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Summer capsule wardrobe 2024

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Summer capsule wardrobe from top left: black top / blue sweater / printed tee / striped shorts / black trousers / summer dress / black belt / silver hoops / golden hoops / striped dress / flare jeans /

My casual summer capsule wardrobe is assembled! This year, we are moving away from denim heavy capsules, despite the return of denim on denim looks. So, I decided to incorporate shorts this summer which are a bit dressier than my usual denim cut-offs. I am in love with these striped shorts! They elevate a casual look, offering a put together outfit which is still comfortable. Love that!

Summer dresses are also big in my capsule wardrobe this year. I love a lightweight, casual dress which helps keep you cool during the warm summer months.

For my summer capsule wardrobe, I pulled a few items from my spring capsule and lighted things up with short sleeves, summer dresses, and dressy shorts. These looks can be dressed up or down with footwear and handbags. Love!

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What are you loving this summer for your casual summer capsule wardrobe?

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Spring capsule wardrobe 2024

spring capsule wardrobe 2024 style over 40

Spring capsule wardrobe 2024 from top left: stripe tee / blue sweater / silver hoops / golden hoops / peach sweater / green and white top / black belt / silver bracelet / black trousers / denim skirt / black jeans / flare jeans /

Spring is almost here! So, I have assembled my capsule wardrobe for the spring 2024 season. I am keeping my bottoms classic and simple with black trousers, and classic cuts of denim, as well as flare jeans. For my tops I am keeping things comfortable, the spring season looks fairly casual with the exception of one formal event. I will wear a black cocktail dress from my closet for that!

I am incorporating the color of the year, peach! This lightweight sweater will be perfect for foggy spring days and the mild temperatures we are expecting. I also plan to add fun pops of color with handbags and tops in green and blue. Love!

Of course, I am keeping my accessories timeless and simple. I love this silver bracelet and this classic black belt. They go with everything!

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What are you loving for the spring season?

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Winter capsule wardrobe 2024

winter capsule wardrobe 2024

Winter capsule wardrobe 2024 from top left: green blouse / blue sweater / silver hoops / golden hoops / silver bracelet / black belt / cardigan sweater / spice striped sweater / black trousers / black pencil skirt / denim pencil skirt / black jeans / flare jeans /

OK, ok, I know. I made a collage instead of a flat lay. To be frank, half of these items were in the laundry when I needed to make a flat lay so I opted to create a collage instead.

What I like about the collage is that you can see all of the tops and bottoms and how they mix and match. I think it is a clearer visual than a flat lay. What do you think?

As you can see, this winter season is again, a casual one. I am opting for investment pieces such as classic black pants, pencil skirts, cozy sweaters and jewelry. I love a classic look which can carry me from season to season without looking dated. I mean, we all have those photos from the late 1980s somewhere in our photo albums with hair sprayed hair, wild patterns, and, dare I say it, shoulder pads! The horror!

To keep memories like that from becoming cringy, timeless style is the way to go. Not only will the photos look good thirty years from now, but we can all save money over time by not buying one-season-wonders. Love that!

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Check out my outfits section of the blog to see some of these pieces put together.

What are you loving for your winter capsule wardrobe this cold weather season?

Stay tuned for more seasonal yet timeless capsules!

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