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Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024

shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024 shoe trends sneakers

Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024 from top: black boots / rose/white sneakers / faux fur boots / Mary Janes /

Well, since it seems to be raining less this year, and temperatures seem slightly warmer than last year, I am keeping my Mary Janes in rotation for the winter season, and my rose sneakers too!

Of course, faux fur boots are always appropriate during the winter months, and these black boots are constantly being worn. I love them!

As you can tell, my winter shoe capsule wardrobe is small, and mainly meant for daily wear. These Mary Janes are comfortable and can easily be worn with pants, skirts, and dresses which makes them versatile. I can store my high heels for warmer months.

My black boots work perfectly with jeans, trousers, and longer skirts or dresses. They are comfy way to elevate an outfit. Love that!

Shop my shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2024, and a few I may pull out occasionally, online:

Which shoes are your go-to’s this winter season?

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Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024

handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024 it bags

Handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024 from top left: top handle caramel bag / mini tote bag / black shoulder bag / green shoulder bag /

My handbag capsule wardrobe for winter 2024 is on the smaller side. I don’t need a tote bag this season, so my totes are stored for spring, and my beautiful Givenchy Antigona, which will emerge again in spring, is stored and waiting to return next season.

For the winter 2024 season, my bags are smaller and able to be worn cross body or over the shoulder. This black shoulder bag is my go-to for daily wear. It is easy to wear for running errands as well as going out to lunch, shopping, etc. I’m thinking of getting one in an additional color, I love this bag so much!

Of course, this little green bag is perfect for when I need a pop of color added to my ensembles. Since I am not a huge Peach Fuzz person, shades of green and blue will continue to be my colors as we head into 2024. After all, they are both on the spring color palette, so I’m good! Plus, this fabulous green hue is a classic color in world of Bottega Veneta. Love that!

This top handle bag is perfect for days when I need more room in my bag since I can fit gloves, a scarf, and snacks inside. Love!

Now, let’s talk about this mini tote bag. Although labelled as mini by Mulberry, it really is in the small tote category. It fits gloves and snacks too! This is my go-to bag when I want a more structured look, or simply need to carry more than a wallet, keys, phone. I am contemplating investing in another color of this bag too. Love it!

Shop my handbag capsule wardrobe winter 2024, plus a few I might reach for, online:

It’s nice having a paired down handbag capsule wardrobe for the winter season. It’s a quiet season after the holidays and not much is going on, so keeping things simple is always nice.

What are you favorite winter handbags?

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Winter capsule wardrobe 2024

winter capsule wardrobe 2024

Winter capsule wardrobe 2024 from top left: green blouse / blue sweater / silver hoops / golden hoops / silver bracelet / black belt / cardigan sweater / spice striped sweater / black trousers / black pencil skirt / denim pencil skirt / black jeans / flare jeans /

OK, ok, I know. I made a collage instead of a flat lay. To be frank, half of these items were in the laundry when I needed to make a flat lay so I opted to create a collage instead.

What I like about the collage is that you can see all of the tops and bottoms and how they mix and match. I think it is a clearer visual than a flat lay. What do you think?

As you can see, this winter season is again, a casual one. I am opting for investment pieces such as classic black pants, pencil skirts, cozy sweaters and jewelry. I love a classic look which can carry me from season to season without looking dated. I mean, we all have those photos from the late 1980s somewhere in our photo albums with hair sprayed hair, wild patterns, and, dare I say it, shoulder pads! The horror!

To keep memories like that from becoming cringy, timeless style is the way to go. Not only will the photos look good thirty years from now, but we can all save money over time by not buying one-season-wonders. Love that!

Shop my winter capsule wardrobe 2024 online:

Check out my outfits section of the blog to see some of these pieces put together.

What are you loving for your winter capsule wardrobe this cold weather season?

Stay tuned for more seasonal yet timeless capsules!

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