Inspired by Real Housewives

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wearing: gold dangle earrings / lipstick / black faux fur coat / Balmain tee / spring nail polish / black handbag / military green tuxedo pants / black boots (on major sale-order a 1/2 size up) /

OK, so if you know me, or follow my insta-stories, you may have heard me talk about being a huge Real Housewives fan. Well. . .while I was putting outfits together for New York Fashion Week, I watched an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Marlo and Nene went shopping with Eva for a wedding dress. Marlo, who has an enviable closet and great style, was wearing a black Balmain logo tee and she looked chic as ever. While logo handbags are played out, logo tee’s and clothing are still having a moment. So I decided to purchase a black Balmain tee and create an outfit around it for fashion week! Does that make me a superfan? haha

I wore my new Balmain tee with military green pants, my new Chloe boots-which are on major sale by the way, and this cozy Calvin Klein coat. It was an urban street style look which was quiet yet New York Fashion Week worthy. This is a look I will continue to wear at home too until our spring weather arrives. It’s cold in California this year! Brrrrrr! When spring hits, I will show you this tee again, and the pants, styled separately for spring. They will be spring staples in my closet!

My friend Laura from Have-Need-Want took these photos outside our hotel before we began our day of shows. Day one of New York Fashion Week was a fun day. I attended Noon by Noor, Laurence & Chico, and Badgley Mischka. Stay tuned for photos from those shows! You can see the final walks saved in my Instagram Story Highlights. They are saved in the highlight with Anna Wintor’s face as the cover photo. Trying to have a little chic fashion humor on there. haha

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Do you watch the Real Housewives shows? Have you ever taken fashion inspiration from one or more of them?


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How to look like Meghan Markle

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photo credit: Mark Jones / allowed use under Creative Commons /

OK, deep breath . . . the royal wedding is THIS weekend! Eeeeeeeeek! I’m so excited to see an American marry a royal! Don’t they make the cutest couple?

The world has been obsessing with Meghan’s style ever since the engagement was announced. Everything she wears turns into an instant IT item and flies off store shelves! I love that Meghan Markle has a timeless and chic way of dressing. It makes me want to steal her style. Do you feel that way too?

Although her clothing is beautiful, my lifestyle is much too casual for me to attempt to wear her outfits. But, if you are casual like me, we can carry her handbags, wear her nail polish, and own a similar yoga mat as Meghan! She has a large collection of handbags, but I picked out a few which really emulate her style, and translate well for those of us here on the American side of the pond. So, without further ado, here are a few ways to steal Meghan Markles style:

1) Charcoal yoga mat: Meghan Markle has been spotted numerous times with her charcoal yoga mat. To look like Meghan going to yoga, you need to carry one too. Although, once she ties the knot, it is uncertain if we will see her freely coming and going from yoga classes. Perhaps she will have private yoga sessions at her new castle! -wherever in England that may be!

2) Pale or naked nails: Sorry colorful nail polish fans! The Queen has strict rules when it comes to nail polish. Nails need to be either naked, or painted in clear nail polish, or something close to a pale nude. Meghan Markle will have to adhere to these nail polish rules, therefore, she will have pale or naked nails.

3) Three-stone engagement ring: Meghan’s beautiful engagement ring features the classic three-stone diamond setting. The diamond in the middle is the largest, flanked on either side by smaller stones. Steal her ring style by finding a cushion-cut, three-stone ring with the diamonds set in yellow gold.

4) Chloe Pixie: Meghan Markle wore this bag to Christmas with the royal family, and she has it in her closet. You can carry the same IT bag as Meghan; which happens to fit into all the current summer handbag trends. Love that!

5) Saint Laurent Sac du Jour: Meghan Markle has a dark blue Saint Laurent Sac du Jour she has been spotted carrying around town. You can emulate the soon-to-be-royal’s handbag style by toting your own Sac du Jour to the office, to meetings, and any time you need a tote!

6) Altuzarra handbag: Meghan has been spotted carrying a black Altuzarra Braided handbag in smooth leather. This is a chic satchel with a shoulder strap which is big on style. It’s a cult classic, and so very chic!

7) Gucci Dionysus evening clutch: This has been a hot IT bag for several years now. Meghan has been spotted wearing a fabulous black velvet Gucci Dionysus clutch when donning formal attire. This is a beautiful classic clutch we can all use in our wardrobes.

8) Everlane tote in cognac: Meghan Markle has been spotted numerous times with this affordable, daytime tote bag priced under $200. It offers a chic silhouette with timeless styling. Since it’s so affordable, we can all steal her style by owning this tote!

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There are many additional ways we can steal Meghan’s style, but these are a few easy ones we can adapt to ASAP. Now raise your hand if you are super excited to watch her wedding this weekend on TV! My hand is waaaaaay up! After all, haven’t we all, at one time in our lives, dreamed of being royal? She is living every little girls dream. I’m excited for our soon-to-be-royal American icon!

What do you think of Meghan Markle’s style? Are you excited for the wedding too?



Street style handbags New York Fashion Week February 2018

It is one thing to spot trends on the runways at New York Fashion Week, it is another thing to spot what people are wearing on the runway designers want their handbags to be seen on; the street.

Since fashion week in February has a combination of winter weather, and guests wanting to rock the latest spring trends, the only thing people can really wear without worrying about ice on the sidewalk, or snow falling from the sky, is a handbag. The spring 2018 handbags were out in full force at New York Fashion Week fall 2018! Yes!

I took careful notes of what people were carrying when attending the shows at New York Fashion Week. The street style handbags from New York Fashion Week will dictate which handbag trends will dominate the spring season, and which designer bag will gain the coveted “IT” status of the season. I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see the handbag patterns on the street!

Didn’t we say something about the death of the mini bag? Weren’t they going away? Well, they are going away, unless they are shaped like a circle or a box, then, they are not going away. That’s right! The streets of New York Fashion Week have spoken. Small or mini circle bags, and box bags, are all the rage for spring 2018; just don’t wear them cross body, that’s so last year.

Of course, there is more to street style handbags then small circles and boxes; the fashion set was also spotted wearing the Gucci Dionysus, Gucci Marmont, Chloe Nile, Chanel Boy Bag (it’s making a resurgence!), and any style of Louis Vuitton. Is Louis going to have a moment? It is so very 1990s. . .speaking of the 1990s. . .

Oh GenerationX, I hope you kept your mini backpack! Unfortunately, mine is long gone. <sign> Mini backpacks were everywhere on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Look for mini backpacks this season in bright colors, metallic hues, and funky fabrications. Free up those hands girl and dance! Speaking of free hands. . .

American tourists in white tennis shoes will rejoice at the third biggest trend in street style handbags from New York Fashion Week. The fanny pack is back from the 1980s, and it is not your typical touristy, nylon fanny pack. Sometimes called “belt bags,” the fanny pack was everywhere at fashion week, and it was Gucci. Don’t even bother getting a different designer or brand; it’s Gucci, or look like a cheesy American tourist, your choice.

Can we circle back to Louis Vuitton? For guests who need more space in their handbags during fashion week, the two bags I spotted the most often were the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and the good ol’ fashion week standby; the Givenchy Antigona. In general, workhorse fashion week bags offered two top handles, a medium size, a neutral hue, or a metallic color. The bright colors were reserved for the smaller bags such as the circles, boxes, and <gasp> fanny packs.

The most spotted bags in these categories were the Gucci fanny pack, the MCM box bag, Louis Vuitton Neverful, Givenchy Antigona, Gucci Dionysus, anything from the Gucci Marmont family, Brahmin Lane Melbourne, Chloe Pixie, Chloe Nile, and the Chanel Boy bag. Which IT bag is your favorite?

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Which street style handbags from New York Fashion Week are your favorite?

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