Where to place your handbag at a restaurant

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Where do I place my handbag at a restaurant?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you constantly wonder where a good spot for your bag is when you go out to eat? Do you cringe at the thought of placing your bag on the floor? Well, stop wondering, and start reading!

One of the trickiest things we all face when we sit down at a restaurant is where to place our handbag. Sometimes we get lucky, and there is an extra chair at the table where all the ladies can place their handbags, and other times, we are left utterly confused.

Thankfully, there is etiquette in place for this very problem! There are three acceptable places to place a handbag while dining out at a restaurant.

1. Place your bag under your napkin.

where to place your handbag at a restaurant

If your bag is small to medium in size, you should place it on your lap, and put your napkin over it. This is the safest place to put your handbag at a restaurant. No-one can grab it, since it is covered on your lap. Genius!

2. Place your bag on the chair behind you.

where to place your handbag at a restaurant

If your bag does not fit underneath your napkin, or you find it uncomfortable, you can safely place your bag behind your back, on your chair. If you have a coat, jacket, or wrap which was not checked in at the coat check, you can sit on it and have it cover your bag behind you.

3. If you are sitting at a booth, place your bag next to you.

where to put your handbag when sitting at a booth

Lucky you! Your party got a booth! The booth is the most coveted spot in the restaurant, and you snagged it! Not only are you very comfortable, but you can safely place your handbag on the seat next to your hip. Love that!

Where to place a tote bag at a restaurant.

OK, I don’t have a picture for this one. Always carry the smallest bag possible when eating out, but if you must bring a diaper bag, shopping tote, laptop case, or other large bag, you should also bring a napkin or plastic bag for it. First, find a spot on the floor next to you, by your feet. Then place the napkin or plastic bag on the floor. After you have safely placed the napkin or bag on the floor, you can safely place your large bag or tote on top of it. This is the only acceptable time for using the floor to store your bag while dining out.

Handbag don’ts at a restaurant

  1. Do not place your handbag on the floor unless it is a large bag or tote. See above.
  2. Do not drape your handbag on the back of your chair. Not only could it easily be stolen, it can get in the way of your server who is trying to balance food, drinks, and other items.
  3. Do not place your handbag on the table. It’s gauche. It is also a good way to get food on your bag. Plus, your bag could get in your way, or the way of other people sitting at your table. Just don’t do it, no matter how small or precious it is.
  4. Do not ask another person at your table to put your bag on their lap or chair. Take care of your own bag!
  5. Do not check in your bag at the coat check. This is a great way to get pick-pocketed.

There you have it! Tips on where to place your handbag at a restaurant. Now you won’t have to wonder where to put your handbag at a restaurant when you eat out! Love that!

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