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Gearing up for spring fitness

spring workout gearadidas ultraboost running shoes review

wearing: sunglasses / backpack / zip-up hoodie / workout tee / sports bra / cropped leggings / spring nail polish / adidas Ultraboost running shoes in grey /

Spring is starting to. . . spring! The Magnolia blossoms are starting to bloom, and the prettiest cherry blossoms are popping up all over town. The sun is shining, and the days are less chilly as they offer us more sunshine. This means it is time to gear up for spring fitness!

I love switching out my fitness gear each season to fit the weather, and the types of exercises I plan to do. I also like to freshen up my shoes. Footwear is really important as it should be switched out every few months in order to ensure you have proper support; after all, footwear is your foundation.

spring addias outfits

My favorite fitness gear brand, adidas, for whom I am a Brand Ambassador (obviously since I love them so much!) has the perfect gear for spring fitness. I am in love with their new Ultraboost 21 running shoes. They have the most amazing support, and they leave my feet happy after a workout or a run. Although they are running shoes, I also wear them for cardio workouts, HIIT classes, and weights. They are a comfortable and supportive shoe all around. I snapped up a pair in grey, since it happens to be the color of 2021. My feet always need to be fashionable and fabulous 😊

Since spring is a season which swings between cool and warm temperatures, a sweatshirt which is easy to move in, is a must! I am loving this Terrex Tech Fleece hoodie from adidas. It is thin and lightweight, which is perfect for working out, while also being warm and cozy for outdoor fitness. Spring will definitely remain an outdoor workout season, this hoodie is a must!

My spring fitness routine:

Monday: Cardio: UJam fitness class

Tuesday: Interval: The Drop

Wednesday: 30 min walk outside

Thursday: Interval: Tabata and Core

Friday: Cardio: Spin

Saturday: Family hike

Sunday: Yoga

spring workout outfits

I am thankful my gym has classes online, as well as in person classes and fitness outside. Here in California, our gyms are still outside-only, so my workouts are still 100% outside. I have to admit, I love working out outside, it will be hard to go back inside when things start to reopen! The fresh air is really nice, and I love seeing sunshine while I workout too!

What are your workout plans for spring season?

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*Brand Ambassador for adidas, all thoughts and opinions are my own

spring fitness gear



Fitness routine winter 2021

home fitness gear winter 2021

Home fitness gear for winter 2021 from top left: backpack (I cannot live without mine!) / weight set (I use this one all the time) / yoga mat / soft beach towel / workout top (I love mine!) / water bottle (I have one in red and love it) / yoga socks (I wear these and love them) / running shoes / adidas leggings /

Whew! It’s cold out there! When the temperature drops, I tend to try and move my workouts inside. Unfortunately, our gyms in California are outdoor only right now, so I am bundling up and working around the cold!

I am in a fortunate situation where my gym has moved a lot of fitness classes online during the pandemic. This has been a godsend since I can attend classes at home, in addition to going to the gym in-person for outdoor fitness. It really has given me a lot of options which work well with my schedule.

If your gym has been closed, I recommend finding an online fitness option so you can still attend classes. It really makes a huge difference, and helps keep you motivated and on track. Love it!

My fitness goals at the moment include reducing stress, shedding my quarantine weight, and staying healthy. So, in order to accomplish this, I am mixing up cardio with interval (HIIT) workouts, and weekly yoga. I have lost ten pounds since May! Love!

Without further ado, here is how my balanced fitness schedule:

Sunday: Yoga (online or in-person depending on weather)

Monday: U-Jam (cardio, online class)

Tuesday: The Drop (HIIT style, online)

Wednesday: 30 min walk outside (light cardio)

Thursday: Tabata and Core (HIIT style, online)

Friday: Cardio kickboxing or Ignite (cardio or HIIT style depending on Saturday)

Saturday: rest day or hiking with the family (weather permitting, we take a two hour hike)

If we are able to go hiking on Saturday, then I opt for either a rest day, or an Ignite class, on Friday. My goal is to have one rest day each week, three cardio days, and two HIIT days. I have been going into the gym one day per week. The rest of the week I either opt for an online class through my gym, or I head outside for a walk or hike.

It’s important to get outside, and breath in the fresh air; even when there isn’t a pandemic! There is something calming about nature. I love being able to enjoy it.

If you are trying to put together a weekly fitness routine, I recommend scheduling three cardio sessions, two HIIT sessions, and one yoga session each week. If yoga isn’t your thing, opt for a workout which includes stretching and core exercises such as Pilates.

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Home fitness capsule 2020

From left: home fitness kit c/o BX Glow (under $70!) / black workout tee / black leggings /

not pictured: yoga socks / yoga mat / running shoes / beach towel /

Working out from home a lot? Me too! Although gyms in our area are open for outside fitness, I still find myself working out from home about three times per week. I feel like if it is something I can do from home, I would rather stay put than spend time driving to the gym and dealing with disinfecting everything. Right now, it is still safer to workout from home than go out to the gym; no matter how clean it is.

Fortunately, my gym implemented an online class schedule back in March when we all went on lock-down. The schedule is continuing, even though the physical gym has re-opened. This is great news for members who, like me, have found working out from home feels safe and convenient.

The classes I have been taking from home include TurboKick (cardio kicking-boxing), The Drop (an interval training class), and Pilates (which requires equipment.).

Yikes! Equipment! If you belong to a gym like me, chances are, you don’t own home fitness equipment. So I was incredibly thankful when BX Glow sent me this fabulous home fitness kit. It has everything I need for strength training at home, and better yet, everything the online Pilates class from my gym requires for class. Love that!

The BX Glow “Pure Energy Fitness Kit” includes 3 resistance tube bands with interchangeable ankle bands, handles, and a door anchor. The kit also includes two ankle 1 lb. ankle weights, and three resistance loop bands. These are all much-needed items for a complete home workout! Loving it!

My weekly fitness routine incorporates outdoor fitness at my gym, and online classes from my gym. Here is what I am doing to stay fit this summer:

      • Monday: TurboKick online
      • Tuesday: Singles tennis at my gym with my teenage daughter
      • Wednesday: The Drop online
      • Thursday: Lap swimming at my gym
      • Friday: Pilates online (requires equipment-I use my BX Glow kit)
      • Saturday: Hiking with my family
      • Sunday: Outdoor yoga at my gym with my Mom. (We stay six feet from each other. My gym created pods to keep everyone properly social distanced during fitness classes-it’s awesome!)

I’m loving this routine, and have fallen in love with working out outside. I bring my laptop into the backyard so I can take the online classes outside. I also love how my gym has classes, cardio equipment, and weight equipment outside. I think it would be awesome if they continued to keep things outdoors; even after the pandemic ends. It’s really nice to be outside!

For working out at home, the perfect home fitness capsule should include the BX Glow kit, fitness attire, athletic shoes, a yoga mat, a beach towel, and of course, a space in or around your home with enough room to move around.

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What are some of your favorite home fitness routines?

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