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Inspired by my Mother with adidas

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On my Mother: green and white tee / black 3.4 leggings (she’s 5′ for reference) / white street sneakers /

On me: Coral tie tee / black track pants (love these! Last seen here) / mint running shoes /

Can you believe Mother’s Day is almost here? This year is flying by! Mother’s Day has two meanings for me every year; it is a day when my kids celebrate me, and a day when I celebrate my own Mom. This Mother’s Day season, I wanted to share with you something important my Mom taught me; which is one of the many reasons I celebrate her!

My Father passed away when I was a baby, and as a result, it was always my Mom and I when I was growing up. So, when my Mom participated in activities, such as fitness, she used to bring me along, since I was too little to leave home alone.

I have fond memories of sitting on the side of a room while my Mom attended a yoga class. I also remember tagging along to her Belly Dancing classes; Belly Dancing was a huge fitness trend in the 1970’s, and my Mom loved it-she was really good at it too! She also attended aerobics classes at an aerobic studio, where I watched her lift colorful weights, wear colorful leotards, and jump around the room. It really looked like fun! My Mom also played tennis at a local club, took me for walks, and took me bike riding. She didn’t just get fit herself, she ensured I had plenty of active time too!

As I got older, my Mom encouraged me to participate in sports. She took me to gymnastics, ice skating, track, volleyball, and swimming classes. I competed, practiced, and had a ton of fun! When I turned ten years old, she told me I had to choose one sport in order to excel; I chose swimming.

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Now, to put this in perspective, she was a single Mom who worked, and volunteered at my school. By choosing swimming, I had picked the most time consuming sport of them all. She never complained or protested; she encouraged it! My Mom dutifully took me to swim practice every day, and she also drove hours to bring me to swim meets, which lasted all weekend. By the time I was in eighth grade, I was practicing twenty-five hours per week, and going to swim meets one or two weekends per month. This was a huge commitment, and my Mom rallied. She stood outside in the rain to cheer for me at swim meets, she stood outside in thirty-degree temperatures to cheer me on and watch me swim. If it was one hundred degrees in the summer, she was out there being my biggest cheerleader too. She was always there, and I loved her for it.

My Mom was a huge inspiration for me as a small child. I loved watching her stay fit. This led to me wanting to stay fit too. She taught me proper nutrition, and the importance of fitness as a lifestyle, not just an activity or part of a schedule. Due to my Mom’s dedication to fitness, she gave me to the tools to excel as a swimmer and compete at the International level. It was an injury that ended my swimming career in college, not my mental state. As an adult, I continue to place importance on fitness, and I pass this along to my children.

As a family, we plan fitness activities, and encourage each other to participate in sports and stay fit. My kids don’t have to work at a sport and go to the Olympics, but I want to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle and continue to live a fit life; just like my Mom.

My family loves wearing adidas when we workout. My Mom is addicted to their line of athletic shoes, and my kids love all of their tee’s, sweatshirts, and shoes. I, of course, adore them! My workout wardrobe is adidas. We love staying fit together, and we wear adidas while doing it.

How has your Mom helped you learn the importance of fitness?

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Winter workout routine and New Year fitness changes

New Year fitness gear wishlist: black sweatshirt / sky print sports bra / Nike running shoes / gym backpack / sky print leggings

Can you believe we are ten days into the new year! With the new year, comes new goals and resolutions. If you missed it last week, you can read about mine here. One of my goals was to stay on track with my workout schedule. The fall season was especially challenging when I hurt my neck, and then decided to home-school my son, in addition to my middle child. My entire routine was thrown for a loop!

When you have an injury, and a life change, there is suddenly new stress. I was stressed because I couldn’t do my five workouts per week, and I was stressed out because I had to add a 4th grade curriculum to my already busy 6th grade home-school curriculum. I suddenly found myself teaching long division to my son, and how to solve equations with two variables to my daughter, at the same time. Oh my! It’s tough juggling two curriculum’s.

Thankfully, I can say with confidence that I have my routine down pat now; and since my neck injury is healed, I have been back on track with my fitness routine! Yay!

Since my days are really full with home-schooling and work, I have to be more flexible when it comes to my workout routine. Here is my new routine for the New Year, and winter season:

Mondays: BodyCombat  (cardio)

Tuesday: Spin Class (cardio-internval)

Wednesday: Home workout. 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: Insanity (Interval-Strength)

Saturday: BodyPump and Step or treadmill and weights; depending on my kids schedule

Sunday: Family fitness activity outside. Hiking, etc.

This is my ideal winter workout schedule, of course, my schedule can get crazy, and I may miss a class here or there. On days when I miss a class, I do a treadmill workout, or a home workout I designed for myself.

My home workout includes 30 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of strength exercises. It is great on days when I am pressed for time and need to squeeze in my workout at funny times during the day. I can even split it up; do the cardio in the morning, then the strength later in the day. Sometimes you have to be creative when your life is a giant juggle!

What are you doing for workouts this winter season?

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Ideal summer fitness routine

ideal fitness gear for summer from top left: white athletic tank top /  sports bra / green and blue swim cap / blue athletic backpack / green ombre running shoes (I love these shoes so much!) / fitness leggings / swimsuit (great price!) / goggles / flip-flops

Summer is here! This means it is time to switch up my fitness routine; and maybe you too are thinking of switching up your fitness routine?

School ends for my kids in about two weeks, so when vacation starts, I will have more time to hit the gym. My routine might need some tweaking as summer progresses due to the summer school schedules of my children; but for the most part, I plan to stick to this routine. For the summer season, I want to make sure I mix in both indoor, and outdoor, fitness activities. It always important to include both interval training, and cardio training, along with strength workouts, every week.

If you are interested in swimming for fitness this summer, you can find my guide right here, and you can find multiple swim workouts right here.

My ideal summer fitness routine:

Monday: The Drop (interval training and core strengthening)

Tuesday: Swimming (cardio and interval)

Wednesday: Spin- Rhythm Ride (cardio)

Thursday: Weights or BodyPump (strength training)

Friday: BodyCombat (cardio kick-boxing)

Saturday: Hiking, walking, or swimming; something outside!

Sunday: rest day, hopefully napping on the beach! haha

Have you thought about your ideal summer fitness routine yet? If so, what do you plan to do?

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