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holiday gift guide handbag it bag gift ideas 2018

Holiday Gift Guide handbag gift ideas 2018 from top left: circle Gucci bag / red cross body bag (under $200) / Gucci Marmont camera bag (under $1000) / rainbow shoulder bag (very on trend-IT bag!) / tan hobo bag (IT bag for the minimalist on your list and under $1000) / Gucci satchel / classic red tote bag (great for work, beach, school, or parents-under $350) / tan shoulder bag (hot IT bag from the Paris runways!!)

This is my absolute favorite gift guide to create every holiday season! Handbags are my jam! I would love love love to find every single one of these handbags under the tree this Christmas, alas, that won’t happen. I will ask Santa for the fabulous tan shoulder bag at the bottom of the above graphic. I am also loving that understated hobo-perhaps in black? It comes in so many fabulous neutrals! I swing back and forth on the understated handbag look, back to the IT bag look. I just love all genre’s of bags!

When shopping for a handbag this holiday gift giving season, be sure to write down a few things about the person you are shopping for. First, what is your handbag budget? Second, is she understated, or does she love flashing the hottest IT bag in town? What is her lifestyle? Does she need a roomy bag for the office, or for carrying a lot of her kids things? Maybe she is young and needs a fun going-out-at-night bag! Once you have answered these questions, then you can focus on what to get her!

For someone who needs a smaller bag, check out these cross body bags, and shoulder bags below:

If you are shopping for someone who needs a roomy bag, then the bags below are what you’re looking for:

Is she a fashionista in need of an IT bag? These are the bags for her:

Is she understated or into minimalism? You should snag her one of these:

Looking for something within budget? These bags are priced under $100:

Dear Santa, I would love any or all of the bags in the shopping widget below, under the tree this Christmas. Thank you!

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Which handbag gift is on your holiday list? Be sure to forward this post to someone who needs guidance about what to get you for the holidays!

Happy holidays, and keep being fabulous!!



Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock online

picturedGabriela Hearst Nina bag /

The elusive Gabriela Hearst Nina bag is actually available now through October 15, 2018! If you are like me, and have been eyeing the hardest handbag on the planet to lay your hands on, then this is  a miracle!

The Gabriela Hearst Nina bag has been the hardest handbag to find for the past three or so years. It’s harder to find than anything by Hermes; and has more IT status than any other IT bag on the market. This is the bag everyone wants, and cannot get.

I was surfing around my favorite online shops to see which new bags were hitting store shelves. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock for a limited time online! The wait list is roughly eighteen months for this bag, and even then, not just anyone can get on the wait list!

There are two sizes available for purchase in the next few days. You can find the regular sized Nina, which I purchased in black, and you can also find the Demi Nina which is $200 less, and slightly smaller. There are several colors available, but they are going fast! My first two choices were already gone by the time I found this goldmine. So, if you are like me, and have been eyeing the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag for the past couple of years, then this is your chance to get your hands on one!

If you are on the fence, I recommend snagging one now, and then you can always return it. They are only in stock until October 15, 2018 and then it’s back to the looooooong wait list.

Shop Gabriela Hearst Nina bag online now through October 15, 2018:

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Staud Mini Shirley bag review | stadium approved handbags

staud mini shirley bag review stadium approved handbags

Staud Mini Shirley handbag | stadium approved handbags / ring / nail polish /

OK, the clear handbag, or PVC trend seemed like it might be fleeting, but in fact, it is not. PVC bags are a huge trend, which is showing no signs of dissipating. I always wondered, “why would someone want to wear a clear handbag? People can see what’s in your bag!” Well, I have joined the PVC handbag trend and it was a great decision! Let me tell you why. . .

My daughter cheers for her high school football team, and her high school was invited by the 49er’s to play their homecoming game at Levi’s Stadium. This is a huge honor and opportunity for the kids. It could be the only time in their lives they get to play in a professional stadium. The opportunity was very exciting! For the students and parents attending the game, it was exciting too; the drawback was when we learned we needed to adhere to professional stadium rules, which include professional stadium handbag guidelines. Oh boy! Put away those Louis Vuitton Neverful’s ladies! They are not allowed.

I have attended games at professional stadiums before, but I always brought a teeny tiny little Valentino Rockstud bag. which doesn’t even fit my wallet. Last time I wore it to a Raider’s game, they almost confiscated it saying it was 1/4 inch too wide! Which I knew it wasn’t. It was within the guidelines, but who wants to argue with security and almost get a designer bag confiscated!? I would never have seen it again. Thankfully I was able to get them to re-measure it and let me in the stadium with it, but I vowed never to risk bringing it again. Which meant I needed a new game day handbag.

Since I found out we needed to adhere to Levi’s Stadium rules, which means a clear bag under 12″ x 6″ x 12″, I went shopping for the perfect stadium approved handbag I could re-wear. Thank you so much to Staud for designing the Staud Mini Shirley bag with it’s removable pouch! Since sports stadium’s require the clear, PVC handbag to have zero color, this handbag by Staud turned out to be a godsend.

The Staud Mini Shirley bag is well within the size guidelines for a professional stadium handbag, and the removable pouch means it can be re-worn for occasions which do not require a clear handbag. Love that!

Stadium approved handbags | clear handbag for professional stadiums

stadium approved handbags staud mini shirley review clear purse bagstaud mini shirley stadium approved handbags

The Staud Mini Shirley bag is extremely roomy without the pouch inside. I found there was plenty of extra room inside the bag after I placed everything I needed inside; which included lipstick, chapstick, wallet, keys, and sunglasses. My kids were able to hand me things during the game which fit easily inside the bag. Love!

Staud’s Mini Shirley bag is very sturdy, and easy to carry. If I needed to free up my hand, I could slip it temporarily on my wrist, that was great for juggling food, or holding something for someone while they take off, or put on, a sweatshirt. This turned out to be the perfect stadium handbag! I can’t wait to wear it to a 49er’s game next month, and for future professional sporting events throughout the year.

Staud Mini Shirley bag review with removable pouch

staud mini shirley bag reviewstaud shirley bag review

On days when I am not attending a sporting event at a professinal stadium, the Staud Mini Shirley bag is perfect for day to day activities. The pouch also fits all my essentials such as my chapstick, lipstick, keys, wallet, and sunglasses. This is a really cute tote bag which is easy to clean, and perfect for rainy days. I never wear my leather bags in the rain, so this bag is perfect as we move into our rainy season here in the San Francisco Bay Area. PVC can get wet wet wet, and it will be fine! Love this!

Of course you know me, I love a good trend and an IT bag. Coincidentally, the Staud Mini Shirley bag has current IT bag status. It is the most sought-after PVC bag on the market. The Mini Shirley by Staud was spotted on the streets of New York during fashion week as one of the big favorite handbags of the fashion set. It also comes in two sizes, the mini which is stadium friendly, and a larger version known simply as the Staud Shirley bag. There are also several colors to choose from, so if black isn’t your thing, you can find this bag in a color you like. Love that!

The Staud Mini Shirley bag is a fabulous bag to buy now and wear during the rainy season. It is also the perfect bag for game day! I love a professional stadium approved handbag! Don’t you?

Shop the Staud Mini Shirley bag online:

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