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Rainy day event outfit

rainy day event outfit ideas

Wearing: blue and silver earrings / puffy faux leather jacket / dress (original post here, current version here) / black handbag / fall nail polish / boots (old, current version here) /

This is one of my favorite dresses, and I rarely have the opportunity to wear it! I purchased it in the fall of 2019 to wear to fashion week, and then in early 2020, everything shut down. This meant my dress just hung in my closet for quite some time! Now that events are starting to make a comeback, I finally had an opportunity to wear my dress again. Yay!

Last week, when it was raining here (yes, we got rain! Yay!), I attended an event at the Olympic Club which was originally scheduled in 2020 and had to be postponed for obvious reasons. It was so nice to finally be able to have an in-person event! The Bay Area has really been shut down, so it is only now that life is starting to look normal; including rush hour traffic, but I digress. . .

This dress is really fun because it looks like a skirt and top, but it is one piece. It is really easy and comfortable to wear, plus, it makes people think you are good at tucking in your top. haha I love the new versions of this dress in stores for fall, maybe I should pick up another one now that I have places to go! Love!

If you are looking for an investment jacket, this one is fabulous. I purchased it last year and the brand continues to have it on the market. It is a classic puffer jacket, and since it is faux, you can wear it in the rain. Love that! I’m looking forward to staying cozy in it again this year. If you are in the market for a fabulous and cozy jacket, I highly recommend this one!

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Is there anything in your closet you are excited to wear again now that life is back to normal?

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BAF Weekly IT List

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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: pink blazer / Dior fall nail polish / Chanel fall nail polish / black tweed blazer / chocolate brown pouch / G buckle belt / caramel hobo bag / top handle bag / western style boots / black hobo bag /

Fall is finally, officially, here! Yay! Too bad temperatures are back up in the nineties. Hopefully we get a fall weather pattern very soon! I am ready for warm tea, cool nights, and pumpkin spice everything. Don’t judge me. haha

Let’s get back on topic, what’s trending this week! Hobo bags are exploding. They are everywhere. If you haven’t snapped one up yet, now is the time to grab one that you love. Any style of hobo bag works well this fall season. Look for structured hobos, slouchy hobos, moon shaped hobos, and try to stick with neutral tones. Although many designers are showing hobos covered in logos, try to steer clear of the logo look and choose something in a beautiful leather or faux leather. Logo bags are not chic right now.

If you can only get one thing to update your fall wardrobe this year, make sure it is a blazer. A blazer, whether taken from a power suit, or in a tweed, is hotter than hot. Blazers are instant outfit elevators, updaters, and chic makers. You need a blazer in your life. The black tweed one I am showing above is priced under $100, so you don’t have to break the bank to rock the blazer look this fall. Love that!

Also, instant wardrobe updaters this autumn season include neutral nail polish, berry-hued nail polish, and western style boots. Love!

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What are you loving this fall season?

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Pink blazer and jeans

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blazer and jeans trend

Wearing: purple and gold earrings / sunglasses / black twist neck top / pink tweed blazer / G buckle belt / jeans (old, love this pair) / fall nail polish / ivory handbag / golden boots /

I’m wearing bright pink! The Barbiecore trend is so much fun, and I love that this trend is so easy to wear and integrate into anyone’s personal style. Some people who love a bold look can rock bright pink in an all-over, tonal look. Others, like myself, who just want a touch of pink, can rock this trend with one article of clothing, or even with accessories such as earrings, a bracelet, or a scarf. Love it!

This blazer is really fun. I love the tweed fabric and the bright hue. It is easy to throw over jeans, a skirt, or a dress for a polished, Barbiecore look. Love that!

One of the color combo’s a few designers played with for fall was adding purple touches to pink. Yes, the pink and purple combo we all wore in the 1980s, it might catch on again! So, I paired my pink blazer with purple earrings just to have a touch of my favorite childhood color combo. Seriously, I think my whole closet was pink and purple back in the day! haha

japantown san jose

Since I was in a fun mood, I paired my pink blazer with my golden boots. Aren’t they a kick! This pair is actually quite comfortable, and I was able to walk in them as strolled through San Jose’s Japantown and enjoyed lunch at Minato. If you haven’t been, it is an old, established restaurant that has been in San Jose for decades. They have delicious entrees with very generous portions. I had a tone of leftovers! The food is really good, and the service is exceptional. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go now!

I enjoyed the tempura lunch and my mom had a steamer bowl. They were both sooooo good!! Both dishes are delicious, in case you are wondering what to order.

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So, are you rocking the Barbiecore trend this fall season? If so, are you head-to-toe or rocking the trend like me, with a touch of pink?

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