fall 2010

Fabulous and fashionable umbrellas

One of the more cumbersome parts of a rainy day is the need for an umbrella. Fashion savvy men and women spend time on their hair and putting an outfit together, the last thing anyone wants to happen is to look like a bucket of water was dumped on top of their head. Although a hooded rain jacket can sometimes do the trick, hat head can happen easily, therefore ruining a perfectly good hair day. What every fashion conscious man and women needs is a fabulous and fashionable umbrella.

Say goodbye to a boring black umbrella! Unless you are taking public transportation or plan to be outdoors where you might need to place your umbrella on the ground, there is no need for a black umbrella. Black umbrellas are a must for any umbrella collection as they serve a practical purpose, but, when a black umbrella is not needed to hide the dirt, a fabulous umbrella is in order.

There are plenty of ways to express your fashion savvy knowledge through an umbrella. There are classic umbrellas such as the nova check umbrella from Burberry or a signature G umbrella from Gucci and there are also fashion forward designer umbrellas such as the patterns from Marc Jacobs. These are both good ways to express your fashionable side as the sky opens up.

There are also umbrellas which fit into the current trends. A vintage umbrella is a great way to match your umbrella to your vintage, fall outfit. Why not use a 1960’s umbrella paired with a mod dress and fabulous, brightly colored rain boots! A vintage floral umbrella can easily blend with the current feminine trend and carry you into spring when the rain showers appear and you are wearing spring’s hot floral print trend. A floral umbrella can even spice up a solid, pale colored outfit; another trend for spring 2011. A floral vintage umbrella can also double as a parasol when the sun is shining bright in the spring and summer.

Getting married during the rain? There are even wedding umbrellas to match that fabulous Vera Wang wedding gown! Why not use a petticoat white umbrella which can easily double as a parasol in warm weather.

Although umbrellas are practical and a necessity of life when it comes to a rainy day, there is always a reason to find a fabulous and fashionable umbrella. Even better if that umbrella can double as a parasol in the warm weather. Classic and fashionable umbrellas can be found at stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. Unique umbrellas can be found at umbrellas.net. Happy shopping and stay fabulous. 

Rain boots for fall; stay fabulous even during the worst storms!

Rain boots and rain shoes are one of the more difficult items to find while shopping for fall. Although the rainy season has not started yet here in the Bay Area, this is the perfect time to shop for rain gear since the stores are fully stocked and many Fashionistas are not thinking about the wet weather just yet. Every year, Bay Area Fashionistas wait until the first rain storm to run to the mall for rain boots, rain shoes and other wet weather essentials. By the time everyone arrives at the store for rain gear,all of the good items are gone! That is why the best time to shop for rain boots, rain shoes and rain gear is right now; before the rain comes.

The biggest challenge for a Fashionista on a rainy day is staying true to his or her personal style yet remaining as dry as possible. That last thing anyone wants to do is wear a fabulous pair of leather boots when the rain is pouring down out of the sky! The best solution for remaining dry and leaving the Prada boots at home is to invest in a fabulous pair of rubber boots; and not the ones from a fishing store!

Chanel has the most incredible pair of rain boots for fall 2010. Chanel’s rain boots hit about mid-calf and feature two camellia’s on the outside shaft of the boots. There is a goldtone Chanel insignia on the flowers making the rain boots not only functional but fashionable! Although the price tag is high for rain boots at $395, as long as Chanel’s rain boots are not worn while walking through a river on a fishing trip, they should hold up for several years; making the Chanel rain boots a good wet weather investment purchase.

Gucci is also offering a rain boot for fall with a 2″ heel in black, green or bordeaux rubber. The boots are sleek and offer straight lines which helps to make them easy to pair with any wet weather outfit. Gucci’s rain boots are $270. Burberry also offers rain boots for fall with their signature nova-check at $225. There are also rubber lace rain boots by Valentino for $295 which are lavender and sassy.

The largest selection of rain boots comes from Hunter. Hunter offers everything from traditional rubber or “welly” boots in a variety of colors to motorcycle inspired styles with straps and buckles. The Hunter line of rain boots can be found for under $225 at Neiman Marcus.

Staying dry and looking fabulous can go hand in hand. There is no reason to throw on yellow fishing boots as soon as the sky opens up. Chanel, Gucci and Hunter offers fabulous and fashionable solutions for Fashionistas in the Bay Area and beyond. Happy shopping and stay fabulous. 


Chanel rain boots fall 2010.
Photo copyright 2010 Bay Area Fashionista

Fashion’s Night Out Events 2010

Fashion’s Night Out 2010 is happening on September 10, 2010. Fashion’s Night Out is a great way for Fashionistas in the Bay Area to shop all of the trends for Fall while enjoying gifts with purchase and/or a party atmosphere. The upcoming trends for Fall are light-hearted and offer a variety of style for Fashionistas of all tastes and budgets. Fashion’s Night Out is a great way to find the fabulous items needed to create a head-to-toe vintage look from the 1950’s, 1960’s or 1970’s. The minimalism look is also the look for Fall for the office and understated elegance. Fashion’s Night Out is the perfect time to find classic pieces that can easily integrate into your wardrobe for completing the minimalism look.

The clothing featured during Fashion’s Night Out is typically regular-priced. For Fashionistas on a budget, this is a party to attend with a mission and an iron-clad shopping list. Before attending one of the fabulous Fashion’s Night Out events, shop your closet and decide what on your shopping list is a need versus a want. Don’t have a list? Here is something to help you get started:

Something red; coat or handbag.
Something leopard; accessory or clothing item from Roberto Cavalli.
Full Skirt: dress or skirt
Kitten Heels: Prada Bow pumps perhaps?
Boots: So many styles, must choose one!
Something military: need a starting piece for this trend? Go for a jacket.
Something camel: Fabulous camel coat perhaps?
The Lady Bag: Ah, what to choose: Dior 3D, Chanel 2.55, Balenciaga City Tote, Fendi Peekaboo Tote or Cole Haan top handle tote?
Pearls: Fabulous pearl necklace or bracelet or earrings, or all three!
Gold Pendant : One perfect and classic gold pendant reflective of your personality.
Classic Cuff: The minimalism look screams for a classic yet bold, gold or silver cuff. Fabulous!
Sweaters: Cardigan sweater for the 1950’s trend and a chunky knit sweater for a cold December day.
Pencil Skirt: Two trends in one skirt: minimalism and 1950’s lux. Lovin’ it!
Jewel Tones: Perk up that minimalism outfit with a fabulous top that is amethyst, emerald green or sapphire blue.

Bay Area Fashionistas will be flocking to the most fabulous Fashion Night Out events in the San Francisco Bay Area on September 10, 2010 from 6pm-10pm.

1) Neiman Marcus on Union Square is hosting a fabulous Fashion’s Night Out party complete with informal modeling, photography and games such as foosball and pool.

2) Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto is hosting a Fashion’s Night Out party which includes appetizers, drinks and a DJ. There will be a runway show on level 2 showing all of the fabulous Fall trends.

Louis Vuitton fans are in for a treat during Fashion Night Out at Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto. Fashionistas can customizes their very own Louis Vuitton Neverful with their personal monogram. Bay Area Fashionistas can further customize the Louis Vuitton Neverful with their choice of color for the handbags’ lining. There are 17 colors to choose from!

3) Trina Turk in Burlingame will be hosting a Fashion’s Night Out party complete with champagne and a gift with purchase. The gift with purchase is a Mum’s word scarf with a purchase of $250 or more.

4) Ted Baker-Santana Row

5) Betsey Johnson, 160 Geary Street, San Francisco

6) Jimmy Choo, 845 Market Street, San Francisco

7) Loehmann’s, 222 Sutter Street

8) Macy’s on Union Square-Appearance by Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from the Real Housewives of New York.

9) Nordstrom, 865 Market Street, San Francisco Centre: San Francisco- Chanel’s Girls Getting Gorgeous. Visit the Chanel Beauty counter for a fabulous make-over event. There will also be an in store chance to win a $2500 shopping spree.

10) Ted Baker, 80 Grant Avenue, San Francisco

11) True Religion Brand Jeans, 845 Market Street, San Francisco

12) Saks Fifth Avenue on Union Square: DJ, trivia contest, informal modeling, sketsh artists,

13) Saks Men’s Store off Union Square: Vessel Nightclub will transform the 5th floor into a club. Saks customers from Fashion’s Night Out will move on to Vessel at 8pm with free admission and one free drink.

14) Bloomingdale’s at San Francisco Centre: Informal modeling and refreshments.

15) Simayof Jewelers, 295 Geary Street: gift with purchase of $350 or more.

16) Naramacie, 352 Sutter Street: Champagne, contests and gifts with purchase.

Fashion’s Night Out is a great way to shop alone or with a group of your closest friends. Fashion’s Night Out also happens to co-incide with the kick-off of New York Fashion Week, giving Fashionistas even more reasons to celebrate. Food, fashion and friends. The only f-words this world needs.

For more information regarding Fashion’s Night Out feel free to visit fashionsnightout.com.

Happy shopping and stay fabulous.