What’s new in my spring beauty bag

spring beauty essentials

What’s new in my spring beauty bag from top left: Perricone MD hand cream / Elemis eye revive mask / Estee Lauder sunscreen spf 45 / Elemis Marine Cream / Estee Lauder Rapid Brightening Treatment Ferment 2 + Vitamin C / Elemis cleansing balm / Elemis Cica Calm cleansing foam / Elemis Cica Calm Hydration Juice / (all products shown c/o of their respective brands)

Spring has sprung! This means it is time to mix up our skin care routines in order to ensure our skin stays moisturized, healthy, and squeaky clean! After all, the pollen is everywhere, and it sticks to our skin. A nightmare for people like me who have spring allergies. Yikes!

The products above are my new lines of defense against spring’s increased sun, wind, and pollen floating in the air. I have been using the Elemis Marine Creams during the warmer months for years. It’s the perfect cream for dry days, and warm days. I love how it keeps my skin even and healthy. The Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro multi-defense UV protection is perfect to wear underneath the cream for the ultimate SPF protection. Love it!

If you like to swim a lot like I do, the Elemis Cica Calm Hydration Juice is ideal for restoring hydration to your skin. It’s also perfect for windy spring days when it feels like all the pollen on earth is blowing in your face and sticking to you! Ugh!

If you are washing your hands often now due to the current shelter-in-place and virus prevention measures, check out my post about my three favorite hands creams; it includes the Perricone MD hand cream shown above.

While these products were sent to me in PR packages for testing out, they are products I actually use. This is only roughly 20% of the products I received to review for spring. They are brands I also purchase with my own money, and the Elemis Marine Cream I have purchased on my own in the past. I would never recommend something to you just because it was sent to me. I only recommend products I actually use and love. These products are all amazing, I highly recommend them for spring skin care! A few will also stick with me for the summer season such as the Elemis Marine Cream, and the Estee Lauder products.

Which one of these products have your tried and loved?

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Best hand cream for frequent hand washing

Best hand cream for frequent hand washing from left: L’Occitane hand cream / Colleen Rothschild hand cream / Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ hand therapy c/o Perricone MD/

Do you find yourself washing your hands all. the. time? I do! Under normal circumstances, I wash my hands frequently during the day, but never to the point where they get tight, dry, and sensitive. Well, now that we are sheltering in place, social distancing, and washing our hands multiple times per hour, my hands are all those things! They are definitely mad at me!!

In order to combat the beating my hands are taking from washing them multiple times per hour, everyday, I am going through my hand cream supply quickly; and have already had to open two new tubes. I always keep two in my backstock, now I will need to order more online in order to keep my supply available. It isn’t only me using hand cream in my house now, it is myself, my husband, and my three kids. We all need it! I assume you do too!

I have been a huge fan of L’Occitane hand cream since the late 1990s when it was deemed the only hand cream on the planet that wasn’t greasy. Everyone and thier mother flocked to the L’Occitane store at the mall to purchase a tube. Sometimes, they were sold out! It was defintly the “IT” hand cream of the late ’90’s and early 2000’s! I am still a fan, and always keep a tube downstairs so I can use it as needed without walking upstairs to fetch hand cream. It’s a must-have in my house.

Now that I mentioned I keep a hand cream downstairs, I must also mention I keep one upstairs on my nightstand. The one I keep upstairs is also a favorite of mine; and preferred by my husband. I keep my Colleen Rothschild hand cream upstairs on my nightstand and apply it as needed, and every night before I go to sleep. It’s an amazing hand cream!

You might be wondering how I can have two favorite hand creams; well, I do! It really is a toss up as to which one is better, I love them both. If you cannot decide which one to choose, the only difference I can point out is that L’Occitane has a thicker texture, and a shea butter scent, as opposed to the Colleen Rothschild which has a pleasant scent. They both smell good, and work equally well. It depends on the texture and scent for you to make a decision. I recommend trying both and then seeing which one you prefer. You might end up unable to choose, just like me!

I receive PR packages frequently; and I have been blogging for ten years now, so you can only imagine how many hand creams have been sent my way, and I have tested out. Nothing compares to L’Occitane and Colleen Rothschild. They are my two favorites. So when I say they are good, you know my sample size has been large! I have tried over twenty brands, and nothing has caught my eye like these two.

This takes us to Perricone MD. This hand therapy was sent to me in February in a PR package. I wasn’t sure what to do with intensive hand therapy, since my hands have always been in good shape due to my other two hand creams. Until this current healthcare crisis, I didn’t realize this was something I needed in my life!

As I mentioned before, I am always washing my hands. I am sure you are too! In addition to hand washing, I am cleaning my house multiple times per week, instead of my usual one day a week. This is exposing my hands to more chemicals, more hand washing, and more chances to get dry and tight skin. I have found that using Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma Plus+ hand therapy one time per day is exactly what my hands need to stay normal. I highly recommend keeping a tube on hand in order to combat the extra beating your hands are taking. It’s truly a blessing during this time.

There you have it! I have two normal hand creams to recommend, the L’Occitane, and the Colleen Rothschild. In addition, I recommend keeping the Perricone MD hand therapy on hand for intensive use as needed.

Do you have a favorite hand cream?

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Chanel La Fleur et L’Eau nail polish late spring 2020

chanel nail polish late spring 2020

Chanel la Fleur de L’Eau spring 2020 makeup collection from top: Chanel blush / Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish / Chanel Petale nail polish / Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Eau de Rose /

Chanel act II is here! The late spring 2020 collection, also referred to as Act II or Chanel’s second season release, is here. Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau is a soft and feminine makeup collection which features two new nail polish hues, two new Rouge Coco Flash colors (I purchased one which you can see above), blush, and more. I only purchased one lipstick, and the blush, along with the two nail polish hues.

Spring 2020 is bringing us vibrant hues in apparel, as well as some pastels. The Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection is perfect for acting as a neutral against the many colors we are seeing right now for spring. I decided to purchase the blush, which is a fresh and pretty pink, for the spring season. It’s a light and airy color which works well with many skin tones. I also felt like I needed a fun lipstick color for the spring season. As you know, I prefer sheer lipsticks, so when I saw the new Eau de Rose from Chanel’s Coco Flash collection, I knew it would make the perfect spring hue. It’s my favorite lipstick color Chanel has released for spring. Love!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Petale nail polish

chanel petale nail polish late spring 2020

If you are looking for a chic and classic pink this spring season, Chanel Petale nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection for late spring, is the hue for you! It’s a medium pink with blue undertones. I find the hue mature and alluring. I’m not normally a pink nail polish person, but I will wear this pink. It’s vibrant and fun!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish

chanel fleur de pecher nail polish late spring 2020

I cannot resist sparkles! Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau beauty collection for late spring 2020 is the hue for me! It’s a peachy pink with subtle sparkles. I always reach for sparkly nail polish when it’s around. Love this one! I plan on switching from the spring 2020 collection, to this hue as we move forward in the season. It’s a little bit lighter, which plays well with my current mood for spring.

Shop the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau beauty collection for late spring 2020 online:

What do you think of these new nail polishes for the second half of spring? Will you be switching things up and rocking one or more of these hues?

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