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Coach Swing Zip review

pictured: Coach Swing Zip in black / nail polish / sweater / jeans /

How cute is the Coach Swing Zip! This small satchel is a reissue of an almost identical version Coach released in the early 2000’s. Do you know what this means? Glove tanned leather! Yes! Of course, it is not the same as the leather from the 1990s, but still, the glove tanned leather from Coach is still nice.

There is currently an east/west satchel trend on the streets right now, so the Coach Swing Zip fits right into that trend making it both classic and trendy, love that! The Swing Zip by Coach offers a zipper closure, an interior zipper pocket, and an interior slip pocket. The two shoulder straps are adjustable, but I don’t see why anyone would adjust them. The straps are perfect for wearing the bag as a shoulder bag.

The Coach Swing Zip is room enough for daily essentials, but it is still on the small side. I can fit my wallet, lipstick, phone, keys, Kleenex, and glasses case inside.

pictured: Coach Swing Zip in black / nail polish / lipstick /

There is still a small amount of room after I fill the bag with my essentials, but not much. I would say it is a step up, interior space-wise, from the Coach Swinger.

The Coach Swing Zip is proving to be a popular reissue. it seems to sell out with a day or two of Coach releasing a batch. If you follow me on LTK you can save this link and the app will alert you when it restocks.

This is a great, timeless satchel priced well under $500 you can feel good about investing in. I love mine! You can find the Swing Zip by Coach online here.

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Mulberry Zipped Bayswater mini review

mulberry zipped bayswater review mini size

pictured: Mulberry Zipped Bayswater mini / nail polish /

How pretty is this mini Mulberry Zipped Bayswater! This small satchel has been on my wish list for roughly a year, and I finally snapped one up! I love the neutral color, thick and luxurious leather, impeccable craftsmanship, and timeless style. Love!!

The Mulberry mini Zipped Bayswater is part of Mulberry’s Bayswater family which includes several styles and sizes of satchels and totes. The Bayswater style offers a more relaxed version of a structured handbag. It can drift easily between a formal office environment and weekend casual looks. I love the versatility!

This particular style is a mini satchel style which is more like a small handbag. It can fit much more than your average mini, making it easy to carry during any season. I can fit my wallet, phone, lipstick, and keys. In addition, I can add gloves, a thin scarf, and snacks. As you can see from the photos below, it is quite roomy for a mini bag!

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what fits inside mulberry mini zipped bayswater

The Mulberry mini Zipped Bayswater offers one interior slip pocket which can be used for items such as receipts, a card holder, and more. I tend to just throw everything inside without using the interior pocket, but I should use it! haha

I love the luxurious feel, thick leather, and durability of the bag. It really is a workhorse! The larger size would be great for holding a laptop and larger items. I am adding it to my wish list! The hard part is choosing a color, Mulberry always has a vast array of colors to choose from!

The mini Zipped Bayswater comes with a detachable shoulder strap which can be used cross body or over the shoulder. This gives the bag more versatility as it can be carried cross body, as a shoulder bag, handheld, or on the forearm. Love that!

Shop the Mulberry mini zipped Bayswater online:

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Toteme T Lock bag review

Pictured: Toteme T Lock bag / fall nail polish /

Can a handbag be both an IT bag and an investment bag? Yes! Yes it can! The Toteme T Lock bag has all of the qualities of a trending IT bag, as well as an investment purchase to love a lifetime.

Toteme has been for around for almost a decade, but their handbag collection is barely a year old. This doesn’t mean it lacks longevity, quite the opposite. The brand stands for high quality, eco-conscious materials and manufacturing, as well as creating items which transcend trends. For their T Lock bag to launch and immediately become an IT bag, could be contradictory to what the brand stands for, but that doesn’t make it confusing.

The reason this beautiful handbag is so highly sought-after, is because of what it stands for. Consumers want eco-conscious brands, in fact, they hunger for them! Not only that, timeless styles coupled with high quality fabrications and craftsmanship, creates an equation that equals success. This is exactly what makes both an IT bag and an investment bag. Love this!

The T Lock bag by Toteme is not only high functioning and styled beautifully, but also versatile. This quiet and luxurious handbag can be both a satchel and a shoulder bag. It is versatile and can be worn to suit one’s mood, outfit, and lifestyle. Love this!

wearing: hoop earrings / stripe tee / handbag / fall nail polish / black belt / flare jeans / black boots /

In addition to being able to wear the Toteme T Lock bag as both a top handle bag and a shoulder bag, it is roomy and strong. I wanted a bag slightly larger than the small shoulder bags I have been carrying for the last year.

This roomy handbag suits the need for more space as we head into colder months. As you can see below, there is extra room on top of my purse essentials where I can place a pair of warm gloves and a thin scarf.

The interior of the Toteme T Lock bag offers slip pockets where you can store credit cards, receipts, or other slim items. I have not used the pockets, but it is nice to know they are there if I need them.

The shoulder strap can also be stored inside the handbag when being worn as a top handle bag in case you want to quickly convert it into a shoulder bag and free up your hands. The loops are inside the bag, and the strap has easy to snap on hardware. I have found I prefer wearing it as a shoulder bag, so as of right now, I am keeping the strap intact.

The Toteme T Lock bag has a signature T Lock which twists to allow the lock to open. After the first time wearing the bag, I got the hang of the lock and find it easy to maneuver. The top handle is right there when you reach inside the bag, but if you slip your hand in front of it when reaching inside, the top handle isn’t the nuisance it might appear to be in photos. Therefore, getting in and out of the bag earns an A- grade from me.

There are two sizes, or should I say versions, of the Toteme T Lock bag. The one I am reviewing is the regular sized bag which comes with a top handle and detachable shoulder strap. The other version is smaller and named a clutch. The smaller version can be worn as a clutch or a shoulder bag. I prefer the larger size since the top handle is more useful to me than holding a bag as a clutch, plus, I like having a roomy bag in addition to my current line-up of small shoulder bags.

This is a difficult bag to find! I have linked up the Toteme T Lock in stock around the web, so hopefully when you read this and click the link you will find the bag in stock. If not, you can sign up for the wait list, and in some cases, pre-order the bag.

Lastly, I love the design of the Toteme T Lock handbag. It doesn’t have any loud logos and just showcases high quality and craftsmanship. Although a current IT bag, it transcends trends and has the markings of an investment bag to cherish for generations.

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