Chanel La Fleur et L’Eau nail polish late spring 2020

chanel nail polish late spring 2020

Chanel la Fleur de L’Eau spring 2020 makeup collection from top: Chanel blush / Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish / Chanel Petale nail polish / Chanel Rouge Coco Flash in Eau de Rose /

Chanel act II is here! The late spring 2020 collection, also referred to as Act II or Chanel’s second season release, is here. Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau is a soft and feminine makeup collection which features two new nail polish hues, two new Rouge Coco Flash colors (I purchased one which you can see above), blush, and more. I only purchased one lipstick, and the blush, along with the two nail polish hues.

Spring 2020 is bringing us vibrant hues in apparel, as well as some pastels. The Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection is perfect for acting as a neutral against the many colors we are seeing right now for spring. I decided to purchase the blush, which is a fresh and pretty pink, for the spring season. It’s a light and airy color which works well with many skin tones. I also felt like I needed a fun lipstick color for the spring season. As you know, I prefer sheer lipsticks, so when I saw the new Eau de Rose from Chanel’s Coco Flash collection, I knew it would make the perfect spring hue. It’s my favorite lipstick color Chanel has released for spring. Love!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Petale nail polish

chanel petale nail polish late spring 2020

If you are looking for a chic and classic pink this spring season, Chanel Petale nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau collection for late spring, is the hue for you! It’s a medium pink with blue undertones. I find the hue mature and alluring. I’m not normally a pink nail polish person, but I will wear this pink. It’s vibrant and fun!

Chanel La Fleur de L’eau spring 2020 collection: Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish

chanel fleur de pecher nail polish late spring 2020

I cannot resist sparkles! Chanel Fleur de Pecher nail polish from the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau beauty collection for late spring 2020 is the hue for me! It’s a peachy pink with subtle sparkles. I always reach for sparkly nail polish when it’s around. Love this one! I plan on switching from the spring 2020 collection, to this hue as we move forward in the season. It’s a little bit lighter, which plays well with my current mood for spring.

Shop the Chanel La Fleur de L’Eau beauty collection for late spring 2020 online:

What do you think of these new nail polishes for the second half of spring? Will you be switching things up and rocking one or more of these hues?

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Winter 2020 beauty bag

winter 2020 beauty bag

New in my winter 2020 beauty bag from top left: Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask  / Garnier Water Rose gel / Glossier Generation G sheer matter lipstick (color shown is “Cake” I have previously purchased in “Like” love this lipstick!)/ Glossier Boy Brow / Glossier Lidstar / black face towel by Chanel / Glossier Futuredew / Glossier Super Bounce  / Glossier facial cleanser / Garnier water rose moisturizer cream /

New year, new beauty! As you know, I am a huge fan of Garnier’s products, so when they sent me a fw new products for the new year, I was excited! If you have been following, you may remember my daughter recently introduced me to Glossier. When they reached out to see if I would like to try a few new products for the new year, I jumped at the chance! And yes, my daughter keeps trying to steal my new Glossier products from my beauty bag! haha

In the fall season, I was wearing Glossier’s Generation G sheer matte lipstick in “Like” which I purchased when my daughter went on a Glossier shopping spree. For winter, I have added “Cake” to my beauty bag which is a little bit darker, but still in line with my love for lighter pink hues. This is a great color!

The winter season causes dry skin due to indoor heaters, and less humidity in the air outside. I love adding moisture with Garnier’s water rose cream.  I use this cream at night since I wear spf during the day. It adds the moisture I need in my skin which has been robbed by winter!

Sometimes moisture cream alone cannot repair dry skin; especially for those of us who are GenX, and are experiencing maturing skin. I love Glossier’s Superbounce which contains hyaluronic acid and reinvigorates my skin. I’m kind of addicted to it!!

You might be wondering why my new face towel is so chi-chi. haha, well, it goes on my face. So while my bath towels might be from more affordable brands, the towel I use to wash my face needs to be soft, luxurious, and something which does not contribute to wrinkles. So yes, it’s Chanel.

Shop what’s new in winter 2020 beauty bag:

Which products are new in your winter 2020 beauty bag?

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spring 2020 lipstick

Perricone MD no makeup lipstick

perricone md lipstick

pictured: six new lipstick shades of Perricone MD no makeup lipstick c/o Perricone MD /

Happy National Lipstick Day! To celebrate this fun day, let’s take a look at the six new lipstick hues from Perricone MD’s no makeup collection! There are six new exciting colors from the collection; Rose, Berry, Red, Cognac, Original Pink, and Wine. Original Pink is my favorite color from the collection, it’s perfect to wear now and into the fall season.

As we head towards fall, the new lipstick colors from Perricone MD are perfect to pick up now. Perricone MD lipsticks are packed with powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which offer all-day hydration and neuropeptides which can visibly improve skin’s appearance. Love that!

Perricone MD lipsticks have also been boosted with mineral-based  broad spectrum SPF 15 which deflects harmful UVA and UVB rays. Love that too!

You can find the Perricone MD lipstick collection online here. Which color is your favorite?

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