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BAF Weekly IT List

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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: linen joggers (so comfy-my summer go-to pants!) / summer nail polish: sparkling brown, sparkling gold / fall nail polish / mini tote (on major sale!) / black convertible IT bag (under $300) / booties with chain details (on sale under $100-hot trend for fall!) / classic IT bag / Gucci sneakers / running shoes /

Don’t let the dark hues in this week’s IT List scare you! This upcoming fall season is all about color; that being said, some things in the fashion realm will be neutral, and dark. So get ready to mix and match!

This fall season we are seeing dark neutrals for nail polish; note the fall nail polish hue from Chanel in the graphic above. My full review of Chanel’s fall nail polish collection will be ready in roughly one week, but I digress. . . shoes and handbags are being shown in neutral colors; look for black, dark brown, grey, and various shades of putty and tan. This will allow you to have some fun with your clothing, which will be more colorful than in autumn past. Love!

That being said, summer clothing and accessories are still hot right now! As temperatures rise, and stay up through September, we all need cool clothing and accessories to match. These linen pants are hot right now; since they keep you cool. Sneakers are also selling like hot cakes as people return to traveling and need a good pair of walking shoes, which are also fashionable. I mean, aren’t these Gucci sneakers fabulous? They are comfortable too. Love them!

Affordable and classic IT bags are all the rage as we all scramble to update our wardrobes and get away from loungewear right now. These classic IT bags are perfect to wear now and forever.

Have you noticed chains everywhere? I will go deep into the chain trend later this month, but right now we all need to focus on this pair of chain detail booties. They are a fall bootie, and currently part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which features both summer and new fall merchandise. I picked up a pair in black and they are super comfortable, and the chain detail is amazing! One thing you don’t see in the photo; they zip up in the back making these booties easy to get in and out of. Love that!

Shop the BAF Weekly IT List online:

The Nordstrom sale is currently going on, and a lot of items have been selling out. Check out my favorites from the sale here.

Thinking of road tripping to Disneyland? My Disney recap is on the blog, right here.

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The perfect black top

casual summer street style san jose 2021

Wearing: black puff sleeve top (on major sale!) / sunglasses / white drop earrings / summer lipstick / summer nail polish / snake buckle belt / basket bag (IT bag under $500) / light wash jeans (similar here) / platform sneakers /

Ah! This black top has so much staying power! I originally purchased it in the summer for 2019 for the fall season. I wore it at fashion week, which you can see my outfit below from NYFW, I am in the green skirt, spinning. I also wore it during the fall season around town, as you can see an example in the long denim skirt. Last fall, I paired it with jeans as life was extremely casual last year. This year, I am pairing it with jeans so far, but I plan to wear this top with skirts as the season progresses. Love that!

Know what else I love? It’s on major sale right now! Plus, the puff sleeves are right on trend. Love that too!

Denim outfit / Denim skirt outfit / Green skirt outfit /

I wore this black top the other day when I went to Santana Row with my Mom for lunch. We walked around, looked at make-up at Sephora, checked out all the cute new jewelry at Kendra Scott, and enjoyed lunch at Left Bank. I had the Vegan Cassoulet, which was delicious, and my Mom enjoyed the salmon. Yummy!

So, if you have been following along, you know I have been on a doctor-ordered diet. I have lost almost twenty pounds now, so these jeans are new! I wore them at Disneyland, and now I am wearing them often since they are one of three bottoms which fit me. These jeans are comfy, and very on trend for summer. Love! I also plan on getting this pair for the fall season. I love a darker wash in the fall.

Shop my late summer summer look and this puff sleeve top on sale:

If you are looking for a versatile top, which is not basic, this is the one! You can’t beat the sale price too. Love it!

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loewe basket bag gucci sneakers denim trends summer 2021

Disneyland summer 2021

Downtown Disney

downtown disney street style outfit ideas

Downtown Disney outfit details: periwinkle ears / sunglasses / earrings / summer lipstick / white puff sleeve top (under $50) / cross body bag / snake belt / summer nail polish / distressed jeans / platform sneakers /

Life is getting back to normal! We went on a vacation!! Can your believe it? There is life after the shutdown-thank goodness!

I cannot even begin to tell you how free and relaxed we all felt jumping in the car and driving down to Anaheim to go to Disneyland. We walked into our hotel without masks, and freely went into restaurants and businesses without our masks. We felt protected from our vaccines, and life in Anaheim looked almost normal! The only hint that it was the end of a pandemic was seeing employees at restaurants, Disneyland, and the hotel wearing masks. Other than that, the crowds are back, the lines are long, and Disneyland appears business-as-usual!

The evening of the day we drove down to Anaheim we walked over to Downtown Disney for dinner at Catel Restaurant. The food was delicious, and the vibe was fun. Ears on! It’s Disney!

Despite the fact that I packed my old silver ears, I felt the need to splurge on a new pair. This periwinkle pair of ears offered a fun bow and a beautiful color. I was sold! My middle child bought new ears too. Sometimes you just need a refresh!

Although I packed my small, convertible handbag, I ended up wearing this striped cross body bag to the parks. It holds more items then my smaller bag, and added some spice to my overall look.

In addition to dinner, we walked around, and window shopped in Downtown Disney. We also gawked at the amazing figures inside the Lego store. The details are incredible! It was a great way to kick off our vacation!

Medieval Times dinner and show

medieval times dinner and show with family green team vip tickets

If you are a Real Housewives fan like me, then you remember seeing Medieval Times on Dallas. It looked like a lot of fun, so when I found out there was one close to Disneyland, I knew we had to go. My kids were excited too!

This was such a fun night! We went to the show on our second day in Anaheim. Instead of Disneyland, we enjoyed the water park at our hotel, and then went to Medieval Times for dinner. It was a great choice!

This is a really organized event, and they are amazing at making it historically accurate. Each group or party is sat together, and the food is served as a feast. There is a lot of food! You are given a giant chicken leg, half a potato, half a corn cob, soup, and dessert. There is also a vegetarian option, which is what I ate since I am on a diet from my doctor. The food was yummy, and my kids not only ate it, they enjoyed it! Love that!

There are six royal houses and a Queen; who we are all guests of at the venue. We got lucky, and ended up being in the green royal house. Our Knight was amazing, and did really well in the tournament. If you are visiting Disneyland, I highly recommend taking an evening to attend Medieval Times, you will love it! Also, be sure to grab VIP tickets. It’s worth it.


disneyland street style summer outfit ideas

Disneyland outfit details: periwinkle ears / sunglasses / earrings / summer lipstick / black top (under $50) / snake belt / distressed jeans / cross body bag / summer nail polish / platform sneakers /

Our third day in Anaheim, we went to Disneyland! It was SO MUCH FUN! The morning crowds were low, so we were able to hit a lot of rides right away. As the day wore on, the crowds were appeared, and the lines were 30-60 minutes long.

We had lunch reservations at Cafe Orleans. They do not have Vegan options, so it was a little bit difficult for me to stick to my doctor’s diet. Keep this in mind if you have dietary restrictions. Otherwise, the food was delicious!

I tried really hard to get into the new Star Wars rides, but we were unable to. The crowds were too large, and the virtual queue was filled in under a second. My son was disappointed, but there wasn’t anything I could do. Hopefully in a year or two it will be easier to get on the Star Wars rides.

Despite not getting to check out the new Star Wars rides, we were able to get on almost all our favorite rides, and have a blast. Disneyland is always fun!

Disney California Adventure Park

disney california adventure park street style outfit ideas summer

Disney California Adventure Park outfit details: periwinkle ears / earrings / sunglasses / summer lipstick / stripe puff sleeve top (under $50) / snake buckle belt / cross body bag / distressed jeans / summer nail polish / platform sneakers /

Disney California Adventure Park is my favorite of the two parks. This was very crowded too. The line for the Cars ride was 90 minutes long when the park opened, so we never made it on that ride. Despite the crowds, I was able to get in the virtual queue for the new Spiderman ride. The queue was six hours long, and when we arrived to stand in the physical line, we waited about 90 minutes to get inside the ride. The ride itself was SO MUCH FUN! Hopefully the lines will shorten as time goes on. It’s a really fun ride, and I want to be able to go again next time we go to Disneyland!

We enjoyed lunch at Wine Country Trattoria which has a large menu, and plenty of healthy items; as well as vegetarian and vegan. The food was delicious, we will definitely return!

All in all, it was an amazing vacation! It was so nice to finally be able to travel and feel safe. We loved the feeling of normalcy; even though that included long lines at Disneyland! haha

I can’t wait to plan more vacations this year! Three cheers to going back to a normal life!

Also, do you notice my clothing is a little baggy? The diet my doctor gave me is working, and I am down twenty pounds now! I have ten more pounds to go, and then I will buy new clothing in my new size. Please excuse the baggy looks. Thank you for your support!

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