Dior Rendez Vous nail polish review

dior rendez-vous nail polish review fall 2021 nail polish

pictured: Dior Rendez-Vous nail polish 512 /

The dark neutrals are here! Fall 2021 nail polish is offering us dark neutrals, and deep shades of red. While this may not be an official hue from the Dior fall 2021 nail polish collection, it is a new shade from Dior which fits right into the fall 2021 nail polish trends we are getting prepared for!

So, the fall nail polish from Dior is allegedly going to be three metallic colors, but Rendez-Vous by Dior has launched at the same time as the fall nail polish collections from other designers hit store shelves. Therefore, let’s call this a precursor to fall, shall we? After all, it matches what other designers are putting out there!

Now you might be asking yourself, if other designers have similar hues in nail polish for fall, why choose Dior Rendez-Vous nail polish? Well, let me tell you, this beautiful grey-brown from Dior is a pretty rendition of the seasons’ neutral nail polish trend, and since it is Dior, it is chip-resistant and long lasting. That is reason enough!

I tested out Dior Rendez-Vous nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. It’s very strong, and long lasting. Rendez-Vous by Dior is a cream nail polish and it goes on smoothly without streaking, offering a solid color on the nails. Love that!

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This is a beautiful nail hue to wear now, and well into the fall season. The colors, which I heard are coming for fall from Dior, will be slightly avant-garde; if I heard correctly! Therefore, if you love Dior and prefer nail polish colors which are more neutral, and also ideal for an office environment, then Rendez-Vous is for you!

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Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 review

dior nail polish pre-fall 2021

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 from left: Dior Grace nail polish / Dior Desir nail polish / Dior Victoire nail polish /

Dior is hitting home runs this year in the nail polish department! How fabulous are these variations on pinkish-red nail polish? Love them!!!

Prior to releasing their fall nail polish collection, which I believe consists of three sparkling, iridescent fall hues, Dior is offering a twist on classic, pink-red nail polish for our transition from late summer, into early fall. Hence, the pre-fall 2021 nail polish collection from Dior offers colors we can wear now, as well as any season of the year. Love that!

If you are like me, and you tend to shy away from true reds, you will love this collection. Dior Grace offers an understated, pink-red hue which has beige undertones. If you are more of a dark pink fan, Dior Desir has more dark pink than red in its’ formula, and I have to admit, it is my favorite from the collection. If you are a wild and crazy gal, Dior Victoire is your late summer, early fall color. It is a dark version of fuchsia with red undertones.

Something to note: if you work in a conservative environment, or you have a dress code, Dior Grace and Dior Desir should suit you well. In fact, these colors will be better for a work environment with dress code restrictions than the upcoming fall collection. This might mean the pre-fall 2021 nail polish collection from Dior will be your fall hues. They are fabulous and perfect for fall; yet they transcend season, so you can wear them now, and into next year. Go ahead, use up that bottle until the last drop!

Now, without further ado, here are the three nail polish colors from the Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 collection!

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Grace

dior grace nail polish pre-fall 2021

Dior Grace nail polish is close to a dark rose hue. This polish mixes red, pink, and dark beige. It’s very pretty, and it’s the color I am wearing right now as I type this article. I would say this is the most conventional of the three colors, and the ideal choice for a work environment. Grace by Dior is also the easiest of the three hues to wear with any color palette. You will not find this one clashing with any of your summer or fall clothing. It’s a fabulous alternative to a neutral, and it acts like one too! Love that!

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Desir

dior desir nail polish pre-fall 2021

Oh, I love this one too. Dior Desir nail polish is more of a pinkish-red nail polish. It is bold, yet still offers a classic and timeless vibe. Desir by Dior is also an easy color to wear with your summer and fall color palette. I feel like it has more of a fall vibe than Grace; yet can still work in late summer, and the upcoming winter season.

Dior nail polish pre-fall 2021 | Dior Victoire

dior victoire nail polish pre-fall 2021

Are you bold? Dior Victoire nail polish is the color for you! This is a dark fuchsia which is a great fall and winter hue. The darker composition allows it to be worn in the cooler months, yet it still has enough of a bright pink-red tone to offer a side of wild fun. This is definitely the notice-me color from the collection. Love!

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So what do you think? Do you love these colors too? Which one is your favorite?

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Summer 2021 skin care

summer 2021 skin care summer skin care

Summer skin care for summer 2021 from top left: neck cream / face cream / eye cream / body butter / lip sunscreen / body wash / hand cream / facial sunscreen / body sunscreen / body scrub /

It’s time for summer skin care! In addition to my go-to neck cream, face cream, and eye cream, I like to add sunscreen to my summer skin care routine. Of course, sunscreen is something to think about all year long; especially in sunny places like California! That being said, I use heavier sunscreen in the summer months due to all my outdoor activities.

Sunscreen and facial creams are important, but it is equally important to care for your body skin too! I love this hand cream from Colleen Rothschild. It isn’t greasy and works like a charm. I also love her body wash, body scrub, and body butter. These are holy grail body skin care products. Love them!

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What are your favorite skin care products for the summer 2021 season?

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