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Fall fitness schedule 2017

fall fitness schedule

It’s entirely possible I am trying to make a cliche heart while hiking with my family.

The fall season is here! This means it is time to adjust our fitness routines for cooler weather, and busier schedules. My schedule this fall is crazy busy, so getting my weekly workouts in can be challenging. I am homeschooling two of my three kids, plus running my business. This is in addition to my children’s extra-curricular activities which I need to drive them to and from. My schedule is jam-packed this season! It’s a miracle I made it to fashion week last month!

Since the fall season is traditionally warm here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is my last chance to get some outdoor workouts in before the rainy season begins, and temperatures begin to fall. My fall fitness routine incorporates outdoor workouts, and indoor workouts; in order to give me a good balance of fitness.

Monday: 30 min walk around outside.

Tuesday: Spin Class (interval/aerobic)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: BodyCombat (aerobic)

Friday: Swimming (60 min workout/aerobic/interval)

Saturday: BodyPump/Step (strength/aerobic)

Sunday: Afternoon hike-sometimes, or rest. (depends on our schedule)

This fitness routine is pretty mild. I usually like to have something a little meatier, but my schedule dictates how often I can workout, and for how long.

What types of workouts are you incorporating into your fall fitness routine this season?

My hiking outfit pictured above:

Fall 2016 fitness routine and outfit ideas

fall fitness outfit ideas routine

Indoor and outdoor fitness outfit ideas from top left: cobalt blue fleece / blue and purple print workout leggings / black and white fitness tank top / black and white capri leggings / blue Nike running shoes (my favorite running shoes!) / Nike ID running shoes

The fall season is here. For me, this means my kids are back in school, and I have a full schedule surrounding their activities; as well as homeschooling my fifth grade daughter. My challenge during the fall season? Fitting in my workout routine!

My fall fitness routine is not as robust as I would like it to be. During the summer I was able to workout five days per week at the gym. This enabled me to stick to me goal of 1200 calories per day, and lose the ten pounds I wanted to shed over the summer months. Yay for being ten pounds lighter! The fall challenge? Keeping the weight off, and possibly losing more!

I have another fifteen pounds I would like to shed. If I can lose fifteen more pounds, I will be back to where I was in 2013. I really liked my weight back then, and I would like to return to it! My challenge is fitting in workouts when I homeschool one child. I do not have free time to go to the gym, so my only gym time is on Saturday mornings. This means I need to get creative the rest of the week in order to at least maintain my current weight, and possibly lose more if I am lucky.

I know there are other Mom’s out there who are struggling with schedules, work, and attempting to fit in a workout. This is how I have been fitting in my workouts during the week, and maintaining my end-of-summer weight.

Monday: Rest (super sore from the weekend workouts!)

Tuesday: Walk/Run around the neighborhood 25 minutes, abs and push ups at home 10 minutes

Wednesday: Just Dance on the Wii with my daughter, 30 minutes. Squats and Lunges, 30 each side/leg

Thursday: Walk/Run around the neighborhood 25 minutes, abs and push ups at home 10 minutes

Friday: TGIF rest!

Saturday: BodyPump followed by Advanced Step. (This burns over 900 calories and incorporates weights and cardio, I die a little inside when I miss this workout)

Sunday: BodyCombat (I rush home after church, change into workout clothes, and dash off to the gym!)

This is my ideal fall fitness routine. I have not been diligent about sticking to it this season. My son is playing Pop Warner football and his schedule is quite full. This means I cannot always make it to my weekend workout sessions. My daughters have activities during the week, and my son has football practice, this can interfere with my weekday fitness goals. While I struggle to get in five workouts per week, I try really hard, and hopefully I can maintain my current weight without gaining back what I worked off over the summer.

As far as calories are concerned, I am still trying to stick to 1200 per day. I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of my workouts, and caloric intake. I love this app, if you have not downloaded it yet, please do. You will love it!

Since my workouts are not as intense this fall as they were over the summer, I am not burning as many calories. This means sticking to 1200 calories a day is quite a challenge! As long as I don’t go over 1600 calories in one day, I can maintain my summer weight. Fingers crossed this works through the fall season!

Now, about all that Halloween candy entering the house this month. . .hmmmm

How are you sticking to your fitness routine this autumn season?

Indoor and outdoor fitness outfit items on my wish list:

Gym to street outfit hiking in Tahoe

gym to street outfit idea gym to street outfit idea gym to street outfit ideagym to street outfit idea gym to street outfit idea gym to street outfit idea

Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Lipstick: Chanel Mighty / Sports Bra: Nike / Black workout top: Zella / White over top: Hard Tail / Pants: Stella Sport (sold out, also love this pair) / Handbag: Mansur Gavriel / Nail Polish: Dior Cosmic / Shoes: c/o Nike (this black pair currently on sale would look better)

How many times have you wanted to run errands after working out at the gym, but have felt self-conscious in your workout attire? This happens to me  all the time! I always feel embarrassed running to the supermarket in tight workout pants, and a tank top. I feel like it is OK to walk around like that at the gym, but no-one needs to see my fat rolls at the supermarket! haha

So this season, I decided to put together a gym to street outfit which is comfortable, and appropriate for working out, as well as running errands! I chose these pants since they are a hybrid between sweatpants, and workout pants. They are great for low impact gym workouts, weight training sessions, and Pilates. I prefer a tighter pant for high impact cardio, yoga, and spin classes.

This white top is perfect for throwing over my tight workout tank top. It covers up everything it needs to cover up, while still giving off an urban, hip vibe. Love that! It has cured my self-conscious feelings after working out when I need to run to the supermarket, bank, etc.

Now, you may be looking at these pictures and saying to yourself, “those shoes don’t go!” Ha! You’re right! These are my only athletic shoes right now, so I wear them with everything. Plus, I am in love with these running shoes, so I always reach for them when I workout indoors, or outdoors. I did order a new pair from Nike, so I will have a second pair very soon; until then, blue and pink floral print it is!

If I were to buy shoes for every workout outfit I own, I would buy plain black Nike’s for this gym to street outfit. I think they would look perfect. I am eyeing this pair, currently on sale. Black athletic shoes are basic, so I feel like I could really use a pair.

We took these pictures while hiking in Truckee on our recent spring break trip to Lake Tahoe. This outfit was perfect! I started off by wearing the white top (the handbag stayed home during the hike), as I warmed up, I took off the top, and it was perfect! The temperatures were in the high fifties, and the hike offered beautiful scenery. If you visit Tahoe in the spring season, I highly recommend going on a hike. The snow is melting, so you see run off; beautiful running water and streams, plus snow piles mixed into the terrain. It is truly breathtaking.

I am excited to continue to wear this gym to street outfit at both the gym, and for outside workouts. I love how this white top transforms the outfit; making it easy to wear around in public.

Stay tuned! I have more articles coming up from our recent spring break trip to Lake Tahoe!

My gym to street outfit details:

gym to street outfit idea feature image