Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020

2019 in review

From top left: fanny pack / Classic Blue color of 2020 / Living Coral color of 2019 / pleated bucket bag / real fox fur boots / faux fur slides /

Time for my annual hello goodbye post! To see the fun from last year, click here.

2019 was actually a pretty good year in fashion. There were very few scary trends out there, and style in general was chic. As we head into 2020, most of the fashion trends from 2019 will continue. We will still see understated, chic looks, animal prints, oceanic hues, stripes, bold prints, and the return of past trends such as the Fendi Baguette and the baguette silhouette.

There is a return to nostalgia as we head into the new year. As the dawn of a new decade, fashion looks back at it’s wins, and will repeat the ones consumers loved. We will see vintage inspiration continue in the world of handbags with return of old IT bags such as the baguette. Shoes trends will remain about the same, so keep your snakeskin, your street sneakers, and your embellished heels. They are still hot!

Denim styles are not changing either. Keep wearing your boot-cut jeans, your skinny denim, and your cropped pants. They’re still hot too!

Pleated bags are starting to be a thing. In 2020, look for pleated bucket bags, and pleated totes. They will be the new IT bag style alongside the baguette! If you have a fanny pack, I will say it again, please put it away. They’re so over, people are forgetting what they look like. Thank you, next!

The one thing to really keep on your radar, and pay attention to as you shop, is the outgoing fur trend. While not always considered a trend, if you are a real fur consumer, your real fur days are numbered. Real fur has been outlawed in the state of California; the law goes into effect in 2023. This means you will no longer be able to purchase real fur, produce real fur, or sell real fur in the state. The war against real fur has been going on for decades, and this is the first real move towards banning it as a consumer product that we have seen in the United States. Stay tuned as other states soon follow suit. Look to switch to faux fur if you haven’t already; not only will you save the animals, you will spend less money as faux fur is significantly less expensive. Now that’s win-win!

The format of this year’s goodbye hello post was a little different since there really were very few trends to make fun of! So feel free to sound off in the comments which trends you are happy to see go, and which you are happy about in the new year.

Hot items to start off 2020 right:

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Color of the year 2020 Classic Blue

pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue

Pantone color of the year 2020: Classic Blue / graphic courtesy of Pantone

The color of the year 2020 has been announced, and I am here for it! Blue is my favorite color. I love the oceanic, peaceful vibe which blue evokes. I love how it looks in interiors, on my car, and on my clothing. When Pantone announced Classic Blue as the Color of the Year 2020 last week, I was thrilled! My favorite color gets a year to shine! Yay!

2020 is the dawn of a new decade. With a new decade, comes a sense of renewal filled with expectations, and a slight fear of the uknown. While that fear of the unknown isn’t as pronounced as it was when we went from 1999 to 2000, there is still a sense of wonderment as we move into a new decade. Since we are all filled with anticipation of a new decade, and a sense of renewal, we are all drawn towards colors which bring calm, grounding vibes. This is why Pantone’s Classic Blue has been crowned the Color of the Year 2020 for all aspects of our lives.

Classic Blue is a dark blue hue which is close to navy, but not quite navy. It’s what the sky looks like right after the sun goes down, and it is the color of the deep blue sea. It is a hue found in nature, and it is a timeless color when it comes to clothing, accessories, interior design, and more.

classic blue mood board color of the year 2020

My Classic Blue mood board for 2020. I love mixing shades of blue, so oceanic hues grounded in Classic Blue are inspiring me right now. 

As we move towards sustainability as a planet, we are looking towards more sustainable ways to manufacture clothing, as well as reduce the amount we are purchasing. Classic Blue is a color which uses dye from nature. It is made from Indigo, making it a plant based color. This helps to further make Classic Blue relevant as we move into a new decade, and time period, where protecting our environment becomes an increasingly important way of life.

Shop Classic Blue around the web:

Below are color combinations we expect to see surrounded by Classic Blue in the new year.

Desert Twilight




Graphics courtesy of Pantone

“Ponder” and “Snorkel” are my two favorite color palettes anchored by Classic Blue. Which color combos are you drawn to? I am really excited about Classic Blue being the color of 2020. What are your thoughts on the hue?

You can check out Pantone’s press release at

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The return of the baguette

fendi baguette prada baguette

pictured from left: Prada spring 2020 runway / Fendi spring 2020 runway / Fendi spring 2020 runway /

photo credit: ©

Do you remember the Fendi Baguette? If not, it is an iconic IT bag which found fame when Carrie Bradshaw in SATC coveted one, only to see it get stolen off her arm on the streets of New York, close to a  generation ago. That episode helped launched an already popular handbag into infamy. The Fendi Baguette was coveted around the world, and the short strap combined with the east/west design of the bag, created a handbag trend everyone needed to be wearing.

In the 90’s, handbag straps went from long to short in a decade. The early part of the 90’s offered us long straps which were leftover from the 80’s. As the decade wore on, the straps on our bags shrank until our handbags were tucked into our armpits by 2000.

As the first decade of the century progressed, handbag straps started to lengthen again, to the point where our bags offered a 70’s vibe, or cross body convenience. But, as we head in 2020, the pendulum is swinging back in the direction of the baguette; possibly fueled by Fendi’s relaunch in 2017. A new generation of handbag fans is discovering the baguette silhouette, while those of us who lived through it are ready to welcome it back.

My 5 favorite baguettes

We are currently in a state of the IT handbag type, as opposed to the IT bag. Instead of needing that one bag, made by that one brand, we are in a time when handbag style is king. This is great when it comes to individual tastes and budgets, not so great if you are a seeker of the ultimate IT item. You might have to actually choose a bag from a sea of designs, rather than be guided to that one bag, by that one brand.

It’s interesting that the baguette style is trending as we move in 2020. The spring 2020 runways around the globe offered us a different view of what’s to come in the new year for handbags. The runway handbag trends for spring 2020 included the return of the bucket bag, pleated bags, the multi-bag, the insanely over-sized cross body bag, classic 70’s shoulder bags, disco inspired bags, straw bags, exotic skin bags, and large puffy pouches shown both as clutches and as shoulder bags. Baguettes were hard to spot. How did they rise to fame at this moment? Is the 2017 return of the Fendi Baguette finally catching some steam? Or are consumers tired of longer straps, and seeking something fresh and new; because everything old is new again, right?

In the case of the baguette, you can always gravitate towards the Lord of the Baguettes; the Fendi Baguette. Or, you can enjoy this new IT bag style with a design by your favorite designer, in your favorite price point. There are a lot of options! I’m deciding between splurging on the Fendi Baguette or snapping up the Coach version in a fun color. I have always liked this handbag style, and I do own a few from back in the day; just not by Fendi. Which do you prefer?

Baguette styles online:

What do you think of the return of the baguette? Are you a fan of the short strap, or do you prefer a longer one?

If you are a baguette fan, what is your favorite way to wear your bag? Over the shoulder, inside the armpit? Or on your forearm, displayed for the world to see?

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