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Dualitas jewelry

dualitas jewelry bay area designer

Pictured: Dualitas jewelry in-store at Town & Country Village, Palo Alto, Ca.

I love learning about new designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are such a culturally diverse, and politically complicated, section of the Earth; which I believe sparks incredible creativity when it comes to art, fashion, tech, and more! So when I learned about Dualitas jewelry, I was intrigued.

Dualitas is an amazing, emerging designer jewelry collection designed right here in the Bay Area, in Palo Alto. The jewelry has been designed for more than just fashion and art; it has been designed with each stone’s metaphysical properties, and their positive effects on the wearer, in mind. The result is amazing!

All of the pieces Dualitas has designed, are not only unique in design, many of them are designed so that the stones actually touche the wearer’s skin; thus allowing the positive metaphysical properties of the stone to transfer to the skin. Love that!

I was taken aback when I saw the beauty of each piece at Dualitas. The geometric designs are modern, and the choice of metals are fashion-forward. The stones are precious or semi-precious; and their natural  beauty shines through on each piece.

Many of the pieces offer cutting edge, modern styling, while some of the diamond pieces offer vintage, art deco styling which is breathtaking. My Dualitas wish list is a mile long!

If you are looking for a fine jewelry gift this holiday season, or an upscale fashion piece, then  Dualitas is the place to go! They have so many fabulous pieces which are perfect gifts for that very special someone on your list, or for yourself!

You can check out Dualitas collection online at Dualitas.com or pop into their Palo Alto store located at Town & Country Village, 855 El Camino Real, ste. 16.

*brought to you by Dualitas, all thoughts and opinions are my own.