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Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2023

Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2023 from left: Golden boots / black lug sole boots (water resistant) / sneakers / faux fur boots /

It is cold this year! To top things off, we are finally getting our normal weather; which we have not had in several years. This means tons of rain, cold weather, and the need for practical yet fashionable footwear.

As long as things are clear in the sky, these golden boots are perfect for adding some spice to casual outfits. Of course, my standby lug sole boots are great for inclement weather. I do have snow boots, but I use those more when I travel to snow. Although, I have worn them locally when the weather is really cold and wet, so don’t rule out the snow boots in California!

As you know, the color of 2023 is Viva Magenta. I found these high-top sneakers in a shade close to magenta. Why not be comfy and fabulous at the same time? Love that!

My faux fur boots from last year are still in like-new condition and keep my feet warm on cold winter days. I reach for them several times per week. You can still snap up a pair in black, ivory or neutral. Love! I have an ivory pair too!

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What are you wearing to keep your feet warm and dry this cold winter season?

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Holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe

holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe casual holiday event party outfit ideas

Holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe from left: champagne sequin shirt / small golden clutch (next size up here) / blue and silver earrings / dark wash wide leg jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / golden boots /

Happy Holidays! If you have been following along for awhile now, you might be wondering why my capsule wardrobe post is a little bit different this season. As I look back on the past few holiday capsule wardrobes, I realize that they feature pieces from my fall and winter capsule wardrobes, and really only one look for holiday events. I decided my holiday capsule wardrobe should not be a regurgitation of my fall and winter capsules, rather, it should only feature holiday specific pieces. So, a scaled back and more targeted holiday capsule wardrobe is born.

If you are looking for everyday outfits, please check out my fall capsule. If you are looking for accessories, please check out my fall shoe capsule and my fall handbag capsule. My winter capsule will be coming soon with warmer pieces, so stay tuned!

This holiday season, the events I have lined up are on the casual side. This means my high heels and dresses get to continue to collect dust in my closet. Mmmm, slightly disappointed things are so casual this year, yet slightly relieved I can wear comfortable boots to events. haha, so torn!

This sequin shirt is fabulous for casual holiday events. It is warmer than a dress and can easily be worn open as a jacket over a black top, black tank top or black tube top, or alone as its’ own piece. Of course, you can pair it with any color of top, I just prefer black. I plan to pair it with my dark wash wide leg jeans since they seem like the dressiest of my current denim collection. Paired with my comfy golden boots, and I feel festive and ready to stand at an event. Love that!

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What does your holiday party schedule look like this year? Do you have any dress opportunities, or are events more casual this year?

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Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 sneakers boots loafers

Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 from top left: teal and pink sneakers / black lug sole boots (waterproof and classic) / western style boots (so comfy!) / black and white sneakers (hot IT shoe) / loafer slides (classic) / golden boots /

My fall shoe capsule this season continues to offer comfort and support for my planter fasciitis. I love these sneakers because they come with arch support, and I can save my orthotics for my workout shoes. Not only do these sneakers offer support, they are currently hot on the streets! Love that!

These black and white sneakers, also known as “Pandas,” are extremely popular because the black and white color combo is classic and can be worn with most outfits. They are definitely the sneakers I reach for the most often! I have moved my high tops and mids to the back of the closet for the fall season since I am not a huge fan of crunching up my jeans or pants over the high-top portion of the sneaker. I will pull them back out in the spring when I switch back to shorts, casual skirts, and casual dresses. I love my low tops in the fall season.

Loafers are classic, and also hot for the fall season. You cannot go wrong with any classic pair you have in your closet. Pull them out from the back and rock them this fall! I have had this pair of loafer slides for so many years I have lost count. They are perfect for fall! Love!

Boots are always hot for fall, and this autumn season is no exception. Look for western style boots, metallic boots, and classic lug soles. This pair of lug sole boots is available every fall and winter seasons. If you don’t have a pair yet, what are you waiting for? They look fabulous, offer comfort, and work wonders in ice and snow. Love that!

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What are your favorite shoes this fall season?

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