Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Mansur Gavriel in stock December 2015

mansur gavriel cross body bag in stock to buy online december 2015 mansur gavriel in stock. mansur gavriel bucket bag in stock to buy online december 2015 mansur gavriel lady bag in stock december 2015

From top, Mansur Gavriel in stock right now: Mansur Gavriel cross body bag / Mansur Gavriel bucket bag / Mansur Gavriel lady bag

Mansur Gavriel in stock December 2015! Did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did! This is not a dream. There are several Mansur Gavriel handbags to choose from both in stock, and available for pre-order, right now in December 2015. This means it is possible to purchase a Mansur Gavriel handbag as a holiday gift, Christmas Gift, or for yourself! Love this!

It is always so difficult to find a Mansur Gavriel bag in stock when you want one. It seems like every time the iconic bucket bag, hot new Lady Bag, or coveted cross body bag are in stock, they disappear before you can blink! Not this time! There is a huge re-stock just in time for Christmas and the holiday gift season. So whichever style you covet, or someone on your holiday gift list covets, it may very well be available for purchase right now! Now how’s that for  the perfect holiday gift idea!

The Mansur Gavriel bucket bag in stock right now is the ultimate IT bag. Not only has it been on the IT list for a couple of years now, Mansur Gavriel’s highly coveted drawstring bucket is becoming an icon; entering into the world of must-have classic handbags. If you do not have a fabulous bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel, now if the time to invest in one!

I have the large bucket bag by Mansur Gavriel in both black, and white. I love them so much! I find myself wearing the black one several times per week. I wear the white bag mostly in the spring, and summer months. The bucket bag fits so much! I usually carry my kids iPads, a wallet, sunglasses case, iPhone; and I can even stuff a blanket scarf in there! Talk about carrying everything and the kitchen sink!

I also own the small bucket bag in cammello. I love to carry it when I I don’t need to carry around so many things. It fits a novel, wallet, iPad mini, and more. I highly recommend owning at least one large, or one small, bucket bag. They are must haves!

Mansur Gavriel’s Lady Bag, which is available for pre-order right now, is also a new must-have. It is a great bag for the office, or more structured looks. It also works well with casual outfits. I love mine!

The cross body bag by Mansur Gavriel is also in stock for December 2015. I own two; one in red, and one in cammello. It is lightweight, easy to carry, matches everything, and fits perfectly into the saddle bag trend which is so hot on the runways right now. This too, is a must-have!

Can you believe I said Mansur Gavriel in stock December 2015 right now, on this very day? I did! Yay! Below is a shopping widget filled with Mansur Gavriel handbags which are either in stock right now, or available for pre-order. You can also find Mansur Gavriel in stock right now here, and here.

I hope you find the Mansur Gavriel handbags of your dreams for the holiday gift giving season! Happy girl happy bag! 😉

Mansur Gavriel in stock December 2015

Santana Row Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The holiday shopping season is upon us, so I have put together a fashionable Santana Row Holiday Gift Guide for the 2015 shopping season! As you know, Santana Row is one of my favorite places in the San Francisco  Bay Area to shop, play, eat, and hang out! Since I love the Row so much, I feel it is the best place to get all of your holiday shopping done; and a fabulous meal while you shop-till-you-drop too!

There are so many amazing stores for finding gifts for men, kids, women, and yourself at Santana Row. So, without further adieu, here are my picks this season for finding the most fashionable gifts for the 2015 holiday season!

Tommy Bahama

tommy bahama gifts for him tommy bahama holiday gift ideas tommy bahama holiday gifts for her tommy bahama holiday gifts for men

sweatshirts / tee shirts / glasses / tee shirts

Tommy Bahama is the perfect place to find unique gifts, apparel, and accessories for both men and women. This is the perfect gift destination for the traveler with wanderlust on your list! What better break from the cold than enjoying a drink in a glass with a hula dancer on it while wearing a beach inspired tee shirt!

For more information about Tommy Bahama, please visit the store on Santana Row or call 408.984.8688


bcbg booties bcbg hat and handbag bcbg hats bcbg holiday outfits

booties / hat / handbag / beanies

For the discerning Fashionista on your holiday shopping list, Santana Row offers BCBG! This is the perfect stop for everything “fashion!” The store is filled with hot-off-the-runway styles. Look for fashion-forward shoes, IT bag styles, and edgy jackets. She will love all of it!

This is also the perfect place to find a holiday party ensemble. Look in the back of the shop for dresses; both formal and cocktail. The right-hand side is filled with holiday ready daytime attire, dinner attire, and casual party looks. It’s a one-stop-shop!

For more information about BCBG, stop into this shop at Santana Row or call them at 408.244.1339


sugarfina holiday party hostess gifts sugarfina santana row

Sugarfina is a new addition to Santana Row’s array of shops. The store is filled with gourmet candy in flavors both children and adults will enjoy. You can put together a “Bento Box” filled with sweet candy, or purchase these tasty delights a la carte. Sugarfina is a must for finding the perfect gift for a co-worker, or a creative hostess gift!

For more information about Sugarfina, stop by their shop at Santana Row or call at 855.784.2734


sephora holiday gift ideas nail polish sephora nail polish christmas gift ideas sephora prada candy edp santana row

nail polish / nail polish top row, nail polish bottom row / fragrance

Who doesn’t love the gift of beauty! Sephora just opened their doors last month at Santana Row and already they have become the ultimate destination for beauty. The store is filled with gift sets, fragrances, and nail polishes which she will love to receive this holiday season.

For more information about Sephora at Santana Row, stop into their shop or call at 408.244.1339

Jest Jewels

jest jewels blanket scarves and winter gloves jest jewels bracelets jest jewels holiday gifts jest jewels scarves

Jest Jewels is one of my favorite destinations at Santana Row. The shop is filled with affordable gifts, jewelry, blanket scarves (HOT item this year!), and more! It is the perfect place to find gifts for teens, young adults, and adults of all ages.

To learn more about Jest Jewels, visit their shop on Santana Row or call at 408 249-4800

While you are shopping, be sure to stop into one of the fabulous restaurants at Santana Row, or swing by Cocola and grab a yummy dessert; you deserve a treat!

Not sure what to buy? Santana Row offers gift cards at concierge. They can be used at both the stores and restaurant at Santana Row. Perfect gift idea!

Happy shopping, happy holidays, and stay fabulous 😉

*Brought to you by Santana Row, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Dualitas jewelry

dualitas jewelry bay area designer

Pictured: Dualitas jewelry in-store at Town & Country Village, Palo Alto, Ca.

I love learning about new designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are such a culturally diverse, and politically complicated, section of the Earth; which I believe sparks incredible creativity when it comes to art, fashion, tech, and more! So when I learned about Dualitas jewelry, I was intrigued.

Dualitas is an amazing, emerging designer jewelry collection designed right here in the Bay Area, in Palo Alto. The jewelry has been designed for more than just fashion and art; it has been designed with each stone’s metaphysical properties, and their positive effects on the wearer, in mind. The result is amazing!

All of the pieces Dualitas has designed, are not only unique in design, many of them are designed so that the stones actually touche the wearer’s skin; thus allowing the positive metaphysical properties of the stone to transfer to the skin. Love that!

I was taken aback when I saw the beauty of each piece at Dualitas. The geometric designs are modern, and the choice of metals are fashion-forward. The stones are precious or semi-precious; and their natural  beauty shines through on each piece.

Many of the pieces offer cutting edge, modern styling, while some of the diamond pieces offer vintage, art deco styling which is breathtaking. My Dualitas wish list is a mile long!

If you are looking for a fine jewelry gift this holiday season, or an upscale fashion piece, then  Dualitas is the place to go! They have so many fabulous pieces which are perfect gifts for that very special someone on your list, or for yourself!

You can check out Dualitas collection online at or pop into their Palo Alto store located at Town & Country Village, 855 El Camino Real, ste. 16.

*brought to you by Dualitas, all thoughts and opinions are my own.