National Lipstick Day 2017: my current go-to lipsticks

chanel rouge coco shine summer 2017 lipstick colors

Happy National Lipstick Day! In celebration of this day, I thought it would be fun to share with you my three favorite lipsticks for the summer season. While dark colors, and trendy paintable lip colors are great for evenings out on the town, I prefer something a little more subtle and natural during the day.

I have been wearing Chanel’s Rouge Coco sheer lipsticks since I was in my early 20’s. This is my favorite sheer lipstick on the market. It never cakes, and always leaves subtle color. You can see my review of the their summer colors here.

estee lauder pure color love lipstick collection review

The new Estee Lauder Pure Color Love collection is so fabulous! I am addicted to their wide of range of colors. This has become my go-to cream lipstick. I love the subtle pink shades in the collection for summer, and plan to wear darker colors when fall rolls around. You can see my review of the collection here.

yves saint laurent volupte sheer candy lipstick review

I bought this YSL lipstick back in January and am almost done with the tube. I wear it all.the.time! I can’t wait to see the new colors YSL introduces for the fall season. I will be ready for a new tube when fall rolls around! You can see my review here.

What are your favorite lipsticks of the moment?

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Chanel summer 2017 lipstick review

chanel rouge coco shine summer 2017 lipstick colors

From left: Chanel summer lipstick from the Rouge Coco Shine collection: Chanel Golden Sun lipstick / Chanel Golden Sand lipstick / on nails: Chanel summer nail polish

Summer 2017 is here! This means new colors from Chanel for the warm, summer season. Love!  Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine lipstick collection is one of my favorite lipsticks. It is sheer, which makes it easy to wear with casual attire, or anytime you don’t want a lot of color on your lips. I always keep one in my handbag in case I get tired of wearing a cream lipstick during the day, and want to switch things up a bit.

For the summer 2017 season, Chanel has introduced the Cruise 2017 collection; not to be confused with resort. This is the first summer 2017 beauty collection. Although the nail polish colors for summer are bright and sunny, with one color exception offering a darker, more vampy look, the lipsticks are surprising subdued.

Chanel has two colors for summer from their Rouge Coco Shine lipstick collection. Golden Sun, which is a sheer orange, and Golden Sand, which is a sheer, dark tan. Both colors are on the cool side of the color spectrum, and offer a natural lip for the warm weather season. No bold lips from Chanel for summer 2017!

Here are examples of what Chanel Golden Sun and Chanel Golden Sand look like on.

Chanel Golden Sand lipstick for summer 2017

chanel golden sand lipstick summer 2017

earrings / lipstick / tee-shirt / nail polish

Chanel Golden Sand lipstick is the perfect go-to color for everyday. It is a neutral hue which plays with any color palette. It is ideal for the office when makeup should not be obvious, and it is great for casual ensembles. This is the color I keep in my purse when I want to change things up during the day, or I get tired of wearing a heavier, cream lipstick.

If you have not worn Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine lipstick before, it is extremely lightweight and easy to wear. It never smears, and it wears off evenly during the course of the day. Another thing I love about Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick, is the fact that it is moisturizing. This is why I have been purchasing lipstick colors from this collection since I was in undergrad!

Chanel Golden Sun lipstick for summer 2017

chanel golden sun rouge coco lipstick summer 2017

earrings / lipstick / tee-shirt / nail polish

Don’t let that orange hue fool you! This is a very sheer orange color. Chanel Golden Sun lipstick is a cheery hue which, in my opinion, looks amazing with Chanel’s summer nail colors. Since it is sheer, and light, Golden Sun is easy to wear daily; much like Golden Sand. Unlike Golden Sand, Golden Sun is more on the trendy lip color side and is a great color to wear with summer’s pink, orange, and yellow hues. Love!

This is the color I reach for when I want a sheer lip that is a little more playful then on days when I reach for Golden Sand. Do you need both colors in Chanel’s summer lipstick collection? Maybe not, but it sure is fun to own both! If you are going to choose one, go for Golden Sand for a more conservative look, or Golden Sun for a more playful vibe.

You can find the Chanel summer lipstick collection online here. Which color are you planning to get? Or, are you getting both?

*photos taken by my cute little nine-year-old son 🙂

chanel summer 2017 lipstick collection review

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick collection review

estee lauder pure color love lipstick review

Estee Lauder’s has a fabulous new lipstick collection! The Pure Color Love lipstick collection by Estee Lauder is absolutely amazing. The collection offers thirty beautiful shades ranging from classic buff to on-trend blue. There is something for everyone in the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick collection! Love that!

I have been a huge fan of Estee Lauder since I was a child. It was always my Mom’s favorite cosmetics brand, so when I stole makeup from my Mom’s bathroom in my high school days, it was always Estee Lauder. It’s OK though, last time I bought an Estee Lauder lipstick she stole it from me; and that was last summer!

Let’s get back to the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick collection shall we? There is a large range of buff hues, pinks, purples, and avant-garde blues in the new collection. If you are looking for daytime, nighttime, party, or office-appropriate colors, there is something in this collection for your event, day, or mood. Love!

The lipsticks in Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Love collection offer long-lasting color which feels weightless. Nothing is more annoying then sticky, heavy lipstick you want to rub off. This is not that lipstick! It is so comfortable, and the color is even; no streaks! It applies smoothly, without creating any mess. Love that!

My two favorite colors are both matte lipsticks. I love “Blase Buff” for a subtle lip color, and “Proven Innocent” for a flirty pink lip. You can see my two favorite colors below:

Estee Lauder Pure Coloe Love Blase Buff lipstick
estee lauder pure color love lipstick blase buff

This is Blase Buff from the Estee lauder Pure Color Love lipstick collection. It is the perfect buff hue to wear daily. It is also great for travel since it goes with everything! This is just a great basic lipstick color, I am in love!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick in Proven Innocent
estee lauder pure color love lipstick proven innocent

Proven Innocent by Estee Lauder is a fun and flirty pink color. This is perfect for the spring and summer. I love pink lipstick! Estee Lauder Proven Innocent lipstick is perfect to wear during the day or at night. I can wear this anytime. Love!

There are thirty colors in the new Estee Lauder Pure Coloe Love lipstick collection. Which one is your favorite?

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick collection can be found exclusively online here.

*all lipsticks in this post were c/o (courtesy of) Estee Lauder, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

estee lauder pure color love lipstick collection review