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Holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe

holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe casual holiday event party outfit ideas

Holidays 2022 capsule wardrobe from left: champagne sequin shirt / small golden clutch (next size up here) / blue and silver earrings / dark wash wide leg jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / golden boots /

Happy Holidays! If you have been following along for awhile now, you might be wondering why my capsule wardrobe post is a little bit different this season. As I look back on the past few holiday capsule wardrobes, I realize that they feature pieces from my fall and winter capsule wardrobes, and really only one look for holiday events. I decided my holiday capsule wardrobe should not be a regurgitation of my fall and winter capsules, rather, it should only feature holiday specific pieces. So, a scaled back and more targeted holiday capsule wardrobe is born.

If you are looking for everyday outfits, please check out my fall capsule. If you are looking for accessories, please check out my fall shoe capsule and my fall handbag capsule. My winter capsule will be coming soon with warmer pieces, so stay tuned!

This holiday season, the events I have lined up are on the casual side. This means my high heels and dresses get to continue to collect dust in my closet. Mmmm, slightly disappointed things are so casual this year, yet slightly relieved I can wear comfortable boots to events. haha, so torn!

This sequin shirt is fabulous for casual holiday events. It is warmer than a dress and can easily be worn open as a jacket over a black top, black tank top or black tube top, or alone as its’ own piece. Of course, you can pair it with any color of top, I just prefer black. I plan to pair it with my dark wash wide leg jeans since they seem like the dressiest of my current denim collection. Paired with my comfy golden boots, and I feel festive and ready to stand at an event. Love that!

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What does your holiday party schedule look like this year? Do you have any dress opportunities, or are events more casual this year?

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for holiday coverage and upcoming gift guides!



Handbag capsule wardrobe fall 2022

handbag capsule wardrobe fall 2022
fall 2022 handbag capsule wardrobe

Handbag capsule wardrobe fall 2022 from top left: caramel structured hobo bag (linked to current version) / ivory moon shaped bag / small black convertible bag / chocolate brown chain pouch / black shoulder bag / green woven mini bag / small black top handle bag /

Fall 2022 is upon us! This means shifting our capsule wardrobes into the new season. For the fall season, handbag trends are shifting along with the weather, so a few minor adjustments to my handbag capsule are in order.

Shoulder bags are back. They are displacing cross body bags as the daily go-to bag of the season. This doesn’t mean you have to store your cross-body bags. They are handy for running errands and more. That being said, if you want to snap a picture of yourself for the gram, quickly move your bag to your shoulder, snap the pic, and then go back to wearing it cross body. The fall season is all about the shoulder bag.

Speaking of shoulder bags, the hobo bag is also a type of shoulder bag. As you know, hobo bags are hot, despite consumers slowly adopting the style. There are plenty of styles to choose from. You can go for a soft hobo, structured hobo, large hobo, small hobo, or moon shaped bag. The moon shaped bag is the IT silhouette of the season! I love this one for under $500. It’s always fun to rock a hot trend without breaking the bank.

For the fall season, I am keeping my handbag capsule neutral with the exception of my little green bag. I love this little green bag and the bright pop of color it offers. I highly recommend having at least one fun color in your fall 2022 handbag capsule wardrobe!

While not pictured, bucket bags are huge this season! I do plan to wear mine; I just didn’t photograph them. You can go with a classic Mansur Gavriel bucket or test out their new version which offers a top handle. It’s on my wish list!

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What are your favorite handbags for the fall 2022 season? Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more fall coverage!


Handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022

summer 2022 pouch bags
summer 2022 mini bags
summer 2022 tote bags

Handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top: chocolate brown chain pouch / mini pouch bag / small top handbag bag / black convertible handbag (under $500) / green woven mini bag / basket bag / small tote bag (color sold out, also love this one) /

How did summer get here so quickly? It’s been a hectic last few weeks, so summer break crept up on me and now we are here! I am finding these are the handbags I reach for on warm weather days, and plan to rotate through this summer season.

I am loving small handbags right now. They are fuss-free and just hold the basics. This black convertible bag is a mainstay in my handbag rotation, and this green bag is turning into one of my favorite go-to’s. Of course, I also reach for this beautiful top handle bag frequently too. Since I am not ready for the oversize “everything and the kitchen sink” bag trend that appears to be trying to happen, I am rocking my small handbags until I cannot rock them anymore. haha

What would summer be without totes? Of course, a large beach tote is a given, but small basket bags, woven bags, and small totes are hotter than hot this summer season. I love this classic basket bag, which also happens to be an IT bag. I also love this small tote which fits more inside than it appears. It’s my version of the “everything and the kitchen sink” bag! Of course, it is much smaller than that! Thankfully!!

Who doesn’t love a pouch? The pouch trend is still going strong, so keep your pouch bags and wear them this summer! I love wearing this fun chain pouch for dinner and going out. This smaller pouch is a great everyday bag. It works at night too, but I love it as a daytime bag.

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Which bags are you loving this summer 2022 season?

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more summer capsule wardrobes!


handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022