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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: blue sweater (on major sale and in additional colors!) / Chanel spring 2021 nail polish (stay tuned for upcoming review!) / Dior spring 2021 nail polish (review here) / Coach Swinger (review here) / Givenchy Antigona Soft (hot IT bag) / Eye pencil / Lunar New Year lipstick /

This is such a great time of year to shop. There are fabulous winter items on sale which are needed now; such as this cozy sweater which is on sale for under $100, and there are also spring products hitting store shelves. Not everyone is thinking about spring yet, which means this is the ideal time of year to snap up IT items; before everyone else decides to buy them!

This blue sweater is a favorite go-to of mine this winter season, and it’s on major sale! I love that it comes in several colors. So, if blue isn’t your thing, there are other hues to choose from. Love that!

Spring nail polish is cheery and bright this year! While Chanel is taking a classic approach to nail polish this spring season, Dior is making a splash! It’s up to you if you want classic or bright. They’re both right! Spring nail polish is a great way to add some cheer to your personal style on a dreary winter day. I love having spring nails this time of year! Which nail color style are you loving right now? Classic, or bright?

Late ’90’s and early 2000’s handbags are a huge thing right now! This cute little number from Coach was first introduced back in the day, and it’s making a huge comeback this year. Want to know what is fabulous about this IT bag? It’s under $300! Now, how often does that happen??? Love this!

The Givenchy Antigona celebrated its’ ten year anniversary last year. As part of the celebration, they introduced a soft version of their iconic IT bag, and I am here for it! This is proving to be a popular bag and will likely join the classic IT bag family it’s ancestor enjoys. The grey is on my wish list. Do you love it too?

This eye pencil has been in my arsenal for close to two decades. My favorite hue is “cocoa.” It is a great way to brighten up your eyes while on video conference calls, as well as making your eyes pop over your mask. It really is a beauty bag staple. Which color do you like?

Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and with it, comes more hope for the new year. If you are seeking the perfect gift for Lunar New year, check out my gift guide. If you want a touch of lucky red, this lipstick is perfection. It looks fabulous on video calls! Love!

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Lunar New Year gift ideas 2021

lunar new year gift ideas Chinese new year gifts

Lunar New Year gift idea from top left: red envelopes / red lipstick / ReVive eye cream (I love this!!!) / Estee Lauder advanced night repair (love this product!) / tea gift sets / SK-II treatment (I love this!) /

The year of the Ox is almost here! Lunar New Year, also referred to as Chinese New Year, will happen on February 12, 2021.

This means we have a gift giving opportunity! Red and gold are very lucky colors, so it’s only natural that any gifts given during this time reflect this lucky hues. I hope the new year brings us lots of luck! The world needs it, wouldn’t you agree?

I searched the web for lucky gifts that every beauty fan will love. Of course, there are non-beauty gifts too such as earrings, tea, and macarons! Yummy!!

Without further ado, here are a few fabulous gift ideas for the Lunar Year New!

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Coach Swinger handbag review

Coach Swinger handbag review: spring 2021 nail polish / Coach Swinger in black leather (under $300) /

This is the year of the IT bag comeback! This cute little handbag by Coach was a hot IT bag roughly twenty years, and it’s back for a second round in the spotlight. The Coach Swinger bag is the affordable IT bag of the year. This cute little leather handbag is priced under $300 and has everything you need in 2021 for fitting right into the hottest handbag trends.

Flashback IT bags are hotter than hot in 2021. The Coach Swinger is exactly that; it is a comeback kid IT bag. In addition to fitting in the second-time-around IT bag trend, the Coach Swinger offer the baguette silhouette which is a hot trend in handbags this year. Plus, it has two straps! Whaaa-aaat? Yes, you read that right. If you don’t like wearing your bag under your armpit, which isn’t convenient when you are at the park chasing your kids, or running to the supermarket to shop for food, you can switch out the short and trendy strap for the long, cross body strap the bag comes with. Yes, it comes with a cross body strap. Love that!

This bag is the ultimate day-into-evening bag for when things start opening up! In fact, it will also be a great bag for travel since you can switch out the strap for sightseeing or enjoying a beautiful dinner at a luxurious restaurant. I am very excited about the return of the Coach Swinger for 2021!

Inside my Coach Swinger bag: handbag / phone case / lipstick /

What fits inside the Coach Swinger? It’s a small bag, so don’t expect to stuff a baggie of crackers inside, or use it as a shopping tote. This little bag fits the bare essentials: wallet, keys, lipstick, and phone. That’s all you really need, and it all fits perfectly inside with space for your fingers to reach and grab something. Don’t worry, it’s not stuffed, and you won’t chip a nail reaching for your keys. This bag has just enough room for you grab what you need from inside.

I’m in love with my new Coach Swinger bag! I am not sure why I didn’t purchase one back in the day when it was hot the first time around. I do remember people carrying it around!

The Coach Swinger comes in several neutral colors, as well as a seasonal hue or two. It is also available in nylon which is priced under $200, and is great for rainy days.

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