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Stripes and tie dye swimwear for summer 2019

modest swimwear summer 2019

From left: Eugenia Kim hat (old, similar here) / sunglasses / blue tie dye cover up / PVC tote / blue and white stripe tankini /

I’m ready for summer! Now, if only we could get a few days with summer weather! I’m so excited to have my swimwear for summer 2019 already picked out, now I am ready for a beach day!

Swimwear for summer 2019 is fun, flirty, and bright this year. Designers and brands have created a plethora of stripes, and tie dye swimsuit styles for the summer 2019 season. In addition to stripes and tie dye, we are also seeing solid colors in bright hues. It’s going to be fun to see everyone’s swimwear on the beach this summer!

I love the tie dye trend, so I found this fun cover up which can be tied around the waist as a skirt, or around the shoulders for more of a dress look. Cover-ups which can be tied different ways are always fun on summer days!

Stripes are also a huge trend this year. While stripes are technically a classic pattern, they really took the runways by storm for the spring and summer seasons; so they have entered “trend” territory this year. I love stripes! Since modest swimwear is my jam, I am excited to have found this blue and white striped tankini for the summer season.

My stripe tankini and tie dye cover-up will be paired with my huge floppy hat, and my favorite little PVC tote this summer for beach days, and pool parties. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit!

Shop my summer swimwear outfit:

Have you shopped for your summer swimwear yet? If so, which trends do you plan to look for in your swim look? Do you prefer, stripes, tie dye, or solid colored styles?

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Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish review for summer 2019

Chanel nail polish summer 2019 cruise 2020

chanel cruise 2020 nail polish summer 2019

Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish collection for summer 2019 from left: Chanel Afterglow nail polish / Chanel Purple Ray nail polish / Chanel Open Air nail polish /

The Chanel Cruise 2019/20 collection is one of the last collections Karl Lagerfeld worked on. With that said, there is something nostalgic about this beauty collection; even though designers typically outsource beauty, and he may not have had a huge part in the choosing of these colors. I will just pretend that he did! haha

The past couple of years, Chanel has been releasing their Cruise makeup collection at the time of year when they traditionally had released their summer collections. This switch is a bit confusing as many of us are looking for summer inspiration for our wardrobes at this time of year; I don’t think of the cruise or resort season until I am done with the holiday season! But, that could just be me. . .so. . .I digress. . .

Instead of talking about the Chanel summer 2019 nail polish collection, here we are thinking six months ahead, to the Chanel Cruise 2020 beauty collection; shortly after the runway show. I have to say, although I was looking for summer, and found cruise, and I am not sad. These colors are fabulous! I can totally rock these cruise collection hues during the warm summer months, after all, they are both vacation, warm weather seasons; right?!

For the Cruise 2019/20 beauty collection, Chanel has given us hues which play well with both warm, and cool color palettes. We can wear purple nails with warm hues, or cool hues; now that’s nail innovation! Chanel Purple Ray is a warm purple nail polish, which plays well with this year’s color hues, as well as purple hues. On the cool purple side, Chanel Open Air is a cool purple hue with blue undertones which is absolutely fabulous. There are several lipstick colors which are equally wearable, as well as classic eye colors. This is a beautiful collection!

So, without further ado, here is a review of my favorite makeup items from the Chanel Cruise 2019/20 beauty collection!

Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish: Afterglow

chanel afterglow nail polish cruise 2020 summer 2019

Chanel Afterglow nail polish from the Cruise 2020 beauty collection is a clean and classic beige polish perfect for everyday wear. This is a great color to wear on a daily basis, and if you have a bright, colorful palette for the summer or cruise season, this is the polish color for you. This will also be a fabulous nail polish for travel since when it chips, you cannot see the chips. I plan to wear Chanel Afterglow nail polish when I travel this summer 2019 vacation season. Love it!

Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish: Purple Ray

chanel purple ray nail polish cruise 2020 summer 2019

Chanel Purple Ray nail polish is a beautiful beige-purple nail polish hue from the Chanel Cruise 2029/20 beautiful collection. This is a clean and fresh purple which can be worn now, in the summer 2019 season, as an everyday color. If you typically wear a warm color palette, this is the purple nail color for you this summer or cruise season. Chanel Purple Ray nail polish is a warm purple with a slight beige undertone. It’s a light purple, and easy to wear on a daily basis. It looks very chic! Love!

Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish: Open Air

chanel open air nail polish cruise 2020 summer 2019 review

How fabulous is this purple hue! I am in love! Chanel Open Air nail polish from the Chanel Cruise 2020 beauty collection is a cool purple shade with blue undertones. It’s my favorite of the three resort colors, and I am in love! I know this is the color I will be wearing on a daily basis this summer 2019 season. It’s a great compliment to my predominantly blue wardrobe, and it works perfectly with the current color trends for the summer season, as well as the upcoming cruise season of course! I’m looking forward to wearing Chanel Open Air nail polish often this summer 2019 season, as well as the upcoming cruise 2020 season. Love it!

Chanel Cruise 2019/20 beauty collection

chanel cruise 2020 beauty collection review summer 2019chanel cruise 2019 2020 lipstick summer 2019

The entire Cruise 2019/20 beauty collection from Chanel is fabulous. I love all the lipstick colors, and eye makeup colors. For my summer makeup bag, I picked up two lipsticks from the cruise 2020 collection, and one eye pencil. The lipstick colors I picked up are Chanel Lumiere lipstick, which is a daytime beige, and Chanel Contraste lipstick which is a fabulous and dramatic hue for evening occasions; and days when I am feeling a bit bold! These are pretty lipstick colors which are not a flat cream lipstick, they add more of a shine with color to the lips without caking or looking unnatural.  Chanel Coco lipsticks are my favorite type of lipstick to wear, they are moisturizing and look amazing. Love!!

Shop the Chanel Cruise 2020 nail polish collection online:

What do you think of the Chanel Cruise 2019/20 beauty collection? Which Chanel nail polish hue is your favorite for the cruise 2020 season? Or for summer 2019?

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chanel nail polish summer 2019 review cruise 2020

Inspired by my Mother with adidas

adidas athleisure adidas athleisure adidas athleisure workout clothing adidas athleisure workout fitnessadidas athleisure shoes

On my Mother: green and white tee / black 3.4 leggings (she’s 5′ for reference) / white street sneakers /

On me: Coral tie tee / black track pants (love these! Last seen here) / mint running shoes /

Can you believe Mother’s Day is almost here? This year is flying by! Mother’s Day has two meanings for me every year; it is a day when my kids celebrate me, and a day when I celebrate my own Mom. This Mother’s Day season, I wanted to share with you something important my Mom taught me; which is one of the many reasons I celebrate her!

My Father passed away when I was a baby, and as a result, it was always my Mom and I when I was growing up. So, when my Mom participated in activities, such as fitness, she used to bring me along, since I was too little to leave home alone.

I have fond memories of sitting on the side of a room while my Mom attended a yoga class. I also remember tagging along to her Belly Dancing classes; Belly Dancing was a huge fitness trend in the 1970’s, and my Mom loved it-she was really good at it too! She also attended aerobics classes at an aerobic studio, where I watched her lift colorful weights, wear colorful leotards, and jump around the room. It really looked like fun! My Mom also played tennis at a local club, took me for walks, and took me bike riding. She didn’t just get fit herself, she ensured I had plenty of active time too!

As I got older, my Mom encouraged me to participate in sports. She took me to gymnastics, ice skating, track, volleyball, and swimming classes. I competed, practiced, and had a ton of fun! When I turned ten years old, she told me I had to choose one sport in order to excel; I chose swimming.

adidas athleisure all ages

Now, to put this in perspective, she was a single Mom who worked, and volunteered at my school. By choosing swimming, I had picked the most time consuming sport of them all. She never complained or protested; she encouraged it! My Mom dutifully took me to swim practice every day, and she also drove hours to bring me to swim meets, which lasted all weekend. By the time I was in eighth grade, I was practicing twenty-five hours per week, and going to swim meets one or two weekends per month. This was a huge commitment, and my Mom rallied. She stood outside in the rain to cheer for me at swim meets, she stood outside in thirty-degree temperatures to cheer me on and watch me swim. If it was one hundred degrees in the summer, she was out there being my biggest cheerleader too. She was always there, and I loved her for it.

My Mom was a huge inspiration for me as a small child. I loved watching her stay fit. This led to me wanting to stay fit too. She taught me proper nutrition, and the importance of fitness as a lifestyle, not just an activity or part of a schedule. Due to my Mom’s dedication to fitness, she gave me to the tools to excel as a swimmer and compete at the International level. It was an injury that ended my swimming career in college, not my mental state. As an adult, I continue to place importance on fitness, and I pass this along to my children.

As a family, we plan fitness activities, and encourage each other to participate in sports and stay fit. My kids don’t have to work at a sport and go to the Olympics, but I want to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle and continue to live a fit life; just like my Mom.

My family loves wearing adidas when we workout. My Mom is addicted to their line of athletic shoes, and my kids love all of their tee’s, sweatshirts, and shoes. I, of course, adore them! My workout wardrobe is adidas. We love staying fit together, and we wear adidas while doing it.

How has your Mom helped you learn the importance of fitness?

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