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Summer handbag capsule wardrobe 2024

summer handbag capsule wardrobe
handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2024

Summer handbag capsule wardrobe 2024 from top: “Jet Set” customizable straw tote / leather and straw tote / green handbag / yellow pouch / black shoulder bag / black satchel / caramel top handle bag / neutral mini tote /

It is time to pull out all of your natural fiber handbags! Summer is just about here, so straw totes and handbags woven with natural fibers, are hot for the season! I have had this “Jet Set” tote for years. It is perfect for beach days, outdoor events, and any occasion where you would want to wear a straw tote. You can customize the bag with any phrase you’d like, plus it’s really affordable. Love that!

Of course, not every day during the summer months is spent seaside. So, a small capsule of classic leather handbags is a must for the season. This mini tote is great for days when I need to carry more than my purse essentials, and these small bags are ideal for everyday use. Of course, this east/west satchel is turning into my go-to on a daily basis. It fits a little bit more then my daily essentials which is perfect in the summer when I want to carry sunblock and sunglasses, as well as a few snacks.

This summer, I am carrying a mix of happy color handbags as well as timeless neutrals. Of course, I always need a few black handbags on hand. I mean, is it even possible to live without a black handbag? I feel like we can never have enough black bags in our lives! haha

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If you are looking for new bags this summer, look for classic straw/natural fiber bags which are carried by the brand/designer every year; such as the two I have in my collection. They never go out of fashion. Love that!

Also, continue shopping for anonymous handbags you can keep in your wardrobe for years. Logos are still staying in the storage closet for quite some time.

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Handbag capsule wardrobe spring 2024

handbag capsule wardrobe spring 2024

Handbag capsule wardrobe spring 2024 from top left: black satchel / caramel top handle bag / beige mini tote / black shoulder bag / yellow pouch / green mini bag /

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is around the corner! This means it is time to ensure our spring capsule wardrobes are put together, and ready for some sunshine! Love!

The spring 2024 season is all about high quality handbags we can all wear year after year. The anonymous handbag is an investment bag we can get a low cost-per-wear out of, as well as pass down through the generations. Love that!

Handbag capsule wardrobes for spring shoulder include satchels, small totes, hobo bags (mine didn’t make the photo, but will definitely be in rotation!), soft bags, neutral hues, classic black, and fun shades of springtime hues such as yellow, blue, green, and red. Anything goes when it goes it comes to handbag style, the one rule of thumb is to forego loud logos.

When putting together your spring handbag capsule wardrobe, shop your closet first. Pull out those small and mini totes, hobo bags, small bright bags, chain strap shoulder bags, all types of satchels including bowling bags, doctor bags, structured satchels and slouchy satchels. Any type of satchel will do! Then, shop for a timeless style you are missing which can be enjoyed this season and beyond.

Which bags are you including in your spring 2024 handbag capsule wardrobe?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024

handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024 it bags

Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024 from top left: top handle caramel bag / mini tote bag / black shoulder bag / green shoulder bag /

My handbag capsule wardrobe for winter 2024 is on the smaller side. I don’t need a tote bag this season, so my totes are stored for spring, and my beautiful Givenchy Antigona, which will emerge again in spring, is stored and waiting to return next season.

For the winter 2024 season, my bags are smaller and able to be worn cross body or over the shoulder. This black shoulder bag is my go-to for daily wear. It is easy to wear for running errands as well as going out to lunch, shopping, etc. I’m thinking of getting one in an additional color, I love this bag so much!

Of course, this little green bag is perfect for when I need a pop of color added to my ensembles. Since I am not a huge Peach Fuzz person, shades of green and blue will continue to be my colors as we head into 2024. After all, they are both on the spring color palette, so I’m good! Plus, this fabulous green hue is a classic color in world of Bottega Veneta. Love that!

This top handle bag is perfect for days when I need more room in my bag since I can fit gloves, a scarf, and snacks inside. Love!

Now, let’s talk about this mini tote bag. Although labelled as mini by Mulberry, it really is in the small tote category. It fits gloves and snacks too! This is my go-to bag when I want a more structured look, or simply need to carry more than a wallet, keys, phone. I am contemplating investing in another color of this bag too. Love it!

Shop my handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024, plus a few I might reach for, online:

It’s nice having a paired down handbag capsule wardrobe for the winter season. It’s a quiet season after the holidays and not much is going on, so keeping things simple is always nice.

What are you favorite winter handbags?

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