PVC shoes and PVC handbags for spring 2019

staud clear plastic tote bag

pictured: PVC mini tote with removable pouch (current IT bag-see review here)

You knew it was coming back! Clear bags and shoes have been popping up on the runways, and on the streets, for the past few seasons. Now, for the spring 2019 season, they are taking everyone’s closet by storm! That is, if you let PVC into your closet-and I hope you do!

PVC is a fun trend. Let’s face it. You can’t take jelly shoes, or clear handbags, too seriously. This playful trend is popping up mainly in the form of  PVC shoes, and PVC handbags; although, you will find it on other accessories, and on clothing.

The PVC trend has been fading in and out of style for the past five years. While it appeared to fade away roughly two years ago, it really emerged in 2018 to tell the world it was never really gone. In 2019, PVC plans to take over your closet-if you are brave enough to let it.

When it comes to shoes, the PVC trend can be tricky. As we know from the past, PVC is not nice to your skin when it directly rubs against it. PVC edges on shoes can leave you in stitches; literally. Also, PVC shoes that don’t have holes will turn your shoe into a swimming pool; not a good look, and not very comfortable at all. Plus, it’s gross. Ew.

When looking for PVC shoes this spring 2019 season, I recommend finding shoes with edging covered in something soft like leather. Or, look for jelly-like plastic.

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My favorite way to rock the PVC trend is with a handbag. A PVC handbag won’t hurt your skin, and it is quite fun! You can find PVC handbags in clear white plastic, as well as clear tinted plastic, and solid plastic. Just remember, the see-through plastic is the most on-trend for the spring season. The world wants to see what’s in your bag! Of course, if you don’t want to the world to see what’s in your bag, find one with a pouch; or you can use make-up bags from your closet to hide your belongings.

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What do you think of the PVC trend for spring 2019? Will  you be rocking it, or skipping it? If you plan to rock it, are you a shoe or a handbag gal? I’m definitely a handbag gal; but you knew that right?! haha

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