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Spring 2019 fragrances

spring 2019 fragrances

From top left: Vetiver 46 / Roja / Agua Allegoria / Estee Lauder Belle Beautiful (one of my fav’s-I wear it often) / Twilly D’Hermes / Murdock Vetiver / Tiffany / Replica /

Spring 2019 is here! This means it is time to move away from our warm, heavy winter fragrances, and into something more fresh and spring-like. . .or is it?

For the spring 2019 season, we are seeing a resurgence of the heavier fragrances from the late 1980s and early 1990s. This was the era where you left a trail of scent in your wake. As fashion tends towards this era, so does fragrance! Get ready to pair your bold hues, biker shorts, and puffy sleeves with vetiver; and be sure to leave a trail.

My signature fragrance in the early to mid-1990s was Gio de Giorgio Armani. It was a heavy vetiver scent which always left a trail. When fragrance softened up in the late 1990s, vetiver was left for men’s cologne only; even then, it was watered down. This season, perfumer’s are featuring the heavy fragrance note, and designing entire perfumes around vetiver! I think I am in love!!!

So, for the spring 2019 season, look for medium to heavy fragrances. Look for something warm, leathery, and woody. Mix those florals with something slightly masculine, and always leave a trail!

I went smelling, and found a few fabulous scents which embody different facets of the fragrance trends this spring season. There is something for everyone in my collage above! Find your ideal floral, citrus, or vetiver! I hope you love these as much as I do!

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What is your favorite spring scent? Are you ready to leave a trail? Or will you continue to wear skin scents?

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Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol Treatment review

estee lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol Treatment review

pictured: Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment c/o Estee Lauder /

As someone who has celebrated the anniversary of her 39th birthday for a few years now. . .a-hem. . .my skin is at a phase in life where fine lines, and dark spots, are starting to be visible. As much as I would like to pretend none of this is on my face, it is! I can’t ignore it when I look in the mirror.

Although I have decided to stay 39 forever, my skin knows my true age has a four in front of it. A-hem, pretend you didn’t read that. Anyway. . . retinol is one of the most effective treatments in combating wrinkles and helping one’s skin defy age. Since I aim to defy my age, this is a treatment with my name written all over it!

Estee Lauder has been one of my favorite go-to skin care and makeup brands since I was in high school. They always use advanced technology to create the most amazing products which actually work! I’m currently addicted to their eye cream, which I swear, has reduced fine lines around my eyes over time. Since their eye cream works magical wonders on my skin, I was excited when Estee Lauder sent me their Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment to test out; I knew it would be fabulous!!

When using a retinol treatment, it is good to avoid going out in the sun. This is the one good thing about all the grey, rainy weather we have been having over the past month. Since there are zero sunny days, it has been the perfect time to use this Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment on my facial skin. Of course, even if the sun isn’t shining, it is important to use a strong SPF on your skin during the day because the rays can still get through the clouds and you will need to protect your skin while using a retinol treatment even more; but I digress, back to this fabulous product!

I have fallen in love with Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment. It has evened out my skin tone, reducing dark spots so that they can hardly be seen. This is really important for me since I shy away from wearing foundation, preferring a foundation powder in my daily makeup routine. I want my skin to have a clean, even look. This product helps me keep that up!

The Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment is a great item to keep in your beauty arsenal if you have dark spots and/or fine lines/wrinkles. I’m all about using products, rather than getting injections, to keep skin looking it’s best. So, if you like to be natural too, this is a must have!

You can find the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Rapid Renewal Retinol treatment online here.

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Have you tried retinol before? What did you think?

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Winter 2019 skin care routine

skin care over 40

from left: hand cream / eye cream / face cream / neck cream /

Winter is here! This means cold weather, drying indoor heat, wind, and dry skin. When my skin is dry, I try to keep my skin care routine simple so that my pores are not loaded up with junk. By using a small amount of the right products, I can keep winter dry skin at bay, and keep my skin looking as normal as possible.

First off, these pictures are not perfect. That is because I photographed products which I currently use. These are not pictures of products I have not opened yet, or not tried yet; these are my go-to skin care products for the winter! Some are new, and one I have been using for over fifteen years.

Skin care over 40

genx skin care over 40

Let’s face it, this GenX mother of three needs quality skin care over 40. That means my skin is over 40 years old; um, did I really just type that? Inside my head I am still 39 😉 anyhoo. . .

When you are over 40, or even under 30, or 20, it is important to take care of your skin. See that neck cream in the photo above? I have been going through one jar of it every six months for the last fifteen years. I started using this neck cream when I was in my late 20’s, and I have not tried anything else; I love it! Not to brag or anything. . . but. . .my neck looks pretty for a GenX gal. Just sayin’

If you are in your 20’s, snag this neck cream; and if you are over 30, over 40, over 50, etc. I promise it is worth every penny, and you will love, love love it!

The Elemis face cream has become an addiction of mine over the past two years. Their PR team sent it to me originally, and I threw it into my NYFW suitcase shortly after receiving the PR package. It was a February fashion week when the temperatures can dip below zero, and dry air was at it’s peak. I was thrilled to have Elemis in my arsenal! I am hooked, and have been using it everyday since. I especially love it during the dry months, and in the winter. I’m on my fourth jar of it, and pretty soon I will need to buy a fifth jar! It’s so good. I cannot imagine using any other face cream when the air is dry. It adds the right amount of moisture while providing the anti-aging power my over 40 skin needs. Ugh, did I just admit to being over 40 again? I’m 39. . . 39 ya hear! (only in my head, a-hem)

Estee Lauder’s eye cream is more of a gel-cream. I started using it earlier this year and have found it works really well when the air is dry. I love how my under-eye skin is reacting to it this season. It really is adding moisture without adding shine or other problems to my skin. Also, my fine lines seem diminished; so I am hooked!

I just started using Colleen Rothschild’s hand cream a few months ago. I have noticed I need less hand cream applications during the day since I started to use it. This hand cream has really helped my hands a lot! I only need it in the morning, and before bed. No amount of house cleaning, and hand washing, can break the seal this hand cream creates. I think it must be repairing my skin, because my hand skin is not getting as dry as it used to. Not sure this will work for everyone, but for me, I am addicted and hooked for life! I suggest trying it if your hands get dry!

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What are your favorite skin care products this time of year?

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