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What to wear on an airplane

how to dress on an airplanewhat to wear on an airplanecomfortable travel clothing

wearing: silver hoop earrings / lipstick / black jersey jacket c/o SOMA / blue stripe tee c/o SOMA / black and white infinity scarf c/o SOMA / black crop leggings c/o SOMA / black satchel / silver nail polish /

Have you ever wondered what to wear on an airplane? Maybe you travel a lot and are looking for something new and comfortable for your next flight. Or perhaps you haven’t traveled recently and need to replace your Pan-Am bag and blue suit? Well, I have found the most comfortable clothing for flying! It’s SOMA Intimates new Style Essentials collection!

Long flights sometimes drive me a little bit crazy because I am trapped in a tube, who knows how high above the ground, for five to six hours. It is really boring. I can’t go for a run, I can’t jump and down, and I feel stuck in my seat. Since I am stuck in a seat, which isn’t exactly comfortable, I always need to make sure my airplane attire is as comfortable as possible. Thank goodness for SOMA Intimates Style Essentials collection!

The SOMA Intimates Style Essentials clothing is extremely soft. Their clothing is so soft and comfortable, sometimes I forget I am in street clothes and not wearing pajamas! haha

I love these cropped leggings for travel. They are really soft and easy to wear. They allow me to get as comfortable as possible in my airplane seat; and that’s quite a feat! This blue tunic tee is super soft and comfy, it’s great for being comfy at home, travel, or anytime you want to wear something which is no-fuss. You may recognize this black jacket, it’s my current go-to cover up. This jersey jacket is really soft and the perfect weight for fall weather. It’s great on foggy days and perfect for air travel. Love!

You can find more comfy air travel options from SOMA Intimates online at

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Best packable clothing for travel | Chico’s Travelers Collection

packable outfits chicos travelers collection

Best travel clothes for women: wearing: pink top c/o Chico’s (on major sale!) / convertible necklace c/o Chico’s / wide leg black pants c/o Chico’s / black shoulder bag / lipstick / fall nail polish / boots (old-also love this pair) /

Follow me to the Space Needle!

Found the Space Needle! We recently took a family vacation to Seattle where I brought the best packable clothing on the market in my suitcase from the Chico’s Travelers Collection. We took a morning flight to Seattle, so I made sure my family was packed the night before. This meant my clothing would be packed, and smashed, into a suitcase for roughly 24 hours. As you know, this can create havoc on clothing, and guarantee an ironing session once you arrive to your destination.

Thank goodness I had the best packable clothing for travel in my suitcase made by Chico’s! No ironing on vacation! These travel clothes are SO AMAZING! Chico’s makes an entire collection of clothing made for travel! These pieces are made from fabric which does not wrinkle. In addition to wrinkle-free clothing, the entire collection is designed with travel in mind. The silhouettes are comfortable, soft, and don’t take up very much space in the suitcase. I had a weeks worth of clothes in my carry-on suitcase, with a ton of room for shoes!! Love that!

All of the clothing in Chico’s Travelers Collection is made to mix and match. The tops match all the bottoms, and the bottoms match all the tops. It’s an entire travel wardrobe for your suitcase! Everything can be mixed and matched, so it is easy to go from day into evening; and re-wear pieces in new ways to create multiple outfits with just a few pieces. Love that!

Packable mix and match travel clothes

mix and match chicos travelers collectionbest packable clothing for traveltravel friendly clothing

wearing: black top c/o Chico’s / convertible necklace / black skirt c/o Chico’s / jeans / fall nail polish / lipstick / shoulder bag / espadrilles /

Pants or jeans are my preferred sight-seeing style. I like the comfort of pants when I am doing heavy walking and seeing the sights. On day two of our trip, I wore jeans with this fabulous top from the Chico’s Travelers Collection for sightseeing. The top is super comfortable, and I love the edgy grommets on the cuffs. I felt stylish and fashionable in this top; which you know for me is a must!

The top was super easy for taking me from day into evening. I added this convertible necklace from Chico’s and switched out the jeans for the black skirt. The top and skirt were perfect for the evening portion of the day. This outfit worked for dinner, and seeing the city at night. Loved it!

Best travel jewelry from Chico’s

convertible neckace traveleasy to pack clothingpackable clothing separate interchangable

One of my favorite things about Chico’s is that they create convertible jewelry. They have the best convertible jewelry for travel and day-to-day life. This necklace is my second Chico’s convertible necklace. On the surface, it looks like a tiered necklace which is statement making. In reality, it is seven necklaces in one! Love!

There are three necklaces attached at the clasp; which is hidden in the back. You can detach one or two necklaces from the clasp to create a single necklace, or a two-tiered necklace. There are seven possible configurations! You can see me wearing the top tier by itself with the pink top in this post. I also love the middle tier alone with jeans and a tee. There are so many possibilities with this necklace. It is great for travel because it is the only necklace you need to pack. Love that!

If you are planning a trip and need something which won’t wrinkle, or you need clothing for your day-to-day life which will stay wrinkle-free, this is the collection of your dreams! You can find the entire Travelers Collection by Chico’s online at

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Athleisure dress for summer

athleisure dress summer 2017affordable athleisure outfit affordable athleisure dress

wearing:  Chanel summer lipstick / bold turquoise and hold earrings / black hoodie athleisure dress (under $100!!) / Givenchy handbag / summer nail polish / black leather watch / Adidas sneakers in rose gold

My ten-year-old daughter snapped these pictures when we were in Los Angeles last week. We took them just before leaving the hotel to go to the California Science Center where we saw the space shuttle Endeavour on display. This was especially exciting for my nine-year-old son who wants to be an astronaut when he grows up!

The California Science Center requires quite a bit of walking, therefore, I wanted to make sure I was dressed in something comfortable. This hoodie athleisure dress was perfect for the day. The fabric is soft, and breathable, for warm weather. It also does not wrinkle! Love that!

Of course, when you are walking and standing a lot, comfortable shoes are a must. These sneakers by Adidas have turned into my go-to comfort shoes when we go out on family vacations, or day trips. They provide ample arch support, and cushioned comfort. Love!

I am so happy that athleisure is a trend right now! Remember the days when sneakers were frowned upon? There once was a time when wearing sneakers with shorts or leggings made you look like a tourist from BFD who didn’t know how to dress. Now, this is the style! It is uber-cool to walk around in street sneakers with leggings, shorts; or any athleisure look! As long as you look clean, put together, and not sloppy, the athleisure trend looks and feel fabulous!

What are your thoughts on the athleisure trend right now? Is this something you love? Or are you old-school and think sneakers should be left at the gym?

Stay tuned! My LA trip recap is coming up this week; and it will include details about our visit to the California Science Center, and seeing the space shuttle Endeavour in person!!

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