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Spring 2020 shoe capsule wardrobe

spring 2020 shoe trends

spring 2020 shoe capsule from top left: white adidas sneakers / white platform sneakers / tan and black espadrille wedges / black square toe sling back pumps / multi-color espadrilles / ivory wedges espadrilles with ankle ties /

Are you loving this spring weather as much as I am? It’s so much fun to bring out my spring 2020 shoes! Since temperatures are in the 60’s and 70’s, it is time to ditch the booties, but not quite time to switch to sandals. For the spring season, I am keeping my feet covered, and keeping socks to a minimum.

Let’s talk about spring 2020 shoe trends! Sneakers are hot! I know, it sounds like you’ve heard it before, but spring’s sneaker game for spring 2020 is a little bit different than the street sneakers we saw in recent seasons. For spring 2020, sneakers are clean and white. Look for small metallic touches such as a stripe or small logo. Loud sneakers are over, clean white sneakers are in.

I am a huge espadrille fan. They are inherently soft, and easy to walk in. The two-tone wedges offer a dressy look for days when I want to up my game. One more casual days, my trusted and true ivory wedges are ideal. These multi-color espadrilles offer a small wedge so they can double as flats. They are all comfortable and soft. Love that!

Sometimes we need to dress up! Spring 2020 is all about the square toe, so instead of reaching for a classic pair of pumps from my closet, I splurged on a new and trendy pair for 2020. Since these slingbacks are black, they should carry me from spring to summer to fall. If you are looking for new pumps this season, make sure the toes are square! You’ll love them, there is more room at the top for your toes!

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What are your favorite shoe trends this spring 2020 season? Are you excited for clean and white sneakers? Is the square toe a trend you can get behind?

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Spring 2020 handbag capsule wardrobe

spring 2020 handbags

Spring 2020 handbag capsule wardrobe from left: multi-color metallic Chloe bag (read review here) / small yellow tote (under $200) / black satchel (read review here) / small red baguette (under $250) / large and soft clutch (under $1000, hot IT bag) / Gucci phone case (read review here) / small black bag (read review here) /

OK, my spring 2020 handbag capsule wardrobe might be a little bit larger than what you would expect. That is because, as you know, I am a huge handbag fan!

For the spring 2020 season, I tried to touch on all the handbag trends I love. Metallic bags are huge this season, as well as brightly colored handbags.

small tote spring 2020 handbag trends

Small is in. Totes, satchels, shoulder bags, and more are all shrinking for spring. Be on the lookout for small bags which still fit your wallet, keys, and phone. This cute little yellow tote hits two of spring 2020’s trend buttons; it’s bright yellow, and it’s small. Love that!

This little yellow tote bag also has a zipper closure, and a shoulder strap. Versatility is always a must!

baguette trend spring 2020

The baguette is back, and you don’t have to buy the Fendi to rock this trend. This fun little red bag also comes in other colors. It’s affordable, and has two removable straps. It can be worn as a clutch, a retro style baguette, or a regular shoulder bag. Pick a strap to suit the style which matches your outfit the best! Or the mood you’re in, both work. 😉

Phone cases which are actually handbags are also a hot trend, as well as soft clutches. Remember the Bottega Veneta clutch which was spotted all over the streets of New York during fashion week in September 2019, and again in February 2020? Well, you don’t have to spend over a $1000 to rock this trend. The clutch pictured above is well under $1000 and it’s a hot IT item which stores are having trouble keeping in stock. Snag one while you still can! If not, get yourself on the wait list. It’s hotter than hot!

As far as the spring handbag capsule wardrobe is concerned, there is a bag for every occasion in this capsule. The metallic bag is perfect for evenings, but can be worn during the day too. Same with the small black bag. it’s great for daytime or evenings. The other bags are casual, and work well for different events, occasions, and daily routines. I am currently reaching for my black satchel, this little yellow tote, and my small black bag the most. Which bag would you reach for the most often?

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When shopping for your spring 2020 handbags, look for metallics, bright hues, smaller silhouettes, and ’90’s inspiration. Which trend is your favorite?

Stay tuned for my spring 2020 shoe capsule coming up next week!

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mansur gavriel cloud clutch

Spring 2020 capsule wardrobe

Spring menswear blazer capsule wardrobe

spring 2020 capsule wardrobe menswear blazer

Spring menswear blazer capsule wardrobe from left: pastel menswear blazer (under $50) / turquoise 3/4 sleeve tee / light wash cropped skinny jeans / black 3/4 sleeve tee / golden hoop earrings / blue and silver earrings / white and silver earrings / black belt / blue and white scarf / medium wash classic cut jeans /

Spring is almost here! This means it is time to put together a spring capsule wardrobe. The weather here in the Bay Area is already switching from winter to spring, therefore, I have already transitioned my closet from cold weather clothing, to warm weather outfits. My spring 2020 capsule wardrobe touches on three trends. I have also included a ultra-casual capsule wardrobe which is easy to wear for running errands, and daily activities; while staying on trend. You know I love to stay on trend!

One of the big trends this spring 2020 season is the menswear blazer. This was a huge trend in the mid-1990s, and it is back. While menswear blazers have been popular during the past two fall seasons, the spring 2020 version is very specific when it comes to color. Spring 2020 menswear blazers need to be pastel. Look for your favorite pastel color and have fun with it! This is a trend where you can save money by looking for an inexpensive blazer, and then invest in items you can wear year-round such as jeans, or a belt. This pastel pink blazer is very affordable, and also comfortable. It is fun to pair with neutrals, or if you really want to amp up the trend, pair it with other pastels or shades of blue. Love it!

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You can also pair your spring blazer with a scarf for cooler days, or make a more relaxed look. To dress up this look, add large hoop earrings and heeled boots or pumps. It’s a fun capsule!

Spring kimono capsule wardrobe

spring 2020 capsule wardrobe kimono

Spring kimono capsule wardrobe from left: reversible long kimono / turquoise 3/4 sleeve tee / black cardigan sweater / black 3/4 sleeve tee / blue and silver earrings / golden hoop earrings / multi-color bracelet (hot spring trend!) / white and silver earrings / red and gold earrings / light wash cropped skinny jeans / black belt / red boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee with buttons / medium wash classic cut jeans /

I love anything which enhances an outfit. Nothing is easier for elevating a basic tee and jeans than a kimono. I love investing in one nice kimono I can wear throughout a season and beyond. This kimono is a little bit more expensive than what I would normally buy, but it is reversible! This means I have two kimono’s in one! Love that!

As you read this spring capsule wardrobe post, you’ll notice the same jeans and tee’s repeated throughout. This is a great way to save money. By repeating the sames jeans and tee’s, you can create entirely new looks with one “hero” piece such as the blazer pictured above, or this reversible kimono. When everything mixes and matches, your wardrobe is cohesive and paired down. This saves closet space, as well as money. After all, aren’t we all saving for the next IT handbag? It’s not just me, right?

This kimono is great because not only is it reversible, it can be dressed up or down. It can cover a swimsuit, shorts or a pair of jeans. This time of year, I will wear it mostly over jeans. It can be worn with flat sandals for an effortless and casual look. It can also be paired with heels or spring boots for a more formal look. If it’s worn over black jeans and a black tee, it can be paired with pumps for an evening look. This reversible kimono is super versatile! Love!

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While both sides of the kimono are floral, the black and white floral pattern is seasonless. This means I can wear this kimono throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. It isn’t really thick enough for our Bay Area winter weather, but if you live somewhere warm, like Florida, it would work in the winter too! This is a versatile and seasonless capsule!

Casual spring capsule wardrobe

casual spring capsule wardrobe

Casual spring capsule wardrobe from top left: blue puff sleeve top (Pantone color of the year!) / turquoise 3/4 sleeve tee / black v-neck cardigan sweater / black puff sleeve top with ruffle collar (also seen here) / black 3/4 sleeve tee / golden hoop earrings / blue and silver earrings / white and silver earrings / red and gold earrings / light wash cropped skinny jeans / black belt / red long puff sleeve sweatshirt / red boat neck 3/4 sleeve tee with buttons / medium wash classic cut jeans /

OK, we don’t all leave the house dressed like a fashion plate every day of the year. This is why we all need a casual capsule wardrobe for the spring 2020 season. As you can see, the same jeans and tee’s are in this capsule wardrobe. I added a cardigan sweater, which is very on-trend for spring, as well as three tops which offer trendy puff sleeves for a more structured casual look; when a tee is just too simple.

The long sleeve puff sweatshirt has a formal look to it, yet the fabric and comfort is that of a sweatshirt. It looks on trend and offers warmth when the fog is in, or it’s a cool spring day. The short sleeve tops and tee’s are great for general, everyday spring wear. The cardigan is great for wearing over your shoulders in case the fog rolls in, or temperatures drop in the evening. The IT way to wear your cardigan this season is draped or tied over the shoulders. Think 1950s style, sans poodle skirt 😉

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Basic jeans and tee can be enhanced with the cardigan, and fun, trendy jewelry. Multi-colored jewelry, especially bracelets, are very hot this spring season. This bracelet can be worn with any color palette and it will instantly elevate event the most basic jeans and tee look. Love that!

Dressy spring capsule wardrobe

dressy spring capsule wardrobe

Dressy spring capsule wardrobe from left: red floral print skirt / black puff sleeve top with ruffle collar / golden hoop earrings / silver and white earrings / red long puff sleeve sweatshirt / black v-neck cardigan sweater /

I always need a skirt in my seasonal capsule wardrobe. This red floral skirt hits mid-calf and offers a spring vibe. It can be paired with a red top, black top, or white top. I have chosen red and black as my two tops to alternate with this skirt. Since the cardigan is having a moment, it is part of this dressy spring capsule wardrobe too. Again, it should be worn over the shoulders.

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That’s it! Four “hero pieces,” two pairs of jeans, a few tee’s and tops along with four pairs of earrings and a bracelet. Voila! My spring 2020 capsule wardrobe is here, and it can all be mixed and matched.

You can save money this season by using jeans, in lighter washes, from last year. Look for cropped, classic, and skinny cuts. You can also pull out tee’s from your closet which reflect the spring 2020 color palette. Think oceanic hues, shades of red, orange, yellow and pink. Look for vivid colors, as well as pastels. When it comes to jewelry, you may already own classic pieces you can pull forward for spring. To update your wardrobe, look for a pastel menswear blazer, a kimono, a cardigan sweater, and a floral skirt. Instant spring!

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for my spring handbag capsule, and my spring shoe capsule, later this week!