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BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: velvet top / Chanel holiday nail polish / Dior holiday nail polish / oversized sweater / silver bracelet / green handbag / black shoulder bag / golden hoops / silver hoops / small tote / caramel top handle bag / black boots /

Classic and chic style is still going strong! As we head into the new year, investment dressing is still the most important street style look. Think timeless jewelry, exquisite quality handbags, and understated clothing. Love!

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This small tote bag is on my wish list as head into winter and the new year. I am also looking forward to the doctor bags from the Coach runway for spring. As soon as they hit stores, I will let you know!

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Emerging handbag trends winter 2024

emerging handbag trends winter 2024

Emerging handbag trends winter 2024 from top left: small tote / east/west satchel / soft top handle bag / soft satchel / soft tote / north/south tote /

Soft and slouchy wins the race! The winter season, and as we move into 2024, is giving us soft and slouchy handbags. While the anonymous handbag is still king, the appreciation for high quality leather, which melts in your hands, is all the rage.

This winter 2024 season, and as we move into 2024, look for soft and slouchy bags, as well as east/west satchels. Doctor bags, such as the Givenchy Antigona, are also relevant.

So, without further ado, here are the main, emerging handbag trends for the winter 2024 season.

Slouchy hobos: While not pictured above, the slouchy hobo is hotter than hot. Look for soft and squishy hobo bags you can hug.

Slouchy tote bag: Soft and slouchy totes can be any size from small to extra large. They just need to be squishy and huggable.

The north/south tote: The north/south tote is ideal in a soft leather, but structured versions work too.

The east/west satchel: This emerging trend is expected to pop in the new year. Why not hop on the trend early? Look for both structured and slouchy versions of the east/west satchel. Pro tip: Coach has one coming out in the spring if you want one that doesn’t break the bank.

Slouchy satchels: The Row Margaux is the hottest slouchy satchel in town, and it is usually sold out. If you can spare the cash, and find one in stock, you are gold. If not, look for any satchel with a slouch.

Trends which are staying put:

The anonymous handbag: logos are still out. Look for beautifully made handbags which are logo-less or have a small brand stamp you need to move up close to see.

Hobo bags: Structured or slouchy, anything goes. Hobos are going strong in the new year.

Structured satchels: While slouchy ones are hot, structured satchels are still important. Think Mulberry zipped Bayswater, Saint Laurent Sac du Jour, or Givenchy Antigona. Keep those classic satchels on repeat!

The classic shoulder bag: Beautiful shoulder bags, both structured and slouchy, which bear a high-quality clasp and are logo-less, are still hot. Look for shoulder bags by Savette, Mulberry, Toteme, Bottega Veneta, The Row, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and more.

That’s it! For the winter 2024 season, look for soft and slouchy, anonymous, high-quality handbags you can cherish for years and years.

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BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: velvet top / Chanel holiday nail polish / Dior holiday nail polish / black shoulder bag / silver bracelet / golden hoops / silver hoops / green shoulder bag / Mary Janes / black boots / small black shoulder bag / caramel top handle bag / black pencil skirt /

The holiday season is in full swing! Investment handbags and jewelry are hotter than hot as we give the gift that lasts. In addition to timeless style, holiday nail polish and apparel is also hot right now. Love this!

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