Shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe winter 2022 trends

Winter 2022 shoe capsule from top left: black faux fur boots / lug sole boots (water resistant!) / Ivory faux fur boots / platform sneakers / lug sole loafers /

Winter is here! In order to get through the winter season, I like to make sure I have warm and water-resistant footwear. These shoes can all end up in the rain and survive! Love that!

This winter season, my shoe capsule wardrobe consists of shoes which are all flat, with good arch support. If you have been following along, you may remember I injured my hip back in September. It healed, but as soon as my hip got better, I strained a ligament on the top of my foot, and it hurts like crazy! Of course, it is slow to heal because I need to use my foot. I can’t keep it up for six weeks. This means I need supportive footwear I can still hobble around in. All of these shoes in my winter capsule wardrobe offer good arch support, and foot support in general. Love!

In addition to being practical and supportive, the current footwear trends are still offering up a 1990s vibe. We are seeing lug soles, chunky silhouettes, and street sneakers. The shoes in my winter shoe capsule wardrobe all touch on these trends. You know I love a good trend!

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You’ll see me in my shoe capsule wardrobe for winter 2022 a lot this season! Stay tuned for my handbag and clothing winter capsules, coming up later this week on the blog!

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Shoe capsule wardrobe holidays 2021

Shoe capsule wardrobe holidays 2021 from top left: square toe loafers / chain detail boots / square toe pumps / water resistant lace-up faux fur boots in ivory c/o Sperry / platform sneakers / lug sole boots (water resistant) / chain detail loafers / black water resistant faux fur boots c/o Sperry /

The holiday season is here! I put together a shoe capsule wardrobe for the holidays 2021 based on what my plans are, and my current state of, shall we say, ability to stand and walk?

I injured my hip in early September, so I am not fully recovered yet. This means I need to make sure my footwear is comfortable, and won’t cause any additional problems as my injury heals. While I have one pair of high heels in my shoe capsule for the holiday season, the rest of the shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in. The one pair of high heels is also on the comfortable side, and will only be worn when there isn’t any walking involved in my itinerary. Plus, I always keep a back-up pair of shoes in the car when I wear heels, and these chain boots are perfect to swap out for heels when my hip starts to get mad at me.

The big trends in footwear right now include 1990s influences such as lug sole boots, “combat” boot styles, street sneakers, and the square toe. In addition to 1990s influences, footwear is also cozy this time of year, making these faux fur boots perfect for the fall, holidays, and winter seasons. Love!

These faux fur boots are by Sperry, and they offer water resistant construction which is ideal this time of year. Plus, the faux fur is ultra soft. They are so comfortable and luxurious! You know I love luxury and comfort! They also feature a winter sole which prevents slipping in snow, rain, and ice. I will definitely get a lot of wear out these boots this season, and throughout the winter! If you need a pair of winter boots, you will love these!

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What are your favorite shoes and boots this holiday season? Stay tuned for more holiday capsule wardrobes!



Designer or Deal street sneakers

stan smith sneakers street sneakers trend

Designer or deal street sneakers from top: designer sneakers over $600 / classic pair under $100 /

These classic white sneakers, with a touch of color on the heel, are a huge trend in street sneakers for fall 2021. So many designers are creating their own version of this street sneaker style for really high prices. Thankfully, this classic style has been done for decades under $100 by one of my favorite athletic brands. Love that!

If you want a statement making IT shoe, go for the designer version. If you want the street style original for under $100, you will love these.

Shop designer or deal street sneakers online:

Which pair are you snapping up for fall? I went with the pair for under $100 and snapped up two pairs! The navy pair and the pair with burgundy on the heel, and hearts on the outer side. Love!

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