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Handbag Spotlight: Khaite Lotus Tote

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Handbag spotlight: Khaite Lotus Tote, pictured in mini size black /

How fabulous is the Khaite Lotus Tote! I am in love! This beautiful tote bag is made from luxurious, soft leather or suede. It is currently available in two sizes; mini and medium. They are both fabulous, and when it comes time for me to choose, I am not sure which size I will go with!

The mini Khaite Lotus Tote is soft and squishy. It is the perfect size to fit everyday purse essentials, and Khaite has created it in leather and suede. The color choices are neutral with a pale blue suede offered as well as a light navy blue in suede Ugh, they are gorgeous!

In addition, the medium sizes Lotus Tote by Khaite is equally fabulous. It too is available in neutrals and blues, leather or suede. The medium offers a larger tote capacity allowing you carry everything and the kitchen sink.

Both sizes offer that slouchy look and are made with high quality fabrications and craftsmanship. So, it is not surprising why the Khaite Lotus Tote is hot on the streets. This tote bag is popular among fashion insiders, and anyone who appreciates a well-made, investment handbag they can wear year after year. This is truly an heirloom item.

Khaite is an amazing designer brand founded in New York in 2016. It has quickly turned into a cult favorite among fashion insiders, the fashion industry, and anyone looking for high quality, investment items. Thier chic, timeless vibe can be felt beyond the handbag collection and throughout the entire collection. If you are not familiar with Kahite, I highly recommend checking out their entire collection. It is fabulous.

Shop the Khaite Lotus Tote online:

I would love to snap up a Khaite Lotus Tote in black or a light neutral hue. Which color is your favorite?

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Handbag Spotlight: Savette Symmetry

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Handbag Spotlight: Savette Symmetry in black shown /

New series alert! There are always so many fabulous handbags to talk about, but sometimes I limit myself on the blog because I don’t own the bag. Just because I don’t own a handbag, does not mean it isn’t relevant or fabulous, sometimes it is the contrary! Therefore, I decided to create a new series named “Handbag Spotlight” where I can share with you a fabulous IT bag of the moment which may also have investment bag potential. I hope you enjoy this new series and find it helpful as you enjoy the world of handbags with me!

OK, if you are active on social media, there is a really good chance you already know about Savette. If not, let me share this fabulous and young handbag company with you! After all, several handbags from Savette are on my wish list!

Savette is a company based in New York which designs beautiful, investment quality handbags. The designs transcend trends and offer timeless appeal, high quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship. Created in 2020, Savette’s founder wanted to create handbags which can be passed down from generation to generation; heirloom bags. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy and are both refined and functional. I am in love with this brand!

There are several designs on the market from Savette, but two are extremely popular with handbag fans; the Symmetry and the Tondo. Today, I would like to highlight the Savette Symmetry handbag since it is the most sought-after bag of the moment from the brand.

This beautiful top handle bag is available in multiple sizes, as well as a shoulder bag style. The hardware offers understated yet fresh design which is eye-catching and downright beautiful. Without loud logos, this bag will be recognized only be those know handbags. I love this! The Savette Symmetry is a true anonymous handbag, which is both quiet and luxurious.

The Savette Symmetry is made in mostly neutral hues as well as a beautiful shade of red. I love it in dark brown, ivory and black. It is classic and sleek. Love this look! If smooth leather isn’t catching your eye, the Symmetry by Savette is also available in lizard and suede. The suede looks so soft! Love!

Shop the Savette Symmetry around the web:

What do you think of this investment handbag? My favorite version is the shoulder bag. Which style/size do you prefer?

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