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Chloe Pixie in size small, grey suede, from the fall 2017 collection

Chloe just keeps giving us more and more IT bags to covet! For the fall 2017 season, Chloe has given us the small Pixie handbag as the new IT bag on the street. While the Chloe Nile still holds it’s very important spot in the IT bag arena, the Chloe Pixie offers a trendier alternative for the cool weather season.

Other designers have been bringing back large, soft handbags such as the hobo for the fall season, not Chloe! The iconic French design house is sticking to what works for them; small, highly coveted handbags we all need, want, and have to have! The Chloe Pixie handbag is the latest handbag in the current IT bag line-up.

This cute little bag offers casual styling, making it perfect to wear as an everyday bag; if you don’t need to carry much. You can see the tiny interior below-

chloe pixie handbag

The inside of the Chloe Pixie offers one main compartment with an interior slip pocket. The interior slip pocket can hold credit cards, if you don’t bring a wallet; or it can hold tickets, receipts, and one stick of gum. It’s quite small.

Despite being small on the inside, the Chloe Pixie offers a lot of versatility on the outside. There are three different ways you can wear this bag. It has a strap long enough to be worn cross body, or it can be carried hand-held by the two brass top handles. The Pixie by Chloe can also be worn 1970s shoulder bag style, over the shoulder. My favorite way to wear mine is cross body. It feels secure, and since the Pixie is a small bag, it is really comfortable when worn cross body.

Here is what fits inside my small Chloe Pixie-

chloe pixie small grey suede

I can fit my wallet, my iPhone, my collection of keys (don’t laugh!), and my lipstick. My glasses do not fit inside if I carry my wallet. An alternative to carrying my regular wallet would be to use my miniature wallet, which fold bills into three parts, and does not hold cards. Credit cards could then be stored inside the interior slit pocket. This would free up enough space for sunglasses or glasses; or anything else you need to squish in there.

I only use my spare wallet when I carry an evening bag, so my preference is to carry my everyday wallet when I can. My glasses can be kept in my car if I am wearing my sunglasses, or vise-versa.

If you need more room, Chloe does have a medium size version of the Pixie which is oblong instead of a circle. Here is everything inside my small Pixie-

chloe pixie review

As you can see, it is very squished inside my Chloe Pixie. I don’t mind, as long as I am not going somewhere which requires me to carry more then my basics. If I need more space, my Chloe Nile works as a great alternative.

All in all the Chloe Pixie is a user-friendly bag; as long as you don’t need to carry a lot of things with you when you wear it. It is a casual bag which offers simple, yet on trend styling. The circular shape is very of-the-moment and may not offer a timeless look if you are looking for a long term investment bag. If you prefer a long term investment bag with modern styling, I would push you towards the Chloe Drew or Chloe Nile.

If you love the Pixie, but prefer a roomier interior, I recommend looking into the Chloe Pixie in medium. Although the silhouette is very different, it offers the same on-trend look with a more timeless silhouette; and more interior capacity! I was tempted to get the medium, but due to my current handbag collection, I felt a smaller bag was needed. The medium definitely caught my eye!

The Chloe Pixie is a hot IT bag right now. It hits all the current trends which include circle bags, satchels, and cross body bags. This is also a great everyday bag, as long as you don’t need to carry too much. I love my Chloe Pixie in small; highly recommend!

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Best fall handbags under $1000 for 2017

mansur gavriel it bag

pictured: black with red interior Mansur Gavriel handbag. Classic IT bag under $1000

Happy National Handbag Day! In honor of this fabulous day, let’s chat about the best fall handbags under $1000 for fall 2017 from hot designers such as Gucci, Mansur Gavriel, Tory Burch, Burberry, Chloe, and more.

Let’s face it, if you are reading this post, you may just have a love for handbags as I do. I truly feel a girl can never have enough handbags. I love handbags with a story; from designers and brands who value quality, craftsmanship, and original style. I always do my best to steer clear of copycat designs, and brands which have a reputation for poor quality. I also love owning bags which have a decent resale value; because you never know when you might need to turn your collection into cash; especially when you spend a couple thousand dollars, or more, on a bag!

That being said. . .I am a firm believer in looking for bags with value. You don’t have to break the bank to own an IT bag, or a bag with resale value; or a hot designer bag for that matter! So, without further ado, I have curated several bags from around the web which have an IT factor to them, and are made by designers or brands I trust for excellent quality, craftsmanship, and design. My favorite bags are in the collage below-

fall handbags under $1000 2017 best

pictured from top left: Gucci bag (I saw this bag on the arms of New York Fashion Week attendees. This is a hot IT bag!) / classic Chloe bag (this is a classic IT bag which is a staple in every handbag lover’s closet-I have it on my wish list but can’t decide on color-which color do you like?) / Burberry tote (classic and practical-love!) / Gucci Marmont (hot IT bag du jour!) / olive box satchel (hot IT style from a timeless brand) / Chloe Faye backpack (up and coming IT bag for casual style) / Mansur Gavriel bucket bag (be still my beating heart-this fall color is to-die-for. classic IT bag and must-have!) / Black circle tote (circle bags are all the rage right now, and this one is under $400, love!)

How fabulous are these bags?! I’m dying over that new color from Mansur Gavriel, and the box satchel is absolutely beautiful. I have been eyeing that Chloe cross body bag for a few seasons now but can’t decide on a color. So many bags to covet! I wish I could fit them all in my collage, but alas, I could not. I placed my favorites in the collage, and the others I am in love with are in the shopping widget below. Simply scroll through, and click on the ones which interest you.

Best fall handbags under $1000 for fall 2017:

I am thrilled there are so many fall handbags under $1000 for fall 2017 which have an IT factor, as well as timeless appeal. Which designer bag for fall under $1000 do you love?

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Can’t get enough of my . . . black top handle satchel!

silver boots for fall 2017 pleated skirts for fall

black satchel and outfit details shown in this post:

I think as a blogger, it is always fun to go through your posts and find items which reappear on a regular basis. In May, I discovered my favorite boyfriend jeans were on repeat; and I wondered if you were getting bored of them, or loving them! It was fun to write a post about how much I wear them, and love them. To this day, I still wear them often, although I am trying to not post them as much, for fear I’m boring you. What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy continuing to see an item I wear on repeat, or does it bore you to see it so often? Please weigh in with a comment!

This top handle black satchel by Givenchy has been in my closet since 2014. I found in early 2015 that is it a workhorse handbag. I wore this satchel to fashion week in February 2015, and found it was perfect for carrying my camera, as well as everything else I need to hold in my purse. I loved it so much, I purchased an Antigona in pale blue. Although the pale blue does not get worn nearly as often as the black version, it is still a workhorse and favorite bag of mine.

new york fashion week street style handbags shoes

There are so many things to love about my small Givenchy Antigona bag. Aside from the sturdy build, hearty sugar leather, and ideal size; this bag can be worn with almost anything, for any occasion! I carry it when I wear jeans, workout clothing, dresses, skirts, office attire, casual attire; you name it! This bag has a classic, almost-doctor-bag silhouette which offers a chic look, and timeless style. The construction is extremely sturdy; I have discovered this over the years by carrying heavy objects such as my DSLR camera. I have also found, that it is my favorite bag for getting through fashion week.

Although I love owning shoulder bags, clutches, and totes, my Givenchy Antigona satchel is my all-time favorite bag. I cannot imagine living without it. I keep it out and ready for use everyday. It fits snacks and toys for my kids, as well as work items for when I am on the go in the fashion scene. This bag has it all. When you hear the term “investment bag,” my Givenchy Antigona goes beyond the financial definition of an investment bag, for me, it is a priceless tool that gets me through the day.

it bags fall 2017

This bag transcends seasons, and trends. Like a Chanel 2.55 bag, the Givenchy Antigona is a classic. Someday I would love to add one to my collection in a neutral hue such as tan or beige.

Do you have a handbag in your closet that you can’t get enough of? I would love to hear about it!

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