National Nail Polish Day 2023

National Nail Polish Day 2023 from top left: Dior Solar Bronze / Chanel Immortelle / Chanel Muse / Gucci Dorothy Turquoise /

Happy National Nail Polish Day! Today we celebrate all the fabulous nail polish hues we have grown to love. I am featuring my favorite nail polish colors for the spring/summer 2023 season, but you can celebrate with any color you want today!

Take some time to yourself today and apply a fresh coat of nail polish. Will you go neutral? Will you go avant-garde? Will you go metallic? What is your nail polish mood today?

Enjoy the day!



Summer tote bags 2023

summer tote bags 2023

Summer tote bags: mint green tote (under $500) / grey tote / small straw tote / structured tote / striped tote / boho tote /

Summer is fast approaching, and it is a time of year when a tote bag comes in handy. We use totes for travel, carrying extra items such as sunscreen, a hat, and a scarf for when the fog rolls in. There are different types of totes for different outfits and occasions, so I tried to pick one fabulous tote to suit every summertime need.

Slouchy and casual totes such as the mint tote, grey tote, and boho tote pictured above, are perfect for everyday use. If you are looking for a great work tote, the structured tote pictured at the bottom is ideal. This stripe tote is perfect for travel and hanging out in a beach town. If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, this classic straw tote is perfect. I own it!

This summer season, look for a strong tote made from high quality materials which doesn’t flash a loud logo. I excuse the Tory Burch logo because it looks more like a design than a logo and to be frank, it’s really cool! Love it!

Shop summer tote bags online:

What is your favorite type of tote for the summer season?

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Chanel Phenix nail polish review 2023

chanel phenix nail polish review summer 2023

pictured: Chanel Phenix nail polish /

How pretty is this sparkling gold nail polish from Chanel! Now, if you have been a fan of Chanel nail polish for quite some time, you might find the name “Phenix” familiar. Well, you are correct! Chanel used this name for a bright red nail polish back in 2014 for the holiday season. In this new collection released for the summer of 2023, the name has been recycled and is being used for a golden polish numbered 157. The number is different, the name is the same, the color is different. Confusing-yes!

Now that the confusion has settled, let’s talk about this sparkling hue! The new Chanel Phenix 157 is a beautiful and classic golden metallic nail polish. I tested it out with one base coat, and two coats of color. The color saturation is ideal, and the polish glides on smoothly. Love that!

I love golden nail polish because it is a spicy version of a neutral hue. This color is easy to wear on a daily basis and matches most color palettes. It also works well for day into evening wear; especially if you have a formal event to attend and you don’t have time to redo your nails after work before getting ready for the occasion.

Chanel Phenix nail polish is a great color to wear during all four seasons too. You can wear it now, and throughout the summer, fall, and holiday seasons. So, if you are looking for one polish to carry you through the rest of the year, this is it!

Shop my favorite nail polish colors from Chanel’s new collection:

What do you think of Chanel Phenix nail polish? Do you love it too?