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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: green and white shirt / lilac nail polish / Dior spring nail polish / Chanel spring nail polish / chocolate brown top / golden hoop earrings / green handbag / silver bracelet / black handbag / black loafers / caramel top handle bag / yellow pouch /

Raise your hand if you are excited spring is getting closer! My hand is way up! The blossoms are starting to bloom, and spring merchandise is beginning to appear on store shelves. Despite the giant windy rainstorm outside, I feel like the spring season is upon us!

Spring 2024 is going to be a continuation of timeless style with added touches of happy hues such as yellow, green, blue, pink, and red. I am excited yellow handbags are a thing again, and I am also excited for the continuation of Bottega green! Love it!

This week on the blog the anonymous handbag continues to reign supreme and spring nail polish is heating up! What are you loving right now?

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Chanel nail polish spring 2024 review

chanel nail polish spring 2024

Chanel nail polish spring 2024 from left: Chanel Lagune / Chanel Sun Drop /

The Chanel spring 2024 nail polish collection is here! I am so excited for this collection, especially one color in particular. Can you guess which one? Yup! You guessed it! Chanel Lagune nail polish is a beautiful, sparkling blue polish-and I am in love!

Of course, I don’t want to write a full post about my love for Lagune, there are two fabulous hues in Chanel’s spring 2024 nail polish collection! Chanel Sun Drop is a fun, bright orange-pink shade which will be perfect as the weather warms up later in the spring season. I feel like this will be the color for my toes. In addition, it is a good nail polish for a more conservative office environment; if blue won’t fly in your office.

I tested both colors with one base coat, and two coats of color. The photos were taken outside during a rain storm, so they aren’t my best work, but you can see the colors-which is what matters. So, without further ado, here is the Chanel nail polish spring 2024 collection.

Chanel nail polish spring 2024 | Chanel Lagune

chanel lagune nail polish spring 2024

Chanel nail polish spring 2024 | Chanel Sun Drop

chanel sun drop spring 2024 nail polish

Chanel Lagune is a sparkling blue nail polish which glides on easily in two coats without streaking. I love the shimmering blue-silver hue of this nail polish. It is definitely my favorite in the collection.

Chanel Sun Drop nail polish for spring 2024 is a fun and bright shade which is an avant-garde version of a classic, orange-pink nail polish for spring.

Both nail polish colors for spring 2024 from Chanel are lighthearted, festive, and perfect for making spring a fun season. Love them! I am currently wearing Chanel Lagune nail polish and plan to continue wearing it throughout the spring 2024 season.

Shop the Chanel nail polish spring 2024 collection online:

Which color from Chanel’s spring 2024 nail polish collection is your favorite?

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Trends for fall 2024 from NYFW

Photo: Leanne Marshall fall 2024 New York Fashion Week, photo credit: Leanne Marshall PR

New York Fashion Week was quiet this season, as many designers opted for more creative ways to showcase their fall/winter 2024/25 collections instead of traditional runways. In addition, NYFW’s behind-the-scenes organizers, such as the CFDA and IMG have removed the covid-era live-streams from the majority of designer shows and brought back the exclusive, you-had-to-be-there vibe.

In addition, fashion week has taken a backseat on social media since the covid-era, making it a quiet event in the background. As someone in the press, I continue to follow the shows from home, instead of trekking across the country and attending in-person as I did a decade ago and pre-covid. I have to admit, covering the shows, and seeing what is coming in for the next season is rather enjoyable from the comfort of my office as opposed to braving the snow, flying across the country, and worrying about my daily outfits. It will be interesting to see, as social media evolves, if fashion week eventually turns back into the event it morphed into from 2016-2020, or will it stay in its pre-influencer, exclusive bubble. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s talk fall 2024 trends from New York Fashion Week!

First off, speaking of non-traditional runways, how fabulous is this photo from Leanne Marshalls fall/winter 2024/25 show? She showcased her fall collection on the ice, and showed how the fabrics can flow, movement, and a lighthearted vibe. It was a return to Bryant Park, NYFW’s old home, and a nod to her fifteen years of fashion since her debut at Project Runway. When I used to attend NYFW in person, I always enjoyed her shows and collections. She is extremely talented, and her designs are always amazing. I love her use of color for fall in this collection. Fabulous!

Now, let’s chat about a few dominant trends from the runways for the fall 2024 season.

  1. Oversize Suiting: Gone are the days of the cropped blazer, the fitted blazer, and the slim trousers. The power suit for fall will offer relaxed fits, and oversize silhouettes. Thankfully, this is a comfortable way to wear a suit.
  2. Metallics: Not really groundbreaking, I mean, it seems like a “trend” every fall season. But, all shades of metal are hot for fall. So keep your silvers, golds, and metals, they will still be relevant in the autumn season.
  3. Feminine Touches: Touches of lace, bow details, flowing skirts, one-inch heels, soft fabrics, and skirts that blow in the wind. There is a return to feminine fabrics and dressing as a whole.
  4. The return of Faux Fur: It was only gone for two seasons. I guess we couldn’t resist! Pull out your faux fur from the back of your closet, this trend is back. Look for faux fur touches on collars, as well as full blown coats and jackets. It’s fuzzy time.
  5. Autumn Hues: Traditional autumn hues are hot again for fall. Think reds, oranges, greens, and yellows.
  6. Chain Bags: This classic handbag style seems to have moved to the front of the handbag pack. Pull out your Chanel bags, or invest in a more affordable version from Tory Burch or Coach. Long live the timeless chain bag!

Well, there you have it. The short list of what’s hot for fall 2024 from the New York Fashion Week runways. Continue to invest in your wardrobe with timeless pieces and save trendier items you love. The pendulum keeps swinging, and what you have stored in the back of your closet will eventually swing back in!

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Photo: Gita Omri fall 2024 runway New York Fashion Week, photo credit: GoRunway /