Emerging handbag trends winter 2024

emerging handbag trends winter 2024

Emerging handbag trends winter 2024 from top left: small tote / east/west satchel / soft top handle bag / soft satchel / soft tote / north/south tote /

Soft and slouchy wins the race! The winter season, and as we move into 2024, is giving us soft and slouchy handbags. While the anonymous handbag is still king, the appreciation for high quality leather, which melts in your hands, is all the rage.

This winter 2024 season, and as we move into 2024, look for soft and slouchy bags, as well as east/west satchels. Doctor bags, such as the Givenchy Antigona, are also relevant.

So, without further ado, here are the main, emerging handbag trends for the winter 2024 season.

Slouchy hobos: While not pictured above, the slouchy hobo is hotter than hot. Look for soft and squishy hobo bags you can hug.

Slouchy tote bag: Soft and slouchy totes can be any size from small to extra large. They just need to be squishy and huggable.

The north/south tote: The north/south tote is ideal in a soft leather, but structured versions work too.

The east/west satchel: This emerging trend is expected to pop in the new year. Why not hop on the trend early? Look for both structured and slouchy versions of the east/west satchel. Pro tip: Coach has one coming out in the spring if you want one that doesn’t break the bank.

Slouchy satchels: The Row Margaux is the hottest slouchy satchel in town, and it is usually sold out. If you can spare the cash, and find one in stock, you are gold. If not, look for any satchel with a slouch.

Trends which are staying put:

The anonymous handbag: logos are still out. Look for beautifully made handbags which are logo-less or have a small brand stamp you need to move up close to see.

Hobo bags: Structured or slouchy, anything goes. Hobos are going strong in the new year.

Structured satchels: While slouchy ones are hot, structured satchels are still important. Think Mulberry zipped Bayswater, Saint Laurent Sac du Jour, or Givenchy Antigona. Keep those classic satchels on repeat!

The classic shoulder bag: Beautiful shoulder bags, both structured and slouchy, which bear a high-quality clasp and are logo-less, are still hot. Look for shoulder bags by Savette, Mulberry, Toteme, Bottega Veneta, The Row, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and more.

That’s it! For the winter 2024 season, look for soft and slouchy, anonymous, high-quality handbags you can cherish for years and years.

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Handbag Spotlight: Khaite Lotus Tote

khaite lotus tote it bags street style quiet luxury if you know you know

Handbag spotlight: Khaite Lotus Tote, pictured in mini size black /

How fabulous is the Khaite Lotus Tote! I am in love! This beautiful tote bag is made from luxurious, soft leather or suede. It is currently available in two sizes; mini and medium. They are both fabulous, and when it comes time for me to choose, I am not sure which size I will go with!

The mini Khaite Lotus Tote is soft and squishy. It is the perfect size to fit everyday purse essentials, and Khaite has created it in leather and suede. The color choices are neutral with a pale blue suede offered as well as a light navy blue in suede Ugh, they are gorgeous!

In addition, the medium sizes Lotus Tote by Khaite is equally fabulous. It too is available in neutrals and blues, leather or suede. The medium offers a larger tote capacity allowing you carry everything and the kitchen sink.

Both sizes offer that slouchy look and are made with high quality fabrications and craftsmanship. So, it is not surprising why the Khaite Lotus Tote is hot on the streets. This tote bag is popular among fashion insiders, and anyone who appreciates a well-made, investment handbag they can wear year after year. This is truly an heirloom item.

Khaite is an amazing designer brand founded in New York in 2016. It has quickly turned into a cult favorite among fashion insiders, the fashion industry, and anyone looking for high quality, investment items. Thier chic, timeless vibe can be felt beyond the handbag collection and throughout the entire collection. If you are not familiar with Kahite, I highly recommend checking out their entire collection. It is fabulous.

Shop the Khaite Lotus Tote online:

I would love to snap up a Khaite Lotus Tote in black or a light neutral hue. Which color is your favorite?

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Coach Day Tote review

coach day tote review

Pictured: Coach Day Tote in Silver/Faded Blue (looks like pale turquoise or mint green in person) /

How pretty is this tote bag! I love having a good, workhorse tote bag; especially during the summer months. This roomy tote bag has everything I need, and possibly you too, in a tote bag. Love!

The Coach Day Tote is currently available in several colors, ivory, mustard, canvas, black and faded blue. I love this faded blue color because it is reminiscent of the sea and is so pretty in person. These photos do not do the color justice!

As with all of Coach’s handbags, the Day Tote is made from sturdy pebbled leather and the craftsmanship is high quality. This means the stitching is strong, and the bag can handle everything you put inside of it without being compromised. I have also found that the leather is easy to clean if it gets dirty. I use a slightly damp cloth, and dirt wipes off easily without damaging the leather or rubbing the color off of the bag.

Most open tote bags do not have a clasp, the Coach Day Tote offers a magnetic clasp which I find to be a good feature. I clasp it when I set the bag down so it keeps it’s shape, which helps it from flopping over if the contents are unbalanced. Who knew a small clasp would be so helpful! Love!

coach day tote clasp

Typically, most tote bags have an interior pocket of some sort. The Coach Day Tote has a detachable pocket which is really a little pouch. This is handy if you use the tote for work. You can keep your lunch money in the pouch and detach it when going to lunch or buying more coffee. This is also handy for travel if you don’t want to bring a purse in addition to the tote bag. You can use the little pouch as a small clutch.

coach day tote interior

The interior capacity of the Coach Day Tote is quite large. Even with my typical tote bag contents, there is still plenty of room. This tote fits my laptop too with plenty of room to spare. It is a great work tote, travel tote, or summer activity tote. I am in love!

For smaller items such as lipstick and keys, the interior pouch can be used. For photography purposes I threw everything inside the bag so you could see the space. If you use a tote organizer, it will fit nicely inside the Day Tote too.

what fits inside a coach day tote
inside coach day tote

Pictured: Coach Day Tote / book / lipstick / scarf / (golden nail polish pictured in clasp photo) /

The Coach Day Tote is a great, workhorse tote bag which can be used for years. It offers a classic style and silhouette as well as roomy interior capacity. The detachable pouch a great feature too. I love the faded blue hue for the summer season, but if you are looking for something to wear all year long, the classic black, ivory, or signature canvas might be perfect for you.

Shop the Coach Day Tote online:

The perfect tote! Love it!

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