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Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag review

mansur gavriel pencil bag review

Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag review: bead bracelets / chain link bracelet / Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag handbag in Creme /

How cute is this new little bag from Mansur Gavriel! When it launched last month, I instantly fell in love. The only decision I needed to make was which color to invest in! Although the Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag comes in a variety of beautiful hues, the classic and neutral Creme color caught my eye.

I own a lot of black bags, so I decided to lighten up my neutral bag collection and go with this Creme hue. While it looked like ivory on my computer screen, it’s actually more of an egg color. It’s as if someone took ivory and added one drop of pale yellow to it. That is how I would describe Mansur Gavriel’s Creme in person.

This is a great color for the Pencil Bag since it plays well with seasonal colored shoes, bright prints, and any color combo ensemble. A crème bag will be easy to wear throughout the spring and summer seasons, as well as into the fall and winter seasons. Since crème isn’t a stark white, it will play well with autumn hues, and it can double as a winter white during the cold weather season. Love that!

What I like about the Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag is that it is a dressy bag. This cute little shoulder bag has a shiny leather finish which is not quite patent, but definitely not matte. It is reminiscent of the shiny leather finishes we saw throughout the 1990s on handbags. The finish makes this bag a little bit dressier than a day bag; although it can easily be worn during the day to weddings, parties, luncheons, and any occasion where you are dressing up. Due to the finish, the Pencil Bag can be worn at night too. While it’s not black tie, this bag can be worn to the theater, dinner, parties, and more!

What fits inside the Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag

What’s inside my Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag from top left: Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag / small wallet (in-store Louis Vuitton) / liquid lipstick (vegan!) / lipstick / phone case /

The Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag is small in size. I would even place it in the mini or nano category. It does not fit a full size wallet, so I switch to my small wallet when I wear it. Although it is quite small inside, I can still fit my iPhone, lipstick and keys in addition to my small wallet; this is all I really need. A small, travel size hand sanitizer will also fit inside.

One reason I love this bag for going to the theater, is the opera pocket! This is an easy way to store tickets as you head through the door of a theater. You can also use it to store receipts, or anything flat you need instant access to. The opera pocket is neatly sewn onto the back of the bag.

mansur gavriel pencil bag review opera pocket

Well, that’s it! If you are looking for a classic, dressy bag with a vintage vibe, the Mansur Gavriel Pencil Bag is it! The silhouette offers a 1950s/1960s look while the leather finish reminds us all of the 1990s. Love that mix of style!

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mansur gavriel pencil bag dressy handbag

Spring 2021 Sales

spring 2021 sales handbags shoes jewelry clothing

Spring 2021 sales from top left: structured hobo bag / classic hoop earrings (I own this pair and love them!) / black sequin flutter sleeve top (SO CUTE!) / classic espadrilles / block heel slides / IT bag designer saddle bag / sneakers / puffy basket bag (hot 2021 trend!) /

Spring sales are starting! This is a great time to snap up trendy items you didn’t want to pay full price for, or to snag a deal on a classic item you can wear and throughout the summer season. Love these sales!

I found a few fabulous items on major sale for the spring season around the web and assembled them into this post. I hope you love them! Have fun shopping the sales!

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BAF Weekly IT List

spring street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: straw tote (IT bag under $500) / soft clutch / grey sneakers (under $100) / black dress (under $100) / spring nail polish pink / spring nail polish sparkling red / liquid lipstick (vegan! review here) / espadrilles / spring lipstick / hair dryer / grey handbag /

SO many amazing items trending this week for spring! Loving this straw tote, which I find myself wearing a lot lately. It’s roomy without being large and bulky. Love that!

Soft clutches are still trending, and as the economy reopens, more of us need one to wear out on the town! This grey carry-all is also a must-have for everyday wear. Love!

Spring beauty is hot right now! If you shop at Sephora, they are having a VIB event now through April 19, 2021. Use coupon code OMGSPRING to save 10%-20% on your purchase. Here are a few of my current Sephora favorites:

Lighter clothing and footwear is a must right now! We are starting to see temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, and it’s fabulous! With higher temps, presents the need for lighter footwear. Love these espadrilles and these lightweight, canvas sneakers for warmer days. Sandal weather isn’t quite here yet, so these shoes are perfect!

SALE ALERT! adidas is having an amazing sale on kids clothing and gear! If you buy 2 items, you can save 20% off your purchase. If you buy 3 or more items, you can save 30% off your purchase. Now through April 30, 2021. Use coupon code GEARUP to save! As the kids go back to school in-person this month, I am finding they need new outfits. Thank goodness for this sale!! Sale at adidas.com.

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