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You might be asking yourself, why is there a Ring Video Doorbell review on a fashion website? Well, let me tell you; it’s a security necessity! Don’t we all need some security to protect our fabulous handbags and shoes? Of course!

I am really excited to write this review for you. My Ring Doorbell might very well be the best purchase I have ever made for my home. I have always had a security system in my home, but until I installed the Ring Doorbell, I did not have a way of being alerted when a package was left at my doorstep, or when someone was at my door when I was not home.

A lot of robbers will ring a person’s doorbell to see if they are home. If you do not have a Ring Doorbell, or similar system in place, you won’t know someone is at your door if you are not home. With the Ring Doorbell, I can answer the ring, and talk to the person at my door through the Ring phone app. It is like being home, when you are not! Love that!

In addition to the doorbell, think about how many times you have not been home, and a package has been left on your doorstep. Also, you can be inside your home, and not know a package was just left on your doorstep. It is very rare that a delivery person will ring your doorbell, alerting you that a box has been left on your front steps. They typically drop the box, head back to the truck, and drive off; leaving your new purchase sitting on your doorstep and vulnerable to package thieves. Not good!

As a blogger, and Amazon prime user, I get a lot of packages delivered to my door. The Ring Doorbell has a motion sensor which alerts me when there is motion in front of my house. I can look at the Ring app on my phone, and see what the motion is. If it’s a package, I can run to the door and pull it inside. Love that! My Ring Video Doorbell is so much more than a doorbell, it’s a security alert system!

Ring Video Doorbell review

video doorbell reviews

The Ring Doorbell takes a video anytime there is motion at the front door, or someone rings your doorbell. It also records audio, so you can hear conversations that happened on your doorstep, or speak with someone at your door. The videos are stored in your app and account, which you can also access from your desktop or laptop via your Ring account. These videos can be downloaded, shared, and saved. They are great in case you need to report suspicious activity at your door. The video is clear-just like a phone video! It’s the most amazing technology. I love it!

There are different styles of Ring Doorbells on the market. I chose the Ring Doorbell because it was a little less expensive than other models, and I thought it had a sleek look. The doorbell comes with two face plates; one silver and one black. This was handy for matching my front porch. The silver looked off with my gold-tone doorknob and black light fixtures. I love how sleek the black face looks on my Ring Doorbell next to my light fixtures and brass doorknob.

Ring Doorbell Installation

ring doorbell pro detailed review

The doorbell is really easy to install. We used a drill to make holes in our wall, and then we were able to easily screw in the bracket to attach it to the wall. There are two different brackets you can attach to the back of the doorbell; one which angles the doorbell to the door, and one which can angle it up or down. So, no matter your placement issues at your front door, there is a bracket which can angle the video in the right direction for you. All you need is a philips screwdriver, possibly a drill, and you’re ready to install!

Ring Doorbell’s are ready for hardwired installation, or battery operated installation. I am using the battery operated function, but you can easily hardwire it to your current system inside the wall. If you are handy, then you can do it yourself, but I would recommend hiring an electrician to install it if you prefer hardwiring the system.

As you can see in the above photo, I installed my Ring Doorbell Pro on an angled bracket. The bracket is paintable, so I can paint it to match my wall; this is on my to-do list. haha

If you are planning to use the battery only, I recommend purchasing a spare battery. The battery takes roughly six hours to charge. If you have a spare battery, you can quickly switch them out without your doorbell being down for six hours while the battery charges.

The Ring Doorbell comes with all the screws and brackets you will need for installation. All you need is your philips screwdriver, and possibly a drill.

Ring Chime Pro review / Ring Doorbell Wifi Booster

ring doorbell wifi booster review

The wifi in my house is really far away from the front door. We found we were having issues with the doorbell’s connection to our home wifi system. A few weeks after purchasing the Ring Doorbell, I bought this Ring Chime Pro accessory. It is a life saver! Not only does it boost our wifi from our network to the front door, it also rings and chimes inside. This way, if you are away from your phone, you can still hear the motion alerts or the doorbell ring. Love that! Even if you don’t need a wifi boost, I highly recommend installing the Ring Chime Pro simply for the chime.

I’m in love with my Ring Doorbell, and Ring Chime Pro video security system. The app is easy to use, and the entire system works like a charm. It has really taken the stress out of packages being left on my doorstep, and front-door security in general. It is a great compliment to my home security system! If you have been on the fence, or have been wondering about video doorbell systems, I highly recommend pulling the trigger and investing in one. I love my Ring!

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Do you have a video doorbell installed in your home? What are your thoughts?

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ring doorbell review

Icy sidewalk-proof boots for easy walking

fabulous cold weather boots

pictured: cozy faux fur boots with lug sole (on major sale and in three colors) /

It’s that time of year when the sky could be blue, yet the sidewalks are filled with ice; sometimes invisible ice! This means if we wear a pair of shoes or boots with a smooth sole, we could spontaneously slip and fall. Ouch!

The best defense against icy sidewalks, is a lug sole. Unfortunately, many retailers don’t separate their lug sole shoes and boots in their category filter sections online, making sorting out the smooth soles from the ice-proof soles, difficult and time consuming. I have even tried typing “lug sole” into the search box of many retailers’ websites only to yield two or three pairs of shoes in the search results. There are way more then two or three pairs of lug sole shoes and boots on the market-or in stock! C’mon, retailers, get it together!

So, in order to make finding a fabulous pair of boots for winter with a lug sole (which is icy sidewalk-proof) easy for you,  I assembled a few of my favorite pairs from around the web that offer both flat and heeled styles. Now, you can look fabulous without falling while you walk down the street! Love that!

Shop icy sidewalk-proof boots with lug soles:

Have you ever slipped on an icy sidewalk? I slipped once in a cross-walk and some guy laughed at me, it was so embarrassing! I never attempted to wear a smooth sole in icy conditions ever again. Slipping on ice hurts!! I’m so thankful for the invention of the lug sole; and the fact that so many brands and designers offer a lug sole on fabulous boots and shoes with a heel! This 5’4″ girl needs some height! Bring me all the heels! haha

What are your favorite styles of icy sidewalk-proof boots or shoes for the winter season?

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Wu Tang x Milk Makeup lipstick review

wu tang x milk makeup sacred heaven lipstick review

pictured: Wu Tang x Milk Makeup lipstick in Sacred Heaven / nail polish /

How cool is the packaging on this Wu Tang x Milk Makeup lipstick! When I first saw this lipstick collection, I fell in love. The collection includes a wide array of colors which are saturated and eye catching. They are cream lipsticks which offer bold colors, and are meant to unearth your deep, inner wisdom while harnessing the raw power of the Wu. How fun is that?!

I decided to purchase this sparkling rose gold hue named Sacred Heaven. It is a nude lipstick with heavy sparkle; so you could call it anything but nude! This is a color you can wear during the day or in the evening. During the day, it’s an edgy neutral. At night, Wu Tang x Milk Makeup Sacred Heaven offers heavy sparkle for a night on the town. Love that!

This is my first lipstick by Milk Makeup, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. This lipstick is cruelty-free, vegan, talc-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. This is important because you don’t want to put a bunch of toxins on your lips; not only can they seep into your skin but lipstick can easily end up in our mouth or on our food. It’s nice to know this one won’t make us sick!

The Wu Tang X Milk Makeup lipstick is a cream lipstick which I found to be non-drying and long lasting. While it can smudge, it does not disappear easily. I had to wipe it off with a napkin to remove the color from my lips. I really like this lipstick, and I would love to purchase additional colors. If you are looking for a saturated cream lipstick in a bold hue, this is the collection for you!

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You can see the whole collection online here. Which color is your favorite?

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wu tang x milk makeup lipstick review sacred heaven