BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: printed dress / Hermes spring summer nail polish / Chanel nail polish / golden hoops / yellow pouch / black shoulder bag / silver bracelet / neutral tote (on sale) / green handbag / light gold loafers / caramel top handle bag / Mary Jane pumps /

Mulberry is having a sale! I love their high-quality handbags which are manufactured ethically and with care towards the environment. I have my eye on a few pieces from their sale. You can check out everything on sale here.

Timeless handbags and jewelry are still hot. Look for classic pieces you can easily integrate into your wardrove and wear for a lifetime. Love that!

Looking to update your look for summer without spending a ton of money? Nail polish is the easiest way to add a little summer to your overall ensemble. I love the bright colors from Hermes and this Chanel nail polish is easy to wear day into evening, as well as to the office. Love!

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Summer travel beauty bag

summer travel beauty bag skin care kit tsa approved

Summer travel beauty bag from top left: (all tsa approved) / makeup bag / facial cleanser / hair care set / body cream / hand cream / travel brush set / skin care set / sunscreen set /

The summer season is upon us, this means travel plans are underway! One of the big things to keep stocked and ready to go is a tsa approved beauty bag. You don’t want to be caught needing beauty products in travel sizes the day you are packing for a big trip!

I keep my travel beauty bag ready for air travel at all times. As soon as something runs out, I replace it so my beauty bag is ready for my next plane trip. If you are traveling by car you may not need tsa approved travel bottles, but the plus side is that they take up less space in your luggage! Love that!

This beauty bag is the perfect size for storing all of your tsa approved, under 3.4 oz bottles. You can see my full review here. It has a place for brushes, and a few handy pockets which can keep your little travel bottles organized.

I don’t travel with liquid perfume, so scented body cream is my travel fragrance. It also doubles as a way to wear fragrance as well as moisturize your skin after a drying plane ride, and over-airconditioned hotel room. Scented body cream is a must-have in my book! This tsa approved bottle is perfect for a vacation.

Skin care is important while traveling since the change in climate from your hometown can wreak havoc on your skin. I love ReVive skin care products since they always keep my skin even and in check. I highly recommend their travel kit pictured above!

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Also, don’t forget to throw a good, old-fashioned Chapstick in your beauty bag. You will be thankful you have it on your trip; especially if you travel by plane!

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Summer internship capsule wardrobe

what to wear to a summer internship
summer internship capsule wardrobe

College student summer internship capsule wardrobe from top left: blue blouse / navy blazer / classic black loafer / silver hoops / golf shirt / black tote / navy trousers /

Summer vacation is here! Do you have a college student heading off to an internship with a closet full of college tee’s, sweatshirts, pajama pants, sweatpants, jeans, and shorts? Yup, me too! This means your college student, and mine, will need a few office appropriate wardrobe staples to get through the summer. So, I put together a summer internship capsule wardrobe for my daughter, and yours!

The key part of a summer internship capsule wardrobe is to make everything mix and match, as well as not go out of style. This is important because your daughter can wear these items again next summer, and also when she starts her real job after graduation. They can also be worn for on campus career events during the school year.

I recommend one simple suit. Since it gets warm here in the summer, we opted for a summer suit in navy; not linen, just lighter weight than a wool suit. This way she can get away with wearing it during the school year for on campus career events. A navy suit can be mixed and matched with other pants and the trousers can be worn alone with a blouse for a business casual look. A suit can be broken up into multiple outfits, making it the base of the capsule wardrobe.

To keep things simple, we picked up two blouses and three golf shirts. This is a one-week wardrobe. All of the tops match the navy suit in shades of blue, green, and beige. This eliminates needing to think in the morning since everything matches. After all, college students are not typically morning people.

College students tend to live in sneakers and flip flops, so I would only invest in one pair of comfortable and classic shoes. We went with classic black loafers. She can wear these for years and they are comfortable. Perfect!

One useful work tote is ideal for a summer internship. It fits an iPad or notepad for note taking, snacks, and everything she will need for a day at work. If you have an extra tote to lend her, that’s the best way to go. If not, I would invest in a classic black work tote such as the one pictured. She will get a ton of use out of it both during summer internships and when she starts her career after graduation. It is the perfect investment bag for a college student with big goals!

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This is a small and timeless summer internship capsule wardrobe your college student can use for years. It can also be worn in formal office environments as well as business casual. Love that!

Wishing your student good luck in her internship, and a fabulous future career!

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