Building Block handbags

building block handbag

Pictured: Handbag / Tassel

Building Block handbags are made in a multi-medium design studio in Los Angeles, California. The handbag collection includes minimalist designs which are often geometric; as well as tassels which can be added to any of Building Block’s handbags. Some of the handbags include wood block details and rubber straps; which adds a little bit of a personal touch to each piece.

I have become tired of recognizable handbags and logos. I feel like I can identify almost everyone’s handbag I pass on the street. There is usually a large logo or logo pattern strewn across the bag. If there is not a readable logo, a handbag will have a distinctive design which is easily spotted. Although I confess to owning many recognizable handbags which also happen to have readable logos on them, I have become bored of handbags which are easily recognizable. 

I love the concept of minimalism and a handbag which offers high quality and clean lines. I love seeing a fabulous design which is well made; sans the logo. Cue in Building Block handbags. Although I have not purchased one yet, I am planning on purchasing the box handbag featured in the above photo. I love the boxy design, which happens to be an up and coming trend for fall 2014 and into 2015. Aside from the silhouette being fashion-forward, I love the high quality design and absence of a strong logo.

One of the beautiful things about carrying a handbag which is not easy to recognize, is that it starts conversations. It is always fun to have someone ask who made your handbag or shoes, etc. It starts a conversation and creates human interaction which is sometimes lacking in this day and age, where people tend to hide on their smart phones, appearing to be busy; which many times they are just hiding, they are not really busy!

In addition to the boxy handbag I am currently saving up to purchase, I also have my eye on Building Block’s Cylinder Sling and Cylinder Duffle. What do you think of the collection?

Chanel Fall 2010 RTW Collection

Chanel has long been considered the benchmark of fashion for haute couture and ready to wear. Designers and clothing companies around the globe are inspired by the collections that Chanel puts on the runway every season. It may be no surprise that the upcoming fall season will be a reflection of what Chanel showed on the runway. As we know, 90’s minimalism was all over the runways in Paris, Milan and New York. This theme has been reflected in the ready to wear collections hitting the stores for Fall 2010.

The Chanel ready-to-wear collection for Fall 2010 will give any fashionista in the bay area a sense of deja-vu. Chanel’s collection is a sharp nod to the minimalism of the 1990’s. Black was the dominant color for suits, jackets and dresses. Asides from black, there was a large amount of charcoal and grey with a splash of red thrown into the mix. Chanel’s shoe line is almost completely black with one small hint of white trim. The signature camellia garnishes the toe box of Chanel’s flats for Fall. The handbag collection is clearly classic with a full line of 2.55 handbags and classic flap’s in mini, small, medium and jumbo. The classic collection is arriving in black, white, plum and a darker red. The red is actually quite stunning. It has more of a blue undertone as opposed to the brighter reds we have seen in the past few seasons. The contemporary handbags are classic in theme with clean lines and basic colors such as black, white and grey. Chanel is showing varying sizes of totes and shoulder bags that are variations of the classic collection. Anyone interested in a Chanel bag that is considered contemporary cannot go wrong this season. The handbags in this collection will not go out of style. They are true investment pieces. There is also a good mix of lambskin, caviar leather and sparkling patent leather. The patent plum is to die for!

The wonderful part about this upcoming Fall’s collections will be the classic lines and colors that allow bay area fashionistas to buy key wardrobe pieces that will never go out of style. Every fashionista can use a classic black Chanel tweed suit paired with a fabulous red patent leather classic flap handbag. This is the ultimate go-to outfit for any event; especially when the event is short notice! Happy shopping and stay fabulous!!

90’s Minimalism is Back!

The minimalist 1990’s were all over the Fall 2010 runways! After the decadent 1980’s where hair, earrings and shoulders were larger than life, there was a need for a break. In the 1990’s designers focused on subtle colors, softer patterns, clean lines and barely there jewelry. The Fall 2010 runways in Milan, Paris and New York looked strangely familiar. Models strutted down the runway in garments free of fuss. Hair was either neatly pulled back or smooth with waves dangling below the shoulder. Shoes showed cleaner lines with both flat soles and platforms. Handbags were boxy with less hardware than designers have shown in recent years. The one shock on the runway was the noticeable lack of jewelry!

In the 1990’s fashionistas in the bay area wore small hoops, tiny dangles and small post earrings. Necklaces were simple with a small pendant. The only jewelry that took on any life during the decade was the bracelet. There were beaded bracelets in the mid-1990’s and stacked gold bangles as we neared Y2K. The cuff made a few appearances throughout the decade as well as beaded mineral bracelets with healing powers.

There were a few glimpses of jewelry on the runway for Fall 2010. Marni showed a sixteen inch silver and gemstone chocker worn over a camel coat. Marni also previewed an intricate layered necklace look with mixture of gemstones in varying shapes and sizes worn with a simple deep-V frock. Oscar de la Renta put a large, red and bronze medieval necklace over white fur paired with a red leather and crocodile belt. Dolce & Gabbana had a model donning a simple gold heart on a thin eighteen inch chain worn with a simple black blazer and lace camisole.

Since the minimalism of the 90’s has returned for Fall 2010, fashionistas in the bay area have the perfect opportunity to stock up on classic items such as camel coats, black blazers and classic handbags with clean lines. This is also the perfect season to shop your closet! We know there is a little bit of the 90’s in there somewhere  So pull out your little black dress, black pumps and camel coat; because that is all you really need to get started for Fall. Happy shopping and stay fabulous.