Chanel La Fleur et L’Eau nail polish late spring 2020

chanel nail polish late spring 2020

Chanel la Fleur de L’Eau spring 2020 makeup collection from top: Chanel blush / Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish / Chanel Petale nail polish / Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Eau de Rose /

Chanel act II is here! The late spring 2020 collection, also referred to as Act II or Chanel’s second season release, is here. Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau is a soft and feminine makeup collection which features two new nail polish hues, two new Rouge Coco Flash colors (I purchased one which you can see above), blush, and more. I only purchased one lipstick, and the blush, along with the two nail polish hues.

Spring 2020 is bringing us vibrant hues in apparel, as well as some pastels. The Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection is perfect for acting as a neutral against the many colors we are seeing right now for spring. I decided to purchase the blush, which is a fresh and pretty pink, for the spring season. It’s a light and airy color which works well with many skin tones. I also felt like I needed a fun lipstick color for the spring season. As you know, I prefer sheer lipsticks, so when I saw the new Eau de Rose from Chanel’s Coco Flash collection, I knew it would make the perfect spring hue. It’s my favorite lipstick color Chanel has released for spring. Love!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Petale nail polish

chanel petale nail polish late spring 2020

If you are looking for a chic and classic pink this spring season, Chanel Petale nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection for late spring, is the hue for you! It’s a medium pink with blue undertones. I find the hue mature and alluring. I’m not normally a pink nail polish person, but I will wear this pink. It’s vibrant and fun!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish

chanel fleur de pecher nail polish late spring 2020

I cannot resist sparkles! Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau beauty collection for late spring 2020 is the hue for me! It’s a peachy pink with subtle sparkles. I always reach for sparkly nail polish when it’s around. Love this one! I plan on switching from the spring 2020 collection, to this hue as we move forward in the season. It’s a little bit lighter, which plays well with my current mood for spring.

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What do you think of these new nail polishes for the second half of spring? Will you be switching things up and rocking one or more of these hues?

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Anaheim Garden Walk lunar light show

anaheim garden walk spring outfit ideas lunar light show garden walkanaheim garden walk

wearing: blue and silver earrings / black twist tee / black sweatshirt worn draped over my shoulders / black belt / black handbag / spring nail polish / classic cut jeans / platform sneakers /

On the last day of the cheer competition, we relaxed by the pool at the hotel, visited The Bowery Museum in Santa Ana, and then enjoyed dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s at the Anaheim Garden Walk. This ultra cute shopping and dining area is roughly one block from the Anaheim Convention Center, and Disneyland. It was an easy walk from the hotel, and a hidden gem we hadn’t been to before.

The Anaheim Garden Walk had a ton of local shops-not chains-and it also included a large number of restaurants. After dinner, we walked around and discovered a beautiful LED light show throughout Anaheim Garden Walk. It was a light garden which was a special display for lunar new year. We felt so lucky to have stumbled upon it!

The lights were beautiful and glowed in the night sky. My camera does not do all the vibrant colors justice. It was magical and pretty. We kept stopping along the way to snap pictures in front of the various displays. Many of the light fixtures were set-up for Instagram moments, so there were plenty of people trying to get the right shot for Instagram. We were not as careful as other people, as we got giddy over each fixture, and tried to quickly snap photos so we could go on the next installation.

We also enjoyed the locally owned shops and my daughter found a few beauty items at one of them. If you visit Disneyland, or are in the Anaheim area, I highly recommend checking out the Anaheim Garden Walk. It is a really nice shopping and dining area! It looks like the lunar new year display will be up until the end of February. So if you can get there before the end of the month-do it!

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anaheim garden walk lunar light showcasual outfit ideas

Cheering on my cheerleader

wearing: blue and silver earrings / lipstick / red 3/4 sleeve tee / tan scarf / black belt / Chloe bag / classic cut jeans / spring nail polish / platform sneakers /

OK, you might be wondering why I am sharing an outfit I wore to my daughter’s Cheer Nationals competition without showing a picture of my daughter. Well, all the photos I took of her include other girls from her cheer team. I don’t feel comfortable posting other people’s kids on the Internet, so sadly, there is not a photo of my daughter in this post. You will have to imagine a teenage girl wearing red, blue, and white, with a high ponytail. That’s my daughter!

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing Cheer Nationals was! The event was held in three arenas inside of the Anaheim Convention Center. There were schools from all over the country, and they included JV teams, Varsity teams, co-ed teams, novice teams, advanced teams, small teams, large teams, and everything in-between. It was huge, amazing, and nothing like my daughter has seen before; nor I!

The girls were nervous, but extremely well-prepared. They had stiff competition from across the country, but they were able to perform a flawless routine. While they didn’t finish in the top three, they did finish in the top ten nationwide. That is a huge accomplishment! I am so proud of my daughter and her cheer team. They worked so hard, and they really shined at the competition. The crowd clapped along with their music, cheered with them, and ooohh-ed and aaaahhh-ed at their splits, jumps, and stunts. They really wowed the crowd! It was so much fun! They had a new coach this year, and she really put a lot of passion and love into the cheer team. It showed! They did really well and had so much fun. All of us parents are super proud of the team, and we love the cheer coach! She’s amazing!

When I was in high  school, I was a cheerleader too. That being said, we were never as fabulous as my daughter’s cheer team. We only did local cheer competitions. We never made it to nationals, or even thought we would ever have a chance. It’s so amazing to see my daughter go to nationals and perform so well. Have I told you yet how proud I am? haha, I am a proud mama!

I think a goal for next year is to get tee-shirts made for all of us fan-parents! Since we don’t have parent tee’s, we all wore the team colors which are red, blue, and white. I wore blue earrings, a red tee, and my shoes were white. This outfit was really comfortable and worked well for walking around the arena and sitting in the bleachers. It was a comfortable and festive look. The scarf served me well outside where it was a bit chilly. Inside, the arena was on the warm side. This outfit was perfect for the changing temperatures.

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Have you been to a cheer competition on this scale before? If so, how was it?

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