Nordstrom Anniversary Sale public access and restocks 2017

wearing: rose gold earrings / Chanel summer lipstick / blue winter coat (also comes in a pretty pale pink color) / black v-neck tee / Chanel summer nail polish / Proenza Schouler Hava satchel / fall girlfriend jeans / fall 2017 booties (avl in black and taupe too)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to the public starting day! Whoopee! I am so happy because I am not a cardholder, so now I can buy a few things without asking my Mom if I can borrow her Nordstrom card. haha

Today I bought this pair of tapestry slides (so hot for fall!!) and this pair of silver slides (also a hot fall trend). I cannot wait to receive them! Slides are one of the hottest, must-have trends for fall 2017, and these prices are SO GOOD!

Can we talk about this classic and cozy coat for a bit? I bought this coat at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year, and it sold out within the first two weeks of the sale. I didn’t even get a chance to post it on the blog last year! Despite it not making an appearance on the blog, I wore it all. the. time! It fits well, and it is super cozy. I thought my eyes were deceiving me when it re-appeared in the sale this year! I did a label check, and even looked at it in-store to make sure it was the same coat. It is the same coat! It is also offered in a really pretty pale pink this year. If you are looking for a comfortable and cozy, classic coat for the late fall, and winter seasons, this is the coat! The price is crazy good, and this coat is extremely good quality. Doesn’t it look new? I wore it to death last year! I plan to wear it to death this year too!

These booties are turning into my favorite pair of shoes; despite the hot weather. They are super comfortable, and they seem to match everything! Nordstrom just added them in black today, so you can choose from black, taupe and charcoal. Love them!

So far, these are my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases, what have you picked up so far from the sale? Remember, it ends August 6, 2017; and then the prices go up to regular price!

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous!!

Cozy fall sweater for cool summer mornings

summer to fall transition outfit summer to fall transition outfit summer to fall transition outfit summer to fall transition outfitsummer to fall transition outfitsummer to fall transition outfit

wearing: rose gold dangle earrings / Chanel summer lipstick / black v-neck tee / cozy grey sweater (fall 2017!)/ red shoulder bag / rose gold cuff / Chanel summer nail polish / black leather watchdark rinse girlfriend jeans (fall 2017!) / black Gucci slides (also love this pair under $100)

I am so happy the fog has been coming in overnight, and giving us cool mornings before the day heats up. This cozy fall sweater is turning into the perfect go-to piece for combating the cool, foggy mornings of summer.

This sweater is great for throwing on when the fog is in, then, when the fog burns off, it is easy to take off and either carry, stuff into a tote, or leave in the back of the car. It does not shed or leave fuzz behind; making it easy to wear over black. Love that!

My adorable little ten-year-old daughter snapped these pictures the other day before the fog had completely burned off. She is getting so good at using the camera! When I took the sweater off at lunch, my teenage daughter started eyeing it, and asking if she can borrow it. Hopefully it stays in my closet, and doesn’t end up in hers! I’m in love with it!

Today is the last day of early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and things are already selling out! Have you purchased anything yet?

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fall transition outfit ideassummer to fall transition outfit

Casual summer into fall outfit idea

wearing: Kendra Scott earrings / long sleeve ombre tee c/o Oh Concept Collection (use discount code CATHY to save $$ -comes in three colors!) / Chanel summer lipstick / Chanel summer nail polish / charcoal skinny jeans / watch c/o Welly Merck (use code BAF20 to save) / Givenchy handbag / fall 2017 booties

The fog has finally started to come back in! The weather has been so hot, the morning fog has been a welcome sight. With morning fog, comes a slight chill which is allowing me to to start to put together my summer into fall outfits. I love starting to wear the fall trends in the summer!

This long sleeve, ombre tee by Oh Concept is perfect for transitioning from summer into fall. Despite the long sleeves, the tee is lightweight, and very comfortable! I love the pretty ombre effect! I wore it over a tank top, but it also looks really cute when worn off one shoulder, or both shoulders too! It comes in three colors, but of course, blue is my favorite! I also love how the tee is lower in the back, so it covers my bum when I wear skinny jeans. haha

I also love how this tee look with athleisure looks. It can easily be worn with sneakers and leggings. Again, it covers my bum, so it is perfect with comfy leggings! Love that!

These booties need a shout-out too. They are great for summer into fall outfits since they dip down on the sides. You don’t have to wear heavy socks with them, they can be worn barefoot; which help them stay cool in the transitioning weather patterns we will see here in the Bay Area starting in September.

Oh Concept Collection has so many cute tee’s for wearing now, and into the fall months! Be sure to check them out at

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