Summer 2023 handbag trends

summer 2023 handbag trends

Summer 2023 handbag trends from top left: rhinestone bag / mini tote bag / moon shaped bag / top handle bucket / hobo bag / straw tote / shoulder bag / top handle satchel /

Rhinestone and metallic bags

Sparkle sparkle sparkle! The early 2000’s brought us a lot of bling, and one of the trends was a sparkling handbag. The sparkling handbag trend is back. When you dress for a special occasion, forget the classic black satin bag, go for something with sparkle. Rhinestones and metallic fabrications are hotter than hot. You can also wear these sparkling bags when you go out for dinner, and for any evening occasion when you want to shine. Sparkle!

Classic shoulder bags

Chic, classic shoulder bags are hot this year, and the trend is showing no sign of slowing down. Of course, this isn’t really a trend, it is a classic look you can invest in for years to come. Since logos are out, classic shoulder bags have come to the forefront. Look for simple lines, high quality fabrications, and functionality. This bag will last a lifetime. That being said, you don’t have to break the bank to rock this trend. Check out my post about mid priced bag brands here.

The anonymous handbag

This is a continuation of the classic shoulder bag. Any style handbag made from high quality fabrics, and which forgoes loud logos qualifies as an anonymous handbag. This is an investment bag you will wear forever and pass down to your children. Look for styles you love. You can wear this bag in a fun color, or a neutral hue. It’s up to you!

Natural fibers

Summer always calls for natural fibers. If you have a fabulous bag made from straw or other natural fabrications, you are in luck! Pull it out and rock it this summer. If not, I highly recommend this classic tote. I have had mine for a few years, and I love it. Highly recommend!

Small lady bags

Small lady bags, or single top handle satchels, are still hot. Look for one with a strap to give you some versatility. Coach has several to choose from. These are timeless bags you can wear for years to come. Love this chic and feminine trend!

Hobo bags and moon shapes

The hobo bag and moon shaped bag are showing no signs of slowing down. This is a great trend to rock in high quality fabrics and leather since hobo bags traditionally forgo loud logos. If you haven’t invested in a good hobo, this is a great season to pick one up! I recommend sticking to neutral hues for hobo bags, they look better. That being said, for small moon shaped bags, a fun color works very well!

Top handle bucket bags

Top handle buckets bags are a hot trend right now. If you already own a bucket, and are not interested in another one, then stick with what you have. Regular bucket bags are hot too. If not, pick one up with a handle. The handle adds some versatility to how you carry the bag. Love that!

There are a few handbag trends out there which are not gaining traction on the streets. The denim handbag trend is falling flat as well as the neon handbag trend.

Which handbag trend for summer 2023 is your favorite?

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The anonymous handbag

anonymous handbag spring 2023 handbag trends it bags

The anonymous handbag from top left: green woven handbag / ivory moon shaped bag (under $500) / M frame shoulder bag / black shoulder bag /

The anonymous handbag is the ultimate IT bag right now; and as I am sure you have heard, logos everywhere are over. As we move away from loud logos on everything from handbags to belts to clothing, our personal style is shifting to a more understated and chic aesthetic; and I am here for it!

Quiet luxury is a term you will often hear, and it stands for beautiful items with top craftsmanship. Your handbag this year should speak volumes about your attention for detail and love for investment dressing. While a kitschy bag shaped like a firefly is a fun conversation starter, it will perfectly acceptable as long as the designer or brand isn’t plastered all over it. So, the moral of the story is, wear a neon handbag, as long as the logo isn’t blasting in your face. You can also wear a fun shape, asymmetrical and artistic bag, as long as the logo isn’t shouting at the world. Logos are bad, while classic, bright, and kitschy are good.

There are certain traits of popular designers you won’t be able to get away from, such as Bottega Veneta’s trademark weave, or Mansur Gavriel’s M Frame, or Louis Vuitton’s iconic Alma in a fabrication other than monogram vernis. It is OK to wear a bag which can be easily guessed, but only those who know will be able to guess. The brand or designer will not be readily displayed for the masses to have how much you spent shoved in their faces. This is the anonymous handbag.

I have never really been a big logo fan, except for belt buckles, so I have a belt to replace! haha When it comes to handbags, I prefer the anonymous handbag since I love high quality craftsmanship and beautiful styles. Since I have two daughters, I think of my handbags as something I can hand down to them when they are older. This is why I gravitate towards classic styles which will swing in and out of style, or will remain important 365 days per year, every year, forever.

Here are a few of my favorite anonymous handbags from around the web:

What is your favorite version of the anonymous handbag?

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Top spring 2023 handbag trends

spring 2023 handbag trends

Spring 2023 handbag trends from top left: straw tote bag / black shoulder bag / mini bio tote / ivory moon shaped bag / top handle bucket bag / denim hobo bag / mini satchel / brown shoulder bag / black mini satchel / saddle bag /

Spring is in full swing, this means we all need to make sure we have current IT bags within our reach. This spring 2023 season, the handbag trends reflect the overall trends in handbags for the year, making it easy to rotate our handbags from our closets. Love that!

Mini Satchels

The mini satchel is continuing its popularity in the spring 2023 season. This cute little bag offers a top handle and a shoulder strap which you can choose to wear on your shoulder, or cross body. Although, this year, it’s way cooler to wear it on your shoulder.

If you have a mini satchel in your closet from a past season, fabulous! Pull it out from your archives and rock it! If not, look for one in a neutral hue you can wear with anything, such as this black satchel. Love!

Denim handbags

Denim handbags are a hot trend. If you love ultra-trendy looks, this is your bag of the season. If you are more of an investment bag person, then this is a trend to pass on. I love the casual look of the denim handbag. Such a fun trend!

Top handle bucket bags

The classic bucket has a twist this season! Bucket bags with top handles are hotter than hot this season, and they are also a classic style. So, if you want to invest in a bucket with a handle, look for a neutral color or black so it has staying power in your closet. Love that!

Hobo bags

The hobo bag is still going strong! Chances are, you already have one in your closet. If not, go ahead and invest in a clean, chic hobo bag.

Neutral or bright or metallic

Neutral handbags are hot this year, but if you want to mix things up, metallic and ultra bright pastels are hot for spring. Look for bright lilac, neon yellow, bright medium pink, and neon light green. Fire!

Straw handbags

Straw and natural fiber bags are still hot this season. If you have one from last year, you are all set! If not, why not invest in a medium size, straw or natural fiber bag you can wear daily. The tropical vacation vibe is everything this season. Love!

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are still going strong. Look for a chic, simple bag in a neutral hue. Classic Chesnut brown is huge this year as well as beige, white and classic black. Love a good investment bag.

Sustainable handbags

It’s cool to be sustainable. After all, you are saving the planet. Love that! Look for handbags made from non-leather, sustainable materials such as this cute little bio tote by Tory Burch. Love it!

Anonymous bags

The golden rule this season is to wear and purchase bags which are anonymous. They can have a single logo which is understated, or stamp of the designer’s name in a small, discreet manner, but no loud logos or bags which shout at you. It’s all about clean lines, and quiet luxury. Those who know, know!

There you have it! The hottest handbag trends of spring 2023. Which handbag trend is your favorite?

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