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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: structured hobo bag (color on sale!) / foundation powder (I swear by this!) / holiday nail polish / vegan leather puffer coat (selling fast, more options here) / vegan leather pants / faux fur boot / G buckle belt / red soft hobo /

The BAF Weekly IT List is here! Shoppers are moving towards cold weather clothing and accessories as holiday shopping starts to wrap up, and winter season shopping gets into full swing.

While shopping for winter, we all need to be looking towards what’s hot for 2022. As you may have seen, Periwinkle is the color of the year for 2022, so this is a fun color to start watching for as spring hits store shelves in January through March. Also look for horizontal puffer jackets and coats, as well as vegan leather; which is hotter than hot right now!

Be sure to check out the current handbag trends for the winter 2022 season in my post here.

Stay tuned! Cruise nail polish is hitting the blog this month! Winter coverage begins next week too!

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Have a fabulous holiday season and let’s get ready for winter!


Vegan leather puffer jacket

vegan leather puffer coat jacket puffy down
vegan leather puffy jacket

Wearing: sunglasses / statement earrings / vegan leather puffer jacket / berry hued long sleeve tee / G buckle belt / structured hobo (color on sale!) / dark wash jeans / fall nail polish / faux fur boots /

During the winter months, your jacket or coat is your outfit. It covers any tops you may be wearing, so it might as well be fabulous.

This year, puffer jackets and puffer coats with horizonal, large quilts, are everything. While there are plenty of metallic, and brightly colored puffer jackets this season, I was in the mood for a classic black version of the trend. I found this vegan leather puffer jacket with attached hand covers and fell in love. The brand is turning into a highly sought-after label, and I can see why!

The jacket is lightweight yet very warm and comfortable. Plus, the way the collar stands on its own, is fabulous. I am in love! If I lived somewhere with snow, or more cold weather, I would definitely pick this puffer jacket up in more colors! Since I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, I only need one. Our weather swings from the 40’s on up to the 70’s, so one jacket is all I need.

We snapped these pictures before enjoying a yummy lunch at Dough Zone in Cupertino. It’s a fairly new dumpling place that is very good. The Dan Dan noodle were delicious, and their soup dumplings were amazing. If you are local, I recommend trying it out! It’s so good.

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What do you think of the puffer jacket and puffer coat trend? Are you rocking it?

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vegan leather puffer coat jacket