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Fall 2021 shoe capsule wardrobe

fall 2021 shoe capsule wardrobe

Fall 2021 shoe capsule wardrobe from top left: loafer mules / square toe pumps / lug sole loafers / chain detail booties / square toe loafers / lug sole boots (water resistant!) /

My fall shoe capsule is here! I love the shoes this fall season. They are reminiscent of the 1990s, and everything I loved about that era in fashion.

The square toe was one of my favorite trends in the mid to late 1990s. It is a design which offers extra room for your toes inside of your shoe. This makes them very comfortable for walking and wearing all day! Love!

I also love the lug sole, which has always been in style, but is more popular in some seasons than in others. This fall 2021 season, the lug sole is extremely popular! You will see it on almost every style of shoe. Lug soles are very practical since they offer traction during the cold months when walking on ice or snow. They also withstand rain since lug soles are made from rubber, and can get wet without consequences. Plus, the thick rubber sole offers extra cushion; again, a comfortable trend in footwear.

Chains and bits are huge again this fall! The bit is a classic feature found on many loafers every season. For fall 2021, it seems to be everywhere. Look for bits and chains on your fall footwear in order to add a little spice to your shoe wardrobe this season. Love it!

Fall 2021 fall sneakers capsule wardrobe

fall 2021 sneakers capsule wardrobe

Fall 2021 sneakers capsule wardrobe from left: classic navy and white sneakers (fall IT shoe, under $100) / platform sneakers / heart sneakers (under $100) /

As you know, sneakers are a hot trend this season. To be frank, sneakers have been a hot trend for several seasons and are showing no sign of slowing down. This urban, street style trend appears to be here to stay; and I am loving it! Sneakers are comfortable, and make days when you need to walk a lot, easy to navigate.

I love how designers are getting creative with sneakers, and I also love how classic styles are making a comeback. This fall season, look for sneakers which are classic and retro, as well as designer stand-out pieces. It’s time to invest in our sneaker wardrobes!

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Well, that’s it! My fall shoe capsule wardrobe is neutral in color, and combines both classic and trendy elements. What are your favorite shoe style this fall season?

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Fall 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe

fall 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe

Fall 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe from top left: stripe cross body bag / black pouch clutch / Prada hobo bag / dark brown chain pouch / small convertible black bag (IT bag under $300) /

Well, as you can tell, I am still in a black handbag mood! Since the two biggest decades of influence this fall 2021 season are the 1990s and the 1970s, my handbag mood is leaning ’90’s. In the 1990s, we wore black handbags. Unless the bag was logo, or Dooney and Burke, our bags were mostly black.

We loved wearing bags with short straps which tucked right underneath our arms, and shiny leather finishes were hotter than hot. While the current pouch trend has nothing to do with the 1990s, it is still relevant for 2021 and beyond; and I love it. Pouches are soft and fun to wear. I love this trend!

So, without further ado, this is my fall 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe! I have two soft pouch clutches; one of which is understated and black, the other pouch clutch has a trendy and chunky chain, with leather in deep, chocolate brown. My stripe bag is convertible, comes with two straps, and can be worn as a belt bag or cross body bag; this is my go-to everyday bag, and I always wear it cross body. It fits everything I need on a daily basis, and is very comfortable. Plus, the stripes and overall design are fabulous. Love!

When I don’t need to carry too much, this mini black bag is perfect, and so very 1990s. It has two straps, which I alternate between depending upon my outfit. The short strap offers vintage vibes while the cross body strap makes it very modern and 2020s.

Lastly, how could I not talk about this Prada hobo? It’s fashioned after Prada’s famous hobos from the late 1990s and offers the same high gloss finish which was popular during the era. It’s lightweight and fun to wear. Plus, it reminds me of the ’90’s! haha

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Well, that’s it! My fall 2021 handbag capsule wardrobe is dark with a retro vibe. Stay tuned for more fall coverage!

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Fall 2021 capsule wardrobe

Fall 2021 capsule wardrobe from left: chunky cardigan sweater / beige puff sleeve tee (under$50) / long sleeve black tee (under $100) / pink scarf (under $100) / green asymmetrical hem pleated skirt / large hoop earrings (under $100) / green statement earrings / mint statement earrings (sold out, similar here) / bracelets (under $50, local designer) / black jeans / dark wash distressed jeans / (not pictured-was wearing when I took the photo-oops!) snake buckle belt / (not pictured-puff sleeve black tee )

In case you noticed, my fall capsule wardrobe is trimmed down this season. This is due to the fact that I lost close to thirty pounds since April. Yes, you read that correctly! I have lost exactly twenty-eight pounds since April.

My weight has been creeping up over the last several years, and my doctor finally read me the riot act. She put me on a diet! I am glad she did, because I am back to my normal weight, and my older clothing fits! That being said, the clothing pieces you have seen me wear over the past few years are all way too big on me now.

My hope in moving towards capsule wardrobes each season was to reduce my purchases, and have a more sustainable closet. In keeping with this spirit, my fall capsule wardrobe is small this season because I am starting over! I have had to purchase new jeans and tee’s which fit me. So the next couple seasons, I will be re-building my wardrobe; little by little! The clothing that is too big now, I am donating to charity.

So, in order to start over, I purchased these dark wash denim jeans earlier this month, as well as these black jeans for the cool weather season. They are perfect for the fall season, and will also work well into the holiday and winter seasons.

I love fashionable tee’s! My fabulous, puff sleeve tee’s from the last few seasons are way too big now; I look like I am swimming in them. Therefore, I need to re-build my tee wardrobe. I am starting with this beige, puff sleeve tee which is ideal for fall, and also this long sleeve black tee since it is basic, and will carry me through fall, winter, and the holiday season.

What if I need to dress up? Ah! My dresses are huge, so if I need a dress, I will buy one when the time comes. In the meantime, this pleated green skirt, with an asymmetrical hemline, is perfect for the fall and holiday seasons. I love the movement it offers and the emerald green hue. I hope to pick up another top to wear with it this season, but in the meantime, I will wear this puff sleeve black top, and a pair of heels.

Oversize, chunky cardigan sweaters are hotter than hot this fall season, so this neutral hued cardigan will be perfect for keeping me cozy during the cooler months. Love it!

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Since I have lost so much weight, you may see more fall pieces pop up on the blog during the season. My shoe and handbag capsules will post on the blog later this week. Stay tuned!

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