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NYFW street style handbags fall 2019: YSL shoulder bags

nyfw street style handbags

pictured: YSL handbag worn by Kali of In-Spades / location: Spring Studios New York

OK, so I took a ton of notes at fashion week to see which handbags were hot on the street. Unfortunately, I was so busy taking notes, I failed to snap a bunch of photos! Man, I am out of practice! Thankfully, I had enough sense to get this one photo of a YSL shoulder bag carried by Kali of In Spade Blog before the Nonie runway show at Spring Studios.

Every season there are several handbags which are favored by guests of New York Fashion Week. This season there seemed to be an overwhelming presence of YSL shoulder bags. By overwhelming, I mean you could hardly find any other trend in handbags on the street. This was the bag style favored by the fashion set.

While there wasn’t one stand-out YSL shoulder bag style, there was a general sense that you needed a YSL shoulder bag in your life; any style or model would do. Of course, with any trend, there are a few rules. The YSL shoulder bag could not be jumbo, or on the large side. The New York Fashion Week street style handbags rule of thumb this season was small, or medium; nothing large. Your YSL bag should be small or medium; and if your bag was not YSL, it should still be small or medium. Not nano, large, or jumbo; just small or medium. You should be able to fit your wallet, sunglasses and phone inside your handbag, if not, your bag is too small.

In addition to YSL shoulder bags, there were several versions of square handbags, train cases, and small lady bags on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Handbags offered nontraditional shapes, and were free of logos. PVC handbags were also prominent on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Also, anyone carrying Louis Vuitton was not carrying the monogram vernis. They were carrying LV bags which were recognizable, but free of logos. Take note.

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What do you think of the YSL shoulder bag trend? Are you loving it, or do you prefer one of the other street style handbag trends from New York Fashion Week?

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How to look like Meghan Markle

meghan markle style meghan markle handbags

photo credit: Mark Jones / allowed use under Creative Commons /

OK, deep breath . . . the royal wedding is THIS weekend! Eeeeeeeeek! I’m so excited to see an American marry a royal! Don’t they make the cutest couple?

The world has been obsessing with Meghan’s style ever since the engagement was announced. Everything she wears turns into an instant IT item and flies off store shelves! I love that Meghan Markle has a timeless and chic way of dressing. It makes me want to steal her style. Do you feel that way too?

Although her clothing is beautiful, my lifestyle is much too casual for me to attempt to wear her outfits. But, if you are casual like me, we can carry her handbags, wear her nail polish, and own a similar yoga mat as Meghan! She has a large collection of handbags, but I picked out a few which really emulate her style, and translate well for those of us here on the American side of the pond. So, without further ado, here are a few ways to steal Meghan Markles style:

1) Charcoal yoga mat: Meghan Markle has been spotted numerous times with her charcoal yoga mat. To look like Meghan going to yoga, you need to carry one too. Although, once she ties the knot, it is uncertain if we will see her freely coming and going from yoga classes. Perhaps she will have private yoga sessions at her new castle! -wherever in England that may be!

2) Pale or naked nails: Sorry colorful nail polish fans! The Queen has strict rules when it comes to nail polish. Nails need to be either naked, or painted in clear nail polish, or something close to a pale nude. Meghan Markle will have to adhere to these nail polish rules, therefore, she will have pale or naked nails.

3) Three-stone engagement ring: Meghan’s beautiful engagement ring features the classic three-stone diamond setting. The diamond in the middle is the largest, flanked on either side by smaller stones. Steal her ring style by finding a cushion-cut, three-stone ring with the diamonds set in yellow gold.

4) Chloe Pixie: Meghan Markle wore this bag to Christmas with the royal family, and she has it in her closet. You can carry the same IT bag as Meghan; which happens to fit into all the current summer handbag trends. Love that!

5) Saint Laurent Sac du Jour: Meghan Markle has a dark blue Saint Laurent Sac du Jour she has been spotted carrying around town. You can emulate the soon-to-be-royal’s handbag style by toting your own Sac du Jour to the office, to meetings, and any time you need a tote!

6) Altuzarra handbag: Meghan has been spotted carrying a black Altuzarra Braided handbag in smooth leather. This is a chic satchel with a shoulder strap which is big on style. It’s a cult classic, and so very chic!

7) Gucci Dionysus evening clutch: This has been a hot IT bag for several years now. Meghan has been spotted wearing a fabulous black velvet Gucci Dionysus clutch when donning formal attire. This is a beautiful classic clutch we can all use in our wardrobes.

8) Everlane tote in cognac: Meghan Markle has been spotted numerous times with this affordable, daytime tote bag priced under $200. It offers a chic silhouette with timeless styling. Since it’s so affordable, we can all steal her style by owning this tote!

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There are many additional ways we can steal Meghan’s style, but these are a few easy ones we can adapt to ASAP. Now raise your hand if you are super excited to watch her wedding this weekend on TV! My hand is waaaaaay up! After all, haven’t we all, at one time in our lives, dreamed of being royal? She is living every little girls dream. I’m excited for our soon-to-be-royal American icon!

What do you think of Meghan Markle’s style? Are you excited for the wedding too?



YSL holiday 2017 nail polish Dazzling Lights review

YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection review

YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Red Lights and Gold Fire

When it comes to fashion, the holidays are all about sparkles, and festive style. I was looking for something festive in the world of nail polish, to compliment the festive vibe of holiday fashion, and was thrilled to find the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection; so of course I purchased it right away! The collection is back to holiday basics; sparkling red and gold.

I tested out both colors; because they are fabulous! I liked one more then the other when it came to texture; while loving both of the hues. Without further ado, here are my reviews!

YSL Holiday 2017 Nail Polish: Gold Fire

YSL gold fire nail polish holidays 2017

YSL Gold Fire nail polish is my favorite of the two limited edition hues introduced by Yves Saint Laurent for the festive holiday season. Gold acts like a neutral, so it matches everything. This is a color I can easily wear during the day, or rock at an evening soiree.

This is a glitter nail polish. The glitter bits inside YSL Gold Fire are long and don’t stick out, or cause a rough surface. I tested out YSL Gold Fire nail polish with one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. The gold color is sparkling and shiny. The texture is rather smooth; unlike many glitter polishes which can be rough and catch on things. Don’t you hate it when your nail polish snags your clothing? This one won’t! Love that!

YSL Gold Fire nail polish is long lasting, and won’t chip easily. I love how strong it is, and how festive it! This is my favorite of the two colors from the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection named “Dazzling Lights.’

YSL Holiday 2017 nail polish: Red Lights

ysl red lights nail polish holidays 2017 review

This color, YSL Red Lights nail polish, is a beautiful cherry-pink-red. Think of it as a pinkish cherry red. I love the color, and I am not a big red nail polish fan. The pink tinge is just enough to make this an easy red to wear daily without looking too much like a fire engine.

The glitter in YSL Red Lights nail polish is small. This is where the problem comes in. Since the glitter bits are small, they bunch up in the second coat. I used one base coat, and two coats of color. When I applied the first coat, I thought it looked perfect; I should have left it. The second coat is where I ran into the problem. The glitter clumped together causing a rough surface. Next time I apply YSL Red Lights nail polish, I will only wear one coat. Photo shown with two coats.

I love the sparkle in this nail polish. It really glistens in the light. It will be fun to wear with only one coat this holiday season, for special occasions. There is something very festive about this color. It just screams Christmas! Love!

The YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection, “Dazzling Lights,” is a beautiful, classic holiday collection. It has the two colors we really need to get through the holiday party season. I can’t wait to wear them more!

You can find the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection online here.

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