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BAF Weekly IT List

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BAF Weekly IT List from top left: blue sweater (on major sale and in additional colors!) / Chanel spring 2021 nail polish (stay tuned for upcoming review!) / Dior spring 2021 nail polish (review here) / Coach Swinger (review here) / Givenchy Antigona Soft (hot IT bag) / Eye pencil / Lunar New Year lipstick /

This is such a great time of year to shop. There are fabulous winter items on sale which are needed now; such as this cozy sweater which is on sale for under $100, and there are also spring products hitting store shelves. Not everyone is thinking about spring yet, which means this is the ideal time of year to snap up IT items; before everyone else decides to buy them!

This blue sweater is a favorite go-to of mine this winter season, and it’s on major sale! I love that it comes in several colors. So, if blue isn’t your thing, there are other hues to choose from. Love that!

Spring nail polish is cheery and bright this year! While Chanel is taking a classic approach to nail polish this spring season, Dior is making a splash! It’s up to you if you want classic or bright. They’re both right! Spring nail polish is a great way to add some cheer to your personal style on a dreary winter day. I love having spring nails this time of year! Which nail color style are you loving right now? Classic, or bright?

Late ’90’s and early 2000’s handbags are a huge thing right now! This cute little number from Coach was first introduced back in the day, and it’s making a huge comeback this year. Want to know what is fabulous about this IT bag? It’s under $300! Now, how often does that happen??? Love this!

The Givenchy Antigona celebrated its’ ten year anniversary last year. As part of the celebration, they introduced a soft version of their iconic IT bag, and I am here for it! This is proving to be a popular bag and will likely join the classic IT bag family it’s ancestor enjoys. The grey is on my wish list. Do you love it too?

This eye pencil has been in my arsenal for close to two decades. My favorite hue is “cocoa.” It is a great way to brighten up your eyes while on video conference calls, as well as making your eyes pop over your mask. It really is a beauty bag staple. Which color do you like?

Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and with it, comes more hope for the new year. If you are seeking the perfect gift for Lunar New year, check out my gift guide. If you want a touch of lucky red, this lipstick is perfection. It looks fabulous on video calls! Love!

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What do you love from this week’s IT list?

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BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: black handbag (IT bag) / Dior spring 2021 nail polish (review coming soon!) / blue sweater (on major sale and in avl in more colors) / combat boots aka lug sole boots / The biggest IT bag of 2021 / grey satchel (IT bag) /

Welcome to the first BAF Weekly IT List of 2021! While the current IT items of the moment are mostly winter styles, we do have a couple of emerging spring pieces to invest in right away.

I strongly believe 2021 is the year of the IT bag. We haven’t had a strong IT bag in a few years, so this year there are several IT bags to choose from; you can’t wrong with the one you pick! If you want scarcity, which we haven’t seen the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag of 2014, look no further than the Prada Cleo; it is the hardest to get IT bag of the moment. Yours truly is working hard to get one!

While the weather is cold, dark and dreary, we can add a little fun to our nails with Dior’s happy spring 2021 nail polish. I say happy because the colors are cheery and bright. Don’t we all need cheery and bright right now? These colors make me happy. Look for my review early next week! I am working hard on it now!

Handbags transcend weather, so another way to cheer ourselves up is to carry a coveted IT bag of the moment. If you missed my post about the IT bags of 2021, you can read it here. Thankfully you might already own some of this year’s IT bags, but if something new will make you happy, like it does me, then snap up something from this year’s list you don’t already own! I am trying to get my hands on the Prada Cleo, and I am still planning to snap up the Givenchy Antigona Soft and possibly one more. Let’s see how my handbag budget goes. haha

Combat boots are still hot, and this pair is really popular! They are comfortable and waterproof; perfect for the weather right now! I have a pair in black and wear them all the time. Love!

My favorite sweater is on major sale for under $100, and it comes in additional colors. This is a great one to snap up to wear now! I love how it looks with jeans and my combat boots.

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Handbag trends 2021

handbag trends 2021

IT bags 2021 from top left: Chloe Darryl Saddle Bag / BV Pouch / BV Jodie / Coach Swinger / Prada Cleo (hard to get!) / Loewe straw tote (also in yellow!) / Gucci Jackie / Givenchy Antigona Soft /

2021 is here! This means a whole new set of handbag trends to follow, covet, and wear. In past years, we have looked for the next great shape, designer, and IT bag. This year, things are moving a little bit into the past; as well as the classic realm.

The new year is all about classic IT bags, revisited IT bags, IT brands, and a few fun bags. Sound like a lot? It is. There is a lot going on in the handbag world this year! So, make sure you’re sitting down, this will be a lot of information!

IT Designers: This year, if you think seeking the ultimate IT bag is too confusing, just stick with the IT brands of the year. You can pretty much wear anything by these designers and brands; and you will be rocking an IT bag. Look for anything Bottega Veneta, Cult Gaia, Prada, Givenchy, Chloe, Loewe, and Mansur Gavriel.

Colors: Fashion is revisiting color blocking; a huge trend roughly a decade ago. Look for bags in fun and mood-uplifting colors. Also look for the color of the year yellow, as well as grey. You can still wear classic black, but adding some color might be just the right mood-up-lifter after last year. Metallics are also making a comeback, so if you want to sparkle and shine, this is your year!

Fabrications: Leather and faux leather are still important. In fact, technology has really moved faux leather forward in such a way that it can be really hard to tell it apart from real leather. Look for faux leather pieces to help reduce your carbon footprint. Also, straw, raffia, anything woven, and stamped croc are huge in 2021.

Silhouettes: The new year is all about classic silhouettes and retro vibes. Look for the baguette with 1990s inspiration, the return of the hobo bag, oversized and gigantic bags you could fit the kitchen sink into, fan shaped totes, netted bags, half circles, and the pouch clutch.

Specific IT bags: Looking for an exact IT bag to rock this year? Some of these might already be in your closet! Look for classic IT bags such as the Chanel 2.55, Louis Vuitton Neverful, Givenchy Antigona, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Chloe Marcie, and Fendi Baguette. Want to buy new? Look for the new Prada Cleo-it’s so hot, it’s already sold out. Old IT bags which are back include the Coach Swinger, Gucci Jackie, and Bottega Veneta Jodie; perhaps you have one in your closet. Additionally, new IT bags (which started to emerge in 2020) include the Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag, Bottega Veneta Pouch, Givenchy Antigona Soft, and the Chloe Darryl Saddle Bag.

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Whew! Well, there you have it! It’s a lot of information. Be sure to check out your closet because you might have a few of these styles already stored in the back! If not, be sure to snap up a classic IT bag or two for the new year. Which style is your favorite?

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