How to store a handbag

how to store a handbag

If you are like me, you own several handbags. Perhaps you like to store certain handbags for specific seasons, or dressier occasions. In this case, you need to know how to store a handbag in order to protect it from damage which can occur in a closet.

The handbag I am using as an example in this post is my go-to dressy handbag. I wear it whenever I go out to dinner, or attend a special event; unless of course I am attending a formal event, then I use a formal bag, but I digress. I purchased this handbag back in 2007, and it still looks shiny and new! The reason it looks so good, is because I go the extra mile to properly store my handbags. Handbag storage is really important!

How to store a handbag: dust bag or box

How you store your handbag can have a lot to do with the type of closet you have. If you have a large walk-in closet, you may have special shelving for your handbags. In this case, you will only need a dust bag. If you have a wall closet, or are pressed for space, you might consider stacking your handbags. In this case, you will need a box.

Many handbags come with a box, but when they don’t, you can easily use another box and then label the outside so you know what is inside. A sturdy box is key since you don’t want the weight of other handbags bending the box and potentially smashing your bag. This will cause it to lose it’s shape.

My house was built in the 1950s, so my closet is small. I store my handbag at the foot of my bed in stacks. This means all of my handbags are stored on their back, inside of boxes. I have to make sure the boxes are strong so my bags on the bottom of the pile don’t get smashed.

If you are lucky enough to have shelving for your handbags, all you need is a dust bag. Most handbags come with a dust bag, but if you have bags which didn’t, or the dust bag has been misplaced, you can find them online here.

How to store a handbag: protecting it with felt

how to store a chanel handbag

Once you have your dust bag and/or handbag storage box, it is important to place your handbag inside without damaging it. Many bags have metal hardware which can damage the leather or fabric of the bag. The best way to keep a bag’s hardware from damaging it is to use felt. Felt is really inexpensive, and can save your handbag! I use black felt on black bags and white felt on all other colors.

You should cut the felt into the right size piece to fit between the leather or fabric, and the hardware. There should not be any hardware touching your bag when it is stored. Hardware can discolor your bag, dent your bag, or tear your bag. You must use felt to keep your bag safe!

How to store a handbag: proper placement of a chain strap

how to properly store a handbaghow to store a designer handbag

Once your bag is inside the dust bag, be sure to store any metal strap outside the dust bag. This helps to keep hardware off the bag, and also help your bag keep it’s shape. It is important to make sure a metal strap is stored on the side of the bag, and not underneath. You don’t want the weight of the bag on top of the metal strap. Your bag will dent.

How to store a handbag: maintain shape with tissue

how to store a handbag

One of the biggest mistakes we can make while storing our handbags is to not stuff them! You can use white tissue to stuff your handbag. The tissue not only helps your handbag retain it’s shape, and prevent drooping, it absorbs any moisture in the air. This helps protect the leather on your bag so that it lasts longer.

Moisture from the bathtub, shower, and sink in your master bedroom can wreak havoc on your handbags. The tissue helps absorb that moisture, as well as high humidity in the air from weather. This was told to me by the designing duo Lamberton-Truex over lunch at Neiman Marcus almost fifteen years ago. If a handbag designer tells you to use tissue inside of your bags-you do it!

Lastly, always store your handbag on it’s back. If you store it standing up, it will eventually droop; even if it is properly stuffed. Storing your bag on it’s back is the best way to help it maintain it’s shape, and last a lifetime!

How to store a handbag: what you need:

Now that you know how to store a handbag, why not treat yourself to a new one! 😉

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how to store a handbag

Summer 2018 handbag trends: Straw Bags

summer 2018 handbag trends straw bags

straw bags for summer from top left: watermelon bag / natural and blue straw circle bag / picnic basket bag / box pom pom bag / pink straw circle bag / pink and natural straw satchel / circle sun tote / blue and natural straw tote /

Summer 2018 handbag trends are starting to pour onto store shelves, and city streets. One of the biggest trends in handbags for the summer season happens to be straw bags. This classic beach-side bag started to gain popularity last year alongside the bamboo bag trend. While bamboo bags are still hotter than hot for summer 2018, straw bags are tied for first place.

Straw bags for summer 2018 are so much fun! Instead of a bunch of different natural colored bags, designers are giving us colors, kitschy shapes, and circles! So. Many. Circles! If you haven’t picked up a circle bag yet, this is a great way to get one! A straw circle bag is the ultimate straw bag shape for the summer season, followed by a small tote or satchel.

In addition to shapes, straw bags for summer 2018 are featuring pom poms, tassels, and tied on scarves; which you can style yourself with a favorite scarf from your drawer. You will also find fruit, flowers, stripes, and suns on straw bags this summer 2018 season.

The fun thing about this summer 2018 handbag trend, is that it can be worn both on the street, and the beach; and of course, the pool! Sand particles move in and out of the woven straw, so you won’t come home from the beach with a bag full of sand. They will also survive light rain, and splashes from the pool. Straw bags are quite handy in warm weather!

You can wear a straw bag for summer 2018 with almost any style of warm weather attire. They look fabulous with shorts and flip flops as well as brunch dresses, skirts, and the like. I love a bag that dresses up and down! Plus, they tend to be a lot less expensive then leather bags. Love that!

Shop straw circle bags for summer 2018:

Shop straw bags for summer 2018:

Which style of straw bag for summer 2018 do you like best?

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Staud Moreau handbag review

staud moreau bucket bag

pictured: Staud Moreau bag in red /

How cute is this Staud Moreau netted bucket bag! This bag started to pop up last summer when netted bags, straw bags, and wooden bags gained popularity. It wasn’t until this spring that the Staud Moreau handbag launched into cult IT bag status. The most amazing part? It is priced under $500! Love that!

I started to eye this bag last year, but was not sure which color to purchase one in. I liked the tan, but have found in the past that caramel and tan bags end up sitting in my closet. I tend to wear black, white, or colorful bags the most. So when I spotted the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag in red for spring 2018, I decided it was time to pull the trigger and buy one! I am so happy I did!

This fun little bucket bag resembles a flower pot, and for the longest time I didn’t know the official name of the bag. I have been calling it the flower pot bag! It looks like a flower pot inside of a macrame net which could be hung on a patio for decor. I think the flower pot aesthetic is what makes this bag so much fun! I have always wanted a kitschy handbag, but most of them are so specific and funky, I never wanted to spend money on them for fear I would get bored of said kitschy bag, and it would end up collecting dust on a shelf.

The Staud Moreau bucket bag offers a kitschy look without being too far out there; so I am certain I will actually wear it without letting the bag collect any dust! Since this bag is a bucket bag shape, it is super practical!

staud moreau bag interior

The interior of the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag is roomy and open. The round shape, and shallow depth, enables you see what’s inside, making it easy to find everything inside bag. This is what makes the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag practical and easy to wear on a daily basis.

The two handles are comfortable too! It is easy to carry either by hand, or hung on your forearm. The leather, although structured, is smooth and soft; allowing for comfortable handles. The only concern I have about the exterior is the macrame netting. I want to make sure I don’t let it catch on anything. So far, so good! That being said, the netting is quite sturdy, so if it does catch on something, it should survive OK.

staud moreau netted bucket bag reviewstaud moreau bag review

It is easy to fit my daily purse essentials inside the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag. My wallet, iPhone, lipstick, sunglasses, and keys fit easily inside with plenty of room left for the things my kids ask me to carry for them. I love the fact that this bag is roomy. In the warmer months I am always throwing extra items in my bag such as sunblock, small water bottles, and snacks.

All in all, I love this bag! It is super easy to wear as a daily handbag, and the quality is strong and sturdy. I also love the fun silhouette, and calling it my “flower pot bag.”

Shop Staud Moreau bags around the web:

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staud moreau netted bucket bag