Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud wristlet review

mansur gavriel mini cloud wristlet review

Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud wristlet /

How cute is this miniature wristlet from Mansur Gavriel! The mini version of Mansur Gavriel’s cloud clutch is small in size, yet big on style. One of the many IT bag trends right now is the micro-mini bag. This version of the style also incorporates the IT bag style of the pouch clutch; giving you two IT styles in one. Love it!

Normally I shy away from really tiny bags. I like to be able to fit my wallet, glasses, and phone inside of my bag. I also like to have a little bit of extra room inside my bag just in case I need to carry extra items. That being said, this little bag intrigued me, so I decided to give it a try.

The Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud wristlet has dimensions which would lead you to believe an iPhone would fit inside, unfortunately, that is not the case. This little pouch fits a lipstick and keys; not much else. Even my mini travel wallet does not fit inside. I need to leave a credit card and cash loose inside the bag. This wristlet is definitely for evenings out, or occasions when you don’t need to carry anything. It is not a practical bag, by any means.

The mini Cloud wristlet by Mansur Gavriel can be used for special occasions, or times when you don’t need to carry very much with you. It is also a great companion to a larger bag. You can use the mini Cloud wristlet in conjunction with a work tote, and carry it out to lunch at the office so that you don’t have to lug your large work bag around with you. It can also be used for travel to secure small items inside a larger bag. This little pouch also makes a great make-up bag to place inside a work tote, or school bag.

If you are looking for a small bag which fits your phone, I recommend the mini Cloud clutch instead. Here is a size comparison:

Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch size comparison

mansur gavriel cloud clutch comparison wristlet

From left: regular sized Cloud clutch, review here / mini Cloud clutch, review here / mini Cloud wristlet in gold /

Are you a little confused by the sizing? Yes, I was too at first. The small Cloud is actually the mini Cloud “CLUTCH” while this smaller pouch bag is actually categorized as a “WRISTLET” and not a clutch. They are both titled “mini Cloud” while they are two different sizes and bag types. If you are looking for a clutch, the mini Cloud clutch is your bag. It can be found with a strap. If you are looking for a tiny bag, the mini Cloud wristlet is your bag.

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What do you think of the little Mansur Gavriel mini Cloud wristlet? Is this your type of bag? I plan to use mine in conjunction with a larger bag; mainly my work tote. I will occasionally use it as a small clutch, but since I am addicted to having my phone with me at all times, this may not happen very often. It’s a great pouch for make-up, and to keep things stylishly organized within a larger bag. I also plan to use it a lot for travel.

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mansur gavriel mini cloud wristlet

Handbag gift ideas holidays 2021

handbag gift ideas holidays christmas 2021

Handbag gift ideas from top left: structured black hobo (hot designer IT bag) / mini gold pouch (gold bags are hot IT bags right now) / small red slouchy hobo (up and coming IT bag for 2022) / caramel structured hobo bag (IT bag under $1000) / small green pouch (green bags are hot right now) / puffy silver shoulder bag (under $1000) / black bucket bag (classic IT bag, also-bucket bags are huge IT bags for 2022) / black pouch (IT bag under $1000) / chocolate brown chain pouch (hot designer IT bag) / structured black hobo (under $100) /

So many IT bags in one place! This is by far my favorite gift guide of the 2021 holiday season! This year, we have enjoyed multiple styles and designers who fall into the IT bag category, and as we move in 2022, there will be more!

This holiday season, why not give the handbag fan on your list an IT bag that works now, and will carry her through 2022 and beyond! Next year, the pouch will continue to be hot, as well as structured hobo bags. Adding to the list will be the return of the bucket bag, and slouchy hobo bags. All of these styles will be hotter than hot in 2022, so giving one for the 2021 holiday season will not only be ideal for right now, the gift will keep on giving into the new year, and beyond! Love that!

Neutral handbags continue to reign supreme, but as we move into 2022, look for additional hues to brighten your handbag wardrobe such as metallics (specifically gold), red, medium or mint green (steer clear of military green and hunter green), pastels, and bright hues. More on this next month as spring hits store shelves. For right now, these are all safe and hot buys for 2021, 2022, and beyond!

Shop handbag gift ideas for the holiday season online:

I’m eyeing pouch bags and hobo bags for the holidays. Hopefully Santa is reading this post and puts at least one under the tree for me! Which bags are you hoping to find under the tree this holiday season?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe holidays 2021

handbag capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 it bags gift ideas

Handbag capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 from top left: black pouch (IT bag under $1000) / caramel structured hobo bag (IT bag under $1000) / chocolate brown chain pouch (hot IT bag) / black structured hobo (hot IT bag) / small black convertible bag (IT bag under $300) / ivory mini bag (under $1000) /

Can you believe the holiday season has begun? This year has flown by! In order to be ready for the holiday season, I have assembled my holiday capsule wardrobe. My holidays 2021 capsule wardrobe pulls from both fall and winter trends, with a festive vibe. Of course, I always love starting with my handbag capsule for any given season. I mean, you love handbags as much as I do, right? Of course!

So, without further ado, here is my holidays 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe!

This holiday season, my handbag capsule wardrobe concentrates on my three favorite handbag trends. The pouch, the structured hobo, and the mini bag. Mini bags are ideal holiday bags since they are petite and perfect for the party season. It’s a great way to rock the mini bag trend since, at least for me, they are too small for frequent daily wear. Love that!

Pouch bags holidays 2021

pouch bags holidays 2021 it bags gift ideas

Ah, the fabulous pouch bag. This is an IT bag trend I never thought would have lasting power. A large and slouchy daytime clutch? No way! Well, yes way! I resisted the trend at first, then when I indulged in this black pouch bag, I fell in love. These bags are actually comfortable to carry around, and they are a great way to spice up a casual look. Pouch bags are also the perfect day-into-evening bag since they fit everything we need during the day, yet turn into a classic evening bag. Love that!

This holiday season, I am continuing to wear my beloved black pouch bag, and this fun, fabulous chain pouch. I love wearing both these bags, and I look forward to pairing them with my holidays looks. If you haven’t invested in a pouch yet, what are you waiting for? This trend is proving to be long lasting, and surprisingly practical!

Structured hobos holidays 2021

structured hobo bags it bags holidays 2021 gift ideas

I love my structured hobos! This is the practical handbag trend we have been waiting for! It took close to two decades to return to the handbag world, and it was worth the wait. We loved these bags in the 1990s, and we love them now too! These structured hobos are comfortable, fit everything we all need during the day, and fit snugly under our arms. They look chic and put-together. Love that!

Since many brands and designers are still showing structured hobos for 2022, and they are coming out with their own versions, as well as new versions as we speak, this trend looks like it has some staying power. I highly recommend investing in at least one.

These two structured hobos will work well with my holiday capsule wardrobe. They are both classic neutral hues, and perfect for pairing with casual looks, as well as dressier holiday outfits. Love!

Small bags holidays 2021

mini bag trend holidays 2021 gift ideas

Small and mini bags are ideal for the holiday season. They can turn any denim or dressy look into a festive party outfit. Since sparkling jewelry is hot this holiday season, I like to keep my bags understated so that they don’t compete with with a pair of sparkling earrings or armful of bangles. Plus, these two classic bags can be worn during the day with casual looks, and they will also be relevant well into 2022. These are investment bags, not sparkling evening bags which collect dust in your closet the rest of the year. I’m all about investment dressing!

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Well, there you have it! My handbag capsule wardrobe for the holidays 2021 season. Stay tuned! My shoe and clothing capsules for the holiday will be posting on the blog later this week.

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