Dior nail polish summer 2022

Dior nail polish summer 2022 from left: Dior Golden Hour nail polish / Dior Riviera nail polish / Dior Bayadere nail polish /

We finally have some sparkle! Yes!! The Dior nail polish summer 2022 collection has three beautiful nail polish colors, and two of them have sparkles! I love sparkling nail polish, it has so much more dimension than cream polish. Love!

The summer 2022 Dior nail polish collection offers a bright coral hue with Dior Bayadere, a vivid sparkling pink with Dior Riviera, and a chic golden tan with Dior Golden Hour. There is something for everyone in this small yet perfect summer nail polish collection.

So, without further ado, here are the three beautiful nail polish colors from Dior for summer 2022! All three nail polish colors were tested with one base coat, and two coats of color.

Dior nail polish summer 2022 | Dior Bayadere

dior bayadere nail polish summer 2022 review

Dior Bayadere nail polish is a bright and cheery coral with an orange-red base for the summer 2022 season. This is a cream nail polish which glides on smoothly and provides the perfect color saturation on your nails in two coats. If sparkles aren’t your thing, this is the summer nail polish for you!

Dior nail polish summer 2022 | Dior Riviera

dior riviera nail polish summer 2022 review

How pretty is this vivid pink from Dior for the summer season? Love! Dior Riviera is a vivid pink hue with sparkles. It shimmers in the sunlight and offers beautiful color saturation in two coats. I am not normally a pink person, but this one is fabulous. I am looking forward to rocking Dior Riviera this summer. If you work in a conservative environment, this might be borderline, but you should be able to get away with it!

Dior nail polish summer 2022 | Dior Golden Hour

dior golden hour nail polish summer 2022

J’Adore Dior! This is my favorite color from the Dior summer 2022 nail polish collection. I love the golden tan hue of this polish. Dior Golden Hour also offers really nice color saturation in two coats. It too has sparkles, and Golden Hour by Dior evokes a warm summer beach vibe. Love! I am wearing this nail polish as I type my review!

Well, there you have it! Three beautiful nail polish colors for the summer 2022 from Dior. I am really happy with this collection and I look forward to wearing these colors this summer season. Which color from the Dior summer 2022 nail polish collection is your favorite?

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Louis Vuitton X Yayoi Kusama take two

louis vuitton x yayoi kusama 2012

pictured: This is my little pouch from the original Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collaboration in fall 2012. I love this little bag and have pulled it out for many occasions over the years, including fashion week!

I love a good designer collaboration. While some are interesting to look at, such as the recent Gucci and Balenciaga collab, others are so intriguing, I want a part of them. This re-collaboration between Louis Vuitton and artist Yayoi Kusama is exactly that; a collab I want a part of.

In case you just read that last paragraph and are wondering what in the world I am babbling about, here is the tea! Ten years after the first collaboration, Louis Vuitton is collaborating, once again, with famed artist Yayoi Kusama. Her work is instantly recognizable and renown throughout the world. In 2021, Kusama collaborated with Louis Vuitton to created totes, handbags, and accessories in her famous dot patterns. Most of the pieces were black and white, yellow and black, red and white, or red and black. I loved the black and white patterns, so I snapped up this little pouch to wear on special occasions; after all, it was a special collaboration, so an everyday bag didn’t feel right. I am in love with this little bag!

For the Cruise 2023 season, Louis Vuitton has once again partnered with Yayoi Kusama to create another special collection, and it is just as fabulous, if not more, than the original. Hold onto your hats, this one might blow them off! While I don’t have permission to post photos from the collab here, you can see the bags yourself on Louis Vuitton’s Instagram. Check out their saved stories to see the bags walking down the runway.

The new collection includes a more three-dimensional version of Kusama’s famous dots. There are stud-dots, which I want in my collection, and there are rainbow dots painted on bags. I love the soft box bag with studs. It really is a fabulous piece. Please check their Instagram so you know what I am describing.

Missed out on the first collab? Here are a few pieces on the secondary market online, enjoy!

This new collection is said to launch in January 2023, but I suspect you can get your hands on it before Christmas, after all, many designers release cruise a bit early in order to take advantage of the holiday rush. What do you think of the collection? Do you have a favorite piece?

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BAF Weekly IT List

spring street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top right: blazer vest / small convertible handbag / spring nail polish / casual dress (under $50) / eye shadow quad / small top handle bag / slingback heels / classic satchel /

The weather is heating up! This means freshening up our wardrobes with lighter pieces so we can get through these warmer days. This lightweight dress is perfect as we move into summer temperatures. It can be worn casually with sandals or sneakers, or dressed up with flats or a low heel. It also comes in tons of colors! I am picking up another one for the summer season. Love this dress!

There are so many handbag trends this year, it can be overwhelming and hard to keep up! You can jump on the early 2000s bandwagon and pull a bag out from your archives, or go for a small bag such as this convertible handbag or this fabulous IT bag by Balenciaga. Of course, a classic satchel which has been on department stores best seller list for over a decade is always fabulous too.

One of my favorite trends in the late 1990s was the blazer vest. I am so glad it’s back! This is a great alternative to a blazer on hot summer days, plus, it can elevate a pair of jeans or a denim skirt on casual days. I am thinking of snapping another one up in a fun color for the summer. Black is perfect to start. Love!

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Stay tuned! Summer nail polish reviews are coming up on the blog next week.

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