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Wearing: purple and gold earrings / sunglasses / black twist neck top / pink tweed blazer / G buckle belt / jeans (old, love this pair) / fall nail polish / ivory handbag / golden boots /

I’m wearing bright pink! The Barbiecore trend is so much fun, and I love that this trend is so easy to wear and integrate into anyone’s personal style. Some people who love a bold look can rock bright pink in an all-over, tonal look. Others, like myself, who just want a touch of pink, can rock this trend with one article of clothing, or even with accessories such as earrings, a bracelet, or a scarf. Love it!

This blazer is really fun. I love the tweed fabric and the bright hue. It is easy to throw over jeans, a skirt, or a dress for a polished, Barbiecore look. Love that!

One of the color combo’s a few designers played with for fall was adding purple touches to pink. Yes, the pink and purple combo we all wore in the 1980s, it might catch on again! So, I paired my pink blazer with purple earrings just to have a touch of my favorite childhood color combo. Seriously, I think my whole closet was pink and purple back in the day! haha

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Since I was in a fun mood, I paired my pink blazer with my golden boots. Aren’t they a kick! This pair is actually quite comfortable, and I was able to walk in them as strolled through San Jose’s Japantown and enjoyed lunch at Minato. If you haven’t been, it is an old, established restaurant that has been in San Jose for decades. They have delicious entrees with very generous portions. I had a tone of leftovers! The food is really good, and the service is exceptional. If you haven’t been yet, you need to go now!

I enjoyed the tempura lunch and my mom had a steamer bowl. They were both sooooo good!! Both dishes are delicious, in case you are wondering what to order.

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So, are you rocking the Barbiecore trend this fall season? If so, are you head-to-toe or rocking the trend like me, with a touch of pink?

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National Denim Day 2022

national denim day 2022

From top left: stripe tee and beige denim / blue blazer over jeans / bright pink tee and jeans / black blazer and jeans /

It is National Denim Day 2022, and this is a national, fashion-related day, which is important to stop and think about. Back in 1998, an Italian court overturned an assault conviction because the victim had worn tight jeans. This is the classic “blame the victim” strategy we have been hearing for centuries. It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, and if you are outside accidently without anything on, then it still doesn’t matter. No-one has the right to touch you, or worse. Without consent, it is a crime.

Therefore, today is the day to rock those jeans! You don’t have to wear tight ones, not everyone owns tight jeans nor has the ability to withstand tight jeans all day. I know I don’t! My jeans are loose! So, put on your favorite pair of jeans, loose or tight, or in-between, and wear them with pride all day long to help raise awareness to this issue.

Despite stemming from a court ruling in 1998, this is a problem we still deal with now, in 2022. This is why National Denim Day is important. We need to continue to raise awareness to this issue and change the mindset of our population. It doesn’t matter what you wear, no-one has the right to touch you. Case closed.

My favorite jeans of the moment to add to your denim wardrobe:

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Colored denim trend spring 2022

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colored denim outfit details: large gold hoop earrings (under $100) / sunglasses / green puff sleeve tee (under $50) / chain pouch / bracelets (under $50) / G buckle belt / classic cut colored denim / spring nail polish / square toe flats /

Colored denim is back! Can you remember the last time there was a colored denim trend? I sure can’t! It seems like it’s been a few decades?! Well, this is one denim trend I am very excited about. It adds pops of fun color to our wardrobes. Stay tuned, there will be pastels and bright colors coming out in the next couple of months for us all to crave and add to our wardrobes. Love that!

Right now, the colored denim on store shelves is trending towards neutral hues such as beige, brown, military green, white (more of a staple than color), and bright pink. The bright pink is a clue that other colors are coming soon!

As you know, happy colors are in this year. So, you might already be stocking up on key wardrobe essentials in your favorite hues. Be sure to add colored denim to your shopping list, because any color is hot this year! You can rock neutral colors such as the pair I am wearing in this post, or fun colors such as green, pink, blue, yellow, and orange. Yes, orange! Orange is a HOT color this year! Get ready!

The colored denim trend transcends denim styles. This is good news because you can wear colored denim in the style of your choice. If wide leg jeans are your thing, there will be colors in wide leg! If you prefer classic cuts, skinny cuts, girlfriend cuts, or boyfriend cuts, there will be colors for you in those styles too! Love that!

I wore these classic cut, beige jeans to Santana Row last week and enjoyed lunch at EMC Seafood. They literally have the best clam chowder in the south bay. No joke. It’s amazing. If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out. Run, don’t walk, to EMC and grab a bowl of clam chowder!

emc santana row

Of course, I ate more than just clam chowder! haha. I split the fried zucchini and parmesan truffle fries with my mom, and also indulged in a sushi roll; with truffle on top! Yum!

These classic cut jeans were very comfortable, and the denim is soft to the touch. Love! I also plan on rocking the classic cut, boyfriend, and girlfriend cuts this year. The wide leg is OK on me, but I feel a little bit short to really do it justice. Also, flares are making a comeback, but I am not sure I am ready to rock this trend again. It still feels dated to me, but I am sure I will eat my words and start wearing it again soon. haha

Wondering which denim cuts are hot in 2022? Well, there are a lot! Look for classic cut, “mom” jeans, flares, wide leg, boyfriend, girlfriend, and the dreaded low rise. Yes, that’s correct. The low rise, is on the rise! Silhouette-wise, it’s not actually rising, unfortunately. It’s sitting low on the hips. Get ready. If you despise this rise, stock up on jeans now, before designers start going low, and flood store shelves with the dreaded low rise. Yikes!

Shop my colored denim outfit online:

What do you think of the current denim trends, and the rebirth of the colored denim trend for 2022? Are you going to rock it? Which colors are on your wish list? I’m thinking green, pink, maybe saturated bright blue?!

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