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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: patchwork jeans (under $40!) / black affordable loafer slides / fall nail polish / green and gold earrings / soft grey cardigan sweater /

Welcome to the 4th BAF Weekly IT List! I’m excited about this IT list because the spring 2021 runway shows just finished in New York. We got a glimpse of what is hot for the spring season; and what is not. This helps us make informed decisions about what we buy now; to last us through several seasons.

Spring 2021 is all about 1980s and 1990s influence. So these patchwork jeans for fall are also ideal to carry us through spring; and summer if the weather is cool enough for jeans. At under $40, they aren’t just a great investment for now into next year, they are a downright steal!

Loafer slides are a must-have every fall season. They are also a great spring shoe too. If you haven’t already invested in a pair of classic loafers, I recommend doing so now. If you scroll down, you can compare the designer IT version of loafer slides, with an affordable version I highly recommend.

This fall nail polish by Chanel continues to be a hot seller, and a must-have for fall. It’s a classic dark red, and very chic. Love!

As the weather cools, we all need a soft and cozy cardigan sweater which can be worn around the house, as well as out in the real world. If you are spending a ton of time at home, as I am, this is the ideal sweater for the season. It will carry you through fall, winter, and spring. Love it!

Lastly, remember I mentioned spring 2021? These green and gold fall earrings fit into the spring 2021 color trends. This is an easy way to add a bright spring hue to a dreary fall or winter day. Plus, they can be worn next spring and summer. These are classic earrings and an easy way to stay ahead of the trends. You know I love staying ahead of the trend curve!

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Now, I am adding to the BAF Weekly IT List! Every Friday, look for a designer or deal product of the week. This week I am kicking off the series with the must-have classic loafer slide! Read on. . .

Classic loafer slides | designer or deal

classic loafer slide affordable version gucci

Classic Loafer Slides designer or deal: Popular IT shoes, Gucci loafer slides / affordable loafer slides priced under $150 /

I have owned the Gucci loafer slides for several years now. They are extremely comfortable, and can be paired with almost any outfit. My loafer slides are my go-to shoes every fall and spring. I even wear them on warm winter days, and cool summer days. They go with everything! Since fall is trending towards preppy and timeless vibes, these are a great shoe to invest in now, and wear for years.

You can splurge on the Gucci pair, or go for a more affordable pair under $150. The affordable pair is comfortable and offers good quality. So you should enjoy longevity out of them.

Let me know what you think of this new series! I hope you love it!

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BAF Weekly IT List

best selling products for fall 2020

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: fall lipstick / fall nail polish / shampoo and conditioner / grey loafers / base coat / top coat / torn jeans (full post here) /

Welcome to the third BAF Weekly IT List for the fall season! Since it is after labor day, this is a great time to snap up fall cosmetics such as fall nail polish and lipstick. I am featuring a top coat and base coat this week because a proper home manicure is a must! I swear by this base coat and top coat. I have been using this base coat since the 1990s! It is amazing. Of course, this fabulous top coat keeps your manicure from chipping before your nails start to grow and show nail at the bottom. Love them!

These loafers are classic, and fit right into the current fall shoe trends. Stamped croc and classic loafers are all the rage for fall. Love this pair since they are classic, comfortable, and priced under $150. Love!

Destroyed denim is back, and these jeans under $40 offer a skinny look, with girlfriend jean comfort. They are turning into my current go-to jeans. Love!

Hair salons are opening back up! This means we are getting our color touched up and we need to preserve it. This shampoo and conditioner is fabulous for adding moisture and preserving color. I am in love!

I hope you love these fall must-haves as much as I do! Enjoy the weekend, and stay fabulous 😉


BAF Weekly IT List

top selling products fall 2020

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: shoe polish / fall lipstick / fall nail polish / denim skirt (fall skirt!) / loafer slides /

Welcome to the BAF Weekly IT List 2! This week, the blog officially transitioned into the fall season. There is even a post reflecting fall items on sale for the Labor Day Weekend! You can check it out here.

My fall capsule wardrobe debuted, as well as my fall shoe capsule. Stay tuned for my handbag capsule, as well as fall skin care routine. They are coming up next week!

This is a great time to freshen up your shoes from last year by polishing them. I plan to do a big shoe polish project this weekend, and freshen up my shoes from last year; as well as my kids shoes, and husbands shoes. You can learn how to polish your shoes here.

Denim skirts are both classic and on trend for the fall season. This one is super cute, and will last for many seasons. Speaking of classic, everyone loves a good pair of loafer slides! I wear mine all the time. This pair is under $150. Love that!

Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend, and don’t forget to take advantage of the sales; and also rest!

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