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Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette review

mansur gavriel m frame baguette review

pictured: spring nail polish / Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette in black

How cute is the Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette! I have been eyeing this bag since it first launched last year, but I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted a color such as pink or blue, or if I wanted to go classic and stick with black. Of course, I ended up sticking with black. Although, part of me still wants a blue one, and possibly a silver one.

The Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette is a small shoulder bag which fits the essentials. It’s a beautiful leather bag with structure and an unique shape which plays off of the M in Mansur Gavriel. Love that!

There are two zippers on the top of the bag which are handy if you just want to slip something inside quickly, but if you need to reach inside, you have to unzip both zippers. While this can be a little bit awkward, it isn’t too clunky, and it doesn’t seem to bother me. I believe they designed the bag with two zippers because if you had one zipper running the course of the M shape, it would stick at the bottom. Therefore, I believe two zippers are essential to the function of the bag; perhaps that is why it doesn’t bother me.

What fits inside the Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette

mansur gavriel m frame baguette interior
what fits inside mansur gavriel m frame baguette
what fits inside mansur gavriel m frame baguette

The interior of the Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette offers enough room for my wallet, iPhone, keys, and a lipstick. There is still some room inside in case my kids hand me something to carry, or if I want to add a mask, Kleenex, or snack bar.

There is no interior pocket inside the M Frame Baguette. I do not find this to be an issue since the bag is small; so, nothing can really get lost inside of it.

If you are concerned about weight, rest assured, this is a lightweight bag. It stays nicely on the shoulder without slipping off, and it offers a comfortable feel while wearing all day. Love that!

The Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette comes in seasonal colors which are on trend such as bright blue, green, and pink. It is also offered in silver, another hot trend this year. I decided to stick with black, although part of me still wants the blue, possibly the silver, or even the pink! haha

Which color is your favorite?

Shop the Mansur Gavriel M Frame Baguette online:

I rate this bag five out of five stars. I am in love!

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mansur gavriel m frame baguette black review

Coach Luna bag review

Coach Luna bag review
coach luna bag

Pictured: Coach Luna bag / navy tee / nail polish /

How cute is this handbag! One of the big trends for the fall 2022 season is the moon shaped handbag. The new Coach Luna bag is the perfect moon shaped bag for rocking this trend while looking chic. Love it!

The moon shaped handbag trend arose from the hobo handbag trend. It is a slightly more structured version of a hobo without being a larger handbag. Moon shaped bags offer the hobo look without the bulk that comes with a hobo bag. This is a great handbag style for minimalism while being on the cutting edge of current handbag trends. You know I love that!

As soon as the Coach Luna bag popped up on the Coach website and in stores, I fell in love. This handbag is the right size for all of my daily essentials which include a wallet, lipstick, keys, and phone.

What fits inside the Coach Luna bag

In addition to holding my daily essentials, there is still room for sunglasses or other things I need to pop inside my handbag. The Coach Luna is a great size for everyday wear.

One of the things I love about my Coach Luna bag is that the leather is amazing! Coach is known for having high quality leather and craftsmanship at affordable prices. With the Luna bag, Coach does not disappoint. This handbag is made from strong, pebbled leather and offers superior craftsmanship. I am really impressed with this bag, especially for the price! Who doesn’t love a fabulous IT bag under $500! I know I do!

Inside the Coach Luna bag you will find one open pocket. This pocket does not fit a phone, but it does fit folded bills and credit cards. If you don’t want to carry a wallet, this is an optional place for those items. I am just using it to fold and store receipts to keep my interior organized.

Shop the Coach Luna bag online:

What do you think of this beautiful handbag? Do you plan to snap one up and rock the moon shaped bag trend this season?

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coach luna bag moon shaped bag trend fall 2022

DeMellier Vancouver bag review

fall outfit ideas
demellier vancouver bag review

DeMellier Vancouver bag review: outfit idea: cozy sweater / golden hoop earrings / golden ring / nail polish / joggers / DeMellier Vancouver bag in black pebbled leather / high top sneakers /

Are you in a classic mood? I am in a classic mood. I love everything timeless and chic right now. Styles which are simple, no-fuss, and transcend trends are calling my name. Despite all that, while this bag by DeMellier is a classic, it is also on trend. Imagine that!

Box bags are huge right now. In addition, logo-mania is over, which means, the pendulum has swung back to the anonymous handbag and clean lines. While bright colors, pastel hues, and metallic fabrications are on trend, flashing logos is not. This means you can reach for a classic shoulder bag in any color as long as the logo isn’t screaming at people. Love that!

The classic box bag is a must for any wardrobe. This style of handbag will transcend time and you will be able to wear it for years to come. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of box bags to choose from, very few will catch my eye and give me the urge to purchase it. The Vancouver Bag from DeMellier did just that. The classic box bag shape combined with the sturdy pebbled leather and chic clasp, called my name. I had to have one!

The DeMellier Vancouver bag comes in several neutral hues as well as understated seasonal colors. I decided to go with classic black, because as you know, I love black handbags! You can never own enough black handbags!

There are three different types of leather on the DeMellier Vancouver bag to choose from. There is a smooth leather, a pebbled leather, and a stamped exotic leather. I decided to go with pebbled leather because I always find it is soft yet sturdy. Pebbled leather is also easy to clean and less prone to scratching than smooth leathers. As a mother of three, this is an important leather feature!

The DeMellier Vancouver bag comes in one size. I would call this a small/medium. It is roomier than a small bag, but not quite as large as your typical medium handbag. I can easily fit my wallet, sunglasses case, lipstick, keys, and phone inside with some room to spare. The main compartment is just the right size, and the slim, front compartment is perfect for a phone. There is also a small zipper pocket inside, I have not used this pocket yet.

What fits inside the DeMellier Vancouver bag

There are some luxurious features on the DeMellier Vancouver bag I also love. The clasp is very secure as it has a small push button on the bottom which unlocks the clasp. You can see it popped in the two photos below. This makes the bag secure and less likely to get pick-pocketed while on public transportation or in a large crowd. I am very happy with this security feature.

demellier vancouver handbag review
demellier vancouver pebbled leather handbag review

In addition to the secure clasp, the strap is adjustable! This is important because handbag strap trends are shifting. We are moving away from the cross-body bag and going back to the classic shoulder bag. The strap on the DeMellier Vancouver bag can be worn long or pulled up from the center of the top of the bag and worn short. This gives the bag flexibility so you can wear it cross body, 1970s style as a long shoulder bag, or 1990s style as a short shoulder bag. Love that!

So far, I love wearing my DeMellier Vancouver bag on a daily basis. It is a fabulous everyday bag. This shoulder bag can also be worn during the day with shorts or jeans, as well as dressed up at night. It is very versatile. I love a day-into-evening bag!

The DeMellier Vancouver bag is a great handbag to not only rock the box bag trend, but also as a classic wardrobe staple. Love! Which color do you plan to get?

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