Summer dress with pockets

summer dress with pockets
summer dress genx

wearing: earrings / dress (avl in other colors too) / nail polish / vintage watch / mini tote bag / cap toe shoes /

Well, last week was about as busy as it gets! My daughter graduated from high school, and I was on the Grad Night committee, so between her activities and my volunteer work, there were a few nights without sleep! That being said, it was worth the time to be there for my daughter; especially since she goes off to the college in the fall! This means I will have two children away at school. Yikes!

I wore this dress to her class awards ceremony. It was amazing to see all of the accomplishments she and her classmates had over the course of high school. I am such a proud mama!

This dress was perfect because it was 90 degrees outside that day, and it kept me cool. While I was wearing it, I discovered the dress has pockets! Yes! Pockets in a dress. Love that!

Although I did not make use of the pockets, it was nice to know they were there. I feel like so many women’s clothes are deprived of pockets. My husband and my son have ample pockets in their clothing, why can’t we have that too? I might need to snap this dress up in another color. I love how comfortable it is, plus it has pockets! Love!

What do you think of a dress with pockets? Do you wish more clothing had pockets?

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