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Life is so busy! The older my kids get, the more activities they are involved in. Couple this with my husbands’ work schedule, my work schedule, home-schooling two kids, and our volunteer schedules; and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else! If someone in my family needs to schedule a doctor’s appointment, it throws our entire schedule out of whack; not to mention traffic here in Silicon Valley makes it nearly impossible to keep a tight schedule.

Since I have three kids, we are always trying to fit doctor appointments into our schedule. When I heard about the Heal App, I was intrigued! The Heal App is an easy way to schedule a doctor appointment in your own home. You can pick a day and time which works well with your schedule, and you don’t have to fight traffic to get to it on time. I found I could schedule a doctor’s appointment at a time which was convenient for our family’s schedule. This was groundbreaking for us!

My son just turned ten, so it was time for his annual check-up. Since it is baseball season, my son’s baseball schedule has overtaken our calendar. In addition to his schedule, my two daughters have sports, music, Girl Scouts, and volunteer work on the calendar. There wasn’t a free day to bring him to the doctor! Thankfully, the Heal App has weekend appointments, so we were able to squeeze in an appointment for him between his baseball game and my daughter’s archery practice. Love that!

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My son’s doctor arrived for our 2pm appointment on time with a Medical Assistant and a suitcase full of equipment. They were warm and friendly, and my son was instantly relaxed and happy. They set up their tools on our coffee table and hung an eye chart on the wall for the exam. After they were set up, we went over his medical history, and talked about any concerns with his health that I might have.

It was a really fun appointment for my son; who doesn’t love being comfy in their own home during an exam! He told me after the appointment that he enjoyed having his appointment at home and preferred it to going into the office for the exam. He also liked that he wasn’t exposed to sick patients in the waiting room at the doctors’ office. For an annual exam, I have to agree with him! That is a huge bonus! By using the Heal App, you don’t have to sit in a waiting room where sick patients are leaving germs behind.

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Here in Silicon Valley we have so many over-scheduled families, couples, and individuals. Not only are we an active bunch here in the Bay Area, we are plagued with some of the worst traffic in the country. The Heal App is an effortless way to reduce stress and schedule a doctor’s appointment on our own time. I love how easy it is to use!

Plus, the Heal App uses our insurance the same way it is used at a doctor’s office, so there isn’t any added cost to using the app. Love that! Plus, if an appointment isn’t covered by insurance, a housecall is only $99. That’s a great deal!

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We loved using the Heal App for our son’s ten-year-old wellness check-up. We will definitely use it again in the future! It’s such an easy way to schedule a doctor’s appointment that fits into our busy schedule.

You can download the Heal App onto your smart phone in the App store. For more information, please visit their website at Also, I have a $20 coupon code for my readers! Use coupon code BayAreaFashionista to save $20 off your visit! Love!

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Spring 2018 fitness routine

pictured: view of Saratoga Hills from Quarry Park hiking trail in Saratoga, Ca

Spring is here! Now that the spring season has officially begun, it is time for a new fitness routine.

Although our weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area is still wintry, I am going to try and push through my spring fitness routine, and get outside more!

One of my goals for 2018 was to get outside more, so I am trying to integrate more outside fitness into my spring routine. Since this is our rainy season, I need to ensure I have an indoor back-up plan in place in case of inclement weather on an outdoor fitness day.

Monday: Outdoor hike for 30 minutes plus 15 minute stretch routine

Tuesday: Spin class

Wednesday: Swimming workout-about 4000 yards.

Thursday: 30 minute interval workout at home, alternating cardio drills, core work and strength drills. (my schedule on Thursdays is crazy busy-so I need to squeeze something in at home)

Friday: BodyCombat

Saturday: Family Hike outside for 60 minutes

Sunday: Rest day.

The problem with my fitness routine, is that I need to add weights! So, as of right now, my indoor alternate workout for rainy days involves a one hour treadmill LifeFitness Course, and about a half hour of weights. This will help me integrate weights into my routine; unless we don’t get our weekly rainy days-then I need to re-evaluate this routine! Haha

As you know, in a typical fitness routine, there should be a good combination of cardio, interval, anaerobic cardio, core work, strength work (using body weight), and weights. This fitness routine addresses all of those components except for the weights; which I am hoping will naturally fall into my routine on rainy days.

What is your typical fitness routine during the spring season? If you like to workout outside, how do you incorporate weights into your weekly routine?

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Winter workout routine and New Year fitness changes

New Year fitness gear wishlist: black sweatshirt / sky print sports bra / Nike running shoes / gym backpack / sky print leggings

Can you believe we are ten days into the new year! With the new year, comes new goals and resolutions. If you missed it last week, you can read about mine here. One of my goals was to stay on track with my workout schedule. The fall season was especially challenging when I hurt my neck, and then decided to home-school my son, in addition to my middle child. My entire routine was thrown for a loop!

When you have an injury, and a life change, there is suddenly new stress. I was stressed because I couldn’t do my five workouts per week, and I was stressed out because I had to add a 4th grade curriculum to my already busy 6th grade home-school curriculum. I suddenly found myself teaching long division to my son, and how to solve equations with two variables to my daughter, at the same time. Oh my! It’s tough juggling two curriculum’s.

Thankfully, I can say with confidence that I have my routine down pat now; and since my neck injury is healed, I have been back on track with my fitness routine! Yay!

Since my days are really full with home-schooling and work, I have to be more flexible when it comes to my workout routine. Here is my new routine for the New Year, and winter season:

Mondays: BodyCombat  (cardio)

Tuesday: Spin Class (cardio-internval)

Wednesday: Home workout. 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Insanity (Interval-Strength)

Saturday: BodyPump and Step or treadmill and weights; depending on my kids schedule

Sunday: Family fitness activity outside. Hiking, etc.

This is my ideal winter workout schedule, of course, my schedule can get crazy, and I may miss a class here or there. On days when I miss a class, I do a treadmill workout, or a home workout I designed for myself.

My home workout includes 30 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of strength exercises. It is great on days when I am pressed for time and need to squeeze in my workout at funny times during the day. I can even split it up; do the cardio in the morning, then the strength later in the day. Sometimes you have to be creative when your life is a giant juggle!

What are you doing for workouts this winter season?

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