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Shoe capsule wardrobe spring 2024

shoe capsule wardrobe spring 2024

Shoe capsule wardrobe spring 2024 from left: rose and white sneakers / black loafers / grey canvas sneakers / navy ballet flats /

This spring season is a bit warmer than last year, enabling me to store my boots and reach for lighter footwear. Loafers are a classic style which is still popular for the spring season. This season, I picked up a new pair of loafers which have orthotic-level arch support inside. I don’t need to move my doctor prescribed orthotics into these shoes, they have all the support I need. Love that!

In addition to loafers, ballet flats-also a classic shoe style, are currently the “IT” flat of the season. (They were last year too, so if you have a pair, you are in good shape!). These ballet flats also have built-in orthotics, so I can wear them all day! They are amazing! If you have planter fasciitis too, you might love these shoes!

The loafers and ballet flats are both by Vionic, but they seem to be sized differently. The ballet flats run true to size, but the loafers are slightly large. I needed to size down by a half size.

Onto casual footwear! These rose and white sneakers are so pretty! I love them on casual days. I also love these casual grey boat shoes which are lightweight and ideal on warm days.

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Well, that’s it for my spring shoe capsule wardrobe. It is simple and practical so I can walk for miles! What are your favorite shoes this spring season?

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Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024

shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024 shoe trends sneakers

Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024 from top: black boots / rose/white sneakers / faux fur boots / Mary Janes /

Well, since it seems to be raining less this year, and temperatures seem slightly warmer than last year, I am keeping my Mary Janes in rotation for the winter season, and my rose sneakers too!

Of course, faux fur boots are always appropriate during the winter months, and these black boots are constantly being worn. I love them!

As you can tell, my winter shoe capsule wardrobe is small, and mainly meant for daily wear. These Mary Janes are comfortable and can easily be worn with pants, skirts, and dresses which makes them versatile. I can store my high heels for warmer months.

My black boots work perfectly with jeans, trousers, and longer skirts or dresses. They are comfy way to elevate an outfit. Love that!

Shop my shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024, and a few I may pull out occasionally, online:

Which shoes are your go-to’s this winter season?

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Holiday capsule wardrobe 2023

holiday capsule wardrobe street style outfit ideas

Holiday capsule wardrobe from top left: black pencil skirt / green blouse / silver hoops / Chanel nail polish / Dior nail polish / black belt / flare jeans / Chanel handbag (see below for alternatives) / Mary Janes / velvet top / black boots /

The holiday season is upon us. This means it is time to put together a few holiday outfits for Christmas parties, holiday parties, and a general festive feeling. Love that!

This holiday season, I am keeping my looks low key and using classic pieces combined with seasonal fabrics and colors to create a seasonal look. A black pencil skirt is classic and always chic. It can easily be paired with a holiday green blouse or party-ready velvet top.

For more casual occasions, jeans go with everything! Ha! This green blouse and velvet top go perfectly with jeans and can be dressed up with a classic and dressy handbag. I plan to wear the boots with my jeans, and the Mary Janes with my pencil skirt.

When it comes to jewelry, you may have classic and sparkling pieces in your collection. Wear them! If you have office parties, or more low-key celebrations, classic hoops are the answer.

Of course, nails are an easy way to get into the holiday spirit. Both Chanel and Dior have fabulous holiday nail polish collections. I am in love!

Can we talk investment dressing for a minute? As you can see, I have a Chanel bag featured in this holiday capsule wardrobe. This is a classic handbag I purchased close to twenty years ago. While the price increase over the years may be cost prohibitive for many people, there are plenty of equally classic handbags on the market in a similar style. I highly recommend investing in a dressy black handbag you can pull out for dinner, parties, and more. Here are a few currently on the market which will make fabulous investment handbags you will cherish for decades to come:

Also, let’s talk pencil skirts. This is a classic and chic article of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobes. If you don’t already own one, I highly recommend investing in a black pencil skirt. They never go out of style and can be worn for dinner, parties, and are always office appropriate. You won’t regret owning a black pencil skirt! This one is under $100. Love that!

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Enjoy the holiday season and stay tuned for more holiday coverage!