Fall 2022 nail polish trends

fall 2022 nail polish trends

Fall 2022 nail polish trends from top left: Neutrals: brown / nude / beige-rose (neutral & berry) / Berries: red / dark rose / burgundy /

The fall 2022 nail polish trends are quite simple: neutrals and berries. That’s it! This fall season, we can wear any shade of berry, or any neutral hue. It’s a great season for classic nail polish hues which offer traditional autumn colors. Love!

Now you have to ask yourself, are you a neutral girl? Or are you a berry girl? That is the biggest question! Of course, I cannot answer that, I believe I am both! haha

When looking at neutral nail polish colors for the fall 2022 season, look for anything from a pale nude hue to shades of brown and beige hues with rose tints. You can contrast your skin color or match it closely. It’s up to you! I plan to contrast my skin color.

Now, if you are more of a berry nail polish fan, you’re in luck! There are beautiful rose hues, classic reds, and shades of dark burgundy. You can be vampy with a dark nail polish, classic with red, or soft with a rose. It’s up to you!

If you work in an office environment that is conservative, I would stick with a shade of rose or go neutral. Bright red or vampy hues could be too much in a conservative office. It’s better to stay safe in an office environment.

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Which color category is your favorite for fall?

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Dior nail polish fall 2022 review

dior nail polish fall 2022 review

Dior nail polish fall 2022 from left: Dior Rosewoodrose nail polish / Dior Redred nail polish /

Dior nail polish fall 2022 is here! For the fall season, Dior has opted for a small and traditional nail polish collection; and it is beautiful.

The fall 2022 nail polish collection from Dior offers two classic autumn hues; a deep red and a deep purplish-rose. While the red is a fabulous and classic color, I am in love with the deep purplish-rose named Rosewoodrose. Ugh, it’s gorgeous!

This fall season, you will see a lot of neutral and timeless hues for nail polish. The fun colors we saw during the summer season are being shelved in favor of classic, understated, traditional autumn shades. This is in line with the move towards logo-free and understated handbags we are seeing for the fall season. Get ready to be chic and classic!

I tested out both of the nail polish colors from the fall 2022 Dior collection with one base coat, and two coats of color. Both shades are cream polishes and do not streak. The color goes on smoothly and offers perfect color saturation. These are great polishes!

So, without further ado, here are the two nail polish hues from Dior for the fall 2022 season.

Dior nail polish fall 2022 | Dior RedRed nail polish

dior redred nail polish fall 2022

Dior Redred nail polish for fall 2022 is a dark and classic red hue. This is perfect for a professional office environment where you need a traditional red or pink polish. Redred by Dior is also perfect if you are looking for a color which will carry you through the fall, holiday, and winter seasons. Dior Redred is the one!

Dior nail polish fall 2022 | Dior RosewoodRose nail polish

dior rosewoodrose nail polish fall 2022

If you are like me, and prefer to move away from traditional red, Dior Rosewoodrose nail polish is your fall hue! I am in love with this deep hue! Rosewoodrose has touches of rose and purple mixed together in a dark, classic autumn hue. This color will play well with our autumn wardrobes, and can also be worn into the holiday season, as well as the winter season. It is classic yet fun! Love!

I am looking forward to wearing Dior Rosewoodrose as often as possible this fall season. I am wearing it right now! Which of the two nail polish colors from Dior are you excited about?

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dior fall 2022 nail polish review

National Nail Polish Day 2022

national nail polish day

Nail polishes shown from top left: Dior Golden Hour / Chanel Evanescence / Chanel Riviera / Dior Bayadere /

Happy National Nail Polish Day 2022! This is such a fabulous day because we get to celebrate nail polish! As you know, I absolutely love nail polish. It’s a fun way to update your wardrobe for a low cost, and it is easy to change the color of your nail polish any day you want. Love that!

Shown above, are some of my favorite colors from the spring 2022 and summer 2022 nail polish collection. As you know, I am a huge fan of Dior and Chanel nail polish. So of course, those are the brands I am featuring! I love all the fun colors we have to choose from right now. As I type this, I am wearing Dior Riviera from the Dior summer 2022 nail polish collection. Love!

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I hope you are rocking your favorite nail polish today! If not, relax and go do your nails! Love!

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