Color trends for fall 2019 from New York Fashion Week

noon by noor fall 2019 nyfw

photo: Noon by Noor NYFW fall 2019

New York Fashion Week fall 2019 is underway! We are slightly more than half-way through the week as I write this. The fall/winter 2019/20 runways are offering us new trends to look forward to in the next cold weather season. Of course, we are still trying to finish THIS cold weather season! I think everyone around the country can agree-we have had quite the cold weather season this year! Brrr!

Speaking of fashion trends, my favorite trends to follow are color trends. When you know the color trends of an upcoming season ahead of time, it helps you to shop your closet for that season, and see which colors you need to add to your wardrobe in order to create the perfect fall color palette. Love that!

Pantone has released their top twelve colors used by designers for their fall 2019 collections in New York. In addition to the top twelve colors, the top four neutral colors are pushing the envelope as being classified as, shall we say, “neutrals.”

Pantone’s top twelve colors fall 2019 New York Fashion Week

color trends fall 2019 nyfw fashion trends fall 2019 color trends nyfw pantone

Brown is the new black, and orange tones are the new shades of pink. This upcoming fall 2019 season, look for a 1970’s color palette on modern silhouettes. Designers took inspiration from the 1940’s, through to the new millennium, while using a brown/orange/red/white/blue mix of colors in medium-dark hues for the fall season.

chiara boni nyfw fall 2019

Chiara Boni fall 2019 New York Fashion Week

Pantone’s top four neutral colors fall 2019/2020 New York Fashion Week

pantone colors fall 2019

Basic black, which is just as chic as ever, was all over the runway. But, alternate neutral hues such as vanilla, light grey, and deep navy, competed with everyone’s go-to wardrobe color (a-hem, black); adding a fresh breath of color into our fall closets. Winter white is a thing! Hope you weren’t still clinging to that silly “can’t wear white after labor day” thing.

fashion hong kong nyfw fall 2019

Fashion Hong Kong fall 2019 New York Fashion Week; designer: Anveglosa

This fall 2019 season, I’m excited to wear the blue hues, “Eden,” “Fruit Drove,” and “Vanilla Custard.” Which colors from the fall 2019 color palette are you excited to wear in the next autumn season?

You can check out the entire Pantone fall 2019 color report for New York Fashion Week at

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Spring 2019 shopping Strategy

spring 2019 trends

picture: Custo Barcelona spring 2019 New York Fashion Week runway / photo credit: Custo Barcelona PR Photo

Spring 2019 is hitting store shelves, this means it is time to figure out what to keep from last year, and what we need to add to our closets in the new year. The runways brought us several new, and repeating trends for the upcoming warm weather season. Some trends made it from the runway to store shelves, while others, never made it off the catwalk. Here is a list of trends which have made the transition from runway to street for the spring 2019 season. Knowing these trends will help us all shop our closets, then, we can fill them in with what we need!

Spring 2019 shopping list: outerwear

Trench coats and athletic jackets are the two types of outerwear you will want to wear this spring 2019 season. Look for 1980s inspired track jackets, stadium jackets, and jackets in general. Classic trench coats will also be your go-to on non-athleiure days. Look for jacket length styles as well as coat length when shopping for the ultimate trench coat.

Spring 2019 shopping list: clothing

Athleisure is getting more and more popular as time marches on. Look for track suits, leggings with tops, and gym to street looks.

Anything with a 1980s vibe is hotter than hot. Look for neon hues, exaggerated sleeves, ankle boots, and gasp! Shoulder pads!

Cropped pants. How dare your pants brush up against your ankle! Wide leg pants through skin tight pants should be cropped. We need to see those fabulous booties, chunky sneakers, and colorful sandals!

Mixed print dresses are the ultimate spring dress style. Look for dresses with built-in mixed prints, v-necks, and asymmetrical lines.

Stripes are hotter than hot this spring season. Look for nautical stripes, wide, stripes, and all types of stripes.

Neon hues and pastel shades are the colors to look for this spring. Pastels may not be ground breaking, but they will be your go-to color palette if neon isn’t your thing.

Look for a continuation of menswear inspirations, blazers over jeans, plaid and mixed plaids, matching sets aka suits, and 1970s inspiration.

Spring 2019 shopping list: handbags

You can check out my full report on spring 2019 handbag trends here. In general, look for neon, pastel or black colors. Mixed colors are also a thing. Look for square shapes rather than last year’s circle, and think small but not nano.

Spring 2019 shopping list: shoes

Chunky and funky street sneakers are all the rage this spring 2019 season! Also, look for multi-color, bright footwear to brighten up your look. Kitten heels are also the go-to heel height this spring while boots are continuing to be a year-round trend; so cold spring days are solved with booties-love that!

There you have it! Look for lower priced items on trends which are continuing or seem fleeting. You can invest in classic trends such as trench coats and black handbags; that is a great way to spend your spring dollars. Since the 1980s are a growing trend, it is also a good trend to invest in this spring. When it comes to the 1970s, shop your closet or look for lower priced items since that decade’s influence may start to wane when we move into 2020.

Have a fabulous time shopping for spring 2019! Here are a few of my favorite things for the new, warm weather season.

Which trends are you excited about? Any you plan to stay away from?

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Chunky street sneakers for spring 2019

spring 2019 shoe trends chunky sneakers street style

Spring 2019 shoe trends / Chunky sneakers from top left: pastel multi-color sneakers / blue wedge sneakers / hot pink glitter sneakers / rainbow sneakers / white with neon yellow sneakers / Gucci sneakers / red and black sneakers / mixed neutrals sneakers / black with pink trim sneakerspink chunky sneakers / neon green sneakers /

Athleisure is growing in popularity, and with it, comes some funky trends! Designers are loving both pastel colors, and neon hues this spring 2019 season. They have incorporated these colors into one of the hottest spring 2019 shoe trends of the season; the chunky sneaker.

Instead of hobbling around on 5″ heels this spring season, you can have happy feet planted safely inside of a funky, chunky pair of sneakers. Sneakers for spring 2019 are being shown with exaggerated soles, wedges, and larger-than-life treads. You won’t slip and fall in these shoes, that’s for sure!

When shopping for a pair of fabulous, and fashionable, chunky sneakers this spring 2019 season, look for neon hues, pastel colors, and notice-me designs. Your sneakers should not be quiet. The more colors on them, the better! This is the season for your funky, casual feet to shine! Enjoy the comfort!

If a mix of neon hues is too bright for you, and mixed pastels aren’t your thing, never fear, color blocked neutrals are here! Designers are also showing chunky street sneakers for spring in mixed neutral hues. You won’t have to sacrifice your understated, personal style on your footwear this season. You can still rock those neutrals while remaining on trend for the season. Love that!

I found a few fabulous pairs of chunky sneakers for spring 2019 around the web, and I assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them!

Shop chunky sneakers for spring 2019:

The pastel pair in the top left corner of the graphic above is calling my name. I also love the neon green pair. Which styles of chunky street sneakers for spring do you like? Is this a spring 2019 shoe trend you plan to rock?

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