Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish holiday 2018 collection

chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection review

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish from left: Chanel Opulence nail polish / Chanel Flamboyance nail polish /

I am so excited to announce the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection has arrived! The fall collection was nice, but didn’t really excite me like Chanel nail polish tends to do every season. So when the Chanel holiday 2018 beauty collection hit store shelves, I was thrilled! These colors are fabulous!!!

There are two beautiful colors in the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection; Chanel Flamboyance and Chanel Opulence. One hue is a twist on a traditional Christmas color, while the other is bordering on avant-garde, love that!

Since these two nail polish colors are so pretty, I have immediately switched from fall nails to holidays nails; and plan to wear these colors throughout the entire season. They are THAT fabulous! I’m really excited about Chanel Opulence, which I feel is a great color for transitioning from fall into the holiday season. Chanel Flamboyance will be my go-to after Thanksgiving since it is the perfect color for the holiday season. I’m excited-I hope you are too!!

So, without further ado, here are the two fabulous hues from the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection!

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish: Flamboyance

chanel nail polish holidays 2018 flamboyance

How pretty is this color! Chanel Flamboyance is a classic cherry pie red with a twist. It has sparkles! Who doesn’t love sparkles during the holiday season! I wish I had the ability to post a video on my blog in order to show you how sparkly this polish really is. It’s a beautiful cherry pie red with just the right amount of  pink undertones. When mixed with the sparkles-which are much smaller than glitter bits-this polish offers a festive sophistication you will want to wear all. the. time!

I tested out Chanel Flamboyance nail polish for the 2018 holiday season with one base coat, and two coats of color. It was chip resistance, and offered a smooth, even color without any streaks. It’s beautiful! I’m not normally a red nail polish kind of gal, but this color is really pretty, and I love the sparkles; so I will definitely be rocking it after Thanksgiving for the holiday season.

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish: Opulence

chanel holiday 2018 nail polish opulence review chanel holidays 2018 nail polish opulence review

OK, Chanel Opulence is my favorite color of the two hues in Chanel’s holiday 2018 beauty collection. While I am in love with both colors, this one is beyond fabulous. I tried really hard to capture the two personalities of this color with my camera. When I photographed it straight on, the gold sheen showed up perfectly. I tried to turn my hand and find the right angle to capture the purplish-red hues in the color; which is the photo on the bottom. The photo still didn’t capture the depth of the color, but I think you can see how the polish changes color in light, or according to angle. I hope!

Chanel Opulence nail polish is a beautiful golden red hue for the holiday season. It looks different in various lights, and also at alternate angles. It’s such a fun nail polish! The golden red has both a fall vibe, and a holiday look to it; which makes it the perfect nail polish hue for transitioning from the fall 2018 season into the holiday 2018 season. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Opulence nail polish from the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection with one base coat, and two coats of color. Just like most of Chanel’s longwear nail polishes, Opulence by Chanel was chip resistant and offered an even, streak-free application. It’s such a pretty polish!

Shop the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection online:

I am really excited about the Chanel nail polish collection for the holiday 2018 season. It contains two fabulous colors which both serve a purpose, and are easy to wear with our current color palette.

What do you think of the two nail polish colors for the 2018 holidays from Chanel? Do you have a favorite hue?

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Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock online

picturedGabriela Hearst Nina bag /

The elusive Gabriela Hearst Nina bag is actually available now through October 15, 2018! If you are like me, and have been eyeing the hardest handbag on the planet to lay your hands on, then this is  a miracle!

The Gabriela Hearst Nina bag has been the hardest handbag to find for the past three or so years. It’s harder to find than anything by Hermes; and has more IT status than any other IT bag on the market. This is the bag everyone wants, and cannot get.

I was surfing around my favorite online shops to see which new bags were hitting store shelves. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in stock for a limited time online! The wait list is roughly eighteen months for this bag, and even then, not just anyone can get on the wait list!

There are two sizes available for purchase in the next few days. You can find the regular sized Nina, which I purchased in black, and you can also find the Demi Nina which is $200 less, and slightly smaller. There are several colors available, but they are going fast! My first two choices were already gone by the time I found this goldmine. So, if you are like me, and have been eyeing the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag for the past couple of years, then this is your chance to get your hands on one!

If you are on the fence, I recommend snagging one now, and then you can always return it. They are only in stock until October 15, 2018 and then it’s back to the looooooong wait list.

Shop Gabriela Hearst Nina bag online now through October 15, 2018:

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Coziest cardigan for the fall season

cozy cardigan sweater how to wear a cardigan sweater san jose street style san francisco street style san jose fashion bloggers san francisco street style over 40 style bloggers

wearing:; silver earrings (old, similar here) / blue animal print sunglasses / lipstick / black v-neck tee / silver pendant necklacecozy grey cardigan sweater (under $150) / fall nail polish / white Gucci lady bag / classic straight leg jeans / western style boots (so comfy!!) /

The fall season calls for warm drinks, soft blankets, and cozy cardigan sweaters. So when the weather begins to cool off every fall, I seek out cozy and soft cardigans to get me through the season.

This grey cardigan is sooooooooooo soft! I can’t even begin to tell you in words how soft it is! I wish you could reach onto the screen and touch the sweater in the photo to see how soft it is! Can someone please invent that technology?? TIA!

A cozy cardigan and jeans is a go-to outfit for the fall season. This is a look I will reach for weekly; and the sweater is already getting reached for daily. It looks really cute over leggings, stretch pants, and of course, jeans!

I always look forward to cooler weather so I can cozy up in a soft cardigan sweater. What article of clothing do you look forward to every fall?

Shop my cozy and soft cardigan sweater look:

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