Fashioning San Francisco at the deYoung Museum review

Christian Dior fall/winter 1948

Louise Boulanger winter 1927

Callot Soeurs 1908

I finally got a chance to visit the “Fashioning San Francisco” exhibit located at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. I have to admit, I did not really read the description of this exhibit when I purchased my tickets. From the name, I thought the exhibit would be a history of fashion in the city including Levi’s and The Gap, but instead, it was a collection of couture and demi-couture from the earthquake era to modern times worn to events in San Francisco by collectors of couture.

When we first arrived, we went into the virtual try-on room first. It was fun to try-on couture dresses, even though my Gap shirt was peeking out from underneath the gowns. haha, you can see the result below.

pictured: virtual try-on of a Valentino gown / on me: shirt / nail polish / earrings /

There were a total of three gowns to try-on virtually, which to be frank, seemed thin. I would have loved to try on more couture gowns, but I assume it is a lot to put this virtual try-on exhibit together and three was not a small task. Although it went by way too fast, it was fun and I ended up with some hilarious photos from the experience.

My favorite portion of the exhibit was the first section when you enter; the earthquake era fashion. I loved seeing gowns from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The fabric, texture, and attention to detail was amazing.

Another section of the “Fashioning San Francisco” exhibit I enjoyed were the shoes! I actually spotted a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s a co-worker of mine used to wear in the office a little over twenty years ago. I have to admit, I felt a little old seeing a pair of shoes I knew from the wild inside a museum on display. Yikes! But I digress. . .

Sommer and Kaufman 1940

My favorite pair of shoes from the exhibit was this pair pictured above. The structural silhouette seems modern, yet they are from 1940. Love that!

Of course, if you scroll to the bottom of this post, you will see one of my favorite designers of all time; Chanel! I love how the deYoung was clever and featured both a Gabrielle Chanel gown, and Karl Lagerfeld gown together. It really shows how Karl Lagerfeld was so good at channeling Chanel’s original intent in modern designs. He really was genius.

The “Fashioning San Francisco: A Century of Style” exhibit will be on display at the deYoung Museum through August 11, 2024. If you are local, or plan to visit the city, I highly recommend seeing it. Your ticket to the special exhibit will also grant you access to the regular collections, which I recommend as well.

You can learn more at

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Chanel: front by Gabrielle Chanel 1939, back by Karl Lagerfeld 2012 /

Places to eat in Santa Rosa

pictured: pasta from 19ten Bar & Provisions /

Santa Rosa is a quick drive north on highway 101 from the city. There are a lot of fun activities to do in the area for either a day trip, or a weekend staycation. While visiting Santa Rosa in late December, we ate at several restaurants, some we loved, and a couple which were “meh.” So, I decided to curate all my favorite places to eat in Santa Rosa right here in one convenient post! This way, when you head up to Santa Rosa for a day trip or staycation, you will know exactly where to eat! Yum!

pictured: Santa Rosa Omlette from Americana

  • 19ten Bar & Provisions
    • 115 4th St., Santa Rosa
    • Favorites: Miso Cilantro Fettucine, 19ten Burger, Spiced Apple & Brie
  • Jackson’s Bar and Oven
    • 135 4th St., Santa Rosa
    • Favorites: all the pizzas, Mac & Cheese, Truffle Fries, and the burger.
  • A’Roma Roasters Coffee and Tea
    • 5th St., Santa Rosa (near the train station)
    • Favorites: Salted Caramel Latte, all the coffee is good tho!
  • Americana
    • 205 5th St, Santa Rosa
    • Favorites: Santa Rosa Omlette, Chicken Fried Chicken, Breakfast Sandwich
    • They also serve lunch, but we didn’t taste it. I am sure it is good! They use all local ingredients, love that!

When you walk around downtown, see how many Peanuts characters you can spot! It’s fun!

Do you have any favorite places to eat in Santa Rosa?

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pictured below: Spiced Apple & Brie from 19ten Bar & Provisions

Olive oil tasting in Sonoma

Did you know you can go Olive Oil tasting right here in the Bay Area? Well, you can! Love that!

People tend to equate our wine country with, well, wine! Of course, it is a world-class wine country, so there is nothing wrong with assuming it is all about wine, I mean, it kinda is! haha

Well, thankfully there is a fun activity you can do if you don’t drink, or if you want your kids to enjoy everything the Sonoma area has to offer. You can go olive oil tasting! Love!

First off, I love olive oil. I was taught at a young age to cook with olive oil, not cooking oils. When I fry food, I use olive oil, not cooking oil. Olive oil is also used in salads, foods, and more. I tend to have a light oil for cooking, and heavier one for recipes, dipping, and more. Olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, plus it is yummy!

While there are several options for olive oil tasting in the Sonoma area, I chose to take my family to Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, home of the The Olive Press. This is one of my favorite local olive oils, so going olive oil tasting there seemed like the perfect option.

We booked our tasting ahead of time, which is the perfect way to enjoy olive oil tasting. Jacuzzi set up a special room for us where we had a private tasting and were able to ask questions and learn about both the winery and olive oil. It was so much fun!

We tasted five olive oils during our tasting. In addition, we were able to taste olive oils with vinegar from The Olive Press. It was really fun, and a great way to discover olive oil flavors I hadn’t considered before.

Our favorite olive oils were the Arbequina, Italian Blend, Blood Orange, and Basil. We really enjoyed the tasting and visiting the property.

You can day trip to Sonoma or stay locally. I recommend making an olive oil tasting online at They don’t serve food at the tasting, so you can always visit downtown Sonoma for a fabulous meal.

While this is a fun activity for the family, be sure your kids will actually taste olive oil from a shot glass. If your kids are too young, I would recommend waiting until they are older. For my high school and college aged kids, this was a great activity.

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