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Home fitness capsule 2020

From left: home fitness kit c/o BX Glow (under $70!) / black workout tee / black leggings /

not pictured: yoga socks / yoga mat / running shoes / beach towel /

Working out from home a lot? Me too! Although gyms in our area are open for outside fitness, I still find myself working out from home about three times per week. I feel like if it is something I can do from home, I would rather stay put than spend time driving to the gym and dealing with disinfecting everything. Right now, it is still safer to workout from home than go out to the gym; no matter how clean it is.

Fortunately, my gym implemented an online class schedule back in March when we all went on lock-down. The schedule is continuing, even though the physical gym has re-opened. This is great news for members who, like me, have found working out from home feels safe and convenient.

The classes I have been taking from home include TurboKick (cardio kicking-boxing), The Drop (an interval training class), and Pilates (which requires equipment.).

Yikes! Equipment! If you belong to a gym like me, chances are, you don’t own home fitness equipment. So I was incredibly thankful when BX Glow sent me this fabulous home fitness kit. It has everything I need for strength training at home, and better yet, everything the online Pilates class from my gym requires for class. Love that!

The BX Glow “Pure Energy Fitness Kit” includes 3 resistance tube bands with interchangeable ankle bands, handles, and a door anchor. The kit also includes two ankle 1 lb. ankle weights, and three resistance loop bands. These are all much-needed items for a complete home workout! Loving it!

My weekly fitness routine incorporates outdoor fitness at my gym, and online classes from my gym. Here is what I am doing to stay fit this summer:

      • Monday: TurboKick online
      • Tuesday: Singles tennis at my gym with my teenage daughter
      • Wednesday: The Drop online
      • Thursday: Lap swimming at my gym
      • Friday: Pilates online (requires equipment-I use my BX Glow kit)
      • Saturday: Hiking with my family
      • Sunday: Outdoor yoga at my gym with my Mom. (We stay six feet from each other. My gym created pods to keep everyone properly social distanced during fitness classes-it’s awesome!)

I’m loving this routine, and have fallen in love with working out outside. I bring my laptop into the backyard so I can take the online classes outside. I also love how my gym has classes, cardio equipment, and weight equipment outside. I think it would be awesome if they continued to keep things outdoors; even after the pandemic ends. It’s really nice to be outside!

For working out at home, the perfect home fitness capsule should include the BX Glow kit, fitness attire, athletic shoes, a yoga mat, a beach towel, and of course, a space in or around your home with enough room to move around.

Shop my home fitness capsule online:

What are some of your favorite home fitness routines?

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Favorite leggings for spring

adidas believe 2.0 tights leggigns best running shoes women

wearing: spring lipstick / zip up sweatshirt / light purple tank top c/o adidas / adidas backpack / purple adidas believe 2.0 leggings c/o adidas / spring nail polish / adidas running shoes c/o adidas /

Follow me to an outdoor workout! With all this spring weather, it’s the perfect time to go hiking, jogging, and out for a walk. I’m loving these new adidas Believe 2.0 leggings. They are so comfortable, super cute, and they fit perfectly. I definitely need to snap up a few more pairs in additional colors; including a classic black pair of course!

The fabric is really soft, and it is very high quality. I can do any workout I want to in these leggings. They are great for spin classes, step classes, cardio kickboxing, and of course hiking, walking, and jogging. All of my favorite ways to workout; inside and out!

I’m also loving these new running shoes by adidas. They have really good support, and they are lightweight for running or jogging. They also have a good base, making them stable for cross training at the gym. You know I love lifting! I am kind of obsessed with the pretty lilac color too. Pastels are hot and on trend for spring, and these shoes come in all the right hues! They are available in a ton of colors, be sure to check them out! Love that!

One of the things I love about adidas is that they partner with amazing groups who make the world better. adidas is partnering with iFundWomen in order to support women entrepreneurs in sports. They are changing the game by partnering with iFundWomen and supporting female entrepreneurs in sports. Isn’t that fabulous?!

When I workout outside, I always bring my backpack so I have a place to put my sweatshirt when it warms up. It’s also handy for carrying my water bottle, snacks, wallet, phone, and keys. Hiking is a favorite outdoor past-time of mine, so a backpack is a must.

Shop my spring workout outfit online:

What are some of your favorite outdoor activities to do in the spring?

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*sponsored by adidas, all thoughts and opinions are my own

adidas believe 2.0 leggings tightsadidas running shoes

Ways to reduce plastic waste in the ocean with adidas

ways to reduce plastic waste adidas recycled plastic sneakers brands that care about environment reduce ocean plastics adidas

wearing: adidas x Missoni jacket (love this! I wear it all the time!) / black leggings / adidas backpack (also makes a great carry-on for travel-laptop fits perfectly inside!) / recycled adidas Parley running shoes (they fit perfectly! My favorite pair ever!)

One of the big environmental topics of the moment is the amount of plastics we are finding in our oceans. As you know, this is a huge problem which affects the entire global population. Our sea life, sea creatures, and oceanic health are at stake; and we cannot sit around doing nothing. We have to act!

There are so many ways to keep plastics out of our oceans. Aside from cleaning up our current mess, we need to ensure we are not adding to it. As a world, we need to come together and keep plastic waste our of our waters, and ensure we are acting responsibly with the plastic we have in circulation.

As you know, I am huge fan of adidas. Not only are they a responsible company who works hard to make fashion sustainable, they are using technology and innovation to reduce our plastic waste, recycle the plastics we have in circulation, and contribute to the clean-up of our oceans. Love that!

I am honored to partner with adidas this month to help spread the word! We all need to be aware of the importance of reducing our plastic waste and recycling the plastics we have in circulation.

Ways to reduce plastic waste in the ocean

  • Re-use plastic items such as bags and containers.
  • Bring your own bags shopping so that you won’t need a plastic bag when you go shopping.
  • Recycle unneeded plastic items.
  • Try to not purchase goods packaged in plastic. Looks for good packaged in paper, or reusable containers instead.
  • Bring a trash bag to the beach, anytime you go! Wear gloves, and pick up any plastic you see and put it in a recycling bin.
  • Find an organized beach clean up activity, and join in!
  • Purchase products made from recycled plastic and materials.
  • Get artistic! Create artwork with plastic items and display your art in your home, or donate it to a local museum or school. Or, sell your artwork and donate the proceeds to charities who focus on recycling plastic or ocean clean ups.

adidas has an entire collection in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans aptly named the adidas Parley collection! Parley for the Oceans works hard to address environmental threats to our oceans through plastic pollution. Through this collaboration, the adidas Parley collection creates sustainable footwear and apparel which are recyclable and made from recycled materials. Love!

I’m in love with my adidas Parley running shoes. Not only are they a fabulous shoe for running, walking, and working out, I can feel comforted knowing my purchase of them helped Parley for the Oceans address the plastic pollution problems our oceans face.

You can learn more about this amazing partnership and product line online at

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*sponsored by adidas, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

recycled sneakers adidasways to reduce plastic waste