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Summer 2022 capsule wardrobe

casual summer capsule wardrobe 2022
summer capsule wardrobe 2022 affordable dresses air jordans in stock

Casual capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top left: navy tie sleeve tee / military green joggers / gemstone bracelets (local designer) / military green cut-offs / large hoop earrings / goldtone ring / light blue puff sleeve tee / navy puff sleeve tee / denim shorts /

Summer dresses capsule wardrobe from top left: denim jacket (classic staple) / stripe dress (under $50) / gemstone bracelets (local designer) / large hoop earrings / blue dress (under $50) / Air Jordan sneakers / black handbag (IT bag under $300) /

Summer vacation has arrived! This means I needed to put my summer capsule wardrobe in order. This summer, we plan to stay casual as we have a lot of plans surrounding my daughter who heads to college in the fall. In order to be comfortable, my summer capsule wardrobe is casual, and can easily be worn with sneakers; a shoe style I am wearing a lot lately due to my injured foot.

Shorts and tee’s are summer staples, so I found a few tee’s which are slightly elevated with puff sleeves or tie sleeves. This way, I can stay casual without looking sloppy. Shorts are a must-have in the warm summer months, so these two pairs will serve me well! I always like to have pants in the summer too. Sometimes we get cool foggy days or mornings. Pants are perfect for the those days! These joggers are perfect because they move away from being everyday denim, yet offer just as much comfort as jeans. Love that!

This summer, people are dressing up a little bit more. After all, we are free from quarantine! So, in order to keep things casual and comfortable, yet not look like loungewear, I found this super comfortable dress priced under $50. I originally purchased it in blue, and I loved it so much, I bought two more! I now have it in black and stripes. It is really flattering, comfortable, and ideal for hot summer days. I plan to live in these dresses! LOVE! If you are looking for a fuss-free summer dress, this is the one!

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Well, there you have it! My casual with a touch of glam summer capsule wardrobe. What are your style plans this summer?

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Shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022

Shoe capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top left: slingback heels / Nike sneakers / black woven slides / wedge espadrilles / Gucci sneakers / loafer mules /

Well, you might recognize most, if not all, of these shoes! Since I still have planter fasciitis in my foot, I haven’t purchased new shoes because I know which ones work for me right now. I would hate to buy a new pair only to find they hurt my feet after one wear. These shoes are all tried and true, so I know I can wear them pain-free! Love that!

For the summer 2022 season, I will be wearing my sneakers a lot since they have arch support and are the best option for my foot right now. Of course, sneakers are not always an option for certain events. This last week when two of my kids had graduation, and events surrounding graduation, I needed to wear nicer shoes. These slingback heels worked really well, and I was able to walk around pain free. The block heel hits my arch in the right spot and provides the ideal arch support. Love!

In addition to my slingbacks, these classic, tried and true, espadrille wedges, hit my arch in the right spot too! Love that! This means I can wear both of these shoes for occasions where I cannot get away with my comfy sneakers.

You might be side-eyeing the very flat, and unsupportive loafer flats in my summer shoe capsule wardrobe. Well, you have good reason! Thankfully I am able to wear them because my doctor gave me an arch band which fits on my foot and supports my arch. I should not go for a long walk in flat shoes, but I can wear them to lunch and not have foot pain.

Lastly, how cute are these woven slides? I purchased them last year and thankfully they are still on the market; just in case you have been thinking about them. The sole is very comfy and cushioned. They feel like slippers when you wear them! Due to my foot pain, I cannot take a long walk in them, but I can wear them without pain as long as I am not going to be walking for long periods of time. They are perfect for backyard BBQ’s, going to lunch, attending a casual event, and anything which does not require walking for long periods of time. Last summer, before my foot injury, I could walk for miles in them. So, if you are foot-injury-free, you can rest assured they would be very comfy and easy to walk in.

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Handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022

summer 2022 pouch bags
summer 2022 mini bags
summer 2022 tote bags

Handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022 from top: chocolate brown chain pouch / mini pouch bag / small top handbag bag / black convertible handbag (under $500) / green woven mini bag / basket bag / small tote bag (color sold out, also love this one) /

How did summer get here so quickly? It’s been a hectic last few weeks, so summer break crept up on me and now we are here! I am finding these are the handbags I reach for on warm weather days, and plan to rotate through this summer season.

I am loving small handbags right now. They are fuss-free and just hold the basics. This black convertible bag is a mainstay in my handbag rotation, and this green bag is turning into one of my favorite go-to’s. Of course, I also reach for this beautiful top handle bag frequently too. Since I am not ready for the oversize “everything and the kitchen sink” bag trend that appears to be trying to happen, I am rocking my small handbags until I cannot rock them anymore. haha

What would summer be without totes? Of course, a large beach tote is a given, but small basket bags, woven bags, and small totes are hotter than hot this summer season. I love this classic basket bag, which also happens to be an IT bag. I also love this small tote which fits more inside than it appears. It’s my version of the “everything and the kitchen sink” bag! Of course, it is much smaller than that! Thankfully!!

Who doesn’t love a pouch? The pouch trend is still going strong, so keep your pouch bags and wear them this summer! I love wearing this fun chain pouch for dinner and going out. This smaller pouch is a great everyday bag. It works at night too, but I love it as a daytime bag.

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Which bags are you loving this summer 2022 season?

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handbag capsule wardrobe summer 2022