The 2000s bag trends that are hot now

2000s bag trends hot summer 2022

Pictured: oversize tote (hot IT bag for 2022) / Balenciaga City Tote (new version here) /

Remember those bags you coveted back in the early 2000s? They’re back! So crawl into the back of your closet and pull out your archives, because they are hotter than hot this year!

There are a few late 1990s, and early 2000s IT bags which are back with a vengeance this year, in addition to overall handbag trends. Remember the Balenciaga City Tote aka “moto bag?” It’s back, and if you cannot get your hands on a vintage one, Balenciaga has a new version with slightly inverted sides you can purchase now, and rock as if it were the original.

Remember the Dior Saddle bag? It has been popular again for the past few seasons, and it is holding steady as an IT bag to own now. If you don’t have one from back in the day, Dior has a few sizes, colors, and fabrications to choose from today. The common complaint I hear from Saddle bag owners is that everything in the bag falls to one side, if you don’t mind that, this could be your bag.

In addition to specific IT bags from close to twenty years ago, the early 2000s gave us several handbag trends which are hot again this year. Remember oversize handbags you could carry a small child inside? They are back, and the hottest one on the streets this year is from YSL. See above graphic.

The other trends to watch for include nylon bags from Prada, Bowler bags (I love Dior’s version), all types and sizes of hobos bags, baguettes (doesn’t have to be Fendi), classic Chanel bags (think flap and 2.55), and the Chloe Marcie in any style; saddle or satchel. Love!

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What was your favorite handbag trend from the very late 1990s and early 2000s? My favorites include the baguette, Chloe Marcie, hobo bags, and nylon bags.

Quick shout-out to nylon bags; they can be worn in the rain! Love a bag I don’t have to worry about during inclement weather.

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Dior Rendez Vous nail polish review

dior rendez vous nail polish review

pictured: Dior Rendez Vous nail polish /

So many new putty colors for spring from Dior! Dior Rendez Vous is slightly darker, roughly one shade, than Dior Palais Royal. It’s also slightly more grey than Palais Royal which has more of a tan undertone. Rendez Vous by Dior is a medium putty nail polish which makes a great neutral for the new year.

Spring nail polish colors online:

What do you think of Diro Rendez Vous nail polish for the new year?

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Spring 2022 nail polish trends

spring 2022 nail polish trends

Spring 2022 nail polish trends from top left: Dior Mineral Peach / Chanel Riviera / Dior Cashmere / Dior cruise / Chanel Terra Rosa / Dior Rose Quartz / Dior Balade / Dior Rendez Vous / Dior Palais Royal /

There are so many pretty nail polish colors for the spring 2022 season! The nail polish trends for spring include traditional spring pastels, shades of classic rose, and neutral putty; if rose and pastel hues are not your thing.

I am having a hard time choosing which nail polish trend I love best. My favorite color for spring is definitely Chanel Riviera, which is an edgy, pastel yellow. Of course, I also love all of the rose shades, which are perfect for a more classic look. Dior Balade and Chanel Terra Rosa are very similar, dark rose hues, and I love them both. It is hard to say which one I love more! What do you think?

If you work in a conservative environment, one of the putty hues, a pastel pink, or a shade of rose will work perfectly for you. Hey, this season there is a lot to choose from if your work environment restricts your nail color! That is good luck! Love that!

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So, what do you think of the nail polish trends for the spring 2022 season? Which one is your favorite?

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