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Chanel spring 2019 nail polish collection review

Chanel nail polish spring 2019 collection

chanel spring 2019 nail polish review chanel nail polish

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish from left: Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish / Chanel Bleached Mauve nail polish /

The Chanel spring 2019 beauty collection is here! Inspired by the cities, streets and markets of Asia, the Chanel spring collection offers contrasts seen in everyday beauty. For the two nail polish hues, Chanel is offering a bold, neon hue and a subtle, neutral color. There is a color choice for everyone in the spring 2019 nail polish collection!

In the spring season, Chanel normally introduces three or four color choices in nail polish. For spring 2019, Chanel is offering one neutral, and one bold hue; leaving the collection simple and fresh. I purchased both colors because I love having one neutral hue, and one fun color, for the upcoming warm weather season. This nail polish collection is a ton of fun! Love!

Without further ado, I tested out both colors from Chanel’s spring 2019 collection, and here they are!

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish: Techno Bloom

chanel spring 2019 nail polish chanel techno bloom

Are you ready for some 1980s retro fun? Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish screams 1980s fun! It’s a bright neon nail polish which is both mature and wild. Instead of a shiny, flashy neon pink, Techno Bloom is a matte nail polish; despite the fact that it is not labelled velvet or matte on the bottle or on the box. This matte pink, neon hue is easy to wear due to it’s matte nature. The color is bright and neon, without being loud. The matte finish keeps it wearable, so you can get away with wearing neon polish at some workplaces, and for day-to-day activities. Love that!

I’m looking forward to wearing Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish this spring season. It is a fun color that plays well with spring’s color palette; since pink acts like a neutral when it comes to beauty products. This color is fun! Get ready to feel the 1980s vibes!

Techno Bloom by Chanel is a bright, neon matte nail polish. I used two coats of color; but for a brighter look, you can apply three coats. It acts like a cream polish and offers a smooth, even application. Love that!

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish: Bleached Mauve

chanel spring 2019 nail polish chanel bleached mauve

If a neutral nail polish is what you are looking for, Chanel Bleached Mauve nail polish is perfect. I love this pinkish-beige hue. It is a chic neutral color that can easily be worn to the office, and for daily activities. This color is a workhorse, and can easily be worn throughout the season without worrying about clashing with any ensemble. It is the ideal nail polish color! I look forward to Chanel Bleached Mauve being my go-to nail polish color this spring 2019 season. It is a really pretty, feminine, and chic color. Love it!

This is a cream nail polish which applies evenly in two coats. It is easy to apply, and stays on with a solid color.

I tested out both colors with one base coat, two coats of color, and no top coat. Like most of Chanel’s nail polish hues, they are chip-resistant and streak-free. They are both fabulous! I’m excited that Chanel gave us two choices this season; one IT color, and one chic neutral. Love them!

You can find Chanel’s spring 2019 nail polish collection online here.

Shop Chanel spring 2019 nail polish online:

Which color of nail polish from Chanel’s spring beauty collection is your favorite?

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Pantone color of the year 2019 Living Coral

pantone color of 2019 living coral color of the year

photo courtesy of Pantone.

Drumroll please . . . the color of 2019 has arrived! The new color we all will covet in the new year is “Living Coral!” On Thursday, December 6, 2018 Pantone announced the new color of the year for 2019. The newest color in fashion and interior design is Living Coral.

Living Coral was one of the top 12 colors for the spring/summer 2019 on the New York Fashion Week runways last September. So, it is no surprise that one of the top 12 colors from the spring 2019 runways has become the ultimate color of the year for all four seasons in 2019.

pantone living coral swatch color of 2019

Unlike the color of 2018 which was a purple that transcended seasons, Living Coral is a very spring/summer hue. It is much more playful and spirited than the colors of the year we have seen lately. This color is engaging, and draws you in.

According to Pantone, we will see Living Coral used for eyes, cheeks, hair and nails in the coming year. (photo courtesy of Pantone)

Living Coral is a color found in nature. It symbolizes the need to preserve the earth. If you think about coral, it is a color seen in sunsets, oceans, and nature in general. In the ocean, it is a color that protects other colors; coral reefs are home to many vividly colored sea creatures. This is a warm, soft orange with golden undertones, which according to Pantone, “. . . energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

When it comes to fashion, Living Coral can be seen as a vintage hue being revived. Although versions of coral began popping up on the 2016, 2017, and 2018 runways, it really took center in fashion during the 1960’s and 1980’s. For 2019, we are seeing it in both women and men’s fashions as it returns to center stage. This color is being used as the focal point of a design, as well as accent hue in accessories. It’s everywhere!

I believe we will see it more in the spring, summer, and resort collections, then fall and winter; although it has been spotted on cold weather runways already. I find it very unexpected for cold weather fashion, so it will be fun to see how the color progresses throughout the year in fashion. Although, Living Coral would pair nicely in the fall and winter with chocolate brown or dark beige. It should be fun to see if designers use it on the fall/winter 2019/20 runways coming up in February 2019!

What do you think of Living Coral for 2019? Is this a color you see yourself wearing or decorating your home with? You can learn more at Pantone.com.

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Collina Strada runway for spring/summer 2019 NYFW; photo credit Matt/ In Spades Blog /

Collina Strada SS19 nyfw runway

Trends for spring 2019 from New York Fashion Week

photo: Taoray Wang spring 2019 runway NYFW photo courtesy of Matt/In Spades Blog 2018©

What would I do without my crew? If you have been following along, you know I had to suddenly cancel my trip to New York Fashion Week due to a medical emergency. I was planning on traveling to New York with three of my fabulous blogger buddies; Dawn from Fashion Should Be Fun, Laura from Have-Need-Want, and Kali from In Spades Blog. Unfortunately my plans fell through due to my health.

After my emergency room visit I kept my friends in the loop until I knew for certain if I would miss fashion week. It was clear after a couple of days there was no way I could travel to New York, so my friends flew into action and covered different shows for me so that I could still get photos and also know what was actually on the runway; and how the fabrics looked in person. This is why I go to fashion week, there is only so much you can decipher from a photograph. Seeing the fabrics in person, and watching them flow down the runway, helps craft the vibe of a collection and an entire season.

With a little help from my friends this season, I was able to forecast a few fabulous trends for the spring 2019 season, and be able to share them with you! I apologize for not having my usual full coverage, and the street style posts I promised, but I will be back in New York next February and will ensure full coverage of the shows and the streets!

Spring 2019 is proving to be a re-birth of sorts. We are seeing designers favor happier silhouettes and brighter hues. There is an earthy vibe combined with a free-spirited 1980s party vibe. The power suit is back with a vengeance, and our minds are instantly taken back to images of the 1980s when women wore a power suit with power pumps, and big hair. While the power suit was dominant on Wall Street in the 1980s, in 2019, look for it morphing into more of a dinner look, evening look, and anytime you want to flex your power look.

photos from left: Just in XX (PR photo) / Taoray Wang (photo Matt/In Spades Blog 2018©) / Vivienne Hu (PR photo)

Bright colors dominated the runways, in sharp contrast to the softer hues we have been seeing in past seasons. Blush or “Millenial Pink” has been replaced with a more vivid shade of pink, while neutrals have softened and lightened up. You can read my full post on the spring 2019 color trends here. Of course, my favorite color of the season is blue.

From left: Chromat (photo by ©IMAXtree) / Vivienne Hu (PR photo) / Tadashi Shoji (photo by ©IMAX Tree)

Sparkle and shine like it’s Studio 54 time! The late 1970s and early 1980s party vibe appeared once again on the runways for spring 2019. Designers loved any type of fabric with a sheen to it. They used everything from clear plastic to sequins to metallic threads to create pieces which catch the light, and shine bright. You can sparkle and shine at any time during the day, so wear your sequins to brunch and shimmering skirt to lunch; it’s time to shine!

photo from left: Vivienne Hu (PR photo) / Custo Barcelona (PR photo) / Fashion Palette (photo by ©IMAXtree)

Ball and chain got you down? It could be because you saw an awful lot of prison stripes on the runways for spring 2019! Perhaps appearing to be locked up is the new trend. This spring 2019, look for bold, black and white stripes alone, or mixed with other stripes and/or prints. Be bold, and wear your stripes proudly; just don’t let the cops see you or they’ll take you back 😉

photo from left: Just in XX (PR photo) / Son Jung Wan (photo: In Spades Blog) / Tadashi Shoji (photo by ©IMAX Tree)

Trench coats are a classic piece many of us have stuffed in the back of our closet. They started to emerge as more than a classic piece last year, and for spring 2019, the classic trench has taken on new life. When the weather warms up early next year, look to invest in one statement making trench. You can rock this trend with a lightweight, avant-garde trench coat to top off your spring looks, or wear one as a dress! Either way, the trench could be your most important investment next spring.

photos from left: Just In XX (PR photo) / Taoray Wang (Photo Matt/In Spades Blog 2018©) / Romeo Hunte (PR photo)

Well, that is only five trends from the runways which stood out to me during New York Fashion Week this season. As store buyers decide what will sell, and what won’t sell, we will get a better snapshot of what’s to come in spring 2019! What do you think of these five trends? Which ones will you wear and which ones will you skip?

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