Remembering Karl Lagerfeld

chanel puzzle pieces tote black patent karl lagerfeld

pictured: Chanel puzzle pieces tote in black patent /

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Karl Lagerfeld passed away on February 19, 2019. Although I never met Karl Lagerfeld in person, I have always been moved by, and admired his work; most notably his work with the house of Chanel.

I am a huge Chanel fan, and Karl Lagerfeld was a creative genius who worked tirelessly to encompass Coco Chanel’s original intent in his designs for her fashion house. While I never purchased his RTW or couture clothing, I have been an avid consumer of his Chanel handbag collection. His RTW and couture collections are clothing lines I have always admired, but have never purchased because I don’t personally spend that much on clothing; I get bored of my clothing after one season.

I have always looked at his clothing designs as inspiration for my own personal style. He always knew how to make something classic also encompass a fashion-forward vibe. Of course, when it comes to handbags, I view them as an investment I can wear for years and eventually pass down to my daughters. This is why I have purchased so many Chanel handbags over the years.

I remember when his personal collection launched at Macy’s with a party inside of the Macy’s on Union Square. I was there reporting for another publication, and as a result, I don’t have any photos, or copy to share with you. I remember loving his collection and wishing I was there to shop rather than work. While his collection only lasted a few seasons, his work with Chanel, Fendi, et al., lives on in the memories of fashion fans everywhere.

This handbag is my favorite of his designs that I own. The “Puzzle Pieces” collection was inspired by Coco Chanel’s own quilting. Karl Lagerfeld was perusing the Chanel archives one day and came across this puzzle quilt. He loved the quilting and wondered why it had been in the archives for so long without being used in her design house. He went to work on a capsule collection for Chanel which celebrated her puzzle quilting. The result was a few handbags and pieces with the puzzle quilting. I purchased the tote, which happens to be a bag I feel is very special in my Chanel collection.

While I don’t wear it often, it holds a special place in my heart as it meant a lot to Karl when he found the quilts. I love that there is a story behind this bag; and the fact that it isn’t just a redo of something the house of Chanel had already done in the past.

Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel in 1983, and since then, he has maintained Coco Chanel’s aesthetic and original intent in her art. His own ventures have been equally genius, and his work with Fendi has also been incredible. The fashion world lost a creative genius this week. I am sure he will guide future designers from Heaven with his selfless love for the art of fashion.

You can read Chanel’s official announcement on their website at

I would love to hear your Karl Lagerfeld memories in the comments below!

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Chanel spring 2019 nail polish collection review

Chanel nail polish spring 2019 collection

chanel spring 2019 nail polish review chanel nail polish

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish from left: Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish / Chanel Bleached Mauve nail polish /

The Chanel spring 2019 beauty collection is here! Inspired by the cities, streets and markets of Asia, the Chanel spring collection offers contrasts seen in everyday beauty. For the two nail polish hues, Chanel is offering a bold, neon hue and a subtle, neutral color. There is a color choice for everyone in the spring 2019 nail polish collection!

In the spring season, Chanel normally introduces three or four color choices in nail polish. For spring 2019, Chanel is offering one neutral, and one bold hue; leaving the collection simple and fresh. I purchased both colors because I love having one neutral hue, and one fun color, for the upcoming warm weather season. This nail polish collection is a ton of fun! Love!

Without further ado, I tested out both colors from Chanel’s spring 2019 collection, and here they are!

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish: Techno Bloom

chanel spring 2019 nail polish chanel techno bloom

Are you ready for some 1980s retro fun? Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish screams 1980s fun! It’s a bright neon nail polish which is both mature and wild. Instead of a shiny, flashy neon pink, Techno Bloom is a matte nail polish; despite the fact that it is not labelled velvet or matte on the bottle or on the box. This matte pink, neon hue is easy to wear due to it’s matte nature. The color is bright and neon, without being loud. The matte finish keeps it wearable, so you can get away with wearing neon polish at some workplaces, and for day-to-day activities. Love that!

I’m looking forward to wearing Chanel Techno Bloom nail polish this spring season. It is a fun color that plays well with spring’s color palette; since pink acts like a neutral when it comes to beauty products. This color is fun! Get ready to feel the 1980s vibes!

Techno Bloom by Chanel is a bright, neon matte nail polish. I used two coats of color; but for a brighter look, you can apply three coats. It acts like a cream polish and offers a smooth, even application. Love that!

Chanel spring 2019 nail polish: Bleached Mauve

chanel spring 2019 nail polish chanel bleached mauve

If a neutral nail polish is what you are looking for, Chanel Bleached Mauve nail polish is perfect. I love this pinkish-beige hue. It is a chic neutral color that can easily be worn to the office, and for daily activities. This color is a workhorse, and can easily be worn throughout the season without worrying about clashing with any ensemble. It is the ideal nail polish color! I look forward to Chanel Bleached Mauve being my go-to nail polish color this spring 2019 season. It is a really pretty, feminine, and chic color. Love it!

This is a cream nail polish which applies evenly in two coats. It is easy to apply, and stays on with a solid color.

I tested out both colors with one base coat, two coats of color, and no top coat. Like most of Chanel’s nail polish hues, they are chip-resistant and streak-free. They are both fabulous! I’m excited that Chanel gave us two choices this season; one IT color, and one chic neutral. Love them!

You can find Chanel’s spring 2019 nail polish collection online here.

Shop Chanel spring 2019 nail polish online:

Which color of nail polish from Chanel’s spring beauty collection is your favorite?

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Beauty gift ideas for the holidays 2018

beauty gift ideas holidays 2018

beauty gift ideas holidays 2018 from top left: Molton brown advent calendar / Fresh gift set / “Offline” eye care gift set (only $25!!) / luxurious hair dryer / lipstick gift set / Tocca gift set / Chanel No. 5 special edition perfume / Milk gift set (under $50 – popular with teens and young adults!)

Who doesn’t love getting a fabulous beauty gift under the tree on Christmas? I know I do! So, if you need a few beauty gift ideas for the holidays, you have come to the right place!

There are so many fun and fabulous beauty gifts out there for the holiday season; it can be overwhelming! When shopping for a beauty gift, it’s always good to look for sets which contain items most people use such as hand cream, lip balm, shower gel, and varieties of perfume. It can be hard to buy things like foundation, setting powder, eyeliner, eye shadow, and blush. These items often need to be color tested on someone’s skin in order to know if they will look good.

If you are set on getting makeup for the beauty guru on your Christmas or holiday list, then look for makeup types or gift sets which work well with all skin colors and types. The types of makeup gifts which are usually a safe bet include lipstick sets, or eye shadow palettes with more than five colors.

I found a few fabulous beauty gift sets and beauty gifts ideas around the web, and assembled them into this post. I hope you love them! Better yet, I hope the beauty fan on your holiday gift list loves them too! So, without further ado, here are some fun beauty gift ideas for the 2018 holiday gift giving season!

Beauty gifts under $25

Beauty gifts under $50

Beauty gifts under $100

More fabulous beauty gifts

If the beauty fan on your list loves to wear the hottest nail polish colors of the season, check out my reviews of Chanel’s holiday collection and Dior’s holiday collection.

What types of beauty gifts are you hoping for this holiday season? I’m hoping Santa brings me the Chanel perfume, and some lipstick sets!

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