Straight jeans in 2023

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wearing: golden hoop earrings (under $100) / polka dot top / G buckle belt / black puffy coat (on major sale!) / straight leg jeans / spring nail polish / black handbag / lug sole boots /

Well, now that skinny jeans have been declared over, I have been on the hunt for an alternative denim style. Many straight leg jeans on the market right now are on the verge of being wide leg jeans. While I love a good pair of wide leg jeans, or flare jeans, I wanted to update my denim wardrobe with something closer to skinny jeans, without being a skinny jean. I am so happy I found this pair!

This pair of straight leg jeans isn’t too wide, and they offer the unfussy feel of a skinny jean. Love that! Plus, they were priced under $100, love that too!

I paired my new pair of straight leg jeans with a polka dot tee and my go-to puffy jacket; which happen to be on major sale if you are still looking for a puffy jacket. Since it was raining outside, I chose to wear my lug sole boots and of course, topped it all off with my new handbag! You can check out my review here.

umai hot dogs valley fair chicken sandwich

We are in need of a new sofa, so I wore this outfit to go sofa shopping. We found the perfect sectional sofa for our family room! Love! After picking a new sofa, we tried the new food counter in the food court at Valley Fair, Umai Hot Dogs. I wasn’t in the mood for a hot dog, so I got the chicken sandwich and french fries. It was really yummy! My Mom had a hot dog and loved it. We will go back!

I am excited to wear these straight leg jeans throughout the rest of the winter season and into the upcoming spring season. They are comfortable, and the perfect replacement for my skinny jeans. Love!

Are you a fan of skinny jeans? Have you found an alternative to them yet?

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Viva Magenta sweater and flare jeans

wearing: blue and silver earrings / magenta sweater (under $100) / G buckle belt / flare jeans (under $100) / nail polish / black shoulder bag / black boots (water resistant, lug sole) /

Viva Magenta! How fun is the color of 2023! Love! I am so happy I found this sweater in magenta for the new year. Not only is it cozy and comfy, but it is also magenta; and under $100. Love that!

Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun and I, went to Valley Fair last week to grab a bite to eat and hang out while we were both still on vacation. If you have been following the weather, you know we had a series of storms last week, which are continuing into this week. So, we snapped a few photos around the mall! Valley Fair has a ton of Instagram-worthy backdrops; especially in the new wing, on the second floor! How fun are all these backgrounds!

Now, you might be looking at these photos and wondering why my legs look super long in one photo. Well, if you have an iPhone, you can toggle the distance on the photo setting. It is interesting that the .5 setting snaps photos which elongate your legs! So, there isn’t any photoshop tea here, just the .5 camera setting on the iPhone. It is fun to make legs really long! haha

We originally tried to pop into Bamboo Sushi for lunch, but they were closed due to the storm, so we wandered over to King’s Seafood, which is equally delicious! If you haven’t been to King’s yet, they have really good clam chowder; I highly recommend it! Dawn and I also shared a couple of sushi rolls. Yum!

The restaurant selection at Valley Fair keeps growing, and there are so many good places to eat! I still have a list of places to try in the near future. Do you have a favorite restaurant at Valley Fair?

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I hope you are enjoying the new year and living Viva Magenta!



Sweater weather and flare jeans

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wearing: sunglasses / hoop earrings (under $100) / cozy sweater / holiday nail polish / hobo handbag / G buckle belt / flare jeans (under $100, avl in short, reg., tall lengths) / suede boots /

It’s finally sweater weather! I purchased this sweater back in July, and I have been patiently waiting for the weather to cool enough so I could wear it. It has been so cool lately; this sweater was ready to be worn! Love!

There is nothing like a soft and cozy sweater on a cool fall day. I love this sweater since it has a loose fit and the turtleneck keeps my neck warm. I wear a thin, long sleeve tee underneath and it is perfect in this cold weather. I am looking forward to wearing this cozy sweater throughout the fall, holiday and winter seasons. I might pick up another one to give as a gift this holiday season. This cozy, turtleneck sweater would make a fabulous holiday gift!

Since flare jeans are a hot item this season, I paired my sweater with my new flare jeans. These jeans are also comfortable, and I am thankful they are short length. If you have been following along, you know I am short, and you know how hard it is to find flare jeans in shorter lengths. Hemming regular length flare jeans does not work out too well for the silhouette of the jeans! In short length, the pants are proportioned perfectly for my shorter legs. If you are not short, but love these jeans, they also come in regular and tall lengths. Love that!

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I wore this outfit the other day while gathering gift ideas on Santana Row and enjoying lunch at “It’s Dumpling Time!” If you are local, and you have not eaten here, be sure to stop in! The food is yummy.

I have decided this is my favorite sweater, and I plan to wear it often throughout the cold weather seasons. Do you have a favorite sweater you are looking forward to wearing throughout the fall, holiday, and winter seasons too?

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