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Handbag capsule wardrobe fall 2023

fall handbag capsule 2023
fall 2023 handbag capsule

Fall handbag capsule 2023 from top left: green handbag / black shoulder bag / beige mini bag / brown mini messenger bag / black hobo bag / caramel hobo bag /

This fall season, we are still seeing mini shoulder bags which can double as cross body bags, hobo bags, and soft and squishy bags. I need to invest in a soft and squishy bag! So far, my fall capsule wardrobe consists of the handbags I reach for the most often; my mini bags and my two favorite hobo bags.

As the season progresses, I will post an updated capsule in October, as for now, fall is going to be about mini bags and hobo bags for me! I love reaching for a neutral handbag, as well as this stunning green handbag. These are my tried-and-true favorites!

Of course, the anonymous handbag is still going strong, and these handbags fit into the current trend, which isn’t really a trend, it is a timeless look, but still hotter than normal; so, I digress. . .

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I am still in the hunt for a handbag in any shade of red, a dark green handbag, and a soft and squishy handbag. Here are a few from my current wishlist:

Which handbag styles are you loving for the fall 2023 season?

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August handbag capsule

august handbag capsule 2023

August handbag capsule from top left: blue mini tote (current colors here) / black shoulder bag / mini eco tote / green mini bag / small saddle bag /

Happy August! This month is going to be very busy! School is starting and my college student will be heading back to the dorms for another year. This means I will be on the go! When my life is busy, I don’t have time for fussy handbags. For August, I will be rotating through my small handbags so I can wear them cross body if need be. I will only be carrying my purse essentials and keeping myself hands free. Busy busy!

August is also a transitional month. It is still summer, yet the stores are stocking beautiful fall merchandise. This makes us all yearn for cooler weather, cozier ensembles, and, at least for me, pumpkin spice. Don’t hate! I love a good pumpkin spice latte, cookies, muffin, etc. Go ahead, call me basic, I don’t really care. haha

Since fall styles are surrounding us, I like to integrate fall trends while still dressing for the weather. The easiest way to do this is with handbags, nail polish, and color. Shades of green are still hot for fall as well as neutral hues, black, and shades of blue and red. I am on the hunt for a forest green handbag, dark brown bag, and a burgundy handbag. In the meantime, I am loving what I have in my closet. They suit my life perfectly right now.

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Which handbags do you have on rotation this month?

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Black handbag capsule

black handbag capsule wardrobe

Black handbag capsule wardrobe from top left: small shoulder bag / convertible cross body bag / classic Chanel flap / daytime satchel / chic hobo bag / structured satchel / daytime tote bag / drawstring bucket bag /

Do you ever feel like you have too many black handbags? Or perhaps you are afraid of buying more black handbags because you convince yourself you already have one? Well, here is a great way to organize your black handbag collection and create the perfect black handbag capsule wardrobe for your closet. Let’s go!

I love black handbags because the color is timeless and black always pairs perfectly with the majority of outfits in my closet-and yours! When creating the ideal black handbag wardrobe, you will want to include one timeless handbag in each necessary category. You are always free to add trendy bags, artistic bags, and sculptural bags you cannot live without, but if you are looking for a classic, timeless collection, this is a great formula.

In order to create the ideal black handbag capsule wardrobe, you will want to choose one timeless handbag from each necessary category. The handbags pictured above are the ones I own and love in each category. Some of these bags I have had for over ten years, and they are still in excellent condition, as well as proving themselves to be workhorses. Love that!

Also, if you notice, all of these bags are anonymous. They are high quality handbags without screaming logos. This is an important feature which helps make a handbag timeless.

So, without further ado, here are the eight, must-have categories to own a classic black handbag in.

Shoulder bag: A classic and chic, daytime shoulder bag is a must. Even better if the strap is long enough to also be worn cross body. The timeless shoulder bag pictured above can also be worn cross body and has a closure which is easy to get in and out of, while still being just enough work to deter pickpockets. It is also made from the highest quality leather and comes from an eco-conscious and sustainable factory. Love that!

Small convertible cross body: This little bag is on the small side and comes with two straps, one which is short and perfect for creating the “baguette” look, and other strap is a classic cross body strap. The straps can be worn alone or together to create three different handbag looks. It is small, and good for travel. The anonymous look is known only to those who know, and the price is well under $500. It is made from sturdy, high quality leather and will last a lifetime. This is a fabulous workhorse. Love!

Chanel flap shoulder bag: This handbag has been around for decades, and is not only a classic handbag, it is an investment bag. I purchased mine close to twenty years ago for well under $2000 and new ones now sell for over $10K. This is a handbag you will reach for when attending special events, both day and evening. It is an investment bag you can pass down to your children, or sell when you want to clear your closet or need to raise funds. If the current price is a bit out of reach for you, I recommend snapping up a vintage one at a reputable consignment shop. Or look for handbags inspired by this one such as bags by Tory Burch or Saint Laurent.

Daytime satchel: I have owned this daytime satchel for over ten years, and it is still going strong! In fact, this bag continues to be a best seller at luxury stores to this day. Another fact, it is reasonably priced for a luxury bag and the craftsmanship and leather are top notch. You will love this bag! A daytime satchel is a must-have in your black handbag capsule wardrobe because it is roomy and offers casual styling you can pair with jeans, summer dresses, shorts, and other casual outfits. This is a timeless style you will love having in your closet.

Hobo bag: The hobo bag is a classic shoulder bag style which can be worn during the day or in the evening; depending on the style you purchase. My bag is structured with polished leather, so it offers a dressy vibe; but you can invest in a slouchier bag for casual looks. This is a category you can choose one style in, or go for both structured and slouchy. It is up to you and your lifestyle. The hobo bag comes in and out of style so if it starts to feel dated, simply store your hobo bag and in a few years you can pull it back out and rock it again. Currently, the hobo is a hot IT handbag style so now is a great time to invest in one since there are plenty of styles to choose from in stores and online. I love this beautiful hobo pictured above. I have had it a couple of years and it is comfortable, durable, and beautiful. Love that!

Structured satchel: This structured satchel is perfect for smart casual outfits through to dressy looks. It is also a great handbag for the office when you don’t need a laptop tote. I have had mine for years, and I own it in both black and pale blue. This satchel is a workhorse which can hold a lot of weight, take a beating, and still look new. It was also my go-to bag when I used to attend New York Fashion Week. You will love having a classic, structured satchel in your black handbag capsule wardrobe because it can be worn casually or to the office or anytime you want to professional and chic. Love it!

Tote bag: Of course, you need a black tote bag in your life! I own this tote bag in pale turquoise, but I do own a similar black tote bag from Coach which is strong and a workhorse bag. A black tote is great to have for road trips, when you are out with family, for foggy days when you need to carry a scarf or light sweater, for the office to carry a laptop, and more! Tote bags can do everything except accompany you to a professional sporting event with a bag policy. I love this tote!

Bucket bag: A bucket bag can act like a tote bag when you don’t need a large tote. This drawstring bucket bag is a classic IT bag and can fit a couple water bottles, scarf, book, a few snacks, and my purse essentials. This bag is extremely strong and made from high quality leather. I love mine, and if you don’t already have one, I recommend investing in one. It is a workhorse!

Well, there you have it! The eight handbag styles you need for a complete black handbag capsule wardrobe. Now, do not let anyone tell you have too many black handbags. That is impossible! You can’t own too many black handbags. They are classic and chic. Look for high quality craftsmanship and materials. Everything I recommend in this post I own. I can attest to the quality and craftsmanship. These are all workhorse bags which will last a lifetime. Some of the bags are a thousand or two, but a few are under a thousand, and even under five hundred. You don’t have to break the bank in order to create a timeless, high quality, black handbag capsule wardrobe. Let me know if you have any questions or are contemplating a purchase!

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