Hermes nail polish spring summer 2024 review

Hermes nail polish spring summer 2024 from left: Hermes Orange Tonique / Hermes Bleu Electrique / Hermes Ultraviolet /

Hermes nail polish. I had to try it! The collection had been tempting me for quite some time, but when I spotted these bright and cheery hues for the spring summer 2024 season, I realized it was time to take the plunge; so, I bought all three spring/summer colors!

At first glance, I assumed Hermes Bleu Electrique nail polish would be my favorite, and while it’s a fabulous shade of blue, I am torn between Orange Tonique and Ultraviolet! I never in million years thought I would gravitate towards an orange nail polish. I usually shy away from orange hues, but there is a slightly soft, blue undertone in Hermes Orange Tonique which draws me in, I love it! Who am I???? haha

This really is a beautiful orange. So, if you are like me and tend to skip over the orange nail polish hues, stop and take a look at this one, it might just blow you away! Then, there is Hermes Ultraviolet nail polish. It is beautiful! I am definitely going to have trouble deciding which color to paint my nails next! I am currently wearing Hermes Leu Electrique nail polish as I type this.

This was my first time using Hermes nail polish, and as someone who judges brushes and application, I have a little something to say. First off, I love the brush design. Hermes nail polish applied smoothly without streaking and making a mess on my surrounding skin. It was easy to apply two coats of color over my base coat. Now, here is where things change . . .

Hermes Orange Tonique nail polish and Hermes Ultraviolet nail polish both applied evenly. All three nail polish colors are cream polishes and I tested them with one base coat and two coats of colors. With Hermes Bleu Electrique, the application wasn’t as smooth as the other two hues. I had trouble getting even coverage with Bleu Electrique. It wasn’t streaky, just not as saturated as the other two. I feel like Hermes Bleu Electrique needs three coats to look perfect. This isn’t a big deal, but it is an extra step when you are accustomed to two coats of color. So, all in all, Hermes Bleu Electrique nail polish is fabulous, it just needs three coats instead of two.

So, without further ado, here are the three nail polish colors from Hermes for the spring and summer 2024 seasons.

Hermes nail polish spring 2024 | Hermes Orange Tonique

hermes orange tonique nail polish summer 2024 nail polish review

Hermes nail polish spring 2024 | Hermes Ultraviolet

hermes nail polish hermes ultraviolet spring 2024

Hermes nail polish spring 2024 | Hermes Bleu Electrique

hermes bleu electrique nail polish

All three Hermes nail polish colors are fabulous. Since they are from a combo season, spring and summer together, these nail polish colors will have longevity throughout the warm weather months. In fact, Hermes Orange Tonique nail polish can easily take you into the early fall season. I really love these colors! They are bright, happy, and add the right pop to any spring/summer look. Love that!

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hermes nail polish spring summer 2024 review