Chanel nail polish fall 2022 review

chanel nail polish fall 2022 review

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 collection pictured from left: Chanel Emotion / Chanel Enigme / Chanel Spontane / Chanel Harmonie /

The fall 2022 Chanel nail polish collection is here, and the collection is huge! There are twelve, yes, twelve colors in the Chanel nail polish collection for the fall 2022 season. This collection is filled with varying neutral hues as well as berries hues. There is a classic nail polish shade from Chanel for the fall 2022 season for everyone in this collection.

For the record, I purchase every bottle of Chanel nail polish that I show on this blog. Therefore, I was not able to purchase all twelve shades from the fall 2022 collection. I would never wear all of that nail polish, so not only is it pricey, but it would also be wasteful. Instead, I chose a few colors from the collection to show you, which I knew I would wear.

All of the colors in this collection are beautiful, and Chanel is fairly consistent with being chip resistant, so despite not testing out all of the colors, I can assure you they should all be long lasting with one base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. All twelve colors are cream polishes. The colors I tested applied smoothly without streaking in two coats. Love that!

The fall 2022 season is all about quiet luxury. We are moving into a season of minimalism where neutral hues and traditional autumn colors are king. Logos are over, and quality is in. This season, look for investment pieces which can build your wardrobe rather than trendy, one-season items. This is a simple season with a little bit of flair, so classic nails are a must. If neutral nails aren’t your thing, shades of red and berry hues will do just fine. Both color wheels are hot for fall! Love!

So, without further ado, here are the nail polish colors from the Chanel fall 2022 nail polish collection I purchased and photographed for you. Which color is your favorite?

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 | Chanel Harmonie

chanel harmonie nail polish chanel nail polish fall 2022 review

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 | Chanel Spontane

chanel spontane nail polish chanel nail polish fall 2022 review

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 | Chanel Enigme

chanel enigme nail polish chanel nail polish fall 2022 review

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 | Chanel Emotion

chanel emotion nail polish fall 2022 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish fall 2022 | Chanel Impulsion

chanel impulsion nail polish fall 2022 nail polish

What do you think of these neutral and berry hues for the fall 2022 season? Which one of the colors is your favorite?

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Late summer into fall joggers

fall street style how to style nike dunks
bottega veneta chain pouch
how to style dunks
nike dunk high

wearing: statement earrings / sunglasses / puff sleeve tee (under $50) / G buckle belt / joggers / summer nail polish / chain pouch handbag / sneakers /

This summer has been so busy, it has been hard to find a day to meet up with my friend Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun! We finally found a break in both our schedules and were able to meet up for coffee, a walk, and catching up!

Although it is still technically summer, I decided to create an outfit that worked for summer yet offered some fall vibes. Pairing this neutral tee with my neutral joggers, handbag, and sneakers, helped create a fall vibe. Hopefully it encourages cooler temperatures and more pumpkin spice to hit store shelves! I am still waiting for the cereal. Yum!

Dawn looked fabulous too with on trend, wide leg jeans, and duster. Too bad we didn’t get a picture together! That’s a blogger fail on our part! At least we had fun and enjoyed snacks from Cocola at Santana Row.

These sneakers are super fun and provide the arch support I need for walking around. I love how they are a fall neutral hue too! The green-khaki sneakers paired with my chocolate brown handbag is a great pairing as we head into fall. I look forward to wearing them together as we move into the cooler season!

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What types of color combos are you loving right now as we transition from summer into fall?

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fall handbags
fall outfit ideas

BAF Weekly IT List

fall street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: moon shaped bag (under $300) / Chanel fall nail polish / Dior fall nail polish / black shoulder bag / golden hoop earrings (under $100) / classic black satchel / high top sneakers / black hobo bag / denim joggers /

We are moving towards fall! Schools are starting next week, kids are leaving for college, and stores are starting to stock pumpkin spice. Don’t hate, I am a huge pumpkin spice fan. Love it!

As we move into the fall season, and dream of cooler days, we are starting to pick up fall items we can all wear now. The easiest way to rock the fall trends is with nail polish and handbags! Nail polish for fall is moving towards classic and autumn hues. Look for traditional fall colors in the berry family and also neutrals. Dior and Chanel have fabulous fall nail polish collections. You can check out my Dior review here, and I am working on photographing all the Chanel colors-so stay tuned. My review is coming!

Boots, sneakers, and loafers are also moving in for fall. Look for western inspiration, street sneakers, lug soles, and classic loafers. Speaking of accessories, logomania is on its way out, so look for clean leathers and vegan leathers on hobo bags, shoulder bags, moon shaped bags, bucket bags, and soft totes. You can still wear your pouch bags and camera bags from last year too.

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What are you looking forward to this season?

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