National Jewel Day 2023

national jewel day 2023 jewelry

From top left: beaded bracelets (local designer, under $50) / fidget bracelets / station silver bracelet / bar silver bracelet / star necklace (under $100) / silver drop earrings / silver hoop earrings / purple and silver earrings (under $100) / golden hoops (under $100) /

Happy National Jewel Day! Although the day is focused more on jewels and fine jewelry, I thought it would be fun to also celebrate classic, timeless jewelry which doesn’t break the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I love a beautiful bauble, but timeless, everyday jewelry is not only more practical, but it is also more indicative of personal style. After all, how many people walk around flashing large, fine jewels? OK, you got me, princesses! Well, since most of us are not part of a royal family, investment jewelry we can wear everyday is perfect.

As you know, I love classic pieces which can be worn on a daily basis, and eventually passed along to my daughters. This silver jewelry from Lois Hill is perfect for investing in at an affordable price point. I also love these classic, silver bamboo style hoops. They are perfect to wear everyday.

This spring, why not add a pop of color with classic Elle earrings from Kendra Scott? I love how many colors there are to choose from. You will always have a pair to match your ensemble. Love that!

These gemstone bead bracelets are perfect for stacking and showing off on a warm day. I believe the ideal stack is three bracelets. They look great mixed with other bracelets such as the silver ones featured above. Love!

Since it is National Jewel Day, this is the perfect day to clean your jewelry, and polish any silver pieces you may have in your jewelry box.

What are some of your favorite pieces of jewelry?

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Lois Hill Jewelry

Wearing: sunglasses / c/o Lois Hill star necklace (under $100, use coupon code CathyO-20 to save 20%) / black dress / c/o Lois Hill Bracelets: Alhambra Elongated Clover bracelet, Alhambra Scroll bracelet (use code CathyO-20 to save 20% off your purchase / black handbag / spring nail polish / boots /

How pretty is this jewelry by Lois Hill Designs! Love! As you know, I love investment dressing, and finding pieces I can enjoy year after year. I also love finding pieces I can eventually pass on to my daughters. When I discovered Lois Hill Designs, I realized this was the perfect jewelry designer for my love of investing!

Inspired by travel, art, and history, Lois Hill creates the most beautiful designs for her jewelry. She uses ancient and global techniques to create her jewelry. You can read all about it on her website at It is truly amazing!

My collection is starting with the two bracelets pictured in these photos, and this cute little star necklace; also featured in these photos. I also have a wish list which includes more necklaces, for layering, and also a couple pairs of earrings. Lois Hill Jewelry is so beautiful! Love it!

Lois Hill Jewelry Wish List:

I decided to pair my Lois Hill Jewelry with this simple black dress, handbag, and boots. I feel like it really sets off the jewelry and allows it to take center stage.

You can learn more about Lois Hill Jewelry, and view her entire collection, online at Use coupon code CathyO-20 to save 20% off your purchase. All of Lois Hill Designs jewelry is luxurious, and a few pieces are even priced under $100! Love that!

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*Sponsored by Lois Hill Designs. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pop of green on a cold day

Wearing: sunglasses / star necklace c/o Lois Hill (under $100, use code CathyO-20 to save 20%) / black long sleeve tee / black sweater coat / spring nail polish / bracelets c/o Lois Hill (use code CathyO-20 to save 20%) / green shoulder bag / straight leg jeans (under $100) / golden boots /

We had a tiny little glimpse at spring, and then boom! The weather swung back to winter! Thankfully this sweater coat is super cozy and perfect for staying warm when the weather drops into chilly temperatures.

In order to spice up this basic black sweater coat, I added this beautiful silver jewelry and a pop of green. After all, green is predicted to be one of the top three colors of 2023! So, if you like green, this is your year! Love that!

My spring 2023 trend report is coming up very soon, and one of the topics I will discuss is jewelry. As we move towards anonymous handbags, and far away from loud logos, the trends in jewelry are returning to a more classic and investment minded look. This year, it is time to invest in timeless pieces that can be layered or worn alone. Jewelry should transcend trends, and be something you can invest in. You will want to look for pieces that can be worn for years, even decades. Jewelry you can pass down to your children is main goal. Of course, the early 2000’s bling look is currently reserved for dressier, or formal, occasions. This means for our daily jewelry pieces we want casual investment pieces, or investment pieces we can wear with both jeans and our little black dress. This is why I am in love with Lois Hill Jewelry. They have beautiful, crafted pieces you can layer, wear alone, dress up or down, and wear forever. Love that!

In addition to timeless jewelry, the color trends for 2023 are happy and bright. As you know, magenta and shades of red or pink are hot this year. In addition to magenta, red, and pink, we are looking at colors from the orange family and also the green family. I am not a big fan of the orange family, but when it comes to green, I am huge fan! I love green! Since it is still winter, my green handbag is perfect for rocking the green trend. As I shop for spring, I will be keeping my eyes open for more green; and pink. I love pink too!

Stay tuned! My complete spring 2023 trend report is coming up next on the blog!

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