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Fashionable rain boots at great prices

fashionable rain boots trendy rain boots high heel rain boots

pictured: high heel rain boots in black /

The rainy season is here! Do you have a fabulous pair of rain boots to keep your feet nice and dry on wet days? If not, you have found the right place on the Internet.

My biggest pet peeve is looking frumpy on rainy days. Just because I want to stay dry, doesn’t mean I want to look like a giant puffer coat. If you are like me, you like to stay dry AND look fabulous while doing it!

Fashionable rain boots can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need a flat pair, and other times you need to look fabulous in high heels. When wearing heels in the rain, you want to rock those heels, not look like a fashion victim. So, a solid and supportive stacked heel is the perfect way to add some height without the risk of a broken ankle.

I found this pair of fashionable rain boots which also happen to be a pair of affordable rain boots for the fall and winter seasons. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is when we get most of our rain, so our feet need to be prepared; and fabulous! I love this pair of high heel rain boots I found priced under $60. I can stay dry, and still add some height to my 5’4″ frame.  Now THAT’S fabulous! I love a good bargain that is also on trend! Don’t you?

In addition to these high heel rain boots, there are plenty of fashionable rain boots on the market this fall 2018 season. So, I assembled the most fabulous rain boots from around the web into the shopping widget below. I hope you find your perfect pair!

Shop fashionable rain boots for fall and winter:

What is your favorite style of rain boots? Have you tried wearing high heel rain boots in the rain?

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Playing with stripes and asymmetrical lines for fall

how to wear asymmetrical hemlines how to wear asymmetrical hemlineshow to wear asymmetrical hemlines how to wear asymmetrical skirts

wearing: fall sunglasses / lipstick / bold faux gem earrings / black twist tee / striped asymmetrical hemline skirt / holiday 2018 nail polish (check out my review here) / bold silver and green ring / PVC tote bag / white booties /

How fun is this skirt! Instead of being a mullet, it’s like a party on the left, and business on the right. Lovin’ it!

This skirt was originally going to be part of one of my NYFW outfits, but as you know, I had to cancel my trip for a medical emergency. As a result, this skirt has been hanging in my closet since the end of August. Even though I am loving the cooler temperatures the fall season brings us, I was secretly thrilled the last couple of days when the weather went back up into the 80’s. This meant I could wear my skirt! Yay!

In order to bring this avant-garde skirt down to the streets, I paired it with a conservative black twist tee, and some fun accessories. Faux gems are a huge trend right now, so I thought these earrings priced under $25 were perfect for adding a little sass to the look. My white kitten heel booties are really comfortable and bring out the white in the stripes on the skirt, so I added them too! I wasn’t sure which bag to wear, but my daughter convinced me this little PVC tote was perfect; so I went with it! haha

I can see this skirt with knee boots and a chunky sweater on cooler days; I just need to replace my beat-up black knee boots from a few years ago before I can put that look together!

Shop my stripes and asymmetrical hem skirt outfit:

What do you think of asymmetrical hemlines? Do you have fun wearing them, or are they a little off-kilter for you?

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how to wear asymmetrical dresseshow to wear asymmetrical hemlines

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish holiday 2018 collection

chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection review

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish from left: Chanel Opulence nail polish / Chanel Flamboyance nail polish /

I am so excited to announce the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection has arrived! The fall collection was nice, but didn’t really excite me like Chanel nail polish tends to do every season. So when the Chanel holiday 2018 beauty collection hit store shelves, I was thrilled! These colors are fabulous!!!

There are two beautiful colors in the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection; Chanel Flamboyance and Chanel Opulence. One hue is a twist on a traditional Christmas color, while the other is bordering on avant-garde, love that!

Since these two nail polish colors are so pretty, I have immediately switched from fall nails to holidays nails; and plan to wear these colors throughout the entire season. They are THAT fabulous! I’m really excited about Chanel Opulence, which I feel is a great color for transitioning from fall into the holiday season. Chanel Flamboyance will be my go-to after Thanksgiving since it is the perfect color for the holiday season. I’m excited-I hope you are too!!

So, without further ado, here are the two fabulous hues from the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection!

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish: Flamboyance

chanel nail polish holidays 2018 flamboyance

How pretty is this color! Chanel Flamboyance is a classic cherry pie red with a twist. It has sparkles! Who doesn’t love sparkles during the holiday season! I wish I had the ability to post a video on my blog in order to show you how sparkly this polish really is. It’s a beautiful cherry pie red with just the right amount of  pink undertones. When mixed with the sparkles-which are much smaller than glitter bits-this polish offers a festive sophistication you will want to wear all. the. time!

I tested out Chanel Flamboyance nail polish for the 2018 holiday season with one base coat, and two coats of color. It was chip resistance, and offered a smooth, even color without any streaks. It’s beautiful! I’m not normally a red nail polish kind of gal, but this color is really pretty, and I love the sparkles; so I will definitely be rocking it after Thanksgiving for the holiday season.

Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish: Opulence

chanel holiday 2018 nail polish opulence review chanel holidays 2018 nail polish opulence review

OK, Chanel Opulence is my favorite color of the two hues in Chanel’s holiday 2018 beauty collection. While I am in love with both colors, this one is beyond fabulous. I tried really hard to capture the two personalities of this color with my camera. When I photographed it straight on, the gold sheen showed up perfectly. I tried to turn my hand and find the right angle to capture the purplish-red hues in the color; which is the photo on the bottom. The photo still didn’t capture the depth of the color, but I think you can see how the polish changes color in light, or according to angle. I hope!

Chanel Opulence nail polish is a beautiful golden red hue for the holiday season. It looks different in various lights, and also at alternate angles. It’s such a fun nail polish! The golden red has both a fall vibe, and a holiday look to it; which makes it the perfect nail polish hue for transitioning from the fall 2018 season into the holiday 2018 season. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Opulence nail polish from the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection with one base coat, and two coats of color. Just like most of Chanel’s longwear nail polishes, Opulence by Chanel was chip resistant and offered an even, streak-free application. It’s such a pretty polish!

Shop the Chanel holiday 2018 nail polish collection online:

I am really excited about the Chanel nail polish collection for the holiday 2018 season. It contains two fabulous colors which both serve a purpose, and are easy to wear with our current color palette.

What do you think of the two nail polish colors for the 2018 holidays from Chanel? Do you have a favorite hue?

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