Handbag trends 2021

handbag trends 2021

IT bags 2021 from top left: Chloe Darryl Saddle Bag / BV Pouch / BV Jodie / Coach Swinger / Prada Cleo (hard to get!) / Loewe straw tote (also in yellow!) / Gucci Jackie / Givenchy Antigona Soft /

2021 is here! This means a whole new set of handbag trends to follow, covet, and wear. In past years, we have looked for the next great shape, designer, and IT bag. This year, things are moving a little bit into the past; as well as the classic realm.

The new year is all about classic IT bags, revisited IT bags, IT brands, and a few fun bags. Sound like a lot? It is. There is a lot going on in the handbag world this year! So, make sure you’re sitting down, this will be a lot of information!

IT Designers: This year, if you think seeking the ultimate IT bag is too confusing, just stick with the IT brands of the year. You can pretty much wear anything by these designers and brands; and you will be rocking an IT bag. Look for anything Bottega Veneta, Cult Gaia, Prada, Givenchy, Chloe, Loewe, and Mansur Gavriel.

Colors: Fashion is revisiting color blocking; a huge trend roughly a decade ago. Look for bags in fun and mood-uplifting colors. Also look for the color of the year yellow, as well as grey. You can still wear classic black, but adding some color might be just the right mood-up-lifter after last year. Metallics are also making a comeback, so if you want to sparkle and shine, this is your year!

Fabrications: Leather and faux leather are still important. In fact, technology has really moved faux leather forward in such a way that it can be really hard to tell it apart from real leather. Look for faux leather pieces to help reduce your carbon footprint. Also, straw, raffia, anything woven, and stamped croc are huge in 2021.

Silhouettes: The new year is all about classic silhouettes and retro vibes. Look for the baguette with 1990s inspiration, the return of the hobo bag, oversized and gigantic bags you could fit the kitchen sink into, fan shaped totes, netted bags, half circles, and the pouch clutch.

Specific IT bags: Looking for an exact IT bag to rock this year? Some of these might already be in your closet! Look for classic IT bags such as the Chanel 2.55, Louis Vuitton Neverful, Givenchy Antigona, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Chloe Marcie, and Fendi Baguette. Want to buy new? Look for the new Prada Cleo-it’s so hot, it’s already sold out. Old IT bags which are back include the Coach Swinger, Gucci Jackie, and Bottega Veneta Jodie; perhaps you have one in your closet. Additionally, new IT bags (which started to emerge in 2020) include the Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag, Bottega Veneta Pouch, Givenchy Antigona Soft, and the Chloe Darryl Saddle Bag.

Shop 2021 IT bags online:

Whew! Well, there you have it! It’s a lot of information. Be sure to check out your closet because you might have a few of these styles already stored in the back! If not, be sure to snap up a classic IT bag or two for the new year. Which style is your favorite?

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Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021

What a year! Thank goodness it’s over. There are so many things we would like to leave behind in 2020, and NOT take with us to 2021. Of course, if I listed it all, I would run out of bandwidth on my blog, so I digress. . .

Every year we say goodbye to the trends we were not thrilled about during the year, and get excited for the new trends in the upcoming new year. This year, let’s keep it light, and keep it fashion! Why change the tradition? You already know the heavy stuff, after all, 2020 was. . .well. . .2020. Yuck!

So without further ado, let’s have some fashion fun, and say adios to the bad trends of 2020!

Goodbye 2020

  • Messy hair don’t care: Hair Stylists were shut down for awhile during 2020, so we all had horrible quarantine hair. While we are still living under restrictions as we move into 2021, Hair Stylists are open, so get a haircut. You look raggedy.
  • Blue: The color of 2020 is so last year.
  • The no-pants look: OK we get it, you’re on Zoom and no-one sees your bottom half, but this no-pants thing has spilled over into a blazers-as-a-dress thing, and no-one is here for it. Put your pants on.
  • Pajamas at the supermarket: It was sorta acceptable in college to roll out of your dorm in your PJ’s and get to class five minutes late, but this PJ’s at the supermarket thing that started due to quarantine is not a thing. Stop wearing your pajamas to the market. Please, have some respect.
  • Trendy handbag shapes: Geometric, or obviously trendy, handbag shapes are over. One season bags are not a thing anymore, so start thinking classic.

Hello 2021

  • Hair done: Hair Stylists are open for business, and as long as you both a wear a mask, it’s a safe activity. Neat and trim hair is IT for 2021.
  • Yellow and Grey: These are the hot colors of 2021. Wear them together or separately.
  • Bermuda shorts are the new pants: OK, we get it, you are anti-pants. That’s OK because Bermuda shorts are the new pants. You can pair them with a blazer, vest or casual tee. So put on your Bermuda shorts!
  • Outfits at the supermarket: You don’t have to look like you just walked off the catwalk when you go grocery shopping, (of course if you want to, you do you), but please, wear an outfit comprised of outdoor clothing, not loungewear. Think jeans and a tee (groundbreaking!) or something you never get to wear because 2020 sucked. No loungewear or pajamas, only real clothing. Thank you.
  • Classic investment bags: 2021 is all about investment dressing, and wardrobing. Look for investment handbags this year which can carry you from one year into the next, and the next, and so on and so forth. Clean lines, timeless silhouettes, and solid construction make the 2021 IT bag. Think Chloe Marcie, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Chanel 2.55, Louis Vuitton Neverful, Givenchy Antigona, and the like. Don’t worry, I will post about this a lot in 2021! Love handbags!

So there you have it! The top five things to leave behind in 2020, and to capture in 2021. Have a fabulous New Year, and wishing you all the best blessings in 2021!

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BAF Weekly IT List

holiday gift ideas

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: gold holiday nail polish / deep red nail polish / color of the year 2021 (see post here) / gingerbread cookies / classic loafers / sparkling earrings (great gift idea under $50) / bucket handbag  (sale colors here) /

The BAF Weekly IT List is here! This week we learned the color of 2021 is not one, but two colors! “Illuminating” and Ultimate Gray” are the colors of 2021; so of course they had to make the IT list! To read all about it, check out my post.

This week we are still loving holiday nail polish colors such as gold and deep red. We are also loving these sparkling earrings, classic loafers, and classic bucket bag. There are a few select colors of the bag on sale; this bag never goes on sale, so this is a great opportunity to snap one up if you have been on the fence due to price.

Of course we all love food! If you haven’t checked out my yummy gift guide yet, what are you waiting for? These cute little gingerbread men are perfect to give, and to give to ourselves!

I hope you love this week’s IT list! Have a Happy Holiday season!