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Rose turtleneck sweater on a cool winter day

rose turtleneck sweatersan jose street style winter 2018 brahmin bagturtleneck sweater outfit ideas

wearing: silver disc earrings / sunglasses / lipstick / rose turtleneck sweater / necklace (sold out, also love this one) / green and silver ring / holiday nail polish / jeans (sold out, also love this pair) / handbag / boots /

I finally found the perfect turtleneck sweater for winter! Three cheers! There are so many cute turtleneck sweaters on the market this season. It makes it difficult to pick just one! I was thrilled when I found this rose turtleneck sweater for winter. It is super soft, the color is really pretty, and it was priced well under $100. Love that!

While many things in my closet can last a few decades, sweaters don’t last too long in my world. My handbags get caught in the yarn, my kids accidentally get caught in the yarn, things randomly get stuck in the yarn. . . do you see a pattern? I’m always finding holes, or getting stuck on things when I wear a sweater! So, when I was looking around for a turtleneck sweater this season, I wanted something that didn’t have super loose knitting, and was also reasonable in price. I am so happy I found this one!

The knit is not loose, yet it is really soft and cozy. The turtleneck is chunky, and keeps my neck covered and warm. The hi-lo hemline gives it a little bit of an unexpected silhouette, and the color is pretty. Who could ask for anything more?

I paired my new sweater with my favorite jeans from the Nordstrom sale last August. They are really comfortable and flattering. I wish they still sold them; and in more colors! I would grab a pair in every color if they made more colors!

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Is there a type of clothing you find you need to replace every year?

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casual winter outfit ideas

Circles and stripes

nautical stripes for summer nautical stripes for summer nautical stripes for summernautical stripes for summer

wearing: red and gold earrings / nautical stripe shirt (under $20!) / lipstick / white and silver watch / side stripe jeans / blue circle bag / Chanel summer nail polish / silver mules /

Now that summer is in full swing, my fitness routine has been on track. I’m so excited to be able to announce I have already lost four pounds! Yay!!

Although my clothing sizes haven’t changed, I feel good knowing what I am doing is working. I have been getting in five workouts per week, and counting all of my calories in the MyFitnessPal app. I have also been trying to avoid sweets; although it’s hard with all the kids home from school in the summer. They love getting ice cream to cool down. I have to make sure I watch that; I really love ice cream!

This top is turning out to be my favorite summer tee. It’s a tee with a twist! It has all the comfort of a tee-shirt, without looking frumpy or basic. I love the little front twist. I paired it with my red earrings because I was starting to feel the 4th of July vibe. It also looks cute with white earrings, silver, gold, or rose gold. Love!

There are so many ways to wear this cute little tee. It looks great with shorts, denim skirts, white skirts, and casual trousers. The back of the shirt has a little bit of elastic which keeps the waist in place so it doesn’t flop wide like a crop top. It’s amazing that it is priced under $20! Love that detail!

Nautical stripes are so classic, and front twists are a hot summer trend. I love that this top features a classic stripe pattern with an on-trend twist. Are you wearing the twist tee trend this summer? What do you think of it?

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nautical stripes for summernautical stripes for summer

Pastel stripes and mixed metals

pastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018 pastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018 pastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018 summer 2018 it bags totespastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018pastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018

wearing: double circle gold-tone earrings (under $15!!) / Chanel lipstick / white and pastel stripe top / mixed metal bracelet set / Chanel summer nail polish / summer tote bag c/o Brahmin (under $300!) / vintage Prada belt (love this black belt) / black leather and silver watch / side stripe jeans / silver mules (on major sale-avl in five colors!)

During the summer months, I love casual clothing that breathes. While denim doesn’t exactly breathe, this top sure does! haha, so does that help??

I love this breezy top for the summer season. It has soft, pastel stripes and laid-back, lace-up design. The fabric is loosely woven, so it allows airflow through the fabric. This is fantastic on hot summer days.

This is the outfit I wore last Sunday afternoon when it was ninety-three degrees outside. I am not sure why I wore jeans. This top was perfect, but the jeans were a little too heavy for the weather. I should have worn my denim shorts with this top. That will be my go-to outfit on hot days this summer.

Do you ever reach for jeans without thinking about the weather? I feel like this is something I do often. I just love jeans! What would I have done if Levi hadn’t invented denim pants? I would be living in a sartorial nightmare-that’s what! haha

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pastel stripes mixed metal summer 2018