What’s new in my April beauty bag

from top left: lip glosses c/o Urban Decay / eye shadow palette c/o Urban Decay / lipsticks c/o L’Oreal Paris / rose gold hair clip /

Happy April! Now that spring is here, it is time to move into a spring color palette. I wear the same cocoa eye liner all year long, but I like to switch up my eye shadow and lipsticks as the seasons change. I love these new lip glosses from Urban Decay, and these new sheer lipsticks from L’Oreal Paris are perfect for the warmer weather. They are offered in fabulous colors, and moisturize my lips. Love that!

I love lipstick hues in shades of pink and purple. These pink and purple shades from Urban Decay and L’Oreal Paris are perfect for the spring! They are vivid enough to be seen, and light enough to blend with spring 2018’s color palette. Love!

When it comes to eye shadows, I tend to stick with neutrals. I love this eye shadow palette from Urban Decay. It has a wide range of neutral colors which can take me from day to night. The three light shades are my favorite; and are my go-to colors daily!

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What are your favorite spring eye shadow colors and lipstick hues? Do you switch up your eye liner, or stick to one color no matter the season?

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Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection review

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

pictured: Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipsticks c/o Givenchy, Sculpt’in Violine / Sculpt’in Rouge

Givenchy has introduced a new line of lipsticks to their fabulous beauty collection; the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection. Now,  let’s get one thing straight, I am not an expert make-up application person. I tend to wear eyeliner, foundation powder, concealer, blush, and lipstick. That is my daily routine. When I saw this two-tone lipstick, sent to me by Givenchy, I was excited, and frightened, at the same time. How does one apply two-tone lipstick? Yikes!

When I review a lipstick collection, I always like to photograph it before I smear it all over my lips. The first time I use it, is when I photograph myself wearing it. I became a bit nervous when I realized this lipstick is extremely creamy. If you are not careful while applying it, it will easily smudge on your lips.

This is two-tone lipstick. Due to the duel colors on the lipstick, you cannot rub your lips together to even out the color after you apply it to your lips. This would destroy the two-tone look you are going for. Instead, I realized all you can do it carefully apply it, and then blot with a Kleenex.

I do not currently own a lip-liner. There is something really ’90’s about lip-liner, and I can’t bring myself to purchase, and use, one. It brings back bad memories of the dark liner, frosty lipstick trend I regretfully followed. So, after I applied the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick, I realized this is a lipstick which needs a lip-liner. So please excuse my less-than-perfect application shown below. I definitely need to break my perception and purchase a matching lip-liner for my favorite Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick, which is the “Sculpt’in Violine” hue. So pretty!! Just needs a lip-liner!!

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

In this photo, I am wearing my favorite color from the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection, Sculpt’in Violine. As you can see, I need lip-liner. Hopefully this photo is enough to show you how the lipstick leaves a two-tone look on your lips; which is fashion-forward, and fun! I also discovered this lipstick color makes your teeth look a bit whiter. Love that!

Sculpt’in Violine offers a blue-purple main hue, flanked by a vampy purple hue on the edge. This creates a nice evening look which is perfect to wear now, and into the new year. After all, purple is the color of 2018! Love!

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipsticgivenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

The other color from the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection I was able to test out, was Sculpt’in Rouge. This is a bright red hue which is perfect for the holiday season. This lipstick also needs a lip-liner, so please excuse my uneven lip line. The Sculpt’in Rouge hue offers a bright, holiday red hue flanked by a reddish-brown color. This color does not go too well with my skin-tone, but my Mom looks amazing in this color so she is going to keep this lipstick. She is thrilled to wear it! She loves it!

If you love red lipstick, this is the perfect alternative to your basic red. It offers a chic, fashion-forward two-tone look which is perfect for holiday parties, and evening occasions in general.

All-in-all, the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection is a fabulous alternative to wearing one color lipstick. Just remember, you need lip-liner! Unless you are uber talented and can make this soft, creamy lipstick apply perfectly. Then I bow to you! -and. . .um. . .can you teach me your tricks??

You can find the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection online here.

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givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

Winter beauty must-haves for skin and hair

winter beauty skin care hair must haves

Winter beauty must-have’s from top left: Aveda hand cream / Revive eye cream / Elemis face cream / Colleen Rothschild retinol supreme / Revive neck cream / LaVanila body butter / Tan-Luxe body drops / Tan-Luxe face drops / Chanel fall nail polish / Bobbi Brown crushed lip color / Aveda scalp cleanser / Aveda shampoo / Aveda conditioner

Despite the fact that is technically still fall, I have already started my winter beauty routine. The fall season here in the San Francisco Bay Area is half summer, and half winter. We don’t really have an in-between. This means my summer beauty routine continues until the cold front hits in November; and we are here!

My skin takes a beating during the winter season, not from sun exposure, but from the dry, indoor climate. The furnace in my house, combined with heaters everywhere I go, are really good at drying out the air. This leaves the skin on my face and body desperately thirsty. In order to ensure I don’t become a prune during the winter season, I need to make sure I am using the right skin care products.

For my face, I have been using Revive’s neck cream since I was twenty-eight years old. You read that right! It has kept my neck in a perfect state; and I won’t use anything else on it! I have fallen in love Elemis’s face cream. It gives my face the perfect amount of moisture and balance. For my eyes, Revive has a fabulous eye cream which does wonders for reducing fine lines, and adding just the perfect amount of moisture. Colleen Rothchild’s retinal serum is perfect for keeping my skin balanced and youthful.

When it comes to my body, my skin is ghostly white and dries out easily. Thank goodness for Aveda hand cream and LaVanila body butter! They keep my body from drying and flaking off like snow! As for the white part, have you tried new Tan-Luxe? O-M-G! It is a gift from God! These fabulous drops add just the right amount of tan to my legs. They also have a version for the face which is perfect for adding some sun-kissed color back to my cheeks. Love it and can’t live without it!

Hair also takes a beating during the cold winter months. The heater dries out my hair like crazy! In addition to my hair, it dries out my scalp; which is super annoying! To combat dry scalp, I use Aveda Pramasana scalp cleanser which gets all that extra yuck off my scalp, leaving it squeaky clean; and not dry! Shampure shampoo and conditioner by Aveda are great for keeping my hair clean during the winter months. It keeps my hair from getting greasy without drying my scalp or ends. Love it!

Now you might be wondering why I included Chanel’s fall nail polish and Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in a skin care slash hair post. Well, I can’t leave home without wearing these two beauty products, so I just thought I would throw them into my seasonal skin care post. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂 This lipstick is great since it holds color well throughout the day without drying out the lips. I’m addicted to it! And. . .well. . .Chanel needs no explanation 😉

Which products are you using to combat winter dry skin and hair?

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