The 2000s bag trends that are hot now

2000s bag trends hot summer 2022

Pictured: oversize tote (hot IT bag for 2022) / Balenciaga City Tote (new version here) /

Remember those bags you coveted back in the early 2000s? They’re back! So crawl into the back of your closet and pull out your archives, because they are hotter than hot this year!

There are a few late 1990s, and early 2000s IT bags which are back with a vengeance this year, in addition to overall handbag trends. Remember the Balenciaga City Tote aka “moto bag?” It’s back, and if you cannot get your hands on a vintage one, Balenciaga has a new version with slightly inverted sides you can purchase now, and rock as if it were the original.

Remember the Dior Saddle bag? It has been popular again for the past few seasons, and it is holding steady as an IT bag to own now. If you don’t have one from back in the day, Dior has a few sizes, colors, and fabrications to choose from today. The common complaint I hear from Saddle bag owners is that everything in the bag falls to one side, if you don’t mind that, this could be your bag.

In addition to specific IT bags from close to twenty years ago, the early 2000s gave us several handbag trends which are hot again this year. Remember oversize handbags you could carry a small child inside? They are back, and the hottest one on the streets this year is from YSL. See above graphic.

The other trends to watch for include nylon bags from Prada, Bowler bags (I love Dior’s version), all types and sizes of hobos bags, baguettes (doesn’t have to be Fendi), classic Chanel bags (think flap and 2.55), and the Chloe Marcie in any style; saddle or satchel. Love!

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What was your favorite handbag trend from the very late 1990s and early 2000s? My favorites include the baguette, Chloe Marcie, hobo bags, and nylon bags.

Quick shout-out to nylon bags; they can be worn in the rain! Love a bag I don’t have to worry about during inclement weather.

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Bottega Veneta loop bag mini review

bottega veneta loop bag mini review

Bottega Veneta Loop mini bag wearing: gemstone bracelets (under $50, local designer) / Bottega Veneta Loop bag mini / spring nail polish / blazer vest / white layering tee / dark wash jeans /

How cute is this everyday bag! I love a small, cross body bag I can wear everywhere from the gym, to the market, to a luncheon, and out to dinner. This bag is that go-to handbag! Love!

The Bottega Veneta loop bag is a fabulous handbag to wear on a daily basis. It can be worn cross body or over the shoulder, and it comes in a variety of colors. I chose Parakeet, also known on the street as “Bottega Green.” This is the hue considered Bottega Veneta’s signature color. I love a signature color! I mean, who doesn’t love Tiffany Blue or Louboutin Red? I’m here for Bottega Green!

There are several size choices for the Bottega Veneta Loop bag as well as colors. I chose the smallest size, which is the mini. I wanted a bag which was minimal and just large enough to carry my essentials. The mini loop holds my wallet, iPhone, lipstick, keys, and I have just enough room for some Kleenex, if need be; after all, it is allergy season right now!

What fits inside Bottega Veneta mini loop handbag

What I love about the Bottega Veneta Loop bag in mini is that it is a no fuss, carefree bag. I just throw it on and go! The leather is soft to the touch, yet strong for everyday wear. This bright green hue makes the bag fun, and adds a little spice to everyday wear. I love a bag which brightens up my day!

While the mini size is perfect for everyday use, I can see how someone might prefer the small, medium or large size. I highly recommend choosing the size which is right for you. This is a classic, everyday bag which you will have forever. My mom has a very similar version which she purchased in the 1980s and it is still a workhorse. Her bag is navy blue, and it still looks new! She gets a ton of compliments every time she wears it. This is when you know a designer handbag is a good investment. It can withstand the test of time and still look modern years, if not decades, later.

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I really love my Bottega Loop mini bag, so I would love to invest in another one in the future. Perhaps next time I will pick one up in a neutral color, and a different size, just to mix things up. For now, I love having a piece in Parakeet, aka “Bottega Green,” and the size is perfect for my everyday life.

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bottega veneta mini loop review

Handbag wish list spring 2022

handbag wish list spring 2022

Spring 2022 handbag wish list from top left: straw top handle bag (perfect for late spring and the summer season) / chic white top handle bag / fun soft yellow shoulder bag / practical green tote for work / chic white shoulder bag / trendy black bulb bag for everyday wear /

So many bags, so little time! As you know, I am a huge handbag fan. There are so many fabulous handbags on the market every season, unfortunately I cannot possibly purchase all of them! Aside from the cost, there simply are not enough days, or outfits, to wear them all! Therefore, I have put together my seasonal wish list filled with the top six handbags I want the most. I usually figure out what I really need each season, and snap up one or two. Right now, these are the bags I feel will serve me well during the spring and summer seasons. I hesitate to call this my spring/summer wish list, since the summer season presents new needs; such as tote bags for travel and the beach!

One thing that is huge on my wish list right now is a white bag. While I have a medium size lady bag in white by Gucci, I would like a smaller bag that isn’t fussy. In addition, my ivory Chanel 2.55 is fussy because it’s lambskin and I need to be extra careful while wearing it. The white bags on my wish list have sturdier leather which and be cleaned and also be worn stress-free. Love that-need that!

Hobo bags are huge right now, and I am all set with one structured hobo and one soft hobo. That being said, the bulb version of this style is a cross between a bucket bag and a hobo bag, and I feel like I need one in my life! This classic black version would be perfect as a go-to, everyday bag. It is roomy and easy to wear over the shoulder. I would love to have one in my closet!

I am due for a new work bag! This green tote is a beautiful shade of green, and the square tote is on trend for 2022. I love everything about this tote. It is very high up on my wish list due to practicality and sheer beauty. Love!

Who doesn’t want a fun bag for warm weather? This straw top handle bag, or this bright yellow shoulder bag, would be perfect for the spring and summer seasons as my fun bag. Which shall I choose? What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Spring 2022 wish list online:

Which types of bags are you wishing for this spring season? Or maybe you are already planning for summer?

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