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Summer internship capsule wardrobe

what to wear to a summer internship
summer internship capsule wardrobe

College student summer internship capsule wardrobe from top left: blue blouse / navy blazer / classic black loafer / silver hoops / golf shirt / black tote / navy trousers /

Summer vacation is here! Do you have a college student heading off to an internship with a closet full of college tee’s, sweatshirts, pajama pants, sweatpants, jeans, and shorts? Yup, me too! This means your college student, and mine, will need a few office appropriate wardrobe staples to get through the summer. So, I put together a summer internship capsule wardrobe for my daughter, and yours!

The key part of a summer internship capsule wardrobe is to make everything mix and match, as well as not go out of style. This is important because your daughter can wear these items again next summer, and also when she starts her real job after graduation. They can also be worn for on campus career events during the school year.

I recommend one simple suit. Since it gets warm here in the summer, we opted for a summer suit in navy; not linen, just lighter weight than a wool suit. This way she can get away with wearing it during the school year for on campus career events. A navy suit can be mixed and matched with other pants and the trousers can be worn alone with a blouse for a business casual look. A suit can be broken up into multiple outfits, making it the base of the capsule wardrobe.

To keep things simple, we picked up two blouses and three golf shirts. This is a one-week wardrobe. All of the tops match the navy suit in shades of blue, green, and beige. This eliminates needing to think in the morning since everything matches. After all, college students are not typically morning people.

College students tend to live in sneakers and flip flops, so I would only invest in one pair of comfortable and classic shoes. We went with classic black loafers. She can wear these for years and they are comfortable. Perfect!

One useful work tote is ideal for a summer internship. It fits an iPad or notepad for note taking, snacks, and everything she will need for a day at work. If you have an extra tote to lend her, that’s the best way to go. If not, I would invest in a classic black work tote such as the one pictured. She will get a ton of use out of it both during summer internships and when she starts her career after graduation. It is the perfect investment bag for a college student with big goals!

Shop for a college student summer internship online:

This is a small and timeless summer internship capsule wardrobe your college student can use for years. It can also be worn in formal office environments as well as business casual. Love that!

Wishing your student good luck in her internship, and a fabulous future career!

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College finals care package ideas

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College finals care package ideas from top left: protein bars / pillow mist / squishie / stress balls / chocolates / coloring book /

It’s that time of year again! If you have a college student, they may be ramping up for finals as we speak! This means added stress and added study time. They may need a little love from home in the form of a care package.

When I make a care package for my college student, I like to include something to hug, like a squishie, something that is a treat, like chocolate, something practical, like protein bars, and things which relieve stress such as stress balls, a coloring book, etc. If you include these three categories, the care package you send to your college student will hit all the buttons to help them make it through finals week, and the study weeks leading up to finals week.

You can order these items individually and send them off to your student, or you can gather them yourself and make the box they open special. I like to line the box with colorful foil and place the items in the box. This way, when my daughter opens the box, it feels special. A little bit of thoughtfulness from home can also help to relieve stress in your student’s life! Love that!

College finals care package ideas online:

Your student will get through finals, despite all the stress! As long as you are there for them to talk to, and of course, a care package helps!

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How to handle the I want to come home phone call

how to handle a homesick college student

It is that time of year when midterms are in full swing, and college students are juggling a large amount of stress. Students will handle stress in different ways. Some will venture towards off-campus parties to let off steam, others will hit the gym for multiple hours per day, and others will have panic attacks and miss the comforts of home. This is when the “I want to come home” phone call will occur.

There are several reasons a student could become homesick, but stress is often the culprit. Homesickness occurs when a student misses the comforts of home which often makes the harder things in life more bearable. Not only does your student miss their parents, siblings and friends from home, they miss the comforts which go along with it such as hugs from parents, a favorite meal cooked on a hard day, their favorite spot on the sofa, and so on. These are the small comforts which often reduced stress for your student when they lived at home. Now that they are living on a college campus or in an apartment near their school, they no longer have the stress relieving comforts they grew up with, this can cause homesickness in your child.

The ”I want to come home” phone call is something colleges warn parents about the summer before their student starts freshman year. It is a common occurrence which may only happen during freshman year or could continue throughout your student’s college career. It all depends upon how they handle stress and their personality.

So, when this phone call happens, and your child is crying on the other end, how do you handle it? First off, stay calm. This is not the time to jump in the car or on a plane and rescue your child from school. This is a time to calmly ask questions to find out what really is causing their homesickness. Secondly, remind them of when you will see them again. Are you going to Parent’s Weekend or is fall or spring break coming up? These are occasions to remind them of how close in time it is when you will see them again.

Stay in close contact. If your child texts or calls you, reply back so they are assured you are there for them. Be the one they can count on to help them find ways to de-stress. Give them ideas such as taking walks, going to the gym, meeting up with friends for meals. All of these things can help alleviate stress.

Another way to help with that homesick feeling is to establish a routine at school which offers comforts for your student. Does you student have a favorite comfort food? Find a restaurant on campus or off-campus which your student can go to on weekends for comfort food. Put some extra money in their bank account so they can grab comfort food on Friday night, this way they won’t stress about using their laundry money for a meal off campus.

Get involved at school. The easiest way to ward off homesickness is to make new memories. Join clubs and attend on campus activities. This is a great way to make new friends and find activities away from academics which will help alleviate stress and make your child forget how much they miss home.

Keep them involved with the family. Have a group chat where you can share good news with the family. Pick a night when your student can Facetime or Zoom with the family and catch up, as well as share their life on campus. One reason your student can feel homesick is feeling left out. Make sure they know they are still part of your family and are involved in your family life. Don’t let them become a stranger.

Things you can ship to your student when they are feeling homesick:

When your student is upset, stay calm and remind them of these ways to ward off homesickness and relieve stress. It will help your student feel more at home at school. They may still miss you, depending on their personality, but if you can support them emotionally and stay calm, you can help give them the tools to find their own way in their new environment; even it lasts all four years!