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Chanel Melody nail polish summer 2020 review

summer 2020 nail polish chanel melody

pictured: Chanel Melody nail polish for summer 2020 /

How fabulous is this blue nail polish for summer 2020? Love it! Turns out, Chanel Melody is a nail polish hue which is part of Chanel’s summer 2020 beauty collection. It was not available yet when I originally did my Chanel summer 2020 nail polish post, so I found out about it after the fact. It’s such a fabulous color, I guess it wanted to be fashionably late to the summer nail polish party; and make an entrance! haha

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may have noticed how much I love blue. If you are new here, blue is my favorite color. In fact, any oceanic hue is on my favorite color list. With that knowledge, you must know this color is making me very happy!

Chanel Melody reminds me of water. It also reminds me of the sky. Two things in nature which offer beautiful blue hues. This is a fun color to add to your summer beauty collection and wear on days when you are hitting the beach, or the pool! I love it!

It’s a bright blue cream nail polish which offers a smooth application. I used one base coat, two coats of Chanel Melody nail polish, and one top coat. This polish goes on smoothly, leaving no streaks or clumps. It’s a really pretty color, and looks great once you are done with your nails!

Chanel summer 2020 nail polish collection online:

If you are looking for a fabulous blue hue this summer, Chanel Melody is your blue! I’m excited to wear it on beach days, pool days, and anytime I want to feel or look like I am near water. Love it!

What do you think of Chanel Melody nail polish for summer 2020? Are you as excited about it as I am?

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Chanel nail polish summer 2020 review

Chanel summer 2020 nail polish review

chanel summer 2020 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish summer 2020 from left: Chanel Cruise nail polish / Chanel Vibration nail polish / Chanel Rhythm nail polish / Chanel Sailor nail polish / Chanel Energy nail polish / Chanel Harmony nail polish /

Summer 2020 from Chanel has arrived early this year! Yay! I am so excited that Chanel has released their fabulous summer 2020 beauty collection a month earlier than normal this year. These colors are vibrant, happy, and fun! Isn’t that what we all need right now? Loving them!

While Chanel Cruise, and Chanel Sailor, are the two official hues from the Chanel summer 2020 nail polish collection, there are four additional colors Chanel has released outside the official collection, which are unofficially summer 2020; and I am here for them!

Cruise and Sailor are hot colors for summer. Cruise is a bright orange, while Sailor is a bright cherry red. If you are looking for a twist on classic red, Sailor is your hue! If you want to stop traffic, Cruise is your color of the season! It’s a bright orange that is sure to light your nails on fire. Wowzers!

Outside of the official summer 2020 collection, Chanel Vibration is a deep fuchsia hue which is great to wear everyday. If you love blue like me, then Chanel Rhythm is a bright blue which is almost-navy, but defies navy by being bright. It’s a rebellious navy; love that! If pink is your thing, then Chanel Energy will be your go-to, bright pink this season. Lastly, Chanel Harmony is a teal shade which is bright, yet on the verge of being a dark teal. This is the perfect hue for late summer when you want to start transitioning from summer into fall. It can easily be worn in the autumn. It’s just the right hue. Love

Without further ado, here are the six fabulous hues from the Chanel summer 2020 nail polish collection!

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Cruise

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel cruise

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Vibration

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel vibration

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Rhythm

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel vibration

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Sailor

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel sailor

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Energy

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel energy

Chanel nail polish summer 2020: Chanel Harmony

chanel summer 2020 nail polish chanel harmony

There they are! What do you think? My two favorites are Chanel Energy nail polish, and Chanel Harmony nail polish. I love the bright pink, and I am also partial to teal. Of course, Chanel Rhythm nail polish has also caught my eye. It’s a really fun blue! Which color, or colors, do you plan to rock this summer season?

Shop the Chanel nail polish summer 2020 collection online:

Stay tuned! Chanel has several fabulous lipstick hues for summer 2020 too. I will review those in a separate post early next week.

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Home manicure tips

chanel fleur de pecher nail polish late spring 2020

photo: my current favorite polish, see original post here.

Do you normally head to a manicurist to get your nails done? Now that we are sheltering-in-place, are your nails going to pot? Never fear, you can learn how to do your own nails here!

I don’t like people touching my nails, so I have been doing my own nails since high school. I love wearing the current “IT” nail colors, as well as colors which fit my mood. It’s always fun to keep a few colors on hand so you can switch things up every time you do your nails.

If you invest in good nail polish, your home manicure can last for a week; and you’ll find yourself saving tons of money over time. After the lockdown is lifted, you may find you continue doing your own nails at home! It’s a huge money saver; and it gives you the flexibility to change your nail color at will. You’ll get hooked!

Here is my tried and true, home manicure routine. It’s simple, and not invasive. This is also how I keep my nails strong and healthy.

  1. Clean off any old nail polish using a nail polish remover which doesn’t strip your nails. This one is my favorite.
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Clip your nails. This is a great clipper.
  4. File your nails. These are great. Only the edges! Do not file or buff the top of your nails. This weakens them.
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Apply hand cream. Check out my favorites.
  7. Let your hands rest for fifteen minutes
  8. Apply a base coat, wait twenty minutes
  9. Apply first coat of color, wait twenty minutes
  10. Apply second coat of color, wait twenty minutes
  11. Apply top coat.
  12. Allow nails to set for half an hour before doing any type of work

I like to do my nails in the evening when I am relaxing and watching TV. I always make sure I have finished house cleaning for the day. It’s also a good idea to already be in your PJ’s, and have already washed your face, before doing your nails. The only thing I leave for after my nails is brushing my teeth; just in case I want an evening snack, or feel like drinking tea.

It is always a good idea to allow your nails to set and rest, even when they seem dry and hard. This seems to allow the manicure to last longer.

Why use a base coat? A base coat protects your nails from color staining. It can also protect you if you are using nail polish which isn’t five free. What is five free? Five free nail polishes are free from dangerous chemicals which could seep into your body through your nails. I always show, and promote, brands which are five free and healthy for your nails. So no worries!

I recommend using a five free base coat, then you can use any color you want; although I recommend sticking to five free brands for your color and top coat too.

Here are a few fun colors to try out at home, as well as tools you’ll need for your home manicure. You can rock the color of the year, or one of the season’s IT colors by Chanel. There are so many pretty colors out there to try out!

How do I keep my nails healthy? I like to let them breath once a month. It’s a good idea to keep your nails polish-free for twenty four hours, once a month. I try to time it so that my nails are polish-free on a day when I don’t have any plans, and no-one will see my bare nails. Although, if you keep your nails healthy, they will look perfectly fine bare. This is a tip my mom taught me when I started painting my nails in high school. It’s an old school tip, and it works like a charm!

Hopefully this helps you keep your nails looking fabulous while nail salons are closed. Feel free to share any of your own tips in the comment section below!

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