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I have a big rule in my house-no red wine! Someone is always bound to spill it and stain my carpet, my sofa, and themselves! Well, my carpet and my sofa will always be prone to stains from spills, but check this out; we no longer have to worry about our shirts!

Guys-we don’t have to fear red wine-or anything that stains-again! Chico’s has this fabulous No Stain No-Iron shirt which uses this amazing Stain Shield™ technology that keeps stains from sticking! Love this!

When something like red wine or coffee spills on the shirt, you can simply rinse it with water, then wipe it away with a towel; and voila! No stains! Spilling on ourselves won’t stop any of us from enjoying our day.

Chico’s challenged me to test out their crisp white, No Stain No-Iron shirt which uses this amazing Stain Shield™ technology, by spilling red wine on myself. Check out the results:

Taking the #NoStainChallenge

Chico’s No Stain No-Iron shirt Chico’s No Stain No-Iron shirt Chico’s No Stain No-Iron shirt Chico’s No Stain No-Iron shirt

OK, on the first try I had my daughter spill red wine on me while sitting on my sofa. Oops! While the red wine wiped right off the shirt, I got a few drops on my sofa-and not enough photos. Ugh, I had to quickly treat my sofa, and take my photo taking operation outside.

Take two! This time I spilled the red wine on myself while standing in my front yard-my neighbor looked at me strangely while my daughter snapped pictures of me spilling red wine on myself. Um, we must have been quite a sight. My teen and my son were watching the whole thing too. But I digress. . . haha

We were able to get great photos the second time, and not ruin the sofa. That’s a win! I used a towel to wipe off the red wine. I got most of it without leaving a trace on the shirt. The rest I was able to get off with a damp towel; again, not leaving a trace. This shirt is amazing!

Shop my No Stain No-Iron shirt which uses this amazing Stain Shield™ technology outfit:

You can learn more about this fabulous shirt at

Isn’t this shirt amazing? It comes in more colors, so I may need to add the blue one to my closet too. Love this!

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Adding a touch of spring to a winter day at New York Fashion Week

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Day two of New York Fashion Week was a ton of fun! The weather was warm; much warmer than I am used to it being at fashion week in February! Normally the temperatures are well below thirty, and there is always at least one day in single digits. This season, the temperatures were hovering in the fifties; much warmer than at home in the San Francisco Bay Area!

So, for day two of New York Fashion Week, I decided to wear a winter into spring look for a busy day of shows. In the morning, through to mid-day, this spring maxi dress from Chico’s was perfect for the weather. I didn’t need a coat! Was this the twilight zone?? Why wasn’t it freezing?? That morning and afternoon, I attended Fashion Hong Kong followed by Nonie, without a coat. This dress garnered several compliments from other show guests, and was the perfect weight for the the high fifties temperatures.

When evening was getting close, temperatures fell to the forties, so I threw on my 1970s style faux fur coat over my dress, and switched up my handbag to evoke a vintage vibe with my overall look. This was a fun way to make this spring maxi dress transition from winter into spring. It is so versatile! I attended Chiara Boni le petite robe that evening which was perfect for the outfit. She had a vintage vibe on her runway, so my vintage look worked quite well.

Since the day was busy, I never actually had a chance to sit down for a meal! After Chiara Boni, I wore my spring Chico’s maxi dress styled for winter out to dinner at Pepolino’s. It’s a fabulous Italian restaurant close to Spring Studios where the shows were held. Every season I enjoy their risotto and pasta. It is a must-try next time you visit New York!

My fabulous friend Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun took these photos with my new camera. They came out really good!

Shop my New York Fashion Week day two, spring dress styled for winter:

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Leggings disguised as jeans

chicos zenergy street style outfitsbay area street style chicos zenergy chico zenergy street style chicos zenergy athleisure spring 2019

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How fabulous is this sunny weather we are having! I can finally get outside and be active-which is one of my goals in 2019! Love!

I’m loving these fabulous Chico’s Zenergy® so slimming pants. They look like skinny jeans right?! Love that! They are actually super soft leggings disguised as jeans; aka jeggings. I can go from the hiking trail to a restaurant in these pants. They’re my new addiction. I paired them with this lightweight jacket and long sleeve tee-also from Chico’s. They are perfect for going from a workout to the street. Love!

The Chico’s Zenergy collection is filled with fashionable activewear which is perfect for taking you from the hiking trail, the gym; or whichever workout you are enjoying, to the street. You can sit down at a restaurant, run errands, and more without feeling like you are walking around in a sports bra and leggings. Love that!

You can find Chico’s Zenergy® collection online at

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