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MLK Jr Day is here. Every year I love to share a quote from him which resonates with my current vibe. To see quotes from previous years, click here. I hope this quote inspires you too. We all need inspiration right now.

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 review

Chanel spring 2021 nail polish review

chanel spring 2021 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 from left: Chanel Pensee nail polish / Chanel Anthurium nail polish / Chanel Metallic Bloom nail polish /

Classic style goes bold with the Chanel spring 2021 nail polish collection! Fashion in 2021 is mixing classic styles with retro trends from the early 2000s back to the 1960s. Depending on the designer, you can find almost any decade of influence you want. So for spring 2021, Chanel decided to take three classic nail polish hues, and add a little bit of spice to them. They will blend with any fashion trend you decide to wear. Love!

“Les Fleurs de Chanel” has taken classic spring hues, and added a little extra spice to them in order to modernize something deemed timeless. Chanel Pensee nail polish appears to be a classic spring pastel pink, but it has a little bit of orange mixed in, making it more of a pale peach; and the most classic of the three colors. With Chanel Anthurium nail polish, an otherwise classic cherry hue, red infused with extra hot pink, making it more of an extra bright raspberry. Lastly, Chanel Metallic Bloom nail polish is the sparkling polish those of us who love a good metallic hue have been waiting for. It appears to be a classic metallic red, but it has a lot of orange laced in, making it an orange-red fire hue. Normally I would shy away from this color, but Chanel did it right! I am in love with this color; it is my favorite of the three! Love it!

I tested all three colors with one base coat, and two coats of color. I didn’t want to photograph them with a top coat since it adds more shine. This way you can see the colors as they are. So, without further ado, here are the three nail polish colors for spring 2021 from Chanel!

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 |  Chanel Anthurium

Chanel Anthurium nail polish spring 2021

How pretty is this bright raspberry hue? If you love an edgy take on red, Chanel Anthurium nail polish is your spring 2021 hue! This is a nice cream nail polish which glides easily on in two coats. The color saturation is smooth and does not streak. It’s a great way to brighten up nails, and add a pop of color to your overall look. Love!

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 | Chanel Pensee

chanel pensee nail polish spring 2021

If you love a more feminine and soft look, Chanel Pensee nail polish for spring 2021 is your color. This pale peachy pink is delicate and light. I found the color to be quite light. I would recommend using one base coat, and three coats of color with Pensee. This is a great color if you plan to wear a lot of different color palettes this spring. It won’t clash with anything, and will offer the most classic vibe of the three colors.

Chanel nail polish spring 2021 | Chanel Metallic Bloom

chanel metallic bloom nail polish spring 2021

This one is my favorite! I love a sparkling metallic nail polish, and Chanel Metallic Bloom nail polish does not disappoint! This fire color has both red and orange hues; while being more on the red side. I normally shy away from orange based colors, but this one is amazing. I am in love! I can’t wait to wear this bold hue throughout the spring season. If you like a sparkling metallic, and a bold hue, this one is for you!

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What do you think of these three colors for spring 2021? Which nail polish color is your favorite?

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chanel nail polish spring 2021 review

BAF Weekly IT List

it bags 2021

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: blue sweater (on major sale and in additional colors!) / Chanel spring 2021 nail polish (stay tuned for upcoming review!) / Dior spring 2021 nail polish (review here) / Coach Swinger (review here) / Givenchy Antigona Soft (hot IT bag) / Eye pencil / Lunar New Year lipstick /

This is such a great time of year to shop. There are fabulous winter items on sale which are needed now; such as this cozy sweater which is on sale for under $100, and there are also spring products hitting store shelves. Not everyone is thinking about spring yet, which means this is the ideal time of year to snap up IT items; before everyone else decides to buy them!

This blue sweater is a favorite go-to of mine this winter season, and it’s on major sale! I love that it comes in several colors. So, if blue isn’t your thing, there are other hues to choose from. Love that!

Spring nail polish is cheery and bright this year! While Chanel is taking a classic approach to nail polish this spring season, Dior is making a splash! It’s up to you if you want classic or bright. They’re both right! Spring nail polish is a great way to add some cheer to your personal style on a dreary winter day. I love having spring nails this time of year! Which nail color style are you loving right now? Classic, or bright?

Late ’90’s and early 2000’s handbags are a huge thing right now! This cute little number from Coach was first introduced back in the day, and it’s making a huge comeback this year. Want to know what is fabulous about this IT bag? It’s under $300! Now, how often does that happen??? Love this!

The Givenchy Antigona celebrated its’ ten year anniversary last year. As part of the celebration, they introduced a soft version of their iconic IT bag, and I am here for it! This is proving to be a popular bag and will likely join the classic IT bag family it’s ancestor enjoys. The grey is on my wish list. Do you love it too?

This eye pencil has been in my arsenal for close to two decades. My favorite hue is “cocoa.” It is a great way to brighten up your eyes while on video conference calls, as well as making your eyes pop over your mask. It really is a beauty bag staple. Which color do you like?

Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and with it, comes more hope for the new year. If you are seeking the perfect gift for Lunar New year, check out my gift guide. If you want a touch of lucky red, this lipstick is perfection. It looks fabulous on video calls! Love!

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