antigona in black /

It’s been ten years! Let’s see, ten years ago I started my blog, and ten years ago Givenchy launched their iconic Antigona handbag; which has become a classic IT bag everyone must-have in their closet. I love this bag so much, after owning the black one for a few months, I purchased another one in baby blue! Yup, I’m addicted!

My Givenchy Antigona has gone to almost every New York Fashion Week with me. It has also traveled on vacation with me, as well as been reached for on a regular basis for day-to-day life. This bag is strong, and has just the right amount of room inside for everything I need to carry with me. You can see my original review here. My two Antigona’s are size small. I feel like this is the perfect size for the structured version of this bag. Of course, now that Givenchy has launched a soft version to celebrate ten years. . .my size preference could change!

OK, you read that right. In case you haven’t heard, Givenchy launched a soft version of their iconic Antigona bag in order to freshen up the style, as well as celebrate ten years of being fabulous. I am hooked! The soft version is equally fabulous, and I definitely need to purchase one for my collection. The question is, which size?

The Givenchy Antigona Soft comes in three sizes right now; small, medium, and large. While I am normally drawn to smaller versions of a handbag style, the medium appears a little bit more floppy; and floppy is catching my eye. I feel like the small version would be ideal for what I normally carry around with me. That being said, the medium has the perfect silhouette out of the three sizes. I’m not sure how I would fill up the medium, but I feel like it is the size I need. I mean, more interior capacity can’t hurt, right?

If you don’t already own a Givenchy Antigona, what are you waiting for? It’s an IT bag classic. Also, what do you think of the new soft version? It is starting to emerge as one of fall 2020’s new IT bags!

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Pre-Fall 2020 IT bags to watch

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Pre-Fall 2020 IT bags from top left: soft black clutch / Gucci bag / soft blue clutch / soft sea green hobo bag / small cross body pouch / brown soft satchel / grey structured hobo bag / black puffy woven chain bag /

Pre-Fall 2020 is starting to hit store shelves, and online store websites. As new, and repeat, handbag styles start to emerge for early fall, we are seeing a clearer picture as to which bags will be hot for the fall 2020 season. These bags reflect the handbag trends we have been talking about since spring, and they are fabulous.

The Pouch

The pouch is the impractical bag that keeps on giving! This large, soft, pouch clutch fits everything you need throughout the day, without a convenient strap. The Bottega Veneta version is the trend starter, and it comes in over ten colors! This is the bag we saw on the arms of street style stars at fashion week; and it is showing signs of speeding up in popularity; not slowing down!

Since this bag is such a hot trend, other IT handbag brands are answering the trend with their own versions. There is really only one other version of this style worth your time; Mansur Gavriel’s Cloud clutch. This fabulous clutch offers an unique silhouette, and a price point well under $1000. This means it is the more affordable way to rock the trend. It is also the way I rock the trend! I own it in black with flamma interior, and I love it. It is actually comfortable to carry around, and fits everything I need to bring with me during the day; with space to spare! The Cloud clutch comes in several colors too. You’ll love it!

If a clutch is just to cumbersome for you, Mansur Gavriel has a fabulous small version with a cross body strap. It too comes in a variety of colors. I’m trying to decide if I want this pretty beige color, or the blue. Decisions decisions!

To up the pouch game, Bottega Veneta has also introduced a pouch version with a chunky chain. I dream about this bag. I believe you may too.

The Hobo

Yes, the hobo is back. You can rock your hobo bag small or large. You can choose soft and slouchy, or stiff and structured. There is no wrong way to rock the hobo. This fits perfectly in with the emerging ’70’s influence in apparel we will see hit store shelves this fall 2020 season. It is also a great casual bag; since this year is very casual in style. You should have one in your closet, if not, go for the IT version of the hobo bag by Chloe or Bottega Veneta. They are two hot ways to rock a hobo. I’m crushing on Chloe’s version. It’s fabulous.

Puffy Bags

Playing off the pouch, puffy bags are hotter than hot for fall. Look for puffy, pillow-like bags which double as a pillow for a daytime nap, as well as puffy quilts from YSL, and puffy weaves from Bottega Veneta. The number one IT bags in the world of puffy bags is from Bottega Veneta; and it has a chunky chain. Love!

Vintage vibe satchels

Satchels are loosening their collar for fall 2020. Look for soft leather from Chloe and Givenchy. Also look for 1970’s era logo looks from Gucci. These are the ultimate carry-alls for the fall 2020 season.

Pastel Hues and Neutrals

The color palette in handbags for pre-fall 2020 is offering pastels as well as neutrals hues. Look for shades of brown, white, black and grey for neutrals. Also look for pastel hues in blues, green, pink, and yellow.

I love all the choices we have for fall 2020 when it comes to IT bags. Which IT bag catches your eye from the pre-fall 2020 collections?

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3 emerging handbag trends to watch

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There are so many handbag trends right now! Instead of one, stand-out IT bag trend, the world of handbags is having a wild, wild west moment! This means there is a style for every taste on the fashion radar; and I am here for it!

A few weeks ago I shared with you my favorite handbag trends for summer 2020, now, I want to visit three emerging handbag trends to watch, and to covet this year.

Pillow Bags

Pillow Bags are a hot new trend in handbags, and it is very inviting! Who isn’t attracted to something soft and squishy? Pillow bags are simple, classic handbags which are stuffed. You may see them in the form of extra-large quilted designs, or simple, puffy designs. While this design has been done before, it seems to be more mainstream this time around. This means puffy pillow bags are proving to be a hot emerging trend right now. If you want to hop on the train before it’s full, snap up a pillow bag you can not only store your stuff inside, but use as a pillow for a nap too.

Pastel Bags (retro ‘60’s vibes)


The 1960’s were all about pastel suits with matching pillbox hats and bags. Those bags are back! Right now, designers are introducing pastel bags in structured silhouettes to wear this summer, as well as into the fall season. You can find a pastel bag in your favorite hue; there is no wrong color. This is a great way to freshen up your look; so store your neutral or black bag. Lighten up, and go pastel!

Hobo Bags


OK, so I already mentioned hobo bags in my summer handbag trend post, but it really needs more attention. Hobo bags have been trying to happen for the past decade; and this might actually be their chance for a comeback! While my wallet gets lost inside of a hobo bag, they do offer a soft and comfortable silhouette which is easy to carry around. So if you don’t need to constantly reach for something, hobo bags could be your thing.

What do you think of these three emerging handbag trends? Will you be rocking any of them? I definitely want to invest in a pastel bag; and the pillow bags have caught my eye too. Although I am not a huge hobo bag fan, I can never say never to a bag style. Who knows, I might convert to the hobo bag side! It’s hard for me to say no to a handbag 😉

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