February beauty must haves

from top left: c/o L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge leave-in conditioner / c/o Elemis Biotec Skin Energizing Night Cream / c/o Elemis Biotec Skin Energizing Day Cream / c/o Colleen Rothschild eye serum / c/o Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl / c/o Foreo Luna Play Sonic Face Cleanser / c/o L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm / c/o L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil / c/o Elemis Biotec Skin Energizing Cleanser / c/o Tan-Luxe The Face / c/o Tan-Luxe The Body / c/o Colleen Rothschild Haight Ashbury candle

Thank you for coming here every week for my beauty reviews! I have been receiving a lot of products in the mail, but I don’t enjoy everything I receive. Starting this year, I decided that I would do a monthly round-up of new beauty products for you which I have tested out, and have fallen in love with. Hopefully this make it easy for you to find new beauty products to love! So, starting today, I will do a beauty must-have post with my favorite finds of the month, on the first of the month! I hope you enjoy!

In January, I tested out a ton of new beauty products. The ones I ended up falling in love with, are pictured above. There is a combination of hair care products, make-up, skin care products, and a relaxing candle; don’t we all need one?! Without further ado, here are my favorites of the month!

Elvive by L’Oreal Paris

As you know, I love to swim and get outside. The chlorine from swimming, and the sun, has wreaked havoc on my hair. So, I am always on the lookout for fabulous hair care products which solve my dry, damaged hair problem. This new hair care collection, Elvive by L’Oreal Paris, is the perfect solution. The leave-in conditioner is my favorite from the collection. It really helps revive my hair!

Elemis Biotec Skin Energizing Skincare System

This is a fabulous collection. I am in love with the Elemis Biotec Skin energizing Cleanser. It leaves my skin squeaky skin without stripping it of essential oils, or drying it out. This is my go-to cleanser. It is fabulous! The night cream and day cream are great too; plus they are travel size. Love that!

Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme eye Serum

This eye serum is a-ma-zing! It really reduces the lines around my eyes and keeps them looking refreshed. I love the fact that is it jam-packed with Retinal (vitamin A), Vitamin C, Saliporine 8, and Cityguard. These key ingredients provide antioxidant support, improve moisture and elasticity, contour, lift, and repair. Love that!

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Vinyl

This is the newest lip gloss product from Givenchy. Can I just say-LOVE! This is a fabulous lip gloss which offers bold colour and shine. The colour reacts to your pH balance and changes into a color which looks just right on your skin. Love it!!

Foreo Luna Play Sonic Face Cleanser

OK, cutest little face cleanser ever! I love this petite little cleanser which is great for packing in my purse or beach bag for cleansing on the go. It is also fabulous for travel. Love it!

Tan-Luxe self tanners

So the weather is warming up, and my skin is pasty white! Eeeek! Tan-Luxe makes the most fabulous self-tanner for both face and body. This is the only way to not look pasty while the temperatures reach the mid-70’s yet my skin has not seen sun in months. This is a self tanning must-have!

Colleen Rothschild Haight Ashbury candle

I love candles for relaxing, and while I wear a face mask. They are so relaxing. This candle by Colleen Rothschild offers the scent of the hippie lifestyle; which reminds me of when I lived two blocks from the Haight Ashbury in San Francisco-even thought I am not a hippie. It is a relaxing scent which is rich and spicy. Love it!

There you have it! My favorite beauty products from the past month. Have you tried any of them yet? What are your thoughts?

Shop my favorite beauty products for February:

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Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection review

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

pictured: Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipsticks c/o Givenchy, Sculpt’in Violine / Sculpt’in Rouge

Givenchy has introduced a new line of lipsticks to their fabulous beauty collection; the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection. Now,  let’s get one thing straight, I am not an expert make-up application person. I tend to wear eyeliner, foundation powder, concealer, blush, and lipstick. That is my daily routine. When I saw this two-tone lipstick, sent to me by Givenchy, I was excited, and frightened, at the same time. How does one apply two-tone lipstick? Yikes!

When I review a lipstick collection, I always like to photograph it before I smear it all over my lips. The first time I use it, is when I photograph myself wearing it. I became a bit nervous when I realized this lipstick is extremely creamy. If you are not careful while applying it, it will easily smudge on your lips.

This is two-tone lipstick. Due to the duel colors on the lipstick, you cannot rub your lips together to even out the color after you apply it to your lips. This would destroy the two-tone look you are going for. Instead, I realized all you can do it carefully apply it, and then blot with a Kleenex.

I do not currently own a lip-liner. There is something really ’90’s about lip-liner, and I can’t bring myself to purchase, and use, one. It brings back bad memories of the dark liner, frosty lipstick trend I regretfully followed. So, after I applied the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick, I realized this is a lipstick which needs a lip-liner. So please excuse my less-than-perfect application shown below. I definitely need to break my perception and purchase a matching lip-liner for my favorite Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick, which is the “Sculpt’in Violine” hue. So pretty!! Just needs a lip-liner!!

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

In this photo, I am wearing my favorite color from the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection, Sculpt’in Violine. As you can see, I need lip-liner. Hopefully this photo is enough to show you how the lipstick leaves a two-tone look on your lips; which is fashion-forward, and fun! I also discovered this lipstick color makes your teeth look a bit whiter. Love that!

Sculpt’in Violine offers a blue-purple main hue, flanked by a vampy purple hue on the edge. This creates a nice evening look which is perfect to wear now, and into the new year. After all, purple is the color of 2018! Love!

givenchy le rouge sculpt lipsticgivenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

The other color from the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection I was able to test out, was Sculpt’in Rouge. This is a bright red hue which is perfect for the holiday season. This lipstick also needs a lip-liner, so please excuse my uneven lip line. The Sculpt’in Rouge hue offers a bright, holiday red hue flanked by a reddish-brown color. This color does not go too well with my skin-tone, but my Mom looks amazing in this color so she is going to keep this lipstick. She is thrilled to wear it! She loves it!

If you love red lipstick, this is the perfect alternative to your basic red. It offers a chic, fashion-forward two-tone look which is perfect for holiday parties, and evening occasions in general.

All-in-all, the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt two-tone lipstick collection is a fabulous alternative to wearing one color lipstick. Just remember, you need lip-liner! Unless you are uber talented and can make this soft, creamy lipstick apply perfectly. Then I bow to you! -and. . .um. . .can you teach me your tricks??

You can find the Givenchy Le Rouge Sculpt lipstick collection online here.

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givenchy le rouge sculpt lipstic

Holiday casual bell sleeves and jeans

casual winter outfit ideas casual holiday party outfit ideas givenchy antigona small holiday casual outfit ideas

pictured: silver ball stud earrings / Bobbi Brown lipstick “lilac” / blue bead necklace c/o BaubleBar / sparkling black bell sleeves sweater (on major sale and in more colors!!) / black Givenchy bag / bold silver ring / skinny jeans (on major sale!!) / Dior holiday nail polish (full review here) / silver boots (in light gold here, and in silver with shorter heel here)

Sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles! I love wearing sparkles during the holiday season. This black, bell sleeve sweater has tiny silver sparkles sewn into the knit, making it a festive way to feel the holiday spirit in a casual ensemble; love that!

As the temperatures rise to 60 degrees on some days during the winter months, a thinner knit sweater is more comfortable then a heavy coat. This sweater is great on moderate winter days; and the sparkling knit makes it great to wear to daytime holiday events, as well as casual evening house parties.

I wore this outfit the other day when I was out Christmas shopping with my kids. We walked all over the place, and it was so comfortable!

My two younger kids snapped these photos while we were shopping, they did a pretty good job!! My middle child is taking photography classes. I am so excited that she loves taking pictures (think free blog photographer!).  She is really artistic, and wants to be an artist when she grows up. She seems to have a lot of artistic interests. When she grows up, she would like to be a painter, a cartoon maker (think Pixar!), a fashion designer, and a photographer. I can’t wait to see what she grows into! My son wants to be an astronaut, and the first man on Mars! I’m certain he will get there! My teenager changes her mind daily; so I’ll keep you posted! haha I’m sure she will decide on something fabulous!

Well, I seem to have gone off track from my outfit, haha. If you have kids, what are they planning to be when they grow up?

If you are looking for a great winter sweater, check out my bell sleeves sweater; it’s on sale!!

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