Designer handbag capsule wardrobe

designer handbag capsule wardrobe

From top left: Daily bag: drawstring bucket bag (under $1000!) / Formal gala clutch: black clutch / Work bag: classic black satchel / Dinner bag: Gucci shoulder bag (under $2000!) / Daily satchel: black doctor-style satchel / Cross body bag: off-white cross body bag  / Workhorse tote: blue simple tote (under $1500!)

Everyone is always talking about creating a capsule wardrobe which is simple, and exudes minimalism. This can be achieved with handbags too! If you are trying to buy the least amount of handbags you need to get through life, yet still want them to be fabulous, you are in the right place! This is an example of the perfect designer handbag capsule wardrobe.

There are seven types of handbags you need in your designer handbag capsule wardrobe to cover every occasion in life. These bags should be classic, and in a neutral hue, which will never clash with your attire. If you are building a designer handbag capsule wardrobe, it is best to stick with black, grey, white, beige, and tan. Why is there a blue tote pictured? Well. . .we will get to that 😉

When building the perfect designer handbag capsule wardrobe, it is important to pick styles within each handbag category which are classic and will not immediately go out of style after one season. These bags need to have longevity so that your hard-earned money isn’t wasted on a trendy item. Capsule wardrobe handbags should be simple, free of adornments, and offer clean lines. I have chosen my favorites in each category, and included them in this post.

Without further ado, here are the seven bags we all need in a designer handbag capsule wardrobe!

Daily Handbag: This is the bag you want to be able to reach for everyday. Your daily handbag should be sturdy, sleek, easy to wipe down, and have room for extras. A bucket bag or hobo bag is perfect for grabbing to run out of the house. It can take you from errands to a little league game to the mall. This is the bag you will use all. the. time! I own the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag pictured above and love love love it! It is perfect for everyday use, and fits all the extra things my kids always want me to hold for them. This bag offers sturdy construction, and can handle heavy weight inside of it; such as five water bottles, an iPad, and a DSLR camera. Yes, I have stuffed those items inside, and it worked like a charm!

Daily Satchel: Sometimes you want a more structured look for everyday wear. A hobo or bucket bag might not have the right look for running from a ladies lunch to the supermarket. A structured, daily satchel made from a sturdy fabrication which offers an understated look is perfect for days when you want to look put together, but still have a hectic schedule. I own the Givenchy Antigona daily satchel pictured above and love it! I have had it for several years and always stuff it with heavy items. The leather is sturdy and can really take a beating. It cleans off nicely, and keeps on working hard for me! I highly recommend owning one as part of your designer handbag capsule wardrobe.

Evening Clutch: This Bottega Veneta clutch is on my wish list! Everyone needs one classic, formal evening clutch in their wardrobe. This clutch is ideal for gala events, cocktail parties, and anything formal. I recommend getting one with a hidden shoulder strap for when you want to be hands free. If you like to hold a drink, and grab passed appetizers-you need a hidden strap!

Dinner Bag: This is your go-to semi-formal bag for dinner, the theater, and going out in general. I love the Gucci bag pictured above, or you could invest in a classic Chanel 2.55 or Chanel classic flap.

Cross Body Bag: Everyone needs one cross body bag in their handbag capsule wardrobe. This is the bag you will use at amusement parks, for travel, and anytime you go somewhere you want to be hands-free. This Chloe bag is a classic, sturdy workhorse bag. It is also roomier then it looks!

Work Bag: Whether you work in an office, or volunteer your time, you will need a work bag in your designer handbag capsule wardrobe. This is a bag you can fit files into, looks structured, and offers a professional vibe which demands instant respect. You may even be able to fit a small laptop inside! I own the Fendi recommended above and love it! It is my go-to meeting bag and fits files, a tablet, and additional odds and ends. It is sturdy and perfect for daily use if you work outside the home. Love it!

Workhorse Tote: So, you may have noticed I advised you to look for neutral colors when it comes to creating a designer handbag capsule wardrobe. You may have also noticed the Fendi tote pictured above is blue! Your workhorse tote is the one bag where you can have fun with color. A good workhorse tote bag can act as a beach bag, a carry-on bag, a park day bag, a shopper tote, and more! You may not reach for it everyday, but your workhorse tote bag will be the large, roomy tote you reach for on weekends, when you travel, need a diaper bag, and whenever you need to bring a lot of stuff with you! Have fun with your tote, and choose a color which reflects your personal style. Mine is blue, what’s your hue?

Well, that’s it! These are the seven types of bags you need to create a classic, durable, designer handbag capsule wardrobe. To be frank, we don’t need more then seven bags, although owning more is fun! If you are limited on closet space, simplify your wardrobe, or want to maximize your dollars, seven bags will do it! I hope you like the ones I recommend, I either own them, or have been eyeing them.

Which types of handbags do you need in your handbag capsule wardrobe?

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Two cool cats

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wearing: large gold hoop earrings / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Lilac” / leopard print wrap c/o Chico’s / black bell sleeve sweater (on major sale & in 4 colors!) / Chloe Pixie / Chanel spring nail polish / skinny jeans / charcoal lace-up boots (on major sale!)

First off, don’t look at my hair! I had it tucked into my wrap and it looked so raggedy! I should have pulled it out of my wrap, but I had no idea it looked like that! So embarrassing. . .and yes, I just posted them on the Internet. Yikes! For the record, my hair doesn’t actually look like that!

OK, so how fun is this wrap from Chico’s?! Dawn and I both received the same wrap and thought it would be so much fun to wear it at the same time. If you ever want to attract attention, be a twinsie with your friend. It’s a hoot! We got a ton of smiles while walking through Santana Row in our matching wraps.

We met for a late breakfast at Cocola on Santana Row to chit chat about life, fashion week, and of course, fashion! I brought my middle child with me who enjoyed being one of the girls, and had fun snapping all of our pictures for us. Isn’t she a great photographer?!

This is actually the first thing I have ever owned from Chico’s. I love how thick the fabric is, and how cozy it is for a cold day. I originally planned to pair it with black jeans, but I have gained some weight over the past few months and when I went to put on my black jeans that morning, they didn’t fit! I settled for my go-to skinny jeans.

I love how the wrap looks paired with an all-black look. Doesn’t Dawn look fabulous?! That was how I originally planned to wear it! Oh well, I have ordered a bigger pair of black jeans to hold me over until I lose this weight. So, I can do the all-black look soon!

Have you ever worn the same thing as a friend, either by accident or on purpose?

My outfit details:

My all-black, originally planned outfit:

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What is California Casual

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Have you ever wondered, what is California Casual style? California Casual is how we Californians describe our personal style; which was born from a combination of the mild climate near the coast, plus effortless style.

As a blogger, I am often asked to define my personal style. I usually describe it as “California Casual with a touch of glam.” Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just stop at California Casual. One of the key components to the quintessential California Casual style, is adding a bit of glam. While we are a casual bunch here in California, we also like to sparkle, shine, and show off a little bit at the same time.

There isn’t a California Casual uniform that we stock in our wardrobes; that being said, there is a formula. The formula is to look neat, clean, put-together, and effortless.

Hair should not be so full of products that the wind cannot move it. Our hair should flow in the wind, yet be neatly combed and trimmed. When we apply make-up, we don’t want to look like a different person. Make-up should enhance our natural looks, not hide them. We don’t wear false lashes, and we don’t cake on the eye make-up.

When it comes to jewelry, we like “understated and classic,” or “artistic and bold.” Our jewelry is either timeless, or found at an art fair and one-of-kind. A great place for finding artistic jewelry is in downtown Mendocino, summer art fairs, local urban markets, and art galleries.

spring into summer outfit idea

The ultimate California Casual jacket is the denim jacket. Denim jackets are perfect during all four seasons. They are great for protecting us from the fog, and they take a sundress well into the fall season, or allow us to wear a spring dress in the dead of winter.

We always own too many jeans. Haha,  that was a joke. There is no such thing as owning too many pairs of jeans. Our collections include skinny, cropped, boyfriend, wide leg, trouser, cut-off, and more! The easiest way to get the California Casual look is to throw on some denim. Jeans look effortless when paired with a relaxed tee, slightly large blouse, tunic, and or under a dress which is knee length or higher.

When it comes to evenings out, we glam up our jeans a bit more. We love to pair skinny jeans with a tailored or body conscious top, blazer, Chanel bag, and high heels. A Gucci logo belt completes this look.

Dresses are a girls best friend! We love dresses in California. The way to make a dress California Casual is to add an IT bag, shoes that add height, and bold jewelry. Dresses are inherently effortless, so they are the easiest way to rock the California Casual vibe. They are also perfect for our mild climate.

Glam it up! What good is a tunic over jeans if you can’t stand out in the crowd? We always pair everything we wear, even yoga pants, with a recognizable bag. A recognizable bag can be anything from an understated classic Chanel, to a logo infested LV tote. Our bags should be easy to spot, even if the name isn’t on it. What can I say, we like IT bags in California!

To sum it up, California Casual is a fun way to say glamorous casual. We add a little bit of sparkle and shine, to an otherwise basic outfit. Our style is comfortable, yet on trend. We love our jeans, and aren’t afraid to glam them up.

People dress like this in other states, we just coined a phrase for it 😉

What do you think of California Casual style?

California Casual closet staples:

California Casual must-have handbags:

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