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Pink blazer and jeans

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Wearing: purple and gold earrings / sunglasses / black twist neck top / pink tweed blazer / G buckle belt / jeans (old, love this pair) / fall nail polish / ivory handbag / golden boots /

I’m wearing bright pink! The Barbiecore trend is so much fun, and I love that this trend is so easy to wear and integrate into anyone’s personal style. Some people who love a bold look can rock bright pink in an all-over, tonal look. Others, like myself, who just want a touch of pink, can rock this trend with one article of clothing, or even with accessories such as earrings, a bracelet, or a scarf. Love it!

This blazer is really fun. I love the tweed fabric and the bright hue. It is easy to throw over jeans, a skirt, or a dress for a polished, Barbiecore look. Love that!

One of the color combo’s a few designers played with for fall was adding purple touches to pink. Yes, the pink and purple combo we all wore in the 1980s, it might catch on again! So, I paired my pink blazer with purple earrings just to have a touch of my favorite childhood color combo. Seriously, I think my whole closet was pink and purple back in the day! haha

japantown san jose

Since I was in a fun mood, I paired my pink blazer with my golden boots. Aren’t they a kick! This pair is actually quite comfortable, and I was able to walk in them as strolled through San Jose’s Japantown and enjoyed lunch at Minato. If you haven’t been, it is an old, established restaurant that has been in San Jose for decades. They have delicious entrees with very generous portions. I had a tone of leftovers! The food is really good, and the service is exceptional. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go now!

I enjoyed the tempura lunch and my mom had a steamer bowl. They were both sooooo good!! Both dishes are delicious, in case you are wondering what to order.

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So, are you rocking the Barbiecore trend this fall season? If so, are you head-to-toe or rocking the trend like me, with a touch of pink?

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Maxi t-shirt dress for summer into fall

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Wearing: statement earrings / sunglasses / tee shirt dress / golden ring / convertible handbag / fall nail polish / sneakers /

The weather has been so hot! Although it’s September, it is technically still summer. While I crave fall weather and outfits, it just is not feasible when the temperatures are soaring into the 90’s and over the 100’s. This maxi tee shirt dress is perfect for surviving those scorching days and attempting to look a little bit fall. After all, maxi dresses and skirts are hot for fall, and as we watch the NYFW runways for spring 2023, they are really IT for next year! Love that!

This cute little tee shirt dress is well under $50, and it’s very comfortable on a hot day. The navy color, paired with fall nail polish, reflects the autumn season without wearing heavy clothing. I paired this maxi dress with sneakers because I was running errands and doing a ton of walking. This maxi dress would look really cute with sandals or espadrilles. It is a great summer into fall dress.

We stopped at Tacomania for lunch, and it was so good! If you have not tried it yet, Tacomania is new at Valley Fair and offers street tacos, burritos, and a few other plates. I enjoyed the chicken taco plate which comes with rice and beans. It was really good! Yum! I highly recommend stopping in for tacos next time you are Valley Fair! It’s on the second level near the movie theater.

tacomania chicken taco plate

This tee shirt dress can be dressed up a little bit if you are looking for something which is not ultra-casual. You can belt it, add a statement necklace, and add metallic sandals. I chose an ultra-casual look for running errands when it was 109 outside. Ugh!

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What are your favorite articles of clothing when you want it to be fall, but it is technically still summer?

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Fall 2022 capsule wardrobe

casual fall 2022 capsule wardrobe

Casual fall 2022 capsule wardrobe from left: black tweed blazer (under $100) / cropped stripe tee / black twist neck tee / gemstone bracelets (under $50, local designer) / large hoop earrings (under $100) / stripe tee / dark wash skinny jeans / G buckle belt / military green joggers / wide leg jeans (old, also love this pair) /

I am so excited about the upcoming fall season! It is currently 109 degrees outside, and I am melting! So, I am counting down the days to fall weather so I can not melt, and also have a chance to wear all these cozy fall outfits! Love!

This fall, there are several trends to look at and decide what works with your own personal style. As we move out of the pandemic, and back into regular life patterns, street style is getting a little more “put together” shall we say. Gone are the days, for now, of rolling out into public in loungewear, sweats, and flip flops. This fall, we are making casual a little but more glam. Love that!

If you like structured looks, you are in luck! Blazers over jeans, which is a classic outfit I rocked throughout the ’90’s, is huge this fall. It is an easy trend to rock. All you need is a pair of jeans, one fabulous blazer, and a body conscious tee or tank. That’s it! You can wear loafers, boots, or sleek street sneakers on your feet. For your handbag, opt for a top handle bag, pouch, hobo bag, or moon shaped bag. Jewelry is classic this season, so go with small to medium earrings; and if you want to add a necklace, go with delicate layered necklaces, or an understated beaded necklace. You can add bracelets or a ring too. Love that!

Another hot trend this fall is wide leg pants. This can be in the form of jeans, trousers, or pleated trousers. Since I am short, pleated trousers overtake my body and make me look like a walking pool of fabric. Wide leg jeans, which are not too wide, work better on my frame. If you are tall, lucky you! You can rock those wide leg trousers! Pair your wide leg jeans or trousers with an unbuttoned men’s shirt and tank top, or a blazer, or a crop top, or a cropped sweater. For footwear, this requires fabulous street sneakers. You can rock a hobo bag, moon shaped bag, or shoulder bag with this look. Love!

Blazer with jeans and Barbiecore

blazer with jeans trend barbiecore fall 2022

Blazer with jeans from left: black tweed blazer (under $100) / bright pink blazer (Barbiecore trend, under $200) / black twist neck tee / large hoop earrings (under $100) / dark wash skinny jeans / wide leg jeans (old, also love this pair) /

So we already talked about wearing a blazer over jeans, but there is another trend lurking on the streets which I have touched upon in previous blog posts. This trend involves bright pink and was inspired by an upcoming Barbie movie. As you know, it’s called “Barbiecore.” This is a really easy trend to rock if you loved your Barbie dolls as a child, as did I, and you like pink! I have decided to rock this trend in the form of a bright pink blazer which I plan to wear with jeans. It will also make a fun business casual look with black skinny trousers, since I don’t do wide leg trousers. If a pink blazer isn’t your thing, you can rock Barbiecore with a pink dress, top, full power suit, or with something more subtle such as a scarf or pink jewelry. I’m going with the blazer, so you can spot me a mile away. Ha!

Casual sweater outfit ideas

fall sweater outfits casual fall outfit ideas

Sweater outfits from left: black sweater jacket / cozy ivory turtleneck sweater / dark wash jeans / large hoop earrings (under $100) / military green joggers / wide leg jeans (old, also love this pair) /

As I wait patiently for cooler weather, fall is also about staying cozy on cooler days. I love this sweater jacket which can be worn over the tee’s pictured above and paired with jeans. I also love this cozy turtleneck sweater over jeans. Cozy sweaters are hot this year, so if you see one snap it up! The weather will cool down soon. . .we hope.

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Well, that’s it! A few fall trends to think about, and how I plan to rock them this fall. Now, let’s just hope the fall weather comes soon! This over 100-degree thing is, well, not my thing.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay tuned for more fall coverage!