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Mother’s Day gift ideas 2023

Mother’s Day gift ideas from top left: black shoulder bag / summer nail polish (under $50) / luxury hair dryer / star necklace (under $100) / green handbag / body cream (under $50) / silver station bracelet / silver bar bracelet / ivory moon shaped bag (avl in tons of colors!) / black M Frame bag / mini tote (eco-chic!) / classic fragrance / hoop earrings (under $100) / basket bag /

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, this means it is time to snap up something special for mom. This year, mom would love to receive a fabulous handbag, classic jewelry item, iconic fragrance, on trend nail polish, luxurious hair dryer, or comforting body cream. As a mom, I know these things!

When looking for the perfect gift, this year is all about the anonymous handbag and timeless jewelry. I have featured a few above which fit right into the classic and chic vibe of moment. Mom will love to receive a gift for Mother’s Day which will withstand the test of time, and also showcase her chic, personal style. Love that!

Of course, you can always treat yourself with the perfect gift too. That’s usually what I end up doing! haha

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What do you want to for Mother’s Day?

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Finals care package ideas

College finals care package ideas from top left: chocolate truffles / squishie / stretchy stress balls / boba squishie / gold chocolate box / yellow squishie /

It’s finals season! If you have a college student away at school, they might be gearing up for finals right now. Finals is a stressful time for a college student as they have multiple finals exams in the same week, as well as final projects and papers due all at the same time. This is a time when your college student will feel stressed, possibly homesick, and really need a mommy or daddy hug. Unfortunately, you are not there, so you cannot give them that hug which makes everything less overwhelming. Instead, you can send them a little love from home, in the form of a finals care package.

There are three key ingredients to the perfect care package from home. Something sweet, something squishie to hug, and something to help the stress. Something sweet is easy. You can run out to CVS and grab their favorite candy bar, or you can get something special which isn’t sold on campus or near campus. We love to send our daughter See’s candy, or Godiva chocolate. The boxes are special, and the chocolate is sooooo good. This gives your college student something sweet, which is special. They love that!

This generation loves squishies and stuffies. It seems as if the majority of college students have a squishie collection in their dorm room. Why not give one more? They come in different sizes, but the 12″ is the easiest to hug and snuggle while under stress. A new squishie just before finals week will give your student a feeling of love from home, as well as something to hug while under stress. Love that!

Finally, the care package for finals should have something to combat stress. Stress balls don’t last forever, so if your student brought one to school back in August, there is a chance it is either already destroyed, or on its last legs. Why not send a new stress ball which can take the heat of finals week? This package of stress balls offers not only the ability to squeeze, but also stretch. What a fun stress reliever! Love it!

When I send a care package to my daughter, I like to line the box with a pretty foil in a fun color such as fuchsia. This makes the entire box festive. Your student will open the box, see special foil, and love the sweets, squishie, and stress balls inside. It is the perfect finals care package to help relieve stress and send a little love from home.

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You can ship your finals care package to your student via your favorite shipping company such as UPS or USPS. If sending chocolate, make sure the shipper knows there is something perishable in there so that it doesn’t end up in a hot place. We have had good luck chocolate through UPS ground. It arrives at my daughter’s dorm in perfect condition.

Don’t forget to include a handwritten card with well wishes!

Good luck with finals, and thanks for stopping by!


Lunar New Year gift ideas 2023

lunar new year gift ideas 2023 chinese new year

Lunar New Year gift ideas 2023 from top left: year of the rabbit tee (under $20) / lipstick (under $50) / rabbit envelopes (under $50) / ReVive skin care (I am a huge fan!) / cross body camera bag (luxury gift) / candy bento box (under $100) / Shiseido Vital Perfection / Lunar New Year candle (under $25) /

The year of the Rabbit starts January 22, 2023! This means that now is the perfect time to find a lucky gift to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and to deliver some good luck to your loved ones.

As I mention every year, ReVive is my favorite skin care line, therefore, this lucky Lunar New Year version of their fabulous eye mask is the perfect gift for the skin care aficionado on your list. Of course, Shiseido is equally fabulous, so why not indulge in both!

I love this yummy candy bento box as a gift idea. It is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth, or when you aren’t quite sure what to get! The handbag fan on your list will love this practical and lucky red camera bag. It is a daily bag that someone, maybe even you, will love!

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What is your favorite gift idea for the Lunar New Year?

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