Chanel fall 2019 nail polish review

chanel nail polish fall 2019 review

Chanel fall 2019 nail polish collection from left: Chanel Pure Black / Chanel Pure White /

Isn’t it amazing that the Chanel fall 2019 nail polish collection is in stock already! It’s quite warm outside, yet here I am thinking about the Chanel fall 2019 beauty collection! Crazy right?! Well, the Chanel nail polish fall 2019 collection might surprise you.

Last season, Chanel indulged in six festive hues. This made me think the fall nail polish collection from Chanel would also include a large array of colors to choose from. Nope! Chanel has taken some inspiration from the color palette which made the iconic fashion house famous. Have you guessed yet? Without peeking at the photos? Haha, you peeked!

That’s right! Chanel has gone black and white for the fall 2019 season. It both classic and incredibly vampy at the same time. In fact, there is nothing classic about black nail polish, nor white nail polish. They are classic in apparel, handbags, and shoes; not beauty! Chanel is mixing things up for fall, and I think I like it!

There are only two nail polish hues for fall 2019 from Chanel, “Pure White,” and “Pure Black.” There isn’t a spin on black or white. You won’t find any hidden sparkles, or twists. Pure White is a clean white, cream nail polish. Pure Black is also a classic cream nail polish. No surprises. You get the name on the bottle.

Chanel nail polish fall 2019: Pure White

chanel pure white nail polish fall 2019

If you long for the days of using white-out as nail polish in order to get that pure white hue, you’re in luck! For the fall 2019 season, Chanel has introduced Pure White nail polish. This is a classic white cream nail polish which glides on smoothly to create a pure white finish. It’s white, so it matches everything in your wardrobe! How fun is that!

Chanel Pure White nail polish for fall 2019 applies smoothly with one base coat and two coats of color.

Chanel nail polish fall 2019: Pure Black

chanel pure black nail polish fall 2019 review

Are you in a dark mood? Have you been searching for a pure black nail polish hue and all you have found is charcoal, glitter, and weird versions of black? Never fear, Chanel Pure Black nail polish is here! This is the Chanel fall 2019 nail polish of all your deep, dark dreams. This classic cream polish offers a dark black hue in two coats. Since it’s black, it matches everything in your closet too!

Chanel Pure Black nail polish for fall 2019 applies evenly without streaking with one base coat and two coats of color.

What are your thoughts? Do you plan to rock one, or both, of these classic, yet not classic, nail polish hues? If so, which color catches your eye?

Shop the Chanel fall 2019 nail polish collection online:

I’m starting with Chanel Pure White nail polish for fall 2019. When temperatures cool down, I may switch things up and rock the Chanel Pure Black nail polish hue.

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chanel fall 2019 beauty collection review

Aloha Kona

sight seeing outfit ideas hawaii kona

wearing: sunglasses / pearl earrings (similar here) / summer lipstick / black v-neck tee (old, prefer this one) / woven handbag / blue floral scarf / blue bracelet / summer nail polish / black pants / black espadrille mules / gold ankle bracelet /

There is always something bittersweet about the last day of vacation. While vacations are fun, there is always a slight urge to go home by the end of the trip. Of course, you always want to make the most out of your trip.

On our last day in Kona, my son was tired, and just wanted to relax on our last day in Kona. While he was tired, my husband and daughters were ready to take on the world. So, Rob took the girls kayaking and snorkeling, while I took my son on a little walk, and some quiet time.

giant connect four game kona

We started the day by playing games by the pool. We played foosball, and he beat me three out of four times. Then we played a giant connect-four game, where he beat me on every game. Perhaps he took mercy on me when he suggested we stop playing games, and start sight-seeing.

We walked over to see Mokuaikaua Church, which was the first Christian Church on the Big Island. It was under renovation, so we weren’t able to tour the whole building, just peek through the door. It looked nice, too bad we couldn’t see more!

historic church kona hawaii big island first church kona hawaii

Then, we grabbed some ice cream before lunch. Shhh-don’t tell my hubby I gave our son sugar before lunch! Hahaha, is that a hashtag mom fail??

After our walk, we went back to the hotel to meet the girls and my husband for lunch poolside. We enjoyed fruity smoothies, and yummy food by the pool. Ah-relaxation time.

billfish poolside bar and grill kona

My son was tired, so the girls and my husband went back to the beach for more, and my son and I returned to the hotel room for a nap.

We all met back up again for dinner, this time at the historic Kona Inn. It’s an incredible building with a rich history. Although it no longer serves as an Inn, it still holds it’s historical significance as the first hotel on the Big Island; and as a place where celebrities flocked. How fabulous are these old school fans? It was quite an elaborate pulley system!

fan system kona inn hawaiikona inn restaurant kona

The view from the restaurant was incredible. If it hadn’t been storming outside, we would have had a beautiful view of the sunset, but we were OK with missing another sunset, after all,  we had already seen an incredible one earlier in the trip.

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After dinner, we walked back to the hotel in a tropical rain storm. Thunder and all! I truly believe the sky was crying because it was our last day in Hawaii. Aloha Kona. Maholo for the memories and the kindness; we will return someday.

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outfit ideas hawaiiview from kona inn hawaii

Striped wrap dress for sight-seeing on the Big Island

dress hawaii dinner outfit idea great handbag travelwhat to wear in hawaii

wearing: sunglasses / pearl earrings (similar here) / necklace (wearing top strand) / summer lipstick / stripe wrap dress (avl in several colors and under $100) / pearl bracelet (similar here) / summer nail polish / woven handbag / ivory wedge espadrilles /

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I eat sushi a lot! It’s my favorite food outside of pasta, so naturally I planned on a fabulous sushi dinner while in Kona. Sushi Shiono is a sushi restaurant in Kona which has won awards, and comes highly recommended by my OpenTable app. So I knew ahead of time it would be worth the half-mile walk from our hotel.

I decided to wear this fun striped wrap dress for dinner and sight-seeing on our sixth day in Kona. We walked around downtown, and enjoyed a delicious sushi meal at Sushi Shiono. It was worth all the hype! This was very good sushi. I had a Lobster Roll, and Ikura nigiri, which were both equally yummy.

After dinner, we walked over to the historical Kona Inn to watch the sunset. Unfortunately the clouds blocked our view, but it was nice to enjoy the view with my family anyway.

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