Fall 2018 handbag trends: black handbags

fall 2018 handbag trends black hanbdags

fall 2018 handbag trends black handbags from top left: stamped croc mini satchel (under $500) / small cross body bag / top handle circle bag / saddle bag / slouchy vegan tote (under $1000) / north south hobo bag /

Handbags for fall are back in black, and while I am playing with cliche’s, black is the new black. hahaa

You might be looking at this and thinking, black is always in fashion! Well, technically it, but for the fall 2018 season, black is the ultimate IT color for your bag. So if you love to invest in classic handbags, this is your season!

Black handbags are fabulous in a variety of styles for the fall 2018 season, but the ultimate fall 2018 handbag trends include fanny packs (aka belt bags), hobo bags (I know-stop trying to make them happen-they aren’t going to happen~but this season they might!), small or mini satchels, saddle bags. and geometric shapes. As long as you find the fall silhouette you love, just grab it in black! It’s as easy as that!

If you like structured or slouchy, this is your season. The slouchy totes and hobos bags are great for relaxed looks, while the structured geometric shapes, mini satchels, and saddle bags will offer the stiffness you desire for work or more formal dressing.

Black is a fabulous color to be in for the fall 2018 season. If you already own a black bag in one of the fall 2018 handbag trends, then you are all set for the season! If not, you can invest in a new bag without worrying too much about the color having a one-season shelf life. A black bag can be worn all year long, and year after year! Love that!

Any type of fabrication is hot for the fall season. You can wear vegan fabrics, smooth leather, soft and slouchy leather, suede, stamped exotics, tweed, or fabric. As long as the silhouette is right, and the color is black, you are ready for the fall season!

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Which handbag trend for the fall 2018 season are you excited about? Are you relieved the IT handbag color of the season is classic black?

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Fall 2018 handbag wish list

fall 2018 it bags

from top left: brown shoulder bag / black box bag / brown puzzle tote / black mini tote (under $300) / pink tote bag / blue shoulder bag /

Although the fall 2018 season isn’t quite here yet, it has hit stores with a vengeance. Since I couldn’t possibly walk around in a cozy fall sweater just yet, I could walk around with a new fall 2018 it bag on my arm!

Handbags, aside from nail polish, are the easiest way to feel like you have a head start on fall. Although makeup can also be worn now, the fall 2018 beauty looks are little too dark for our warm summer temperatures; and they look funny with shorts. Whereas nail polish and handbags always seem to be able to transcend seasons, and easily shift us from hot to cool weather with ease. Perhaps that is why I love handbags and nail polish so much!

For the fall 2018 season, we are still seeing circles, geometric shapes, and ties on our bags. In addition, we will begin to see more fringe as the season heads towards winter. When shopping for a fall 2018 handbag, we need to watch for these silhouette trends, as well as look for hues which are easy to wear on a daily basis. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to black and brown bags this year. As shapes become more prominent in the handbag world, I feel the need to counterbalance them with neutral hues.

My fall 2018 handbag wish list is quite long. Unless I win the lottery, I won’t be investing in everything I want. For fall, I plan to pick up a new shoulder bag, and a new tote. The question is, which ones will I choose?

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Which of these bags on my wish list do you like? What is on your handbag wish list for the upcoming fall season?

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Patriotic handbags for the summer

patriotic handbags summer 2018

from top left: blue triangle bag / white shoulder bag / red satchel (on my wish list!) (under $600) / red backpack (under $400) / large blue tote (under $400) / white bamboo circle bag /

Can you believe the 4th of July is almost here?! I’m not quite sure where the time has gone. To celebrate this patriotic season, why not invest in a fabulous red, white, or blue handbag! It will be the perfect way to complete your 4th of July look. Love that!

The top three bags in the photo set above are on my wish list. Aren’t they fabulous?! The white shoulder bag also comes in red, and it is absolutely stunning in person. That blue triangle bag is a cult favorite. Triangles are starting to emerge as an important shape in handbags; this is the one that put triangle bags on the map!

Red, white, and blue are handbag colors which are also being shown in the fall collections. Some of these bags are pre-fall, and even fall 2018! So, if you do invest in a red, white or blue handbag, it will have longevity. I’m loving white bags for the fall season. Of course, I’m a sucker for a red bag in the fall too; oh, and blue is my favorite color!

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I’m loving backpacks. and shoulder bags which double as cross body bags, for the 4th of July. They are so easy to carry around while attending all the fun festivities on Independence Day!

Which patriotic handbag is your favorite? Are you a red, white or blue handbag fan? Which handbag style if your favorite to wear on the 4th of July?

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