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Summer 2018 fitness routine

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Summer starts tomorrow! So I am switching up my fitness routine for the summer season. What I love about the summer season is that I have more free time to get in really good workouts. It is also a time when I can include my kids in my fitness routine. Love that!

My goal this summer is to work off ten pounds. I hope to lose a pound a week; I know I can do it! I use MyFitnessPal to track my workouts and caloric intake. Everytime I use it, it works like a charm! It’s an easy numbers game; stick to the calorie count, workout, and voila! A pound a week will vanish. Love it!

Here is my summer fitness routine:

Monday: Cardio and weights, 60 minutes (interval and strength)

Tuesday: Spin class with my daughters (cardio)

Wednesday: BodyCombat class (cardio)

Thursday: The Drop (interval and strength class)

Friday: Spin class with my daughters (cardio)

Saturday: Family hike or swimming laps with the kids (easy cardio)

Sunday: rest day

It is important to mix up cardio, interval training, and strength training. By mixing together different workout types, it works differing muscles groups, enabling a good overall workout routine.

I’m excited about my summer fitness routine because I have the time to mix together the right types of workouts into my schedule.

What are you doing this summer for fitness? Which workouts are your favorite?

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Spring 2018 fitness routine

pictured: view of Saratoga Hills from Quarry Park hiking trail in Saratoga, Ca

Spring is here! Now that the spring season has officially begun, it is time for a new fitness routine.

Although our weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area is still wintry, I am going to try and push through my spring fitness routine, and get outside more!

One of my goals for 2018 was to get outside more, so I am trying to integrate more outside fitness into my spring routine. Since this is our rainy season, I need to ensure I have an indoor back-up plan in place in case of inclement weather on an outdoor fitness day.

Monday: Outdoor hike for 30 minutes plus 15 minute stretch routine

Tuesday: Spin class

Wednesday: Swimming workout-about 4000 yards.

Thursday: 30 minute interval workout at home, alternating cardio drills, core work and strength drills. (my schedule on Thursdays is crazy busy-so I need to squeeze something in at home)

Friday: BodyCombat

Saturday: Family Hike outside for 60 minutes

Sunday: Rest day.

The problem with my fitness routine, is that I need to add weights! So, as of right now, my indoor alternate workout for rainy days involves a one hour treadmill LifeFitness Course, and about a half hour of weights. This will help me integrate weights into my routine; unless we don’t get our weekly rainy days-then I need to re-evaluate this routine! Haha

As you know, in a typical fitness routine, there should be a good combination of cardio, interval, anaerobic cardio, core work, strength work (using body weight), and weights. This fitness routine addresses all of those components except for the weights; which I am hoping will naturally fall into my routine on rainy days.

What is your typical fitness routine during the spring season? If you like to workout outside, how do you incorporate weights into your weekly routine?

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Keeping fitness on track during the holidays

Bay Club at Courtside Holiday decor

pictured: Holiday decorations at The Bay Club where I workout.

The holiday season is in full swing, and all of us are experiencing busier schedules. I feel like my days are so jam-packed, keeping to a regular fitness routine is downright impossible! Thankfully, there is a way to stay on track, and fend off those nasty holiday pounds, during this festive season.

Although I have a regular workout schedule for the winter season, the most important thing about it is that it is flexible. When the holidays hit, my schedule fluctuates, changes, and becomes extra hectic. I need to have backup workout plans in my fitness arsenal in order to keep on track, and get my five workouts per week in.

If you like to go to classes, keep them in your schedule, but have independent workouts available to you as a backup plan; just in case you can’t make it to your regular classes. Here is my holiday fitness schedule, and my back-up plans.

Monday: BodyCombat (backup-treadmill and abs work)

Tuesday: Spin class (backup-jogging in my neighborhood)

Wednesday: H.E.A.T. (interval-strength class) (backup-treadmill and weights)

Thursday: Rest Day or makeup day if I missed a day earlier in the week

Friday: Insanity (interval class) (backup- swim  workout)

Saturday: BodyPump and Step (backup-treadmill, weights, and abs)

Sunday: Rest Day or makeup day if I missed a day earlier in the week

The backup workouts are all individual, so I can do them at any time during the day. If I know I can’t make a scheduled class, I can wake-up early, and do my backup workout at 5:30am, or whenever it fits into my day. It can be difficult staying on track, but having a backup workout plan is essential to keeping fit during the busy holiday season. Nothing is more difficult then not fitting into your jeans after the New Year. Can’t have that!!

What is your holiday workout routine like? Do you have a workout back-up plan to stay on track?

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