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Color of the year 2020 Classic Blue

pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue

Pantone color of the year 2020: Classic Blue / graphic courtesy of Pantone

The color of the year 2020 has been announced, and I am here for it! Blue is my favorite color. I love the oceanic, peaceful vibe which blue evokes. I love how it looks in interiors, on my car, and on my clothing. When Pantone announced Classic Blue as the Color of the Year 2020 last week, I was thrilled! My favorite color gets a year to shine! Yay!

2020 is the dawn of a new decade. With a new decade, comes a sense of renewal filled with expectations, and a slight fear of the uknown. While that fear of the unknown isn’t as pronounced as it was when we went from 1999 to 2000, there is still a sense of wonderment as we move into a new decade. Since we are all filled with anticipation of a new decade, and a sense of renewal, we are all drawn towards colors which bring calm, grounding vibes. This is why Pantone’s Classic Blue has been crowned the Color of the Year 2020 for all aspects of our lives.

Classic Blue is a dark blue hue which is close to navy, but not quite navy. It’s what the sky looks like right after the sun goes down, and it is the color of the deep blue sea. It is a hue found in nature, and it is a timeless color when it comes to clothing, accessories, interior design, and more.

classic blue mood board color of the year 2020

My Classic Blue mood board for 2020. I love mixing shades of blue, so oceanic hues grounded in Classic Blue are inspiring me right now. 

As we move towards sustainability as a planet, we are looking towards more sustainable ways to manufacture clothing, as well as reduce the amount we are purchasing. Classic Blue is a color which uses dye from nature. It is made from Indigo, making it a plant based color. This helps to further make Classic Blue relevant as we move into a new decade, and time period, where protecting our environment becomes an increasingly important way of life.

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Below are color combinations we expect to see surrounded by Classic Blue in the new year.

Desert Twilight




Graphics courtesy of Pantone

“Ponder” and “Snorkel” are my two favorite color palettes anchored by Classic Blue. Which color combos are you drawn to? I am really excited about Classic Blue being the color of 2020. What are your thoughts on the hue?

You can check out Pantone’s press release at

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Vintage inspiration at New York Fashion Week spring 2020

cho cheng nyfw spring 2020

Cho Cheng NYFW spring 2020

The last model has walked off the runways of New York Fashion Week, and we are left with so many trends to get excited about for next year. One of my favorite trends every season comes from vintage inspiration. It is always amazing to see which decades inspired designers for the season.

For the spring/summer 2020 season, designers were in love with the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. We saw a lot of Hollywood glamour, sparkle and shine from the Studio 54 era, feminine touches from the 50’s, sleek and chic 40’s looks, as well as playful and fun 60’s styles. Here are a few highlights from some of the New York Fashion Week runways I attended reflecting the spring 2020 decades of inspiration:

Cho Cheng 60’s

cho cheng nyfw spring 2020 cho cheng new york fashion week spring 2020 cho cheng nyfw ss20

Taoray Wang 40’s and 70’s

taoray wang new york fashion week spring 2020 taoray wang new york fashion week spring 2020

(photos courtesy of Taoray Wang PR-mine came out overexposed and blurry)

Hanh Merriman 70’s

hanh merriman new york fashion week spring 2020 hanh merriman new york fashion week spring 2020

Son Jung Wan 70’s

son jung wan new york fashion week spring 2020 son jung wan nyfw spring 2020

Indonesian Diversity 50’s

nyfw spring 2020 indonesian diversity nyfw spring 2020

Which one of spring 2020’s decades of inspiration inspire you? I am definitely feeling the 40’s and 70’s, although, I am forever feeling the 70’s, so that’s no surprise. Haha

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