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Spring 2022 capsule wardrobe

spring 2022 capsule wardrobe casual

Casual spring 2022 capsule wardrobe from top left: yellow/white stripe tee / pink tee / beige classic cut jeans / G buckle belt / boyfriend jeans / green puff sleeve tee / green long sleeve tee /

Spring feels different this year. Perhaps it is because we are moving away from the pandemic, dropping the mask mandate, and enjoying the scent of spring. Aren’t the cherry blossoms beautiful? Also, the pear trees; despite the allergy inducing pollen they create, those white blossoms are so pretty! I am so happy spring 2022 is here! Yay!

Since spring has sprung, and the blossoms are everywhere, it is time to talk about my spring 2022 capsule wardrobe! I have two capsules this spring season, one casual capsule wardrobe, and one power suit capsule. Normally my capsule wardrobe builds on itself from season to season, but I am down forty pounds since last April, so I was forced to replace most of my wardrobe, and this means my clothing capsule is mostly new. While all that shopping is fun, the point of a capsule is to build on one’s wardrobe each season without buying all-new; but this season I had no choice. Moving forward, these pieces will be built on each season since I am stable in my weight now and will maintain my current size.

For the spring 2022 season, my capsule wardrobe consists of classic boyfriend jeans, colored jeans (because this is a huge trend), and brightly colored tee’s. Color is in! I love the cheerful look these pieces bring to my closet. I love mixing and matching these pieces together for a cheery spring look. The only mix and match I am not doing is the yellow tee with the beige jeans, I don’t like that look. The beige jeans look fabulous with green, neutrals, and pink. Love!

Spring 2022 power suit capsule

spring 2022 power suit capsule

Spring 2022 power suit capsule from top left: single breasted black blazer / double breasted blue blazer / black trousers / blue trousers / green one shoulder blouse / black layering tee / white layering tee /

I am sure you have heard; the power suit is back. The power suit is perfect for a capsule wardrobe since it can be broken up into so many different outfits! I decided to invest in one classic black suit, and one trendy blue suit. These pieces can be mixed and matched into four different suit combinations. Plus, the blazers can be paired with jeans and shorts later in the season. This green top is perfect for adding some spice to a suit. It can also be worn with trousers or jeans for a going-out-at-night look. It’s a great evening top to keep as part of a spring and summer capsule wardrobe.

You cannot go wrong with layering tees. These black and white tees’ fit nicely underneath the blazers, and don’t add bulk or warmth. That is perfect for warm spring days. One huge trend with power suits right now is to wear a cropped top underneath the blazer. While this looks fabulous on some people, it isn’t really my style, so I am sticking to layering tee’s.

The look for jewelry right now is simple and understated, which means a blank neckline. Since I wore power suits back in the day, a blank neckline is weird to me. I have the urge to pair my blazers with vintage neckerchiefs from the 1990s, so stay tuned to see how that plays out. Since I wore suits all the time to work in the 1990s, I also have the urge to pair blazers with necklaces, but that isn’t a thing right now. Think simple and chic. Let the brightly colored blazer do the statement-making. Let’s see if I can do this without a scarf or necklace. haha

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My spring 2022 jewelry and accessories capsule wardrobe:

Are you excited for the return of color? Also, the return of the power suit? I know I am!

Stay tuned for my shoe and handbag spring capsules next week!


Winter 2022 capsule wardrobe

winter 2022 capsule wardrobe

Winter 2022 capsule wardrobe from top left: periwinkle cardigan sweater / black puff sleeve top (under $50) / large gold hoop earrings (under $100) / silver and periwinkle door knocker earrings / purple and gold earrings / faux leather pants / dark wash denim jeans / G buckle belt / grey scarf / berry long sleeve tee (great for layering, under $50) / charcoal jeans / pictured below: black puffer jacket (more color options here) /

Whew it’s cold this year! I don’t know if the temperatures really are lower this year, but it sure feels a lot colder to me! When it’s cold, I love staying warm with a scarf, a good jacket, and a cozy sweater. My winter 2022 capsule wardrobe is cozy and casual; exactly what the winter season needs.

After the holiday season, life is fairly casual unless I am jetting off to New York Fashion Week, which I am following from home again this February due my children’s schedules. If I do need to look somewhat dressy, these faux leather pants will be perfect for keeping me warm and looking elevated. Love!

Of course, since periwinkle is the color of the year, I had to snap up this fabulous sweater for the winter season. It will also carry me into the spring season since we still get cool temperatures in the early spring months, as well as in the evenings later in the year. A cardigan sweater is a great item for layering in the spring and the summer; you never know when the fog will roll in around here!

I prefer a skinny jean, or classic cut silhouette in my denim when I am pairing it with jackets, coats, and sweaters. I feel like it gives off a more flattering silhouette than the trendy wide leg pants we have been seeing. Also, at my height, wide leg jeans overwhelm my frame, so I prefer sticking to skinny jeans and classic cuts.

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What are you putting into your winter capsule wardrobe this year?

I’m looking forward to staying cozy this winter 2022 season! Stay tuned for more winter coverage!

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Holidays 2021 capsule wardrobe

holidays 2021 capsule wardrobe casual outfit ideas

Casual capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 from left: tweed black jacket / green v-neck long sleeve top / black sparkle puff sleeve top / red sparkle puff sleeve top / faux leather pants (if you are a RHOBH fan, check out this post) / dark wash skinny jeans /

‘Tis the season to sparkle! I am so happy the holiday season is upon us. Last year, we were still locked down here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we were unable to gather with family members from outside our household. This year, I am looking forward to seeing my family, and enjoying the holiday season. That being said, I need to make sure I have enough festive looks for the various casual and dressy events I plan to attend!

For my casual holiday capsule wardrobe, I have this cozy tweed jacket, two sparkling puff sleeve tops, a long sleeve satin top for cold days or outdoor events, these fabulous faux leather pants, and my current go-to jeans. All of these pieces can be mixed and matched for endless outfit ideas! These holiday outfits can also be paired with sparkling crystal jewelry, or more understated, daytime jewelry; depending on the occasion. Love!

Dressy capsule wardrobe holidays 2021

capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 dressy outfit ideas party outfits

Dressy capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 from left: green pleated skirt / black cold shoulder tee / black sparkle puff sleeve tee / small gold sparkle earrings c/o The Perfect Provenance (under $50) (makes a great gift!) / statement ring / faux leather pants / large gold hoops / bead “Love” bracelet c/o The Perfect provenance (under $50) (makes a great gift!) / pleated sequin skirt (on sale, under $100) /

Well, parties are back in style this year! Therefore, I need a few dressy options. This green pleated skirt from fall is perfect to slide right into the holiday season. Of course, what holiday season is complete without a sparkling sequin piece! This skirt is currently on sale; it’s fun, festive, and the skirt version of the little black dress. It can be worn daytime, nighttime, or anytime! Love!

Since these fabulous, faux leather pants are my current obsession, they too can be worn to evening events. Paired with heels, a sparkling top and jewelry, as well as an evening bag, these pants are great for outdoor events where my legs could get cold in a skirt. Love!

If you are looking for affordable and sparkling jewelry this holiday season, The Perfect Provenance (in Tiburon and Napa) has several great pieces under $50. They make ideal holiday gifts too. You can check them out online here.

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I hope you are getting your sparkle on this holiday season! Stay tuned for more holiday coverage!