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Walk along the waterfront in NYC

wearing: statement earrings / black top / black belt / flare jeans / spring nail polish / yellow pouch / sneakers /

How pretty is this view of New York? Although quite windy, we found a clear and mild day to walk along the waterfront in New York City and enjoy the view.

The waterfront was vibrant with people playing tennis, jogging, socializing, and relaxing. It was our last day in New York, and it turned out to be the perfect activity to wrap up our trip. Nothing beats a relaxing walk by the water with decent weather and a fabulous view.

When you visit New York, or any big city, it is nice to take some time to slow down, walk around, and take in the sights. It really is a nice way to drink in the beauty of the city you are visiting.

Well, not too much to say, I think the photos show how pretty the walk was! Enjoy!

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Best nail polish for travel spring 2023

travel nail polish spring 2023

Spring 2023 nail polish from left: Gucci Cecilia Ivory / Chanel Enigme / Chanel Harmonie /

It is that time of year when we start traveling! One of my big pet peeves, and I am sure it is one of yours too, is getting chips in my nail polish while traveling. After all, you cannot take nail polish on the plane! Yikes!

If you are taking a road trip, you will be able to travel with your nail polish. This will make it easy if you need to touch up your manicure. Unfortunately, if you plan to take a plane, the nail polish bottle will have to stay home. Thankfully there is an easy solution to this problem. Wear light nail polish and a top coat.

Yes, it is that easy. If you wear a light-colored nail polish with a good top coat, your manicure should last at least seven days with normal wear and tear. So, unless you are leaving town for a month, you should be OK on vacation with a light manicure and a strong top coat. My favorite top coat is from Chanel. Dior also makes a very strong top coat, so either brand will work well for travel.

This spring 2023 season, there are a few nail polish colors which are light, and perfect for travel. This yellowish ivory hue from Gucci is a fun color for travel; especially if you are going somewhere exotic or tropical! It is also a neutral, so it should play well with what you pack in your suitcase. I also love these classic and neutral hues from Chanel. They are from their neutral collection which has multiple light nail polish colors, perfect for travel! Love that!

My favorite three nail polish hues for travel this spring season are pictured above. There are also a few more colors which would work, pictured below.

Which color if your favorite for travel?

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Historical Hollywood Walk of Fame

One of the most touristy things to do in Los Angeles is to visit the Historical Hollywood Walk of Fame; but everyone needs to go at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes it is fun to be a tourist!

I know this post is a bit delayed, I am not sure how posting about the Historical Hollywood Walk of Fame slipped my mind! We went down to Los Angeles during New Year’s to attend the Rose Bowl game. My husband’s Alma Mater is Penn State, and they made it to the Rose Bowl! They didn’t just make it, they won! Yay!

It was really fun attending a large-scale college football game. My college did not have a football team, so I had never been to a huge college football game before. I have attended smaller schools’ football games, but nothing like this. It was amazing. The Penn State band was incredible, and the fans were highly spirited, fun, and friendly. I had so much fun! Too bad my school didn’t have football! I am now a little bit jealous. . .but I digress. . .

We have been to Los Angeles plenty of times with the kids, but somehow, we never made it to the Historical Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, this time, we took them! I had not been since I was a little kid, so it was fun to see it all again as an adult.

This is a huge tourist attraction, so when you go, I recommend going in the morning before the crowds arrive, and also try to go in the off-season. The summer and weekends are crazy busy; try to go during the week before tourist season. The winter break was a good time, I also recommend going in the fall after school is in session, or the first part of the spring semester. Ski week is a good time too if you plan to take the kids since it is in February before the colleges start their spring break season.

You will want to allow plenty of time for walking and looking down. I recommend going to the Chinese Theater first, before it gets too crowded. Once the tour busses arrive, it’s game over. If you go early, and by early, I mean try to get there by 9am, you will have time to search for all your favorite Hollywood stars. I found Shirley Temple! Love! In case you are wondering what the Chinese Theater is, it is where all the Hollywood stars have their handprints, footprints, and they have signed their names in the concrete. This is a small, select group of celebrities which are mostly iconic stars from early Hollywood, with a few modern stars.

In addition to the Chinese Theater, there are several blocks of stars to sort through in order to find your favorite celebrities. You will want to walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame after visiting the Chinese Theater. Take your time, and walk carefully, since you will be looking down instead of straight ahead! haha

Stay safe out there! This is a walking activity, and it can also get very crowded, so I recommend dressing appropriately. Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, and keep your wallet, phone etc. in front of you. You want to be aware of possible pickpockets. They love crowded tourist areas! A cross body bag in front of you is ideal. Try not wear a backpack which can easily be entered and stolen from without your knowledge. If you have a backpack, wear it in front of you while you are walking around. I recommend wearing understated jewelry, nothing too flashy, and keep it casual.

What I wore to the Historical Hollywood Walk of Fame:

This is a half day activity. I recommend planning to attend in the morning, and then eating lunch at one of the restaurants along Hollywood Boulevard or heading out to your next adventure and enjoying a meal there. We ate there, at California Pizza Kitchen.

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