Holiday nail polish trends 2023

holiday nail polish trends christmas nail polish

Holiday nail polish from top left: Chanel golden nail polish / Dior metallic nail polish / Dior holiday nail polish / Chanel sparkling black nail polish /

Three cheers for the nail polish trends of the holiday season 2023! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

It is so refreshing to not see red nail polish trending for the holiday season. That isn’t to say you can’t wear red, if you love red, go ahead and rock it this holiday season; you can even add a sparkling topcoat to make it festive. My point is that the nail polish trends this holiday season are not as obvious this year. It is fun to see something different.

If you love red, that is the obvious classic hue for the holiday season. You can wear red and offer a timeless vibe on your nails. If you are looking for something a little bit more avant-garde, or new, then the current non-classic trends are for you.

This holiday season metallic shades of nail polish, and variations on black nail polish, are all the rage. You can let your nails sparkle and compliment your jewelry with a metallic tone or adopt a vampy vibe with a shade of black. Love that!

If you work in a professional environment, I always recommend sticking to something understated such as a shade of pink or red. If you think you can push it, go for a metallic hue and stay away from black. Black nail polish is the most avant-garde choice. If you work in a creative environment, or a casual environment, you can rock black, metallic, or any nail polish color you are in the mood to wear.

My favorite versions of metallic nail polish, and shades of black, are from Dior and Chanel. They both add dimension to their black hues, and their metallic nail polish colors are fresh and unexpected. You cannot go wrong with one of their polishes this holiday season!

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What is your favorite color for the holiday 2023 season?

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Dior nail polish holidays 2023

dior nail polish holidays 2023 review

Dior nail polish holidays 2023 from top: Dior Dorure top coat / Dior Mirror nail polish / Dior Black Rivoli nail polish /

I am so excited for the Dior holidays 2023 nail polish collection! Oh my! Aren’t these colors fabulous! LOVE!

For the holidays 2023 season, Dior outdid itself. Instead of basic red and gold, Dior created two fabulous nail polish colors and a sparkling top coat for the holiday season. They are all must-haves. I am wearing Dior Mirror nail polish as we speak, and I cannot get over how beautiful this color is! WOW!

I tested out both nail polish colors and the top coat with two coats of color and one base coat. They are Dior strong and chip resistant. So, without further ado, here are the three nail polishes from the Dior holidays 2023 beauty collection.

Dior nail polish holidays 2023 | Dior Black Rivoli

dior black rivoli nail polish holidays 2023

Dior Black Rivoli nail polish might sound like black on paper, but it is much more complex than that. Black Rivoli by Dior offers generous sparkle on top of a deep, dark purplish hue which will make people stare as they try to discern whether they are looking at purple or black. It is an amazing color. Black Rivoli can be worn alone, or with added dimension by adding the sparkling top coat Dorure.

Dior nail polish holidays 2023 | Dior Mirror

Dior mirror nail polish holidays 2023

This is my favorite color from the holiday beauty collection. Dior Mirror nail polish is neither gold nor silver. It is a platinum metallic with golden and silver undertones. I am both fascinated and in love! It shines in the light and delivers on both holiday cheer and avant-garde. LOVE!

Dior nail polish holidays 2023 | Dior Dorure top coat

dior holidays 2023 nail polish dior dorure top coat

Isn’t this top coat fabulous! Dior Dorure top coat offer glittering, golden flakes which can be topped over any color you may already own, or Dior Black Rivoli. If you are a traditional red nail polish fan for the holiday season, this can glide over your favorite red and create the perfect holiday cheer on your nails. It will also be fun over any color from your collection for New Years eve celebrations. If you need to wear more conservative colors at the office during the week, you can wear your classic pinks and reds from Monday to Friday, and then after work on Friday, glide this top coat over your current manicure and you will have a quick and easy festive manicure for the weekend. Love that!

There you have it! The Dior nail polish collection for the holiday season. What do you think? Which color is your favorite? I am in love with all of these colors! They are beautiful! Can you tell my excitement from this post? haha

Shop the Dior nail polish holiday collection online, I included a few colors you can pair with Dior Durure top coat:

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dior holidays 2023 nail polish beauty collection review

Perfect black nail polish for Halloween

Dior pied de poule nail polish black

Halloween is fast approaching, and maybe this is your favorite holiday for dressing up and having fun! If you are looking for a vampy hue to grace your nails, you have come to the right place. Dior has the perfect black nail polish for Halloween.

There are so many new nail polish colors from Dior now that they have revamped their formula! Dior Pied-de-Poule nail polish is a deep, dark black polish which is ideal for the Halloween season; or any time of the year if you are a black nail polish fan!

Sometimes dark nail polish colors can be streaky, and not apply as well as they should. This is not the case with Dior Pied-de-Poule nail polish. I tested it out with one base coat, and two coats of color. Voila! It has the perfect color saturation and looks like a solid black, cream nail polish. Love that!

So, if you are looking for the perfect black nail polish for Halloween, then Dior Pied-de-Poule might be the one for you!

Here are a few of my favorite Dior nail polish colors from their new, reformulated collection:

Stay tuned! In a few weeks I will have the holiday collection for you.

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